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Self Defence Pepper spray

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Sunscribe Us ♥ Like ♥ Share ♥ Comment too Pepper spray - http://amzn.to/2wItnwt http://amzn.to/2vBrKAy http://goo.gl/NXtzR0 http://goo.gl/snJbPp Translation In English Hi I'm Sonakshi & I'm Ishma Today we bought you something Special, i.e., Pepper Spray This is our First video over Girls Awareness Its For defensive Measure and everyone should keep it. Girls, Senior citizens & boys too should also keep it Where ever you all are travelling bus, metro or train or any where alone, Its a safety measure that is why we are telling you The spray have two features to Lock and Unlock its nob just to avoid any accident When you open it you just have to press it till midway just one TICK/ SHOT, it means half a second only Its effective for around 30 mins to an Hour, its gives you ample amount of time to run away and get help We brought them for Rs. 500 per two sprays, i.e., Rs. 250 each From healthkart.com These are also available at snapdeal.com We are known with these two sites only there might be other sites which offer them You will get two safety manuals in it, one on Indian Penal Code nd second one on What is the pepper spray made up of, it's effective duration , FAQ's etc ********************** Do Read The Manuals *************************** We are also being Aware in it what measures can we take if someone got sprayed by the pepper spray, To was the person eyes or effected area by water thoroughly, Consulting a doctor, and more Its everyone's need, we recommend you to buy it....!!! Defense is something that we are saving our lives... For business enquiry- ourfavthingstodo@gmail.com Facebook- www.fb.com/ourfavthings2do Twitter- www.twitter.com/outfavthings2do Instagram- www.instagram.com/ourfavthings2do Tumblr- www.tumblr.com/blog/ourfavthings2do YouTube- www.youtube.com/ourfavthingstodo ************************************************************************** THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO, ALL THE THINGS ARE PURCHASED BY US **************************************************************************
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Text Comments (42)
Mujahid Siddiqui (1 month ago)
Mam isse insan 30min tak soo jata h ya nhi plz reply apni sister ke liye chahiye
sota nhi.. skin/ eyes pe jalan hoti h high intensity ki
TECHNICAL SWORD (1 month ago)
:-) nice .
TejasweeniDL (2 months ago)
Disturbing background music
Yogesh Jatav (4 months ago)
Mujhe bhi chaiye mil skta h kiya
Sunny Pandey (20 days ago)
Yogesh Jatav for orders please contact 8446828418
Abhinav Kumar (4 months ago)
background sound bahot hi jyada hai
Jyotirmaya Mohapatra (5 months ago)
kya bol rahe ho yaaro..
Niel 000 (8 months ago)
r u sisters?
Yes we are :)
Shmsher Alam (9 months ago)
AAP ke awaz she Jada micec shaund hai
Roshni Mudgal (10 months ago)
muje ek magana he
Santosh Raj Santosh (4 months ago)
Roshni Mudgal Mere pass hai papper spary 7004203784
+Roshni Mudgal description box me link ha vaha se le sakte ho
Roshni Mudgal (10 months ago)
sar aap ka num Di jiye
MD TAUFIQUE (11 months ago)
Kahan se hm ise purchase Kar sakte hain
Sunny Pandey (20 days ago)
MD TAUFIQUE for orders please contact 8446828418
you can buy from amazon - http://amzn.to/2wItnwt
Usman Butt (11 months ago)
Music Sound Is Too High !!!
Avinash Anu (11 months ago)
ये कहपे मीलेगा बताये मेडिकल मे मीलेगा
Md Saud (11 months ago)
App jo background me music rakha hai uswajah se aap jo bol raheho sahi se sunai nahi deraha hai so next time be careful dear...
Amazing Video forever (1 year ago)
ya product bhot important h girls ka leya aap na ke ya video bill kul clear word sunai ni da raha to aap bolo. kesa pta chalaa ga. bas clear ya jarur sunai deya subscribe kar naaa na bhulaa. 😲
Rikth Dcruze (1 year ago)
It's not just for women. how many cases have you seen were the guy friends try to save their female friend and gets beaten up then they target the girls? yes we here it all the time! if the guys could fight them off then the bad things wouldn't have happened to their friends! girls must carry... guys you must carry too!! For the sake of your loved ones!
Indeed you are right too
MJ Arts & Photography (1 year ago)
Wow Something New Concept Loved It
explorer (2 years ago)
wtf ....stupid annoying music
+explorer wtf ....stupid annoying music
Gyan Singh (2 years ago)
awaaz kam rakho yaar background mein... listen to it once..
+Gyan Singh wow thats soo sweet of u.. :) :)
Gyan Singh (2 years ago)
thanks for acknowledging ... wel i bought 5 cans of pepper spray.. one for me and 1 each for my sisters and wife.
+Gyan Singh soo sorry for the inconvenience
ankitgehlot (3 years ago)
Very nice video. Informative and a good thing for girls/ladies/womens etc. NICE stuff!
+ankitgehlot thank u...:)
alia gautam (3 years ago)
I like ur hair...can u plz do a video on ur hair care products and every thing that u do to mauntain ur hair healthy :) ;)
+alia gautam ya..sure will do it..thank u..:)
alia gautam (3 years ago)
+ourfavthingstodo both of u have lovely hair...but i like sonakshi's hair... so can u plz do a video on ur daily hair care routine :)
+alia gautam one will be up on this monday or friday :) btw whose hair u r taking about?

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