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TOP 10 BEST .IO GAMES of 2018/17

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TOP 10 BEST .IO GAMES of 2018/17! In this episode I will show you what the my top 10 best .io games are! Let me know what you think!! If you never played .io games in your life! than make sure to start with one of these new .io games! I'm a 100% sure that you will enjoy it! Top 1: mope.io Simply put, the game is about evolution, bigger and stronger animals eat smaller and weaker ones and the overall objective is to become the fiercest predator in the Mope.io world. Animals larger than the character controlled by the player will actively chase the character, as if hunting their prey. Top 2: Deeeep.io Sea Animals is what players are able to control in deeeep.io. All players get to decide whether they will start as a Fish, Blobfish, Worm, Piranha, Orca, Crocodile or shark and then must keep on eating food to evolve into stronger animals. When you die, you will respawn with a small portion of your previous XP, if you start your next run in the same server you died. In Pearl Defense, players keep their XP and animal upon death. top 3: Lordz.io Lordz.io is a self-described game of “Online Medieval Warfare.” All the classic battlers are present, from foot soldiers to knights and archers. The spelling of “Lordz.io” is a hint that this game isn’t 100% serious. Advanced kingdoms guard themselves with cartoonish, fire-breathing dragons and ridiculous barbarians. First and foremost, Lordz.io is designed for maximum entertainment and playable on Poki. top 4: Moomoo.io MooMoo.io Official version. Gather resources to build a base. Defend it from other players or from your friends. Join tribes and build bigger bases; together! Upgrade and Customize your Character with Hats! Play the hit io game! Free Multiplayer Top 5: Starblast.io Starblast.io is a space-themed shooter with awesome visual graphics. You begin as a spaceship and work your way up to the leaderboard by spending crystals on upgrading your ship and getting a higher level ship. These crystals can be obtained by killing players or farming them from rocks. You can play with your mouse or the keyboard. At first, the spaceship is a little hard to control but you'll get the hang of it quickly! top 6: Starve.io Starve.io is a fun game by the creators of Limax.io and Oib.io. The game's concept is similar to the Survival mode of Minecraft. You collect resources, craft items, and battle enemies to survive the cold and hunger. Although Starve is a harsh name for a game, it is set in a beautiful environment which has day and night cycles. There are numerous things you can craft, from Workbenches (40 logs and 20 rocks) to Campfires (30 logs and 5 rocks). The controls are: WSAD/Arrow keys to move, Left click to pickup/craft, and Enter to open chat Top 7: Zombs.io In the new multiplayer online game Zombs io during the day you must build your base and strengthen it, but in the night the crowds of zombies will attack your base. You can team up with friends and build a base together. Build gold mines to generate gold. Build towers as much as possible to defend your base. With each night, zombies will become stronger, how long can you survive in this zombie world? Enjoy and share with your friends! Previous videos! top 8: Braaains.io Braains.io is a zombie multiplayer game with 2D physics. Players can play as a human survivor or as a zombie. As a human survivor, the player must move objects to build barricades against the zombies. As a zombie, the player must go after the human survivors top 9: Fightz.io Fightz.io is another awesome .io multiplayer game in which you must fight against both other players online, but also a range of wild monsters and animals. Use your ranged weapon to shoot at the monsters – you will fight pigs, rats, scorpions and even fierce dragons! top 10: Oceanar.io Oceanar.io is a massively multiplayer game where players compete for dominance within an under-water ecosystem. Players eat various micro-organisms and shells to score points. As you eat, you begin to accumulate fish and can collect crabs and other ocean creatures. Then you can use your school of creatures to eat other players. But watch out, if another player eats your Queen fish, you die. You won’t be able to stop playing this amazingly addictive game. Want to play new .IO games? Check out this site: https://gleamplay.com & http://modd.io Discord: http://discord.gg/UqhzUx3 Twitter: https://twitter.com/FadyYT Facebook: https://goo.gl/Se4FUW Instagram: http://goo.gl/Y4XNA4
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Text Comments (585)
Fady (9 months ago)
Youtube is kinda bugging out I can't change the title or the discription
Kian YT (19 days ago)
EverShine Sumer (1 month ago)
Liar..you put the title of the video in the description to get more views and blame youtube !!???
erdogan engin (2 months ago)
hemm ninja is pro forcraftpubgmultiplayerundergraundbattleattackwarofkingdragonflamesmallswordmegaultimaterainbowgun sikseage
Martijn Van Maanen (4 months ago)
Raar maar waar
Dr Kran (4 months ago)
If you're looking for props I can develop them for you and if you want contact me Dr.Kran#8188 I've also joined your discord as well.
