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Why Women Paint Their Nails

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The unexpected technological, economic and social changes that made nail polish a beauty staple. Share this on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Z8y9BJ Share this on Twitter: http://ctt.ec/818az Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1l8JXv3 On the web: http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/momstuffpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuffMomNeverToldYou Google+: http://bit.ly/1kNchOQ Tumblr: http://stuffmomnevertoldyou.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/stuffmomnevertoldyou# Sources: http://www.npr.org/2012/06/14/154852394/with-polish-vietnamese-immigrant-community-thrives http://books.google.com/books?id=L__4gEbfi4UC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false http://books.google.com/books?id=wN6Vh8b30v8C&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/05/fashion/once-staid-nail-polish-becomes-fashion-accessory.html http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2011/06/30/why-did-wild-nail-polish-go-mainstream-10 http://www.refinery29.com/the-illustrated-history-of-nail-art/slideshow#slide-1 http://www.nailsmag.com/article/40129/a-vietnamese-american-dynasty Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.
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tom dahl (4 hours ago)
I love painting my nails. I always have, always will.
John Kerr (2 months ago)
Women get their nails done because men enjoy looking at sexy and feminine hands around their penis'. That's why my wife gets her nails done.....nice fingernails simply look sexy.
Zoltán Marosi (2 months ago)
Sorry, ladies! You are less attractive if you paint your nails either on hands or feet!
Malachi (2 months ago)
Zoltán Marosi lmao here come the triggered ones XD
Ellie Smile (4 months ago)
I love guys with painted nails!
Katsa Tachibana (4 months ago)
One of my closest friends at school has really nice nails and I keep asking him if I can paint them with holo I got him to say yes the other week but apparently at the end of the year Woop woop
Sumoners (4 months ago)
because mopst man afraid of it, i ws only dude i know with acrylics for 3yrs.... not fake nails, just acryl and shellack, i love it, right now i removed them till i get contract, then go again, tbh it was painfull and still going my fingers changed abit till it, so i feel pain since long nail remove, once ypu lived like it for more then year everything changes
hadhad129 (4 months ago)
no its not i will change the world fashion with my polished guy nails
tom dahl (23 days ago)
Me too brother
Matthew O'Halloran (5 months ago)
pretty awesome to see a couple of guys on here painting their nails as i do too. i've been painting mine since i was young simply because i just like the look. And to be honest, i can't see my toenails bare anymore, its just weird hahaha. its a big part of who i am and how i express myself so i do it for me and me only. I however work in corporate so no acrylic manicures yet but maybe one day haha
Girls who paint there nails are sexy hahaha.
Christine Zamets (6 months ago)
I'm sorry but you are a bit retarded or mislead
Christine Zamets (6 months ago)
*why do people paint their nails
Andrea Edits (11 months ago)
Christeen did you hear that
yowza (11 months ago)
As a man I really appreciate when women paint their nails. Girls might think that guys don't care but we really do. Red nails are the best. Especially red toenails. Pink are second best.
jermaine wallace (1 year ago)
As a man I do not like a woman that has her finger nails and toe nails painted I like them to look nice but I hate all those colors that look so ugly and all that make up is not good too
Females paint their nails to create a separation from males in esthetics, fashion and design. Hands and feet have a sex starting from an early age.  A closer look at the Somatosensory Cortex shows the comparison.
autumnalequinox (1 year ago)
sweetie... guys paint their nails too. lots of people paint their nails.
Allan Hunter (1 year ago)
Don't girls polish their nails instead of paint them.
Mizz Bella Kitty (1 year ago)
I personally find black nail polish attractive on males (and females). Black can work on anyone!
Matthew Scott (1 year ago)
Men just aren't allowed to express themselves with cosmetics of any kind and are very limited when it comes to clothing and shoe options. Men get the boring options, boring colors, boring cuts etc. Unless you want to either A) Spend a fortune on unique designer clothes & B) Get harassed and called names for not looking like a "real man". I envy the fact that women get to express themselves and their creativity through fashion and makeup etc. Maybe that will change one day but I don't see it happening anytime soon. 😕
tom dahl (23 days ago)
Matthew, you are the man to lead the charge, to be the trailblazer. Take your power, overcome your fear and be the man you wish to be. Set an example for those to come. You can be strong and wilful and beautiful too. Seriously, any excuse that men need to wear make-up/fem clothes etc, they take it - Stag do's, Rocky Horror, Fancy dress parties/Am Dram etc. They're all just too afraid to admit they like it. It's a tiny minority that are haters. They'll hate anything though that doesn't conform to their narrow views because they're deeply deeply repressed. I'm typing this looking at my pretty painted finger nails. I'm so happy I have them. You deserve the same.
