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Shroud Plays Totally Accurate Battlegrounds with Sodapoppin (June 6, 2018)

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Text Comments (1388)
iGotPixelated (5 months ago)
shroud, shrud or shrod?
Crayon Pickle (2 days ago)
EMD provice (3 days ago)
The king of reddit
15k subs with videos? (14 days ago)
Mr. Clock (16 days ago)
iGotPixelated mushroom
Hyperion XF (17 days ago)
Throbbing Horse Cock
_ Mimic _ (1 day ago)
3:25 every fortnite player
Mary Yanlem (3 days ago)
Hmmm so where do I get this?
MYSTIQUE SSS (3 days ago)
These characters look funny
O K (3 days ago)
PUBG in a nutshell
mrpoopybuthole :D (5 days ago)
"I got an level3 vesthelmet " wtf
The Reckker (8 days ago)
WTF i just watched
Uzi, Uhzee, or Uzhi
I am Zubaid Jameel (14 days ago)
Is that mine craft?
Thaddius0 (15 days ago)
"Get carried, idiot" -Soda
KOTA MUSIC (16 days ago)
This new PUBG update lit
Hyperion XF (17 days ago)
5:02 lmao his character is doing a little dance😂
Bc Overlord (18 days ago)
wtf is this game. It looks like roblox or minecraft
BigRed (19 days ago)
This video has 666 dislikes
Tenshi (20 days ago)
"I've got the lvl...best helmet" laughed more than I should've hahaha
Budak Kopi Nescafe (20 days ago)
Ang Li (21 days ago)
I’d rather watch shroud play this than Fortnite. I’m serious
Arnav Makhija (21 days ago)
This game is accurate for the inaccurate "Get carried Idiot" 😂😂
Viking Vaking (22 days ago)
two of my favorite streamers :)
Koloude (22 days ago)
this would make a great vr game
Rhapbus1 (24 days ago)
Im facepalming literally 20 seconds into the video. Shroud has to the most mentally deficient "pro gamer" i've ever witnessed. Soda literally says "turn 160 and we will launch high" and dude has no idea what he's talking about Even though he plays EVERY BATTLE ROYALE GAME EVER.  Yeah, the guy can shoot. But i swear to god you give this guy a 2x2 rubix cube and his brain would leak from his ears
Waarom (25 days ago)
Is powerbang a shroud fan?
Mupp3t (26 days ago)
Sodapoppin -200 IQ
Lam art (26 days ago)
Lmao!! 😂 keep it up shroud!!! Like to see more....
WarmBestGamer135 (26 days ago)
Totally accurate aimbot plays totally accurate battle grounds
GIAANE spinxerama (28 days ago)
Who dafaq at u pleeeyeeeeng w/?????
GIAANE spinxerama (28 days ago)
O.G.AkantoR (28 days ago)
"Leichentuch spielt total genau Schlachtfelder mit Sodapoppin" Holy fuck hahah
Rohan Damodar (30 days ago)
Sodapoppin is way too fun 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Asphalt - Cowboy94 (1 month ago)
Uhzee mossbreg... soda wtf is wrong with you..
Simulacra (1 month ago)
i cringed so fucking hard when he didn’t pick up the p90 it’s THE god gun
richware morales (1 month ago)
Soy el único español aki
Oofy Boi (1 month ago)
CryT4x (1 month ago)
german translation of title and discription is stupid and false LUL
CHEESEBURGER GAM3R (1 month ago)
Srinjoy Kumar Mitra (1 month ago)
This looks cool.
xxx karoll (1 month ago)
5:02 shrouds character looks like dancing lol
weemadnathan (1 month ago)
Is his character doing some Irish dancing? Lmao! 5:01
Anonymous Clashing (2 months ago)
Louis Brian (2 months ago)
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Remember that?
MyDixieRekt (2 months ago)
The walls in this game was one of Trumps prototypes lol
MyDixieRekt (2 months ago)
Lvl 4! :0
MyDixieRekt (2 months ago)
They should make Skyrim BR
Infowars Wikileaks (2 months ago)
Why do you look & move like puppets
P a d o r u (2 months ago)
Kids play fortnite Men play pubg Legends play _totally accurate battlegrounds_
Fikar-E- Muslim (2 months ago)
Shity game
ScOtTiSh ShToVii (2 months ago)
M2 browning is a 50cal
Festive Erode (2 months ago)
I’m gay.
M A (2 months ago)
What the fuck is this game ?
