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Best Stolen Valor Fights 2018! Instant Karma - Instant Justice

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Text Comments (5934)
travis bickle (1 day ago)
Bum hole
Jimbo Jones (1 day ago)
For all of these idiots stopping and harassing people claiming "stolen Valor," what they are doing is not stolen valor. Stolen Valor has 2 basis, (A) the person must be collecting some sort of currency or other material donations (we see some of them were collecting money and some were not) and (B) They MUST have claimed to actually have received a Valor Award. If BOTH of these prerequisites have not been met, they are not committing Stolen Valor. People are so stupid that don't understand the law but quick to accuse others. What they are guilty of is having low moral compasses for disgracing the uniform. But no actual crimes were committed with any of these. The cops would have more than likely come down on the people with the cameras doing the harassing.
Nikita Kravtsov (1 day ago)
4th one is just a complete dickhead.
Nikita Kravtsov (1 day ago)
6:31 They're just impersonating a famous stolen valor video its not real.
Tagem Bagem (1 day ago)
1st guy was a fucking pussy he should have socked that dude in the dome mr 2 tours lol
xvx00xvx (1 day ago)
I served in the Army if I want to wear BDU'S I will. I earned that right to do so, law or not.
Palmtack (1 day ago)
If I wanted a safe job I’d join the Coast Guard!
Schoppe Petzer (1 day ago)
Oh that escalated quickly ;) so nice...
HuskyPup Gaming (1 day ago)
Lmao the guy at 7:00 was so obvious and a terrible fibber
Teddyb H20 (1 day ago)
First guy was a dick just wanting to be right
anarchybeaver26 (1 day ago)
It's so cringey
Walle Eriksson (2 days ago)
Realy fuckers
Kevin Johnson (2 days ago)
the stolen valor videos are getting old...unless youre don shipley, stop...pulling over to tell guys that are collecting pocket change for vets that theyre violaters is ridiculous...time to stand down
Robert Hardaker (2 days ago)
AM X-British army and I know what you mean (IT'S JUST WRONG)
What is a btu?
Alfred Nobel (2 days ago)
So disgusted
FlameFuryy (2 days ago)
5:51 just realised this video is a remake of that one fat guy in the mall.
Spheric (2 days ago)
Isn’t that illegal?
Christopher Wilkins (2 days ago)
He was eating Tostitos
BearJew05 (2 days ago)
Judge advocate in combat? Sounds like stolen valor to me.
bobby bea (2 days ago)
6:30 the bigger guy watch,this and then,watch the one,of mostamazingtop7 channel 7 take soldiers there exactly the same,like,if,you see that
Kemo Therapy (2 days ago)
military vets are so fucking lame...boo hoo your wearing a uniform that looks like mine...i served in blah blah blah and my blah blah blah died in blah blah blah...no one gives a shit. this is america we have the right to wear what we want and no one asked you to serve.
woodjabSMURF (2 days ago)
I just realized that one was an impersonation of a stolen valor video lmfao
Nonstoppath68 (2 days ago)
The one where the guy has ketchup on him is just a reenactment of a guy who got caught a few years ago
X (2 days ago)
Nice parody 😂
Copper Hand (2 days ago)
Those are ACUs
alexralston22 (2 days ago)
I'm not in the military but it pisses me the fuck off how these losers want to wear the militarys uniforms....people who have been killed!!!! you do not to deserve wear those uniforms. those represent people who have fought died and been dismembered for this country!!!! low life losers!
Anion (2 days ago)
5:44 is clearly a skit
Mayo Mon! (2 days ago)
They are ACU'S you fuck
ACEshredZ (2 days ago)
I wish I could physically take this intro music, pour gasoline over it and set it on fire.
AdrianGFX (2 days ago)
Are u fucking 24?
Johnny Cruz (2 days ago)
Little bitch! Get a life you loser let them get change. Who cares what you did. My freedom is paid by my taxes!
