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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 BIG ScoreStreak Try-Harding w/ The Crew - Call Of Duty Live Stream

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In this Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Online Gameplay livestream, the crew and I try for some BO2 score streaks and do some serious Black Ops 2 trolling and try-harding in the process! ► Help Me Reach 1,000,000 Friends! Click to Subscribe! http://j.mp/HikePlays Previous COD Black Ops 2 LiveStream:http://youtu.be/RsqMNCsyja0 COD Black Ops 2 Playlist: Call of Duty: Black Ops II Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHRe2_sv6N5yBJTX81XZK7jFdYkD040Eu Also Check Out: ►BE A HERO: Hike's Heroes - http://j.mp/HikesHeroes ►Funny Moments: HikeTheGamer - http://j.mp/Hikethegamer Follow THE STREAM TEAM ►Typical Gamer - http://www.youtube.com/TypicalGamer ►Team Epiphany - http://www.youtube.com/Team0Epiphany ►HikePlays - http://www.youtube.com/HikePlays FOLLOW ME ON: ► Twitter - http://Twitter.com/HikeTheGamer ► Instagram - http://instagram.com/hikethegamer ► Google+ - http://plus.google.com/+Hikethegamer ► FaceBook - http://Facebook.com/HikeTheGamer Websites: ► Hike's Heroes - https://YouTube.com/HikesHeroes ► HikeTheGamer - https://YouTube.com/HikeTheGamer ► HikePlays - https://YouTube.com/HikePlays
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Text Comments (268)
CJ SAYS (2 years ago)
stussy man (2 years ago)
hike never plays ark anymore
Jessica Spry (2 years ago)
Hike my name is Brenden i like your videos i have a PS3 my yosername is LITTLESKYBOY ADE MY
Amber Knowles (3 years ago)
my favorite game is halo wars
Amber Knowles (3 years ago)
I haven't been watching your video's
Tom Metcalfe (3 years ago)
If anyone wants to play call of duty black ops 2 on Xbox 360 my gamertag is Metcalfes
Tom Metcalfe (3 years ago)
Alvaro Cardoza (3 years ago)
I like to watch you
Angela Simpson (3 years ago)
Hello hike your my best friend on YouTube
Crystal Wilson (3 years ago)
ive ben prestege master 3 times and i am again
dylan Sergalis (3 years ago)
Hash tag hike is the best gamer
Kirstylshand (3 years ago)
You are the best
Lou Frye (3 years ago)
Play more bo2
Klown (3 years ago)
Cod is dumb gta v is much better
Mikey Jaquez (3 years ago)
Hi hike I love ur vids
Kevin Stacey (3 years ago)
In gta 5 you should do more busted
Maxamillion Ferguson (3 years ago)
Shhhhh hang over
Maxamillion Ferguson (3 years ago)
Hi hike how do you do glitching OK do you like shallaun grils do you ....😁😁😁😁😁😯😯😯😯😯😯
Kevin Hughes (3 years ago)
NH Dark (3 years ago)
It'd be cool if you guys add me on ps3 @ Kid_lag_100
RasheedYT (3 years ago)
IS THERE quickdraw in bio2 because i play mw3
RasheedYT (3 years ago)
Makaveli 4hunnid (3 years ago)
That match was like picachu vs piplup
Killer 77 Lobe55 (3 years ago)
Hike and his lag excuses ....
issa prank #WFARMY (3 years ago)
Gratz on 1 mill subs!
Omar Ahmed (3 years ago)
if you still play ps3 please add me my name is omarcr71234 
Omar Ahmed (3 years ago)
whats up hike my name is omar iam a big fan of you 
NATE THE GREAT1 (3 years ago)
Add me everyone if u want to play gta5 or bo2 on ps3 (naythan517)
justice noyes (3 years ago)
my frined gave you a frinder qwest
bobby jay (3 years ago)
Do u have GTA 4
madreece plays (3 years ago)
Hi hike I am a big fan and I would love it I can play with us and all your friends my ps3 name is Madreece13 thx bye :)
Emil Klock (3 years ago)
maurice riley (3 years ago)
Can i brought GTA on ps3
Jaron Almond (3 years ago)
Is this your first CoD BO2 video???
