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Is Manila safe for tourists? | exploring the most dangerous city in Southeast Asia

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Many people told me that I shouldn’t got o Manila, surprisingly non of these people have actually ever been to Manila, because even thought Philippines is a very popular destination, majority of tourist usually tend to skip country’s capital. I personally love exploring new places, and since we already had a layover in Manila, we decided to extend it and see Manila for ourselves, and make up our own mind about this city. Yes, Manila might not be the most tourist friendly destination and you definitely need to be carful and make sure you’re staying as safe as possible, but beside that the city really surprised me in a positive way! It was different than any other city I’ve ever seen before, it was colourful, interesting, full of life. We had a great time exploring it, and I’m so happy I decided to give Manila a chance! Follow me on Instagram! :) https://instagram.com/bykajaa/ My camera: https://amzn.to/2LtpnuL MY OTHER VIDEOS BORACAY WAS HEAVEN ON EARTH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqcBgk29lxU&t=88s NOT THE HOLIDAY WE EXPECTED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MR3m-X0SH0&t=30s WHY DID I MOVE TO CHINA? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YBZEsK_c0I&t=4s NYC DIARIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf1mg6KoUyA&t=32s Contact me at bykaja@outlook.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bykajaa/ INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/bykajaa/
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byKaja (3 months ago)
Follow me on Instagram if you want to see more regular updates! :) https://instagram.com/bykajaa/
Val Frei (23 days ago)
I noticed that your friend was carrying a purse. Not the best idea since there are snatchers in Manila, just like there are many in Italy and Spain, and poorer countries. Always safer to carry a fanny pack and not take a chance.
billy Billy turbo (1 month ago)
How much did ur rent a car cost
Emmar Paul Berdaje (1 month ago)
+Renatzki Agab lad look she just hearing this from other guys,no need for hostility chill the reason it's named liked that because she wanna experienced it herself, and she said it's not that dangerous but she's just careful of it.
Renatzki Agab (1 month ago)
Who told you that Manila is a very dangerous City well if it so then never come to Manila and don't tell anyone close to you to come to my country.
fredd CA (6 days ago)
one follower here 👍🏼
Jonny Watts (7 days ago)
"It looks like a crazy mix of Asia and Latin America" That's why they call the Philippines "the Mexico of Asia" lol
하동봉 (10 days ago)
Most of phillipino sing a romantic song very well and dance they are best inthe world
Marshal Mathers (11 days ago)
People who say that Manila is not safe then tell me how safe is the places like camden,detroit,New orleans (Murder capital of America) in the US
Bram Santoso (12 days ago)
I'm from Indonesia ,and I've been to Manila (about 9 years ago) ......I don't see anything scary ,it's an interesting city to explore ......
ruel santos (15 days ago)
Many Filipino's are Demons. Not me
sammelyn b (16 days ago)
It's not dangerous here, wrong impression.
Tom Tapp (17 days ago)
She sounds constipated
Watford Fc (18 days ago)
Good for you girls to try different places 👍
Dylan Marfori (21 days ago)
Technically philippines is not that safe especially in the night
mike swartz (22 days ago)
That entire country is a shithole
Tom Thumb (22 days ago)
Most loveliest peiple with the best president
leongt1954 (25 days ago)
Only time I walk around manila is with my wife or friends but of a daytime is should be fine by yourself but a no no by yourself at night so I've been told by my filipino friends
Jennifer Hakamata (12 days ago)
leongt1954 even at night it’s usually safe we only say to foreigners it’s unsafe so that nothing bad happen to u because it will tarnish Philippines image internationally...
Hydrogen Peroxide (27 days ago)
I went here this past summer. I felt relatively safe outside and there was a large presence of armed security and police wherever I went.
Brian Payne (29 days ago)
I've just arrived here yesterday in manila from England I must say I already love the people they all seem so nice and friendly
Ilyas Sheikh (29 days ago)
can u whatsaap me plzz +919660047391
Jeff Bardot (1 month ago)
Are you alive still? You just got lucky that day. Sooner or later, White women in Manila will be murdered, raped, and/or robbed. Spend more time there alone as a White woman and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Communist Jesus (1 month ago)
i got pickpocketed, that’s the worse thing i can get, didn’t get robbed, beat up or shot still you have to be more careful
Most dangerous city in Southeast Asia? You ever heard of Bangkok
Burger r (6 days ago)
ELDER WIZARD MUSHROOM CUPCAKE Why Bangkok who told you?This girl studied from University in Bangkok don't you know?Try on her vlog.