Malachi (2 months ago)
Matthew Scott smh I dont give a shit what anyone says i will wear anything that's sparkly or looks a tiny bit feminine. And no im not gay I'm a straight male.
ExBruinsFan (1 year ago)
4 minutes of chatter. Saying nothing.
Gerthuya Rana (1 year ago)
Daniel the wreath (1 year ago)
Not all women do it COUGH meCOUGH
Kharisma (1 year ago)
I'm unemployed but I still buy nail polish
Smörgåsbord (1 year ago)
My theory: Painted nails may be more attractive to women because a) physiologically, women have thinner fingers that may be better accenuated by paint and b) even men with white collar jobs want to be perceived as hard working, and a paint would counteract that. however, well-to-do men may have well manicured hands sans paint, giving them the best of both worlds.
Nixijokenzi (1 year ago)
Eline (1 year ago)
I once was painting my nails while watching my little nephew he really wanted red nails I didn't see any harm in that. His parents where so mad that I put nailpolish on a boy it was insane.
Malachi (2 months ago)
GamingManiac #1 shut the fuck up what's so gay about it? Oh because he painted his nails red, Smh when I was a kid I would do that with my mom all the time. Matter of fact I went to school with painted nails and everyone had a problem with it. Smh fuck you people that stereotype gender everything. And no I'm not gay I'm a straight male.
GamingManiac #1 (11 months ago)
Kurt Cobain Thats gay they should be mad.
Cat Saito (1 year ago)
my guess is that most of the dudes on hard labor couldn't find the time for that the same way mom complains that her nailpaint went bad because of washing too many dishes
Rachel Yorty (1 year ago)
To answer that last question, it's simple: Because it's pretty. I would be very uncomfortable seeing a guy trying to look pretty by wearing makeup and earrings and nail polish the same way that girls do. I, myself, only where makeup once in a blue moon, got my ears pierce at age 17, and, even more rare than makeup, do I paint my nails. I've never had a professional manicure; I think it's a waste of money. I find that the girls that wear lots of makeup and stuff are fake and looking for society's approval. I believe that men and women should serve different functions in society, but women shouldn't be expected to buy a bunch of product to look pretty.
yowza (11 months ago)
Rachel Yorty It's very pretty. Keep doing it. Guys really appreciate it.
rikjohnson39 (1 year ago)
It's a girl thing because girls are trying to attract boys! Boys have money so they attract girls with cars and dinner to show that they can provide for their children.  Girls attract boys by looking good because, traditionally, women are possessions and you want  a good-looking girl to ride in that good-looking car to show off your wealth and power.
fck cars and only gold diggers care about cars
Merrida100 (1 year ago)
I know this is totally unfair of me, but it's a total deal breaker.  I do not like long finger nails on men (even when I know it's to play the guitar), and I do not like manicured finger nails.  Painted nails, oddly, I'm fine with.  But it's a big NO on the manicure and lengthy nails.
Cláudio Sampaio (1 year ago)
Yeah, sure. "The Great Depression", a US-only phenomena, is responsible for the entire western culture lean towards nail painting. Because the US is the only country in the world.
Cláudio Sampaio (1 year ago)
+OsedayCan Thanks. I will read it as soon as you give me permission to access.
OsedayCan (1 year ago)
+Cláudio Sampaio https://docs.google.com/a/itugvo.k12.tr/document/d/1hUXQGKrXGa3xCFyFLgPR80FvULUL52emyobXP23XmBs/edit?usp=sharing An old version of it on google drive. In a format that's easier to edit.
Cláudio Sampaio (1 year ago)
+OsedayCan affecting countries (economically) is absolutely different from shaping the entire world at its image (culturally, even).  BTW, do you have the reference for your 6-page thesis?
OsedayCan (1 year ago)
The Great Depression didn't only affect America. I've written a 6 page pre-thesis on how it affects other countries, especially Turkey. The Great Depression happened due to world wide economical debt crisis that striked the US hardest. Just because it was the worst in US, doesn't mean it didn't have any effects outside of it.
Flynn Tavish Wilbur (1 year ago)
Follow up question: why don't men wear nail pollish (I mean, I do, but like, men in general).
What The (12 days ago)
+Bmw Forlife - So you're saying she's showing her pussy's gonna be nice?
