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Gwendoline Christie Interview: Which Game of Thrones Character Would She Not Date?

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Gwendoline Christie may be one of the nicest people we've ever met on the red carpet. When we caught up with her at the season five premiere of Game of Thrones, she confessed the one question she's been dying to ask George R. R. Martin and the show characters she'd love to see her character, Brienne of Tarth, date. The hottest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, and pop culture video! Our POPSUGAR hosts bring you the latest celebrity updates, exclusive celebrity interviews, fun TV recaps and movie reviews, and pop culture mashups. We are huge fans of everyone from Beyonce and Angelina Jolie to Harry Styles and Jennifer Lawrence (and, of course, Ryan Gosling). Subscribe to POPSUGAR! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Check out the rest of the channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PopSugarTV
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Text Comments (91)
kt1pl2 (30 days ago)
Jaime Lannister...swipe right!!!
Risodair (8 months ago)
she is just the best
cultfan 52 (9 months ago)
She is so cool !
MrDaishee (1 year ago)
Tormund/Brienne ftw <3
Shateiken (1 year ago)
brienne of fucking tarth
Rebecca Radillo (1 year ago)
"Not one thing."
ashtray0belief (1 year ago)
S (1 year ago)
She's my favorite. Please don't kill her !!!
michael cantwell (1 year ago)
Such towering beautify amazing...
TheFrozen7 (1 year ago)
i love the actress who plays brienne
Al Stone (1 year ago)
Anyone you'd swipe left for? TORMUND :P
Nate Strasburg (1 year ago)
If Tormund came up she would swipe hella hard to the right. amirite?
RepsUp100 (1 year ago)
andry gunawan (1 year ago)
I wonder how tall is she
Rich Felon (1 year ago)
I would so MARRY this lady! She is sooooo sweeeet!!!!!!
Julianna Kopa (1 year ago)
She's lovely and charming!
Willverinerage (1 year ago)
Her voice is so annoying....
highwind8124 (1 year ago)
"Hot Pie?" "Right." "Gray Worm?" "Right." "Ramsay Bolton?" "I would smash my phone so hard into the ground it would break." Cersei, answering just behind her: "Right."
matilda (2 years ago)
daenerys and bran the fuck
soojung 💖💘 (2 years ago)
She's so cute bless her
Silk Garments (2 years ago)
Hate catlyn stark .. Nosey bitch
WinchesterGirl67 (2 years ago)
"Tormund?" ~violently swipes right at lightning speed~ I fucking love Tormund. Great big ginger Badass. ~swoons~
Mayor Of Simpleton (1 year ago)
Elijah B. (2 years ago)
At 1:02 turn on the captions
Nitesh Mahadik (2 years ago)
What a lovely woman she is ..such a grace..greets every one with so much affection..I'm in love with her..
Reccreate (2 years ago)
Captions on: "She's a wonderful Porn actress" 😂
Makoto Tachibana (2 years ago)
I love her in the show and even in real life she's a wonderful woman !
Cathy Luning (2 years ago)
What a beautiful human being! She's adorable! Brienne better be end game & I hope she gets with Jaime after he dumps/kills his psychotic sister! Lol
The RY Tone (2 years ago)
She's gorgeous
Acelya Can (2 years ago)
Cool woman
Kwak HaEun (2 years ago)
She's truly beautiful, smart, beautiful, smart I can't even find a word
buddyltd (2 years ago)
Please don't die, Brienne! Fight hard and kill the Boltons and the Freys...
buddyltd (2 years ago)
+Sinan Karabas Yep. Alas, it wasn't Brienne who did it. But yeah, they're dead now.
Sinan Karabas (2 years ago)
they died
TBStudios91 (2 years ago)
Your wish may be fulfilled...
Andrea T (2 years ago)
She smiles! Wierd.
jude rodriguez (2 years ago)
so beautiful
cora dane (2 years ago)
she is cool and beautiful. her personality is shining and i also love her character on GOT - - i really hope Brienne will be under the last ones that survive until the very end!!!
the noise (2 years ago)
So basically she's up for shagging any guy on GoT then haha
d1V1n3d (2 years ago)
wow shes so natural and sweet....hard to imagine she plays brienne so well but that again shows shes also quite good at acting
A_Typical_ Weirdo (2 years ago)
Spectrum (2 years ago)
She can't die. If Tyrion, Arya, or Brienne die, I'll stop watching the show. K maybe I could get over Arya's death, but not Tyrion or Brienne.
Christine (2 years ago)
+AterCanusAlbus Meh, okay ^^
Spectrum (2 years ago)
+Nimbob Fast forward all this months and *SPOILERS* now that Arya is going back to Westeros, I agree with you, I just was fed up with her trying to give up her identity and become a faceless.
