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How to detect Fake Honey - It's everywhere, Use this simple Trick | Life well lived

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How to detect Fake Honey - It's everywhere, Use this simple Trick Subscriber channel Life Well Lived https://goo.gl/oJ3EdI for a better life Life Well Lived is a channel that offers free videos about natural remedies, home remedies, alternative medicine, physical health advice, mental health and care of our body.
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Dark Suns (5 days ago)
<Insert commercial brand here> has left the chat..
Kamala Pati (19 days ago)
I like the honey from the Ukraine..it has the comb in it still
mario taurasi (24 days ago)
This great information about "HONEY PURITY"",was very helpful.But your remedies were,very poorly presented.......SOME RAW HONEY ~~~ SOME APPLE CIDER VINEGAR +++ "FOR HEALTH SAKE...SOME...SOME...SOME = WHAT????? WE NEED, EXACT QUANTITIES. Thank you,Mario (Canada)
adam rickster (25 days ago)
Make a video..."How to detect fake voice"
Craneo Bones (26 days ago)
Youtube leftist propoganda news ads?
Kate Armstrong (28 days ago)
How can any honey be healthy if the bees get the pollen from the plants polluted with the poisons of chemtrails and gmos?
Roman Dimaggio (1 month ago)
Garlic is the only thing that kills MRSA and also staff infections it's the strongest antibiotic known to man
Walkertongdee (1 month ago)
This is misleading about the pollen. Pollen in the hive is not stored in the same place as honey. When the beekeeper harvests the honey they almost always keep pollen separate from the honey to be sold separately. So only raw honey with the pollen added has pollen in it and even that may not have it if not stated so on the label of a reputable supplier. To expect pollen in honey is not something one should do. I get raw honey non pasturised so that the probiotics are alive and eat pollen separate , that way you can dose correctly...
daspecialist1220 (1 month ago)
whoa she said "plaster" damn man what is wrong with people these days do they not have a conscious!!!!
Robert Dixon (1 month ago)
Make sure to brush your teeth.
Seeri Seunaraine (1 month ago)
Real honey don't freeze
NIGEL PERRY (1 month ago)
Takes 9 minutes to tell us a 'simple trick'. Crap mobile voice excruciatingly irritating!
brian olson (1 month ago)
We talk about how to detect fake honey which is funny how they use a fake voice
Tom Condon (1 month ago)
You write, "Recognize fake honey with one simple trick," and start out something akin to, (honey is a sticky substance that comes from bees... blather blather) Just tell me the simple trick, you hooked me. Then I will listen to you build on it. BUT, tell me one simple trick, blather on about everything but, I look down and see one simple trick is going to cost me 10 minutes of my life hearing a typical presentation for a seven year old. BYE.
bcjfk777 (1 month ago)
hey idiot, stop accusing Chinese products, your usual traits are disgusting.
angelo bouhoutsos (1 month ago)
Get to the point
Stephen White (1 month ago)
I violated a long standing rule. I actually listened to a robot voice. Nobody likes robot vlices. Some people like me USUALLY turn it off when that insufferable computer generated vlice begins. So. If youre after views, and everyone is. STOP WITH THE ROBOT VOICE ALREADY!!! #robotvoicessuck.com
dannyoman (1 month ago)
zak Sarwari (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing.
Paul Maxwell (1 month ago)
This video is b.s. Filtered honey is not 'fake honey'. There is a special name for it. Ready? It's called 'filtered honey'. Is unfiltered honey better for us? Maybe. Maybe not. There has been NO research into this question, and just because a flakey natural foods website is making claims does not make those claims true. Yes, I prefer raw honey. Unfiltered and unpasteurized. I think it tastes better. But filtered honey has its place too, especially for baking. Is there such a thing as 'fake honey'? Well, we don't know because the producers of this video were too cowardly to name names.
TheJanka51 (1 month ago)
taste gives it away , nothing tastes like honey from a hive
humboldthammer (1 month ago)
If you think Fake Honey is Bad, think about the Fake Bees we will need when "They" have destroyed the Bees, over-fished the seas, and the GMO Crops all die from the same disease.