Bmw Forlife (24 days ago)
Because women want to attract men in a sexual way. By polishing it she shows that she takes care of her body to the man who is "entering" her body. This sounds corny but this is all biology. The originial color was red, indicating to the men that she is sexually aroused.
Do Ci (8 months ago)
Flynn Tavish Wilbur I do it :)
Token Black (8 months ago)
Flynn Tavish Wilbur gross
Token Black (8 months ago)
Dr C true
zakius (1 year ago)
I noticed that you never answer the questions, just tell the story or all these dumb ideas girls decided to accept
Rhea - (1 year ago)
My boyfriend almost always has his staple nail polish, lipstick, glitter eyeshadow, and swishy colorful skirt! He loves them ☺
tom dahl (23 days ago)
ForeverAwaken (5 months ago)
Token Black, Being gay is a sexual orientation, has nothing to with paint on nails, moron. Lmao.
Token Black (8 months ago)
He's gay
Death king (2 years ago)
i am a guy and i have black toenails.
Molly O'Hara (2 years ago)
Will you do a video about the history of contraceptives and the pro's & con's, & info about, this new rumored male pill? We, my male, and I are very interested in this male pill because I am unable to have store bought hormones due to my history of pancreas & liver issues - even though i need them due to very low levels of sex hormone binding globulin & slightly raised levels of free testosterone. Anyway, for him to have that while he finishes uni would be ideal for the short term.
ArijitC (2 years ago)
Its basic evolution baby. Women are "programmed" to be concerned about their looks (as men are programmed to be concerned about their strength/ability) - so that they can attract a mate. Its a part of nature's mechanism of perpetuating the human species. It is thus deeply "hardwired" into female psyche (so much so that most women do it without even recognising this) and that is why most "beauty regimens" are followed only by women - including painting nails. After all painted nails do look great!
bullshit, evolution didn't made that , human and radical god did
Withering i (1 year ago)
In the late 60's and 70's many hippy women didn't paint their nails or toes because it was considered too bourgeois-that didn't mean they weren't interested in sharing genes :) so social customs sometimes has nothing to do with evolutionary biology as it can be over ridden so easily
Друг (2 years ago)
I grow out the nail on my right thumb and cut it to a point so I can use it as a natural guitar pick
B. C. Schmerker (2 years ago)
*Good historical perspective,* although I heard no mention of ancient Egypt; I suspect that the popularity of henna as a nail stain among Middle- and New Kingdom-era Egyptiennes following the lead of the queens of the Great House, competes with the Indian connection for first mass use.
Joshua Rivers (2 years ago)
Well I wear Nail Polish on my toes only because they make them pop out, plain is boring and as a guy who owns nothing but Peep/Open Toe & Sandal style Heels & Wedges I like my toes to be polished. I own every shade of every color in my Nail Polish stash. Heels/Wedges and Nail Polish are the only "Feminine Things" I wear and they are part of my style.
Jill Stock (2 years ago)
Whenever I was feeling down in high school, I'd paint my nails.
NixieOnCloud9 (2 years ago)
I knew there was a reason why nail polish looked like car paint ! Lol and I love when nail polish looks like it
Randall Grathwohls (2 years ago)
Where is the "Professional Boy Friend? I'm 66 so I'm not hitting on you.
M Greenwood (1 year ago)
Randall Grathwohls its Professor Boyfriend. I think he works in education
TheSpaceman (2 years ago)
Since I'm a guy, All I really have to worry about is popping my fingers when I get up.
ROGER2095 (2 years ago)
I'll tell you, girls spend way too much money on nail polish that doesn't last. Whenever I paint the house I get some Sears Weatherbeater house paint on my fingernails and it stays on for weeks!
brileeka (2 years ago)
+ROGER2095 lol nail polish doesn't have to be expensive. I'm practically a nail polish hoarder and almost every one I have I have paid a dollar or less for it, I just wait until they go on sale and hoard them all.
Wow. This actually was very informative. Did not expect much but got a lot!
Bruce Wayne (2 years ago)
Women paint their nails so it look nicer when holding a dick.
Maria Gonzalez (2 years ago)
I am a bike girl and so loving her neckless. Where you get that?
Soros Phuvix (2 years ago)
As my family has always said when asked why we paint our finger/toe nails. "To hide the dirt."