Dominic Quick (2 months ago)
still runs better than the actual game smh
#EVIL Anime (2 months ago)
What rubbish is this
The Person (2 months ago)
Soda Imma take your Magic Royale idea
Noah Burnham (2 months ago)
I love my S H A L L O W P A N W I T H L O N G H A N D L E
Aaron Oz (2 months ago)
Trash, blamed the 4x? Dude every shot you took was over his head and the dust was showing it. You didnt even once try to aim lower. But nah its the game
Chad Thundercock (2 months ago)
It already has better car physics than pubg
Hecadoth TM (2 months ago)
Lol the characters looks so funny 🤣🤣
The Chief _ (2 months ago)
This game in vr....
Naseem Shanboor (2 months ago)
Sodapoppin should just go work at Wendy's he has so many cringing moments its not stream worthy
Andrei Gaming (2 months ago)
european bitch? really? just because all of you very retarded Americans who don't know to play any kind of video-games it means europeans cheat?2 Fucking retards who dont know how to play a game are judging europe,No brain at all...
robert robert (2 months ago)
Jayy Delbrey (2 months ago)
Literally dies at 2:40 When he was waiting for him to respond to his comment 😂
Aj Rodillo (2 months ago)
This game has suprisingly awesome gunplay
Alex List (2 months ago)
The uhhhhzee
DrkShdw 1110 (2 months ago)
How is this accurate
Martin Pham (3 months ago)
i use the shield when i turn around and they shoot the shield instead of me so i don t have to pull out my gun again
flaming fenneqfox (3 months ago)
Me and my friend were 12 years old at won our first game tablegrounds
ComradeQ24 (3 months ago)
"Shallow pot with long handle" LMAO!
RANDOMBOI 6666 (3 months ago)
Uhzee and mossbreg is my fav load out
Owen Stevens (3 months ago)
Uhzi really
Owen Stevens (3 months ago)
Hans Byenkya (3 months ago)
Hüseyin Şencan (3 months ago)
that 4x does not work %100
Christian Maurer (3 months ago)
Soda 7.62 for an uzi that takes 9 mil common in handguns but 7.62 for various snipers other rifles and assault rifles smh
Jonathan Dragneel (3 months ago)
Mr Watermelon (3 months ago)
Dude uzi using 7.62
martin a (3 months ago)
Did Shroud just call the M2 (50 cal heavy machine gun) a para, like a little LMG?
Pillow (3 months ago)
“Get carry idiot” 😂
BoxOfDonuts Mgee (3 months ago)
That guy was kissing shrouds ass that whole game
Jarthen Greenmeadow (3 months ago)
Is that other guy illiterate or this isnt his main language?
Chaos Miner (3 months ago)
3:08 realm royale was born
Xavien Jones (3 months ago)
I have my auhzie
Dunmer26 26 (3 months ago)
This guy shrouds playing with is fucking annoying
Corl Franco (3 months ago)
are u scarred¿ what is a browning m2 BAR lol
juliano silveira (3 months ago)
lol, nice game
Julian Bambaci (3 months ago)
Tony Lemont (3 months ago)
Shroud is just a horrible speaker and streamer... sure he can kill people with cheats but he is abysmal at doing it for people: stop supporting this bore. Peace.
Knight (3 months ago)
Jesus christ sodapoppin is the worst. I can't stand listening to him. Had to turn the video off.
Jorge Falto (3 months ago)
Uh si. Sodapoppin speaks spanish all of the sudden. LMAO
Doggo (3 months ago)
1:30 Ooo... oooo (voice crack)
Benny Fishel (3 months ago)
100ZombieSlayers (4 months ago)
"whats a MOSSBREG?"
100ZombieSlayers (4 months ago)
the uzi takes 7.62? wtf
Winschlati (4 months ago)
I love this game
Mathew C. (4 months ago)
shroud scoping with auto close mid rang. Why no work? :/
Sem Ideia (4 months ago)
There's no more gameplay after they die, don't waste time watching till the end.
MrAznRonin (4 months ago)
I totally wanna get this game for my I5 laptop. HAZAA. Yo, MingLee, Are you Asian for real?? Because you sound like a nerdy wigger poser, no lie.
Kyle Pastarov (4 months ago)
The graphical movement makes me sick... There's just too many sway and shaking... plus the hands... fuck this game xD
Jacob Lerøen (4 months ago)
wait wait wait an azi using 7.62???
george (4 months ago)
soda is such a sus
clay4444 (4 months ago)
my uzzzii... GHAY!!!!!

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