Théodore Dorthéo (1 hour ago)
where is teamball.io ?!!
Charles Breen (1 day ago)
Lordz. Io is easy
Corneal Vase (1 day ago)
I remember that Fady use to have 18K subs in early 2017
CrispyDoge2006 (1 day ago)
Donnelle Raeburn (1 day ago)
Ninja IO
HeyDino (2 days ago)
2017? Guess what? It's 2018. It's almost 2019.
James Blue (2 days ago)
your accent is fucking terrible i couldnt understand what the 9th place games was.
Dogs418 Roblox (3 days ago)
Sophia Egipciaco (4 days ago)
Pff I used to play these games like every day
Heather Nelson (4 days ago)
Krunker.io is a .io game that dosent get near as much attention as it should. Krunker.io #1
Heather Nelson (4 days ago)
ever heard of krunker.io thats a .io game that could be an indie game check it out
Junior Anae (5 days ago)
How about buil royal I.o
Agar.io ?
budoku22 gameplays (6 days ago)
SyedRayyan Ali (6 days ago)
ur in/from Netherlands.
Fortnite Gamer (8 days ago)
Same fady
dc phantom (8 days ago)
hey what's the name of the game on number 3
MRN2 videos (9 days ago)
Starblast is ending
MRN2 videos (9 days ago)
Oceanar.io is good as....worst
Beast Kids (9 days ago)
What .io are you a plane and try to kill people
jace is dat boi (10 days ago)
This list is good io games but wat about zombs royale
mutley748916 (10 days ago)
Either very immature or pretending to like little kids games for likes!
Tama Aka (10 days ago)
how much did they pay you to promote this game that much?
Foley Animations (10 days ago)
krunker.io or build royal.io
Heather Nelson (4 days ago)
Virakon (12 days ago)
Rlp diep.io and agar.io, the original
Abstruse Films (15 days ago)
Private Shitt (16 days ago)
In my opinion these are the worst ones
Samuel Griggs (16 days ago)
Theres also Wilds.io, its kind of an RPG while not being one. ik, i dont getit either.
IiKnow Universe (19 days ago)
fights io is the most laggiest game i ever played
abdul delacruz (19 days ago)
i like nitro drift i got 1st to many times
Vortex (19 days ago)
Where's Krunker.io ?
Heather Nelson (4 days ago)
Mr.SingleForEver (19 days ago)
WTF Your English Suck i can't Get it>
Emanuel Lleshi (20 days ago)
Where is Gota.io? Gota.io is the best game .io
Alak Chaps (21 days ago)
how tf to chnage language in starblast
Rafa Günthner (21 days ago)
Luigi Villacarlos (23 days ago)
Is this android to
Cerberus (23 days ago)
Alter wo ist krunker?
Heather Nelson (4 days ago)
yess krunker is #1
Sienna Goundry (23 days ago)
anyone remember paper.io
Francis Desrosiers (23 days ago)
i arleady know the game moomoo.io (because my friend ask to try it)
Yahya Faisal Hassan (24 days ago)
Moo.io shouldn’t be first, it should be Zombs Royale
GamerHanz Bro (25 days ago)
also like lordz.io
GamerHanz Bro (25 days ago)
you like mope.io or n00b.io ???
DnX Gravity Z (25 days ago)
Mohammad Afshar (1 month ago)
Nice ;)
Binz VN (1 month ago)
agar.io where ? !!