Rubbererik (1 month ago)
I think Makati have 15 m people it's one of many city s who is Manila
Jong Regudo (1 month ago)
manila is safe, like the driver said keep away from dark alleys, you can enjoy manila, just ask for a local guide here on social media, a lot are willing to help they will do it for free
TLRSTN.COM (1 month ago)
Manila seems pretty safe. At least when you're in a car, church, or shopping mall. :P
lee whun (1 month ago)
Kinabahan ako sa caption... 😂 " the most dangerous place in South east asia" lipat na ko america or Russia...
Trish Galang (1 month ago)
Am glad you checked it out for yourself ... such a beautiful country... and you’re right .. experience it for yourself and make your own judgement... Kudos to you and your friend!
Super3381 (1 month ago)
It's a very honest opinion of the city. I am a 70 retired Filipino who is dual Australian-Filipino citizens (40 years in Australia and 30 years in the Philippines). I realized that whenever I look at tourist destinations, Philippines is being bypassed by many tour company, which is understandable especially as you say, people kept saying that it's unsafe though they never been in Manila. Being retired I spend 10 months out of 12 in the Philippines and 2 months in Australia and anywhere else. It doesn't really bother me if the rest of the world don't want to visit us especially Manila since the city is too crowded anyway. But I am very proud of the country and what it can offer to many people. It has over 80 provinces and over 7,000 beautiful islands, which I dream of visiting all before I die. I had been to most countries in the world, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe but my heart is still in the Philippines, my native land. Thank God for giving us such a wonderful and exceedingly lovely place. For those of wants to come, you are welcome, for those but are hesitant to visit, just listen to the author of this video and find out what you're missing... Natural beauty of the country and the famous hospitality of the people who speaks English in an easy going manner are our assets. Mabuhay. So far, in the past 4 years since retirement, I had visited more than half of the country... with the hope that in very near future, will be able to cover the whole archipelago. Again, to the author, thank you very much. By the way, in spite of my age, I am very young at heart and you can see me through my facebook Steve Aji Esteban.
Ron Rock (1 month ago)
I had a wonderful two weeks in Manila, Batad, and Banaue. Wandered all over and never felt unsafe. Met fine people wherever I went...from alleys to restaurants, waterfront to downtown.
Kadrea Forte (1 month ago)
how did you find your driver
sourabh rana (1 month ago)
manila is safe .....manila is not pakistan which has world record for killing tourists
II II (1 month ago)
You have to be careful anywhere.
II II (1 month ago)
What makes her think Manila doesnt get much attention without her?
Ronbryan Baldemor (1 month ago)
In any place in the world there’s always bright side and dark side..unfortunately Manila is too crowded and polluted and poverty is extremely high ,but you can still find some nice places to enjoy 🤪
coin pro (1 month ago)
Your beautiful. Welcome!
Catt Catt (1 month ago)
are you sure you want to share positive side of Manila? your title of the video doesn't say so. i am not a filipino, but i hate this kind of misleading title, you are not capable of making your video interesting without misleading title eh?
Paul Sim (1 month ago)
I'm glad you have a good impression of Manila. Don't believe what the international Media says. The media is controlled by the Oligarchs who are not supportive of the present administration. They all publish negative news about the Philippines. You have to visit the provinces where our main tourist attractions are located.
Fiona tran (1 month ago)
Going Philippines in December, how did you go about hiring a driver?
TVGamer36 (1 month ago)
Crowded trains, dirt, sut, and rubbish everywhere, grafittis on every wall, traffic, people on the crowded roads trying to brainwash people for money, miney pick pockets on the side walks, cheating taxi drivers. Good city and capital
Philip Ramosomar (1 month ago)
IT DOES look like mexico, because philippines were colonized by spain, we are like the latin country of asia. thanks for visiting our country!! come back for more :)
jong ampatin (1 month ago)
Today on DU30 Government your safe.. all criminals is now hiding!! if they will harm you DU30 will finish them up!!
jong ampatin (1 month ago)
manila have many snatcher, pickpocketer, robbery and other form of criminality!! be carefull!! But today on DU30 administration your safe!!!
mike arasta (1 month ago)
Philippines is dangerous. Research.
