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Coming On to My Bestfriend Prank! Gone Wrong...

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Text Comments (1822)
amazing pupsqaud101 (9 hours ago)
She wanted to kiss him😂
Pv Richman (13 hours ago)
Female viagra
Pv Richman (13 hours ago)
Female Viagra prank!
Ebone Parks (17 hours ago)
Female Viagra prank
Flaurence Winget (19 hours ago)
You should do a female viagara prank on her 😂😂
Lyanne Jover (1 day ago)
This had me dead😂
Alanna Herrera (1 day ago)
She wanted to smash😅
Oreo Cat (1 day ago)
Soz...Someone is ugly...YEAAAA
Jacqueline Russell (2 days ago)
Plz date
ميسم الهياف (2 days ago)
She is really in to you
Rozalyn Wright (2 days ago)
She lied she didn’t know it was a prank
Angel Pupz (2 days ago)
She hot tho xD........... ;)
Barbara Brito (2 days ago)
She's so me😂
Emilee Reikowsky (2 days ago)
did anyone else feel awkward watching this cause I did
Kayla Rose (2 days ago)
"You don't normally say that". Duuude you need to compliment her more😂😂
Serenity Flanders (3 days ago)
I ship them
Neve Lawrence (3 days ago)
She sounds like that turtle from memo (crush?) what’s up dude??
Neve Lawrence (3 days ago)
Rhea Khater (3 days ago)
shesss totalllyyyyyy into u bro
___sinazzz___ (3 days ago)
Saniya Hampton (3 days ago)
What your number
Louie Vlogs (3 days ago)
Lol She straight up FriendZoned you with the hand 😂
Sofia Sanchéz (3 days ago)
She wanted the *D*
Isha Sylla (4 days ago)
This is random but me and Ricco have the same birthday
Ebone Parks (4 days ago)
Prank her by saying u wanna sleep with her
Emily Grimes (4 days ago)
i loveeee you so much😍😍💗. && you fine af i really wanna meet youuu😌😩
Faith C (4 days ago)
Thsi was actually so funny 😂😂😂
Grace shonge (4 days ago)
when she removed that hand and pats it down lmao! new subscriber!!
Your just one good looking hornboll lol
babygir babygifl (5 days ago)
New to the channel and lets just say your super hot
the everythingchannel (5 days ago)
M&A (5 days ago)
*moves hand* they had me there😂 lol
//wavi// (6 days ago)
2:04 me when someone asks for my food
Jasmine B (6 days ago)
Dead ass me and my bf when we flirt.. but it doesn't go thaf far
Autumn Sanders (6 days ago)
you should make more of these lol ilysmmm <3
stamanta innocent (6 days ago)
do you guys see that at 3:29 she said you don't normally come on to like that😁
stamanta innocent (6 days ago)
do you guys see that at 3:29 she said you don't normally come on to like that😁
stamanta innocent (6 days ago)
do you guys see that at 3:29 she said you don't normally come on to like that😁
heather rieder (6 days ago)
Bro I can tell she likes u cause that’s exactly how I act when I’m with someone I like
Ivorie bridges (6 days ago)
brooo that’s beyond embarrassing when he went to kiss her and she was going to kiss him but he pulled back i’m not even her but i’m so embarrassed right now 💀
Channel Bautista (6 days ago)
Lmao so fuckin awkward
Channel Bautista (6 days ago)
So fuckin awkward lmao 😂
I was like "what if she do something???😱😱😱"
Layla Costell (6 days ago)
3:28 omg that's so me lol I'm gonna die Langie:what's up with you? Aydm: I don't know I'm just a bit horny Langie:Ok I don't think I need to know that...