Christine (2 years ago)
Are you kidding me? I'd stop the moment Arya died.
Edraphi (2 years ago)
I hated Caitlyn Stark... Seems like I'm the only one
Johnny Skinwalker (1 year ago)
I hated Caitlyn, Until she died and then I liked her. lol
Eric Cartman (2 years ago)
I love her, but the treatment of Jon really pisses me off. Its not like he asked to be brought into this world, he's just an innocent kid. If anything she should hate Ned for cheating (even tho he didn't). Imagine if Ned told her about Lyanna, how different things would've been..
Jay Nando (2 years ago)
+Raphael Brunner Same. Hated her for the way she treated Jon. How she kidnapped Tyrion without any proper evidence on whether he hired the assassin on Bran. She freed Jaime (even though I love Jaime she had NO AUTHORITY to do any sort of thing) and the list goes on.
Lunestara (2 years ago)
Is the interviewer the guy that plays Finnick in the hunger games or am I imagining things?
16Tockie (2 years ago)
Nah it's not, but coincidentally Gwendoline is in the hunger games as the rebel leader of District 2... bit of nerdy trivia for you there ;) XD
Queen of Thorns (2 years ago)
+Ariane Louise No the actor is Sam Claflin.
KANYEda WESTaro (3 years ago)
brienne and tyrion would make greatest westeros couple
Gilfoyle (3 years ago)
She seems really cool.
Wings71 -P (3 years ago)
She's so great I hope she's on the show up to the end, what a sweetheart.
Steve Nash (3 years ago)
the spoilerrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Nate Cook (3 years ago)
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEBODY didn't read the books
xxlCortez (3 years ago)
+Nate Cook She read it as far as I know.
Tayler Kramer (3 years ago)
If the show followed the books, I'm pretty sure she'd like it if Cat stayed dead...
farhad freeman (3 years ago)
Wow such a ass kisser
DanteKael (3 years ago)
The one thing as a person who read all the books is how hilariously good looking or straight up gorgeous people are compared to how they're described in the book. Brienne is described as pretty much ugly as sin and this woman while being tall and thick is not ugly by any means lol it's even worse with Ygritte shes suppose to look like a troll and they pretty much got a model to play her.
Great Daddy (3 years ago)
Love her character would like to see her more on the show. Needs to have roll expanded.
Dondragmer (3 years ago)
She makes my eyes pop and......
Eugene Worthington (3 years ago)
It's kind of funny that everyone wants Catlyn back.... Really funny actually haha
Timothy Chao (3 years ago)
marinka678 (3 years ago)
She seems so lovely and sweet in every interview she gives, makes me love Brienne even more!
Anna Kiljan (3 years ago)
I love her ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
indiciaobscure (3 years ago)
Great. Now I'm shipping Brienne and Catelyn.
Newton Scamander (5 months ago)
Batelyn Crienne Turth Tally
indiciaobscure (1 year ago)
Well yes, but I would prefer her in her former, well, FRESHER form. She's a bit different now. 😂
Wayne Wayne (1 year ago)
indiciaobscure U know catelyn is alive right?
Lymarie Guzmán Pérez (2 years ago)
Same. xD
Daniyal A (3 years ago)
I love her, she's so smart and down-to-earth, a real lady
Jesse Farmer (10 months ago)
She's wearing dragon ear rings, you fucking turnip.
Nat Cat (3 years ago)
Shes so sweet I love her
Uchiha Hikaku (3 years ago)
I can't help but wonder how loud Brienne would scream with Tri- Podrick pounding the fuck out of her. I don't know why but i always think of that when i see them.
+Uchiha Hohua They do have a very strange rapport. I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop it in the next season.
Adamthygreat (3 years ago)
Brienne of Tarth is a fave to die in season 5, from what she says above I cant see that happening now! phew!!!!
Otantik JP (3 years ago)
Her accent, her physique, her personality! I just LOVE her. My favorite actress.
Nuslerosh (3 years ago)
She seems like such a lovely woman!
allpurposeflour (3 years ago)
Did he say hotter than dothraki or harder than?
Lymarie Guzmán Pérez (2 years ago)
HateMakesMeHappy (3 years ago)
Jesse Farmer (10 months ago)
She's fucking homely. Good god.
Hannah Hannarig (1 year ago)
charly evans You need glasses. ;)
JVS (3 years ago)
She seems awesome <3
Kia Maria (3 years ago)
Jaime/Brienne ftw <3
Frodo B. (3 years ago)
Love Gwendoline!! I would not date Ramsay.
AJR Benn (3 years ago)
The mountain
Kryzia Mae Aranda (3 years ago)
Ramsay snow

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