Wemmie Postrado (1 month ago)
Yeah Philippines is actualy great
Kate Montero (1 month ago)
Manila is safe
Derek Dalacat (1 month ago)
Thank you for your time to visit phillipines..
yolo coconuts (1 month ago)
yea me too i guess manila is the most dangerous city in south east asia the people there are not humble. if your not a foreigner and just a normal filipino civilian their rude and naughty dirty places their only nice with the foreigners or tourist its called colonial mentality and over populated super traffic also and if u take a taxi they ask for added money locos
Dino Toledo (1 month ago)
TVGamer36 (1 month ago)
+Dino Toledo Also tell me something good in Manila's city planning that was planned THEMSELVES not other companies, not other countries just Philippines
TVGamer36 (1 month ago)
+Dino Toledo What you said there is the truth and reality of Manila, my first tip for making manila better is getting rid of jeepneys, so more people can get on the government buses so they can make even more money, and HOPEFULLY use it for something good lile clean up the city
Dino Toledo (1 month ago)
TVGamer36 hahahhhaahha....u mean the first world country fool of homeless tents all over the cities. Drug addicts/beggars in the street. 72k drug addicts death. Hahahaha don't even get m started lol boi! Ur inbreeding sickness with mass killing innocent bystanders. Hahaha u r sick in the head. Don't brag ur imperialist mentality. Bcos u know nothing of what ur saying. Hahahaha...waiting for ur stupid reply. Bangg!!!😂😂😂
TVGamer36 (1 month ago)
Much safer? What about the cheating taxi drivers, MRT crash, pollution more than any other city apart from shanghai and mexico, traffic is every where, people do not know how to plan a city and yoy can not even get rid of your idiotic jeepneys, manila will always be a developing city for a vew long time like around a 100 years
Dino Toledo (1 month ago)
Dona Javier (1 month ago)
if you are stupid, dah.. even you go to any country its not safe.
SirKks1 (1 month ago)
yup, from a 5-star hotel into a limo to a modern mall and voila - you know everything you need to know. Except you know nothing about the question in the headline.
Just one thing ! Mexico is not South America !
Bhads Cabrera (1 month ago)
JAMIE CUGEE (1 month ago)
It's not safe anymore because under the new government of Duterte, killings is widespread. Drugs smuggling is so rampant. Before Duterte came to power its pretty safe. Always put your bags ladies in front of you even eating in a restaurants. people will go behind you and try to get your purse.
Momo Gene (1 month ago)
visit davao next time if u have free time 🙆
࿐ོNeγ ZxM ༄ (1 month ago)
Sure Marawi is very safe
maggie eugenio (1 month ago)
Thank you darling for listening to your own intuition. Yes how can you prove something you did not even tried it or experienced. You probably gonna missed out on alot of things if you just listen to others who have not even been here?? I salute your bravery and for being adventurous enough.👏👏 ❤✌
Kryz G (1 month ago)
Overacting haha...its not the most dangerous city in Asia...I am living here almost 5 years and its really ok and safe...of course if you are looking for troubles you will find it😏
jamesdond1 (1 month ago)
I had a Pinoi roommate when I lived in the states. We lived for a year in Tucson AZ and our first week there we visited Mexico... She love it and said it was just like home.... in the year we lived ther we made about 20 trips to Mexico... She now lives back in Manila and I live in Asia... She is right... It is like Mexico!
Edna Bulosan (1 month ago)
New subscriber here.im filipina n working in hk 24yrsnow. thnx for traveling to Philippines.😍
Sowa Sowa (1 month ago)
it bothers me how you use the words "exploring the most dangerous city in southeast Asia" 😔 🙁😕
James Lee (1 month ago)
I admire you ladies for coming and giving it a try and not listen to idiots who give Manila such a bad rap without even experiencing it for themselves. Shame on them! Of course, there are sections of the city that isn't safe. But hey, which big city in the world can they name that doesn't have a good and bad area? I am glad you had the desire to find it out for yourselves and I assume you did enjoy it. Its not for everyone, but it provides a good introduction the life of urban Filipinos. I am sure you would like to see other parts of the country as well.
Alfred Guinto (1 month ago)
Don’t go to Manila? Nah don’t listen to those freaks if they never went lol? Problem in Manila is freaking traffic twice as bad in Honolulu
jericho garcia (1 month ago)
In Manila if you go somewhere alone you should be look like simpler and you'll be safer. If you prefer to be look like elites, then you should be careful at all.
jericho garcia (1 month ago)
In Manila if you go somewhere alone you should be look like simpler and you'll be safer. If you prefer to be look like elites, then you should be careful at all.