Rachel Arriaga (6 days ago)
When she said I don’t know if I needed to know that 😂😂😂😂
Kayle Cosgaya (7 days ago)
This is the funniest shit ever I could not take him seriously
Flamingo Sisters (7 days ago)
Flamingo Sisters (7 days ago)
darna boss chic (7 days ago)
Why do people say they are smashing😂😂😂 I do believe they are best friends without benefits my best friend is a boy too and we just that and the rest normal friends are all boys no girls
Lupe Junki (7 days ago)
Friend zoned 😂
Daisy Ponce (7 days ago)
Daisy Ponce (7 days ago)
Chelsea Claybern (7 days ago)
"i mean im just out here looking at my nail stuff" -langie 3:58
Date already~~~ I got your wedding papers, clothes, and expenses done already
Sarah Kelly (7 days ago)
I love u so much
Kailey Schneider (7 days ago)
BeeShane Anne (7 days ago)
3:48 got me good😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BeeShane Anne (7 days ago)
I love these pranks😂😂💖💖
Bones Gentry (8 days ago)
U smell good Ok thank u Moves hand and pats it
Abby Flop (8 days ago)
One of my cousins read the title ouloud and my other cousins said "ewwww r u on pornhub!" 😂😂😂😂 My response "NO STUPID! 😂😂"
Rosette Armstrong (8 days ago)
They are GOALS R&L4L💋😚😚 and this was soon funny and she almost kissed him back btw you guys would be a fine couple💏💑 #1 SUPPORTER💙 PLEASE HEART MY COMMENT 💖
full of felice (8 days ago)
AlainaAnn Vlogs (8 days ago)
AlainaAnn Vlogs (8 days ago)
Low key i feel like they both wanted it to happen 😅😅😅😅😅
miss fierce (8 days ago)
Just F****** date RN uuuughghh 😭😭😭
Sara Petkovic (8 days ago)
her face tho😂😂😂
Zoie Gray (9 days ago)
the way she moves your hand had me deeeaaadddd but me asf🤣
Lit Life (9 days ago)
3:14 awee Ricco 3:56 for some reason I like how Langie said that
Alix Fortune (9 days ago)
Just a vid idea :she should come on to Sawyer😂😂✨
Rikki-lee Hudson (10 days ago)
He does so many pranks he should just date her for real
putri rahmatillah (10 days ago)
Langie is funny af
Jisoo_ papilla (10 days ago)
Please react to "Lea Elui Ginet"musicallys thank you ilysm❤️💞
iLeprechan (11 days ago)
I feel bad for her she thought ricco liked her..:
Bleach Queen (11 days ago)
Damm she’s peng
Danielle Smith (11 days ago)
when she said"are you being serious right now" and he leaned in to kiss her in the beggining of the video i wqs like"wtfff"
Marine Rt (11 days ago)
I really think she knew 😂 some people said she was going to kiss him but i think she wouldn't have react like that if she was really planning to kiss him😂 for me it seem like she was like: ok he wont let go , i know he doing a prank, let's play along!👿 😂
Lakyra Pryor (11 days ago)
They should jsit go together they will be a cute couple
SL Baker (12 days ago)
You guys should kiss
SL Baker (12 days ago)
I love you!!!!!
Danii avakin life (12 days ago)
First of all she never looked for a camera or found one, she was about to just do it.
Niyah Jackson (12 days ago)
Did she just move this nigga hand and Pat it I am dead😂😂😂
Panda Pop (13 days ago)
She was like "uuuummmmmm" XD
Abiii Garcia (13 days ago)
I don't blame her if she was gonna kiss him I mean, he's hawt
Pine Apple (13 days ago)
How dare you touch another woman?? AFTER ALL WE’VE BEEN THROUGH??😭 THIS ISNT OVER?? GOT IT???
Jessica Solis (13 days ago)
The way she moved hand and Pat's it
Jessica Solis (13 days ago)
You guys will be a good couple
Hacivi (14 days ago)
Bru u stupid af u could of fxxd lmfaoo
Noaudrey (15 days ago)
I'm watching this with my mom in the chair next to me, and I am trying so hard to not feel the awkward vibe and reacting. This is great!
Crystal And Emma Rose (15 days ago)
I ship all the way!!!!!!
Zippy (15 days ago)
Omggg she was really boutta kiss him....she looked so counfused wen he pulled away😭bendito I feel bad buh y'all cute😂
abigail wilson (16 days ago)
ooouuu ricco ya ass horny
Natalee Alleman (16 days ago)
They were bout to have a porno
SAVAGE GIRL (16 days ago)
I wish i was ur Best Friend right now LMFAO😂😂
false advertisement (17 days ago)
the way she stares at him
Hart. Argent (17 days ago)
Shit I would’ve let u fuck me
Emmah Ford (17 days ago)
2:59 friendzoooned
Suhair Alsudany (17 days ago)
Awwww she fell for it
katie hunt (17 days ago)
when she moved his hand off her thigh was sooooooo funny 😂😂
XxSaÜcYxX (17 days ago)
I don’t like you..
pump rope gang (18 days ago)
U guys look good together
pump rope gang (18 days ago)
U need to start pranking u bff more
Elizabeth Farrington (18 days ago)
She literally moved his hand off of her thigh and patted it literally he got so friend-zoned LOL I'm dead

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