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Miner Minecraft Parody of All Star + Roblox Death Sound Remix of All Star

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Text Comments (10)
jynxcam (1 year ago)
Omg this Is awesome
Cannon cart (1 year ago)
Supercell told me to come to the arena I an't the sharpest cart in the shed
Cannon cart (1 year ago)
Randomness Productions well the years start coming and they don't stop coming fed to the rules I hit the ground rolling didn't make not to live for fun because I fire then it num so whats wrong with not having move I never know if I don't go I never know if I don't shoot hey now your a cannon go shoot hey now your a cart get your move go now
+Cannon cart she was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of a cannon on her cart
Theepicdog123 (1 year ago)
why isnt this viral yet?
+Theepicdog123/ Jack the dog because it's slightly off sync and when I mean slightly I actually mean just smashed it together in windows movie maker without regard for the two to sync up
okie then
TrashyconsoleR6 (1 year ago)
Wtf did I just watch
+Gatokat07 God's voice, my friend

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