Camila Lucero (2 years ago)
It's a short history of nail polish but it doesn't really explain why women use it more over men :/
ReticulatingSplines (2 years ago)
I love your necklace <3
shadowsa2b (2 years ago)
i wonder why men still get stigmatized for trying to indulge in traditionally feminine things in the modern day in the west when these things on women are celebrated and enjoyed and women can equally imdulge in traditionally masculine pursuits if they so choose. very little these days seems to be "a guy thing" in the wsy that lots of things are "a girl thing"
shadowsa2b (1 year ago)
+Sophi XRU what color(s) did he have on?
Sophi XRU (1 year ago)
my grandma was worried sick when he saw my brother's nails painted, she said that he might get confused with the gays (even tho I'm the gay one)
shadowsa2b (1 year ago)
The Mad Hattress theres an occasional news story about a guy in heels, like if its an awareness event. or the hollywood crowd doing something out of the norm at a big event. but i have yet to see, say, a male news anchor or other such host do a broadcast is a dress or something. and "manly" men in movies are still portrayed a certain way. also too, i think in many settings its just more practical to wear a t shirt and jeans for anyone. but again, i do agree that stretching gender norms in many ways favors women over men. at least over straight men anyway
The Mad Hattress (1 year ago)
+shadowsa2b In any case, we still have the ultimately arbitrary gender stereotypes that men wear pants and women wear dresses. This has been something we've seen all throughout history, though only recently has it become less stigmatized and certain forms of genderbending have become more acceptable, even in the mainstream media.
shadowsa2b (1 year ago)
The Mad Hattress in that particular case it could be more that dresses are tailored in a very specific way that poorly suits the male body and thus looks weird. slacks/ jeans and a t shirt however dont have as much (if any) of a psrticular form and hang sort of loosely on the wearer, making it easier to be worn by anyone (assuming the appropruate size)
ExBruinsFan (2 years ago)
Because most women realize that they have nothing appealing about their MINDS and  opt to embellish their appearance.
Kritika Taya (2 years ago)
no doubt about it ! a bottle of polish has a more positive effect on me than talking about my problems with someone !
Kritika Taya (2 years ago)
i think you know what i meant by using the word beauty as , so i am not gonna stretch this conversation further..
ExBruinsFan (2 years ago)
+Kritika Taya _"haha..you really come to conclusions that fast ? did I mention that painting my nails makes me feel like a princess !"_ Oh, believe me, you didn't have to. _"what I meant was that I am blessed to find joy in small things when there is no other thing right in my life .. I see how struggling my family's Iife is and in times when I feel like I have a problem which I know I can solve with some time , I don't talk about it so I don't worry my parents ! and in that time I like to take my mind off things and I do it by painting my nails and having late night karaoke sessions."_ I fully support Karaoke. _"i hope u get my point. and moreover Beauty to me has never meant looks . to me a kind person is beautiful, to me a shy but humble person is beautiful and most importantly a person who accept flaws is beautiful."_ Whatever. I try to use the *correct* terms for things. _"like I accept your rude way of saying things and in that way I AM BEAUTIFUL. ;) and I know this beauty won't go away till I die !"_ I was only speaking of your LOOKS, not your 'beauty'. You sound like you might be a nice person, and that IS something to celebrate.
Kritika Taya (2 years ago)
+ExBruinsFan haha..you really come to conclusions that fast ? did I mention that painting my nails makes me feel like a princess ! what I meant was that I am blessed to find joy in small things when there is no other thing right in my life .. I see how struggling my family's Iife is and in times when I feel like I have a problem which I know I can solve with some time , I don't talk about it so I don't worry my parents ! and in that time I like to take my mind off things and I do it by painting my nails and having late night karaoke sessions. i hope u get my point. and moreover Beauty to me has never meant looks . to me a kind person is beautiful, to me a shy but humble person is beautiful and most importantly a person who accept flaws is beautiful. like I accept your rude way of saying things and in that way I AM BEAUTIFUL. ;) and I know this beauty won't go away till I die !
ExBruinsFan (2 years ago)
Then you are a sadly vain and narcissistic human being. You are going to be miserable when your looks go.
jeremiah stogryn (2 years ago)
Men can paint the nails to
tom dahl (4 hours ago)
Dude. Nice to see an apology and a change of opinion.