Armen Cortez (1 month ago)
Survive. Io
Chingers (1 month ago)
idk if devast.io was a game back then but it was made from the same creators from starve
HoussemGamerRT2 (1 month ago)
teammball.io this very good io.game
HansiMansi (1 month ago)
I cant hear what your saying
Savage Hoodies (1 month ago)
1:46 he says masturbate XD hahaha
Reinalite Pulotu (1 month ago)
V1cious_Potato Hi (1 month ago)
u forgot about zombsroyale.io its probably better than all of the ones on the list its basically an io version of fortnite sooooooo
seth romano mateo (1 month ago)
Tomorrow is my birthday Can i get to 59 likes
Emmie Batsie (1 month ago)
You forgot my favorite .io game Creatur.io
Lloyd Frank (1 month ago)
SrMelloow XD (1 month ago)
Diezel D (1 month ago)
devast.io -HOW TO STOP ZOMBIES FROM BREAKING YOUR FORT ! >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImXHXqAlJHU
David Albright (1 month ago)
wheres Krunker.io?
Heather Nelson (4 days ago)
i know right
Itza Mario (1 month ago)
EIDB Gt (1 month ago)
Jace Minix (1 month ago)
starvio is the best by farr
bethany karlinsky (1 month ago)
Yes. I do agree mope.io is the best game 2018 (well... Around top 3) but I guess its not the most popular. Btw this game called "KlawKlash.io" might be coming out soon (ishhhh...) and it might not so check it out when its published
UltraKraken (1 month ago)
I persoanly think the best .io game is krunker.io, go check it out it is really fun!
Yiğit Demirci HD (1 month ago)
you must try bruh.io (kind of a battle royale game)
Wheng Torres (1 month ago)
What the mope io has always lag yhats why im amgry to this game
Raisin Chipotle (1 month ago)
surviv? Holes? Paper? SLITHER?!?!?! is by far the most famous one. this list is bad.
RAZ0229 (1 month ago)
*World's Best IO Games:* _(He Didn't Mention Unfortunately!)_ 1. krunker.io 2. skribble.io 3. slither.io
gabriel samonte (1 month ago)
Fightz.io Needs fast wifi. that's lame. It says connection lost.
noah hasslert (1 month ago)
Zomds Royel.io
Sence Kite (1 month ago)
Zombroyale.io should be there if zombs.io is also here.cause zombs royale is better
Donata Majchrzak (1 month ago)
koushik Charan (2 months ago)
Gab Miguel (2 months ago)
Remember the braain.io my favorite games since 2016
Albert Yandarov (2 months ago)
mope.io is the best io game for sure :)
Shin Godzilla (2 months ago)
Where's diep.io , slither.io , agar.io ??????
Esteban Cevallos (2 months ago)
Jakub Opaluch (2 months ago)
Agra io?😭
Legendary Andru (2 months ago)
Noah TRUE (2 months ago)
what about zombs roylae like if agaie
MrDruze123 (2 months ago)
nevver mind its on there
MrDruze123 (2 months ago)
wheres deeeep.io?!
Ron Ramos (2 months ago)
boo most of them were trash!
Skdjjdje Unity (2 months ago)
who want make io games?!
online otaku (2 months ago)
might still is
Laurent Somany (2 months ago)
Fady its very long time i didn see you in 3 years
N1k0LasPlays 16 (2 months ago)
this is the best io games in my opinion 1.ZombsRoyale.io 2.diep.io 3.Agar.io 4.slither.io
Smurf Poppin (2 months ago)
Erth.io is Best io
Derp Lemon (2 months ago)
I couldn’t hear the second one
airist ambulans (2 months ago)
What about TRIBS io
ethan_dudley124 (2 months ago)
Everybody knows that shellshockers.io is the best!
Darkness (2 months ago)
And vertix.io
Darkness (2 months ago)
Check out krunker.io
99999999 pro (2 months ago)
i hate mope its to hard im stuck in piegon
Jotautas Vaicaitis (2 months ago)
Mope.io is shit.
Manu Manu12 (2 months ago)
ice nuggets (2 months ago)
oml ur soo gay
小學生上S排. (2 months ago)
now there is a lotssssssssssss of hackers in moomoo.io . they just press a button then u die then u have really good stuff
Effica Effica (2 months ago)
Mope io is fucking shit
Ketchup Guy (2 months ago)
SKRIBBL.IO is the best now

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