Coolcat AMApro (2 days ago)
A lot of these people have mental issues people got to be careful
Ben Solomonov (2 days ago)
5:44 i thought he just had a double chin
Anthony (2 days ago)
" My gf knows your brother and u are not a moraine" lmafo
Lane The Pain Train (2 days ago)
The second one sounds like a kid
CHERRYMVFF (2 days ago)
I know there are a few comments regarding this already, but having just watched the "original", I can confirm that the third video is pretty much a word-for- word exact copy (and a fucking hilarious one at that ;L) of another very popular stolen valor video in a shopping centre/ mall. The double chin was a particularly nice touch ;L
Robert Lund (2 days ago)
These stolen valor dumbasses need to find something better to do
Packerfan (2 days ago)
Third one is wearing a fat suit
James Fitch (2 days ago)
Who cares not hurting anyone by wearing the military suit the ones that are filming need too F off
MercySincere (3 days ago)
fuck us army..who care
Mr Fauk (3 days ago)
I might dress like a football bat just to beat the fuck outa these duechmobile fuck tards
Mr Fauk (3 days ago)
What's fuck up I had two different deuch bags do this to me while I was on leave from Korea while I was in Airborne Infantry. They almost got there necks snapped
YoungRedEyes (3 days ago)
Idk if the navy guy is real and just stupid or if it is actual stolen valor
Eli A (3 days ago)
It's not BDU it's ACU bro 😂
Nathan Who (3 days ago)
My favorite part is listening to the camera men stutter and say "i think thats where blah blah blah". They dont know half the shit either, but will stand there and yell at some dude wearing clothes. I mean they were brainwashed to police the world, only right they keep doing it when they are home.
TRUMP SUPPORTER (3 days ago)
The last guy should have got knocked the fuck out....TRUMP 2020
Ezio K (3 days ago)
7:00 was a parody of another real stolen valor video
Mr. 13 (3 days ago)
The last one is SO punchable
Michael Klenk (3 days ago)
they're not BDUs... they are ACUs. I have worn both, and still wear ACUs
Paul (3 days ago)
What the hell is up with this fat weird guy
Juan Plaza (3 days ago)
What a fucking ignorance this county runs on.. a military slave means. They’re injected with all kind of chemicals to use the as Guinea pigs. And yet they have pride🤔
Lisa O. Davis (3 days ago)
Guy's a bit high-strung, huh?
karmathegreat (3 days ago)
Right from the get go the guy in the car confronting the Army vet keep saying “uhh you can’t be wearing BDUs ( those are ACUs get it right if your gonna play Mr. know it all, “wearing BDUs is against UCMJ”, umm actually no it’s not veterans are allowed to wear the uniform hell even non-prior service and civilians are allowed to wear it if they want, not suppose to falsely claim your a Soldier though.
Over Over (3 days ago)
I play COD and you don't know what you're talking about
yoda 1forme (3 days ago)
Treating civilians like that would have gotten you in trouble in the old days.
Ci han (3 days ago)
who the fuck cares, since when is being in the army something to brag about? oh look at me i went to a country that was never a threat to my country and killed civilians. good job sucker. all of you should be arrested for not doing research and just go to wars that you dont know shit about. if you wanna go to war go against saudi arabia & myanmar
Co Goat (3 days ago)
Dude said Paris island San Diego
James Warren (3 days ago)
This is the third video ive seen the second guy in. Some of em get caught more than once
Mike Fairbanks (3 days ago)
Stolen valor works both ways. I’d like to see service members and veterans quit allowing people to credit them for events they didn’t participate in. For example: 9-11 is a day for honoring first responders, but presidents and others go and visit the military on that day. Not cool. Fourth of July: that is a day to honor civilians who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence. The military had nothing to do with it (and afterward it was civilians who fought against the British). Then there’s Christmas and Easter with the commercials about soldiers coming home for the holidays, even though those two holidays ha e nothing to do with war. The National Anthem: again, people say it’s about honoring veterans and such, but the pledge and anthem are to honor our nation, not the military. We have Veterans Day and Memorial Day, and they are important. It would be nice if members of the military would not let pop culture use them constantly for feel-good stories and commercials on just about every holiday. By the way, there are plenty of careers that are dangerous and/or serve others. Everyone who works hard is benefiting his nation.
Mike Fairbanks (2 days ago)
You’re right, but it seems as if it goes overboard, and I believe the reason is that it makes it easier to convince American to go to war. During the gulf war of 2003 we kept hearing “I support the president and the troops.” People became indoctrinated and we were supposed to agree with war in order to show our support for the troops.
JeepJaxn (2 days ago)
Mike Fairbanks the military has a big influence on these. Like not being able to see family on holidays or like the fact the military is what keep our freedoms and right to have these days. I see what you are getting at but being in the military is a big sacrifice more ways than one.