Malachi (5 months ago)
Rhea - smh I agree I'm sorry about what I posted a year ago. What tf was I thinking
GamingManiac #1 (11 months ago)
jeremiah stogryn Hell no.
jeremiah stogryn (1 year ago)
It's true when do painter nails
Rhea - (1 year ago)
jeremiah stogryn My boyfriend never leaves the house without his staple gold glitter nail polish 😆
Arc Kocsog (2 years ago)
Why are you shouting?:/
Michael Justice (3 years ago)
I forget which one, but one of the Metallica documentaries shows James Hetfield getting a manicure and clear nail polish. When I used to play in bands, I used to jack my picking hand nails up from a technique called a harmonic pinch. You rake the string with your fingernail and tilt your pick slightly, on your attack, to get a ...squealing sound. Well on your high E string you can easily slice through the nail bad enough to bleed. Hurts like a mofo! I never got manicures or nail polish...cause it seems kinda gay...but if your a professional who toures allot, it's pretty much not even an option.
ELana (3 years ago)
I work in a hospital and so can't paint my finger nails for hygiene reasons. But I do that when I go through a break-up, I paint my toenails a lot more often, and buy more polishes. The pop of colour does cheer me up, and the ritual of painting is also quite relaxing.
wildarmor (3 years ago)
I'm a guy and I think painted nails, earrings, makeup/lipstick, etc are all unattractive, but hey I'm just a dumb guy.
steven steinbrink (2 years ago)
+lastusableusername cool. il look those people up 
wildarmor (2 years ago)
+Adam cooper You should look at my porn collection, then you'd see I'm straight. A few of my favorite artists on Pixiv and Danbooru are Zekkyon, Yan-yam, and syokuyou-mogura, in case you're curious. I like live action porn too, but I prefer illustrations.
steven steinbrink (2 years ago)
+lastusableusername with all due respect you must be gay. lol
King Nevermore (3 years ago)
Derrik BlackWolf (3 years ago)
I'm a guy and I paint my nails ^_^
Derrik BlackWolf (3 years ago)
Ah, this post was on 420. Good times
Derrik BlackWolf (3 years ago)
No, i only paint my nails :3 And my hair is pretty long
Derrik BlackWolf (3 years ago)
singngurli4jc (3 years ago)
I really like your bicycle necklace. It's so cute!
Actually, high heels were used first by men around 16th century, from then on women used them to look more manly.
Victoria Newman (3 years ago)
Quick story time: in sixth grade a went literally months with my nails painted the same shade of red. Literally I would paint them, they'd chip, I'd paint another coat, they'd chip, and then I'd peel it off and repaint them. Eventually my sister hid the red nail polish. I painted my nails purple. I don't paint my nails anymore. Among other things, I find it helps me concentrate in class...
Dustin Mitchell (3 years ago)
I don't particularly care for the way nail polish looks. I like a more natural look, myself. In fact, sometimes I find very bright and vibrant colors to look "almost gross". That's all just my opinion, of course.
Token Black (8 months ago)
Same here bro! I prefer all natural look.
GamingManiac #1 (11 months ago)
Dustin Mitchell same.
MsArilyn (2 years ago)
Indeed, if it is not done to look good it can be quite garish.
Rien Jen (3 years ago)
+Dustin Mitchell Everyone has a preference. As a woman, I like the "French manicure," where it looks natural with white tips. Cool colors like green, blue and purple don't look so great on fingers, IMO--they remind me of fungus.
Cule Chick (3 years ago)
I always assumed that, as you've said, nail polish for a women symbolizes nice, clean, well-kept hands. Where it is still more common and acceptable for men to have difficult, manual-labor type jobs that can mess up their hands, so they don't bother with it. A lot of high class men do get manicures, but most don't go so far as to wear bright colors, since it might clash with their black-and white suits, and limits your tie options.
KaylaNoelle1 (3 years ago)
I paint mine so they don't break, if I leave them without for a few days they all break off and ouch! 
Family Syme (3 years ago)
Love the Parks and Rec references
Iamthedragon64 (3 years ago)
I knew a guy in elementary school who liked to paint his nails sky blue.
Liz Plus23 (3 years ago)
LOOOOOOVE you're necklace!!!!!
Eric Taylor (3 years ago)
When I worked as a welder a lot of guys (including myself) used clear nail polish to protect our nails. Working in that environment is really hard on nails even when you wear gloves. The nail polish helped a lot.
kodomochan32 (3 years ago)
This is the useful side of nail polish aside from being a decoration among females
anonymousMist (3 years ago)
I just do it cause it's fun! lol
Sterling Wilson (3 years ago)
Women paint their nails to display that they do not have to labor for a living. The less labor a woman perform the higher status she has. Same idea with shoes that are good for nothing except walking with great intent. These are not signs of great production. They are signs of great leisure.
Rachel Harris (3 years ago)
Love love love your necklace. Do you know where you got it???