Christ is The Redeemer (1 month ago)
You are not coming to the point. Caption should be renamed, i guess. Here is one very simple step to test if it is a pure honey or not, though there are many ways to prove it: Take a teaspoon of honey, and put it in your tongue. The sweetness of Pure honey should not last more than 15 seconds!! If it last longer than that, or more than a minute, don't buy it...
MoonGlow (2 months ago)
Fake Olive Oil and now fake Honey .....crazy but true.
N Valentino (2 months ago)
In who's opinion are these remedy's any good for the conditions you say? Where's the scientific patient study's, laboratory study's? 👉 BE BLESSED 👈
Jay Smith (2 months ago)
The only way you know honey is pure and unprocessed is to know the bee keeper. Just another youtuber trying to make money.
Arlo Gunzales (2 months ago)
Lot of honey in philippines in the forest
Barney Rubble (2 months ago)
I would rather have fake hamburger. They can make it as good as prime hamburger. But you can't even buy unless you're lucky and get some.. they only want to sell you garbage now from grass fed cows. And charge you more money for trash tasting meat!!! Oh well if you never had the truth you'll never know the difference....
Barney Rubble (2 months ago)
Fake honey if you can't detect fake honey. By seeing and tasting and seeing in the texture. It's real honey even if it's fake dumb f****** assholes!
Virginia B. Britton (2 months ago)
I don't keep listening to robots bye.
Bill Manske (2 months ago)
There is no pollen in 75% of the so called honey on the shelves. However the story of removing the pollen with very expensive filtration units is not happening. Instead it is all fake honey because those companies are not going to spend that kind on money. They make it cheap and sell it cheap, meanwhile our honey producers have to spend large amounts money to pay for and maintain strict regulations imposed on them by our Governments. The imported fake honey has no restrictions and it's not even real.
E Tembi (3 months ago)
Thanks for this great eye opener. Just to add : there are 2 types of cinnamon. Ceylon and casia cinnamon. It is said that taking casia cinnamon for more than 6 weeks daily could be heavy on your liver. Taking a break from it for a couple of weeks before resuming seems to be a good idea. Also Dr Don Colbert recommends half a teaspoon (or so) after eating foods that spike up blood sugar e.g. pastas, white bread, msg... etc Also, it is the casia which helps to lower blood sugars. The Ceylon is thought to have great benefits and can be taken every day as it has no side effects but does not have the active ingredient to lower blood sugars.
jules h (3 months ago)
I use honey-my local beekeepers tree pollen honey-on any wound that gets a bit sore. Just wash the wound and smear a thin layer and try to keep the pets from licking it off. Within a few hours the soreness will disappear and the wound should nicely heal. If it gets sore again repeat the process. Once should do the trick. Once opened real honey will crystalize with time. I have never refrigerated honey. I buy quite a bit from my local beekeeper in the spring and fall. If you open one and set it somewhere and forget about it, it will crystalize. Gently heat the honey jar in warm/hot water to de crystalize.Remember think before using chemicals on trees, flowers and lawns. Love our pollinators.
Omonike Efunyale (3 months ago)
Richard Kautz (4 months ago)
I will add a comment. shut the fuck up on your comments on the fake voice. blame your parents for not giving you the understanding of why a robot voice is used. is that all you dumb asses got out of this. must be using one of their drugs again making you dumb. you smoke cigs or drink alcohol? that's what keeps your limited understand in check.
pete welch (4 months ago)
How to detect fake human voice.....
4thegloryofthelord (4 months ago)
I buy only raw unfiltered honey at Walmart... around $7. But I'll never buy clover honey or honey flavored syrup.
Jaxx Brat (4 months ago)
More garbage from China..what else is new
World Hayes (5 months ago)
🇵 🇱 🇦 🇾 🇸 🇹 🇦 🇹 🇮 🇴 🇳 🇺 🇷
Durango McMurphy (5 months ago)
The narrator sounds like a robot . Makes me sick .
ANGE DROSS (5 months ago)
what if you eat the garlic and Manuka honey ,, after food in stomach
Frank R (6 months ago)
I watched the full video, Good reminder For Me. Ever Since I Choose And Buy the Highest Quality Honey. Thank you Very Much For Your Information
Kevin C O'Dunn (6 months ago)
I will never watch this channel --- I will never watch any channel that is too cheap and sleazy to use a real person and not a BOT to voice the information they stole from another source. You stole this script from other sites, it is obvious!