Yeah I agree beacause im a ph guy and some parts of manila have people that have not good manners but im not saying all people there is bad. Peace
Arthur Cuevas (1 month ago)
All Big Cities have it's Bad apples..you just have to use common sense...
Land Abroad (1 month ago)
If Rich Piana was still alive, i bet a bad Filipino would never try to lift his wallet! LOL
akemi chan (1 month ago)
Its not a dangerous city, ive been to manila the people are nice and friendly…and im surely come back to the philippines. I think america is the most dangerous city because they are killing black people.
Guido Janssen (1 month ago)
In the City is not much to fear. But when you go to the poor area's between the shabu users and drunk people. Then goodluck.
TheLegend (1 month ago)
lol Manila is not the most dangerous place. too funny and very misleading
fjccd C (1 month ago)
My home. i miss it everyday.
Andres Belingon (1 month ago)
I am going back for 5-6 months....
Gerald Hosingco (1 month ago)
Thank you for doing that and try it by your self. Its really not the people say its how you experienced things in one place or the other.. Hope you visit also other places.❤
ruel santos (1 month ago)
Philippines is hell
Nguyen Nguyen (1 month ago)
Nope be carefull in Manila dont go alone and dont walk at night
Jenny Felizarta (1 month ago)
Lol have you been there you are poor
Evan Curry (1 month ago)
HappyLoner (1 month ago)
Love it don't get affected too much of what other people says but go see it for yourself
Hastati ™ (1 month ago)
Metro Manila is far safer than the city of Chicago or Detroit
alyas lossless (1 month ago)
Philipines is beautiful place😍😍😍
IsMu Ok (1 month ago)
Stupid! Manila is the most safest place now with Duterte’s administration!
Sammy Dioso (1 month ago)
A lil bit of rumor philippines now adays a safer unlike before
Sammy Dioso (1 month ago)
We have spanish culture honey
Bob Weber (1 month ago)
Western countries make comments about the Philippines... you piss me off ! It's far more dangerous in u.s. cities than here... I should know... I'm from the United states... I feel more threatened by the United states government than by the Philippine government
Jubilee Juanico (1 month ago)
Thank you for visiting our country♥
Dave Belleville (1 month ago)
Been to MAnila many times. White women are very rare there. I'm sure you received many stares
Gil Kim (1 month ago)
based on this idea(I mean only for limited tourist area), Iraq and Afghanistan are also safe to travel.
Gil Kim (1 month ago)
you should be ashamed. so you want to say manilla is safe and good to travel? this kind of wrong information could attract other people to visit there to die. Manilla including this country is dangerous
Erwind Bits (1 month ago)
Anudaw??? isa sa delikadong siyudad sa manila??? Ang wierd ..... Pag gabi oo mdyo delikado...
ramos Rubie (1 month ago)
I'm a filipino myself😊 but you're welcome to visit our country. Manila, to be specific. It's also my city. Btw, It's not dangerous or what, i've lived here all my life and i bet my life, it's not exactly what others thought it is😃
Roadtrip ni Mac (1 month ago)
Do you think Bangkok is that really safe in general? everywhere in this world there is a danger if you are careless, why everybody always asking if the Philippines is safe to travel?
Benjie Nicks (1 month ago)
if you say that metro manila is the most dangerous city in SE Asia, then I say you're paranoid...
grace arcilla (1 month ago)
What a shame
Sem caj (1 month ago)
The demonic yellow LP party is really so so bitter until these days fuck you all demon lp hahahahaha
Sem caj (1 month ago)
What the hell...only demonic international mainstream media sayin bad interpretation against our great country the "Great Philippines"...
Luis Pamplona (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing😊
Psalm Oh (1 month ago)
you'll never know if you don't experience it by yourself
John Cabrera (1 month ago)
Being streetwise is the key. Every place is not safe tho 😉 just a matter of having knowledge about the place.
Rengin Marie Aguirre (1 month ago)
I love Manila😍😍😍
Junaid Gujjar (1 month ago)
Hi! maam! that is only roumors that philippines is the most dengerous place n asia thats not true! im sorry to say pilipino are kind human being and helpful people! pilpino people or citezens is not the deal here! the deal is the philippines corrupt politician as long the corrupt politician is there the damage cannot be FIX! sory bad english.
Jace Nazalita (1 month ago)
Hazel Cataluna (1 month ago)
Fuck you US is a dangerous country You guys dont know how fun is in the phillipines even if i am a filipino
Irene Dhei (1 month ago)
Wow! Thank you for visiting the Philippines.😍👍💓

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