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GrainBelt Beer Fountain Clock Spectacular

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Vintage GrainBelt Beer 'Fountain Clock Spectacular' motion beer sign from the early - mid 70's. Took this apart and got it working again. The motion isn't as awesome as a Hamm's sign, but still neat!
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Ken Fritz (2 years ago)
I opened up the sign . And both original motion wheels are in good condition. Th e problem is, that someone robbed the motor on th e left, and the clock motor on th right! I have a spare motor , but need to know how the color wheel is attached to the second hand gear , to make the motion work on th clock side. Please send any internal pics to knfrtz@yahoo
Ken Fritz (2 years ago)
do you have any pixs of the color wheel on the clock side.  I have the sign with no motors,   wondering how the clock and color wheel operate , and how they are attached.   and pics or info would help.   knfrtz@yahoo.com
cklinejr (2 years ago)
I do, both color wheels on these one had 'pringled' from being in a hot storage unit for years. Its possible you have a static unit that didn't have the motion. I'll post more when I dig it up, or I'll pull the cover. Thanks

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