TheDruidKing (6 months ago)
Skip the first 2:23 of robot voice to get to its point.
angela smith (6 months ago)
Make honey and cinnamon pasta and put it on bread? Could they maybe mean paste?
R l (6 months ago)
The background repetitive loop music is as bad as the robo fake voice... unsubscribed.
Juliet Joseph (6 months ago)
Sleeping benefits of honey and cinnamon was mentioned. However, the ingredients as well as the method, time and intake quantity was not mentioned....
Alexander Gunshooter (7 months ago)
WTF about ignorant people!? They seem to say too much even without basis in their arguments!?
Alesso Coriandor (7 months ago)
Get a fucking mic
Pretty Boy (7 months ago)
Time wasting videos. Do you need ten minutes to tell me how to detect bad honey.
Pretty Boy (7 months ago)
Taste it.
bienvenido malinis (7 months ago)
wow!i realy love that Robot voice
C. Galindo (7 months ago)
why does the US accept anything from China
Steve Wallschlaeger (7 months ago)
thanks i dont go to Any of those places. i also pay attention to sugar and limit that. honey is a source of sugar. buy the local beekeeper honey and not necessary in huge quantity. but beneficial to boost immune function specifically. this is my experience. immune function especially when oxidation.in the body is a concern eat a clean diet and organic oprions cranberries lemons organic matters. clean eating matters and im no perfection. doesnt make it any less true. very true about filtered and fake honey this is also issue in Maple syrup or fake pancake syrup and be reading labels agave too. if it says hfcs high fructose corn syrup say adios and good riddance from youre diet. advice is free. take it. leave it. do your own homework by all means its a journey
Barney Rubble (7 months ago)
If it looks like honey tastes like honey and it's fake honey it's really still real honey dumbasses
justmichelle71 (8 months ago)
I seen this thing on the tube about all this fake food coming from China. Something like 80% of the honey in the stores is fake and from China. I go to a local farmer's market and get honey from a guy in town with a bunch of hives. It's pricey but....man it's good.
Mark Hansen (8 months ago)
Why does it take 9 minutes and 45 seconds to tell us the simple trick?
Dan Ray (8 months ago)
robot voice that knows all so the half truths will be accepted = fake knowledge
Tumbleweed (8 months ago)
I purchase my honey directly from the BEES!
shinra358 (8 months ago)
Honey tastes like shit when it's room temperature xD
Andrew Cavers (1 month ago)
No that's your breath
Real UFO Videos (8 months ago)
Man? You should be telling people to buy from farmers markets? Local honey is the best!
nevada smith (8 months ago)
fake honey fake voice fake world
Val Sklarov (9 months ago)
There are so many fake honey brands in our stores and they are all labeled as pure honey. I have always wanted to know how one can tell the difference. Thanks for this video but I wish there is a way one can tell from just looking so that we can stop wasting money on fake honey.
Marc Bell (9 months ago)
I never trust videos with the computer voice.
AriBenDavid (9 months ago)
Thumbs down for robot voice
Larry Whitcher (9 months ago)
EIE (9 months ago)
Great tips. Thank you.
Enrique Martinez (9 months ago)
Don't buy garlic from China they're soaked in bleach
WOLFROY47 (9 months ago)
easy dont buy clear honey, buy set honey, clear honey, is probably, mostly sugar, look at syrup
67 cuda (9 months ago)
The answer is to buy raw, local, honeycomb ! The whole, unprocessed, natural comb is even better for you.
Roger Crouch (9 months ago)
Garlic is a diuretic, not a food.
foxxtrapp76 (9 months ago)
Thank you so much that was very insightful
AlvieC (9 months ago)
Nothing like the taste of bee spit. It is delicious.
Dave Mello (1 month ago)
Not To Be A Know It All & Sorry , But It's Actually Bee Vomit .
Anthony Poole (9 months ago)
Simple fix dont buy it at the store. Go to the farm and get it
BlueMoon Sunday (9 months ago)
We really didn't need 10 MINUTES To learn how to detect fake honey; 1 min would be enough, therefore you lost me right out the gate. Posters need to learn this!!!!