BBGAMES YT (3 years ago)
Ye yah far cry 4 co-op do it
Pokemon boss (3 years ago)
I can't find a cod lobby these days
Pokemon boss (3 years ago)
Ross Mitchell (3 years ago)
hi hike another great video keep up the good work
Gandre Lee (3 years ago)
All I do is win win no matter what
Biel Games (3 years ago)
Hi hike
Xx Sadleo35 xX (3 years ago)
Hike u shold do a coustum game snipers only or cops and robers
El Michoacano (3 years ago)
El Michoacano (3 years ago)
friend RAUL6217
Drew Demers (3 years ago)
Xbox though
Drew Demers (3 years ago)
Bottle4t bruh
YJNation (3 years ago)
how come the graphics looks better then last gen consoles? 
jaenfeys (3 years ago)
Why you use a lot of times a shotgun
Magicturtle 21 (3 years ago)
You're so cool
nick the gamer (3 years ago)
Xbox 360
nick the gamer (3 years ago)
Play bo2 and add Mme the name is Raze Temperz x
Ka Yang (3 years ago)
Hi Hike my name is seang it's hard to say but it ok you call me anything but could I play with you when you play with your friends and you can invite me in COD and my username is seangsavang
iMoD Clan (3 years ago)
Mathew Bennett (3 years ago)
Darryyy (3 years ago)
Why do you always blame it on lag when u lose hike why do you have to be a loser....
Darryyy (3 years ago)
Play Advanced Warfare
Nathaniel 0211 (3 years ago)
I have a ps3 it is super -arod 25 for call of duty black ops 2
Siboney Fernandez (3 years ago)
The bro (3 years ago)
Is that a free for all?
Angono Sunaa (3 years ago)
hike can i play with u for atleast 5 minutes u dont have to live stream
Bradley Buchan (3 years ago)
Add me on PS3 bbz123321 anyone but mostly you hike
Ryan Van Dyke (3 years ago)
My gamer tag for ps3 is vandyke2003
Agon (3 years ago)
Congrats reaching 1million subs
Sheila (3 years ago)
All Borito does is lose lose lose no mater what
Laura Wilson (3 years ago)
play left 4dead
Justplayomar Khalifa (3 years ago)
Play minecraft
Young Too Shabby (3 years ago)
HIKE PLEAAAASE its "I don't care I love it" when u do it backward it bugs me soi muchh
Brandon Chavez (3 years ago)
Hike hit a million friends on YouTube
Bryce Atkinson (3 years ago)
Ocularcrane 43 (3 years ago)
Why don't you ever play on Xbox
Gabriel Buchovskyy (3 years ago)
Hike can u accept my ps3 friend request my name is Scarface0rtiz that's a zero not a capital o or can u please ass me please man ur my favorite youtuber please :(
Infferno (3 years ago)
On ps3⃣ little_mec
Infferno (3 years ago)
You should add me
Rafa Giron (3 years ago)
Worst lag but best internet
Roshard Burton (3 years ago)
Roshard Burton (3 years ago)
Wats good
mateo arredondo (3 years ago)
What happened to Mickey Mike?
Chell Simmons (3 years ago)
Hike I love u
Christopher Castillo (3 years ago)
Hike what game console do you have?: l
Red Cancer (3 years ago)
ps3 and ps4 +Christopher Castillo 
Jeremy Nash (3 years ago)
He finished a game 67 and 7... How...
jericho macaya (3 years ago)
Pls. Add me on ps3: Mr.RiceGuyy
Itachi Uchiha (3 years ago)
Add my psn OG_TAGH
th3shadowgam3r8 (3 years ago)
How do you level up so fast
th3shadowgam3r8 (3 years ago)
You look sad on the vid
Kyle Millar (3 years ago)
Can I please be friends with u on ps4
paula rager (3 years ago)
Justin Ross (3 years ago)
JayDaPredicate (3 years ago)
Hey hike im the kid u met on graal online era
Michael Imburgia (3 years ago)
do you play xbox 360
STW-RageTrick (3 years ago)
I love ur VIDS
Junior Strilka (3 years ago)
You can shoot through the walls
Deuce Alves (3 years ago)
Hike can you give my friend ezequiel peraria and tell people to subscribe
Fenn A (3 years ago)
Hike do you have cod advanced warfare on ps3
Fenn A (3 years ago)
Hike can I add you on pen plz
Dylan McManaway (3 years ago)
Do some gta
ybo debo (3 years ago)
Yeah please
Kobi Theatre (3 years ago)
if you like this channel you also need too watch my canneml then :p
Sammy Gaming (3 years ago)
Plz make my channel have 10 subs thnx
Cryptic Tek (3 years ago)
Hey hike do u ever do SnD
Giraffe Cruz (3 years ago)
Hi hike can i be with u online

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