Steve Dogan (3 years ago)
I'm going to paint 1 nail in support of men's liberation!
Corbinite (3 years ago)
I would have expected egg yolks instead of whites to be used in the early chinese nail polish, since paint can be made from yolks.
Helen Sheridan (3 years ago)
If you think nail varnish is just a girl thing, you need to go to more goth nights.
Anastasiya Volkova (3 years ago)
Hi! I just discovered your channel and you are AMAZING, girl! I am a nail artist so this video was really interesting and COOL! Keep it up & I'll continue watching more of your videos. :D  xx
Megan Wilson (3 years ago)
I don't really like to paint my fingernails. I keep my nails _extremely_ short, as short as I can possibly clip them without pain (and I have to redo it every few days) because for some reason if I can touch my fingertips together and feel nails touching it drives me nuts. I do occasionally like to get my toes done, but it's more for the massage that comes with it than anything (plus I sometimes request an N7 design for the big toes which makes me super happy).
Retrotoon (3 years ago)
Vinegar and lemon juice are also used to kill mold.
Sara Mc Namara (4 years ago)
I knew a Brazilian backpacker that painted his nails. He was straight. Didnt care what people thought. It was weird but his nails with chipped colours looked kinda sexy.
Atsuma Komatsu (4 years ago)
I wish gloves were still in :( Oh and to answer your question as to why painting your nails is still such a girl thing....because of the history you explained. It's been a girl thing for millennia. So that's how our minds perceive it. 
English3Muffin (4 years ago)
I heard that the three things that always do well in a bad economy are beauty products, tobacco, and alcohol. As for nail polish, I really wish I could wear it. I never used to care but now that I'm not allowed to (I'm a massage therapist) I really want to. lol I can always do toe nails but living in a cold, wet climate means not a lot of time for sandals or open-toed heels.
Jonathan Lopez (4 years ago)
I would enjoy painting my nails black it would bring me closer to becoming ceil fantomhive
Mmina Maclang (4 years ago)
You mentioned earlier that nail polish and well-manicured hands were a show of status, of non-participation of women in labor. Then I'd think that manicures are widely considered a girl thing because of what our standard of beauty between men and women is. Beauty for women entails softness, fragility, gentleness, so the idea that they don't do manual labor fits in with that. But beauty for men is rough and rugged--the five o'clock shadow, the strong muscles, the battle scars, the rough hands. For some, to see a boy with gentle hands and soft skin makes them target to be called "girly", and for girls, to have big knuckles and calloused fingers or rough skin, we say they have "man-hands". Everything boils down to that.
Alea Anjanette (4 years ago)
NAILgasmTV (4 years ago)
Finally! love this <3
Ninth Tome (4 years ago)
Painting nails is a girl thing? You should tell that to some of the guys I know. o.O
Lukas Roger (4 years ago)
Fun necklace!
SamyaDaleh (4 years ago)
On 0:55 why did you put a masculine sign on the fingernail when writing "femininity"?
gaz88 (4 years ago)
she could be jean grey
Ravenclaw Seer (4 years ago)
How come men can only use cologne that stinks and women get an array of sweet perfumes, lotions, make-ups and what not?
Laurey Malc (4 years ago)
My boyfriend is a solo bass player and he paints his nails. It's primarily to draw the audiences attention to his fingers and show off the technicality of the music. However I think it carries other connotations when worn by a man, it looks like a "rock and roll" move to make, something which eludes to trying to break the mould in some way. Strange that something so normal to women apparently carries such a heavy meaning when worn by men
DJSqaired (4 years ago)
i decided to paint my nails while watching this video
Cameron Williams (4 years ago)
I'm a guy and started painting my nails about two years ago to help try and break my nail biting habit. I ended up really loving it. Normally I wear blue or red, but around Halloween I do candy-corn nails.
Dimefan91 (4 years ago)
Giggled like a schoolgirl during your depression song
Domenica Idrovo (4 years ago)
I love your necklace! :) 
Megan Feldhouse (4 years ago)
i like your hair today.
StripeyJumpsuit (4 years ago)
Parks & Rec. Nice. 
Lamnad (4 years ago)
When I watch you videos like this and the one about "lady butts", I am reminded of a book called "The Naked Women" by Desmond Morris. Please, disregard the title. It's a book about stuff like this. the short description I have for it is "a zoologist examining Human sexual dimorphism and culture with a focus on the habit of women." I learned a lot from this book and recommend it. Just thought I should note this.

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