Thomas Robert (10 months ago)
Can you get to the point
Kevin West (10 months ago)
The lighting it on fire method is incorrect.
— Paladin — (10 months ago)
Sam's club sells pure honey. Put in fridge and it should turn to crystalline sugar. Just place in a sauce pan and warm it up and it returns to pure honey.
— Paladin — (9 months ago)
Alice Valentine IF THE HONEY WILL TURN INTO CRYSTALLINE STATE ITS PURE HONEY. IF IT WILL NOT AFTER SETTING A WHILE ITS BEEN ALTERED OR HAD ADDITIVES. The honey I buy is pure, unfiltered and raw. Has bits of the comb in it. I really like honest with a big chunk of comb in it, but almost need to find someone with own hives and package it themselves. I can’t recall the last time I saw any with the comb in it for sale in a store.
Alice Valentine (9 months ago)
River Rat crystalization doesn't make it impure, reheating it doesn't make it pure, it makes it LOOK clear
Thee Mantle (10 months ago)
Humanifier is good for putting moisture. Back in the air and if its dry air in a specific area or room where you get z,s at and to wear. Comfortable shoes and with space for all of the toes its helpful
Goodie Gurl (10 months ago)
Thee Mantle ???????????
Jan Olaf Risnes (10 months ago)
Very very good, Thank you
97warlock ismyname (10 months ago)
I wish this video was about How to tell Fake honey Only. Couldve been a 60 second video lol
gardensofthegods (10 months ago)
you forgot to mention the corn syrup they sometimes put in it.. which really angers me when I find out months later after the fact.
Abid Ali Shah (10 months ago)
AquaLady 420 (10 months ago)
Honey contains meat
Gregory Siok (11 months ago)
GREAT VIDEOS, be careful with the words though! Pasta? Pate maybe from the French is the word you are looking for?
buffal0chip (11 months ago)
omfg. i can't watch. bad enough batchbot voice, but a long boring lecture as well. i don't even care about honey or bees or your tips or you after 2 minutes of that. hope u drown
Chau Duong (11 months ago)
Simple....ants doesn’t like real honeys
rchelle2000 (11 months ago)
If you can't find a local beekeeper, don't buy your honey in supermarkets, healthfood stores only. READ your labels and only buy organic and raw. The price is worth it. Also, research the company/brand.
Buck Naked (11 months ago)
Mrs. Roboto!
downbntout (11 months ago)
Hello and goodbye again, Robovoice.
osearth esp (11 months ago)
10 mins, tell me the the fcking way to avoid it, cut the isht..
E Goertz (11 months ago)
Fact the only test is crystallization. Not one of those tests proves true.
Mr. C Jokey (11 months ago)
How hard is it to read it to us? Really?
San Juan (11 months ago)
Those darn red chinese.
Cool Breeze (11 months ago)
Can't watch do to annoying fucking robot voice👎
Syam Thakkilapati (11 months ago)
Is she saying table spoons or tea spoons when she states add to tea? Syam
Book Wyrm (11 months ago)
I can testify that crushed garlic WORKS for dramatically improving your immune system. I used to get sick many many times each winter with every episode lasting about 3 weeks. This meant I was sick almost all winter every year. I crush 1-2 cloves and put in a little juice and chug it like a shot. If you do it in the evening of the days that you are off work then you won't be too stinky. Luckily my husband doesn't smell well. I don't get sick anymore, very rarely and I work around kids. I have never tried it with honey though that sounds yummy.
Marylou Carver (9 months ago)
Eyesopen Nofear I
Divergent Droid (11 months ago)
When you actually said to eat Pasta on Bread is when you lost me. That's a Great recipe for candida (nutrient eating parasites) to grow,
macsnafu (11 months ago)
Filtrated honey isn't *fake* honey. It's simply processed honey. The real problem to watch out for are things called "honey sauce", which is mostly high fructose corn syrup mixed together with a small amount of honey for the honey flavor. But the ingredients list should tell you if there's anything other than honey in the container or package.
B Alan Eisen (11 months ago)
Not to repeat what everybody here is saying, but, if you cant find local honey find jars of honey that are solidifying. A little heat will melt the solid honey. But, why? I like eating the solid honey itself.

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