GCEZ28 (3 days ago)
5:44 word for word same as https://youtu.be/iXtEm8S-EgI
Andy Juco (3 days ago)
LMAO 5:45 I love how he is mocking the original that fucking awesome HOOAH!!!
Paris island whatever the hell it's called hahaha
Nikko Alarba (4 days ago)
I served in reinforced ninja marine scuba recon battalion rainbow six siege master gunnery division under general tom clancy. My rank is lawn mower.
John Schultz (4 days ago)
The fuck with those sleeves.
ThE JoKeR (4 days ago)
Alrighty. Lets see what every one thinks. If you went into basic training and was honorably discharged due to an injury in basic training. Would you be a veteran?
Why would u be proud to serve in a evil army run by evil people government
Johnathon Stinson (4 days ago)
Can't be wearing bdu......he isn't dumb ass he is wearing acu
Smoer1 (4 days ago)
"YOu did NOT murder people in a country where you shouldnt have been in the first place, so you do not have the right to wear that uniform!"
Smoer1 (4 days ago)
First guy is out of line. Needs to chill.
Anton io (4 days ago)
6:57 haha he can’t even see it because he’s overweight
Scholarly Reader (4 days ago)
Phonies or not all these people are nuts.
Kyrgyz Jeff (4 days ago)
Was the third one parody made by some military personnel over the one guy in the mall?
Marcos (4 days ago)
I hated that fucker smile who was impersonating a Seal
Shaunyboy 316 (4 days ago)
Lol the parody vid though 😂
kimo mimo (4 days ago)
So sick. They all wanna be’s. Why they dont serve and earn it? This desease “ i am a hero” stems from video games and hollywood.
I only put on uniform when I play airsoft ;) make any American say shit to me. I’ll spit on em
chris maughan (4 days ago)
The one at 5:48 is making fun of another one I’ve seen the original
Yousef Cheema (4 days ago)
IDK why people are think this is a good idea to act like a veteran and pretend you serve. These people should be ashamed and been arrested for stolen valor
Ben Cart Wright (4 days ago)
That last guy omg the embrassment
geezy286 (4 days ago)
- Dopeland - (4 days ago)
I came here to see some fights wtf
Damian Castro (4 days ago)
At 5:43 its just a remake of another stolen valor
Keegan Carter (4 days ago)
That third case of stolen valor was just making fun of another guy that committed stolen valor
Bryson Dauphinais (4 days ago)
7:44 was a joke off of another stolen valor that previously happened at a mall.
Triston Champine (4 days ago)
I’m in fort Lewis for ait lol
1970harleybike (4 days ago)
Unbelievable...………….I don't even know what to say...…..
melahi7 (4 days ago)
You know they sell uniforms and insignia all over the place right? If they aren’t profiting then who cares. Don’t be a stolen valor vigilante.
Preston Robertson (4 days ago)
Glubbdubdrib (4 days ago)
How many times do you have to tell us to like your video? Its not even your content.
eat it (4 days ago)
I went to infantry training at Ft. Jackson. LMFAO!
Richard Ellis (4 days ago)
2nd guy actually turned out to be real
Hank Acuff (5 days ago)
so many damn fakes trying to get all of the attention and free things that people are doing for vets these days
Hank Acuff (5 days ago)
that guy that answers the phone and says "staff sergeant" Is that a parody of another incident?
Hank Acuff (5 days ago)
that young colored guy is so damn gay. talking to girls my ass
haleyb130 (5 days ago)
In case people didnt realize... XD The one at 6:40 is a reenactment of another video that took place inside of a mall. They say what the guy says almost word for word.
Diva Sibanze (5 days ago)
Americans are bored as fuckkkk
Gordon McMillan Brown (5 days ago)
Don't care if people do stolen valour as long as its not part of financial fraud, Its either civies trying to big themselves up or short timers with zero combat experience doing a wee bit of bullshitting. Seriously you people getting on your high horses.. They want to be you, just laugh at them and walk away... Always be the bigger man or woman or transgender darn the times are odd.
Castle of Song (5 days ago)
The people who call these people out end up sounding petty and more pathetic than the people they harass.
RedactedTexan (5 days ago)
The guy in the beginning was a douche obviously they were veterans and they can wear BDUs all day long it only becomes stolen valor when they put a rank and a tab that says U.S (insert branch here). They were raising funds and not bothering anyone.
Amos ben David (5 days ago)
Listen up Devil Dog...only the USMC has rules on NOT wearing BDUs in public. Other branches allow that leniency, Marines dont.

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