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15 CRAZIEST Death Stranding Theories That May Be True

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Even after having seen three pretty meaty trailers for the game, we still don't know what Death Stranding is going to be like, or what it's going to be about- in fact, the number of questions we have about the game has only increased with each new trailer. In this feature, we're going to take a look at what we feel are fifteen of the best and most interesting theories we've read (or could think of) about the upcoming game. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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XVIRUSTV (18 days ago)
Death Stranding is about the Philosophy of space and time. Your welcome everyone. Sorry Kojima for ruining the surprise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy_of_space_and_time
BIG Tasty (19 days ago)
The baby disappeared because (maybe) in the second trailer correct me if I’m wrong Sam is laying in the water and you see the dream catcher float away
Jacob Allen (20 days ago)
Mads looks like the sorrow from snake eater. Coincidence? I think not.
Sentoriika (24 days ago)
Played this at 2x speed. You just talked too slow
J J (1 month ago)
Nice to see the Metal gear universe united with Silent hill universe. And then some
Attila Horvath (1 month ago)
Hi guys, I feel like I need to say I don`t agree with most of the theories in this video. Allow me to explain my take on the trailers. #1: spiderweb logo, the name on the suit: I think this is a post apocalyptic world, our planet is attacked by some other dimensional beings. Civilization collapsed and one of the first steps to re-estabilish any kind of global civilization is to set up a messaging and transport servie. I believe Norman Reedus is a simple mailman. A Porter. The center of the postal service is New York, thus the spiderweb logo. #2: I don`t see this one mentioned anywhere: I think there are two kinds of beings in the trailers, one kind I call the ghosts, those are the bad guys and they are only visible by the special light device that most mailman has. They are the ones leave dark liquid around them, even in their footsteps (however they seem to walk on their hands) They take people for whatever reason. The other kind, is maybe weird to say, but I think they are the protectors and they show up at the end of every trailer. Five of them. They are not that ghosty, have a more visible egde of their bodies. When they show up, the other kind is "scared" away. #3: The bad ghosts can cause things of their world to be projected to our world, for example the black catepillars, they can also cause dead matter to move in our world, see the skeleton soldiers. They can cause visions in people, for example that water or black liquid is flooding. There is one part when Reedus goes completely underwater, that must be a dream. Then the 5 protectors show up and the water and dead whale visions are gone. Probably that is why the Porters have a dream catcher. Dream catchers supposed to catch bad dreams so it does not get into your mind. #4: I think the evil is fed by dead matter, see the main soldier character in the tunnel has cables to all of his skeleton soldier. And vica-versa the still living people has cables to babies. I think they don`t feed off of babies, but they discovered that the evil leaves them more alone if they carry a baby. So the baby is some sort of protection. #5: I think people shot themselves when they are being grabbed just because they want to die the conventional way. It may be much worse to die by the interdimensional beings, or they may want to avoid coming back as skeleton soldiers or some pupets.
WBbramski99 (1 month ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand what a load of shite. Not one mention of it may being MGS0, set before metal gear solid 3 and this is all taking place in the boss' head whilst shes in a coma. The baby is ocelot, norman is the boss. Its purgatory. mads is the sorrow, isnt it obvious? hes controlling the dead fgs! the sorrow was a medium and communicated with dead soldiers to find out whats going on in the battlefield, theres too many coincidences between this game and mgs3.
nick brown (2 months ago)
If Mads is The Sorrow Death Stranding could be set in the same place The Sorrow sends Big Boss in MGS 3. Its not like that place Big Boss is sent in Snake Eater is under water. Its not like The Sorrow controls dead soldiers souls. The Sorrow hovers like that and points like that when using mind control exacly like that webs and all. Who else points like that and uses dolls on stings? Psycho Mantis. Plus a possible woman waiting on clone babys. Hmmm Someone forgot to tell Kojima Metal Gear died. Has Kojima Phantom Pained Metal Gear. Was Venom Snake and the end of Phantom pain a Kojima lesson? "Get used playing in a diffrent skin. Look you did not even notice you were not Big Boss". What took you so long Kojima? Its proberly not but to many similaritys for the mind not to drift there.
rusty shackelford (2 months ago)
I wonder what the correlation is between the fish and whales in the death realm vs the beached fish and whales in the main (living?) realm? The fish are alive in the death realm but dead in the living realm?
Eyup Ulku (2 months ago)
How cool would it be for Kojima to invert Silent Hills (PT) parts into Death Stranding as a twist.
HandsomeJack (2 months ago)
I'm not religious but I'm beginning to think Hideo Kojima is a god.
omnikickflip9000 (3 months ago)
~The Man Who Sold The World~
Hateanist (3 months ago)
Is Mads character The Sorrow?
TheTruth Spy (3 months ago)
Here`s my take on it. This game is purgatory. The tech device the character wears allows him to see the dead or enemy. The baby is him at birth which is a life source which must be activated whenever the evil spirits appear. And you play as him as an adult in purgatory. Everyone is dead, and the gameplay could be them having to face up to their regrets and choices they made in life, like interacting souls deemed to suffer until realisation sets in of where they are. Every thing in the game is dead basically, the whales in the trailer, the evil spirits etc. Its in between life and death I think. Like the tv series lost, they are in purgatory. He`s dead but I don't think he knows he is, and maybe that applies to everyone else, they need to "wake up", or "wake up" to move on from lingering In purgatory and dwelling on their past. The tv series Lost was the same, they had to forgive their mistakes and regrets and self actualize their life to be at peace.
Kieran Hobler (3 months ago)
Death Stranding has to do with mankind, after so many years of exploiting the environment, ultimately putting the final nail in the coffin regarding their survival and we know it. We had a chance to stop it, Global warming has forced its Superpowers to war with each other in a futile attempt at grabbing what dwindling resources each has left. Forced by desperation, it appears somewhere in or around NYC (Manhattan Project anyone?) some apocalyptic nuclear event occurred as a result of scientists throwing a Hail Mary for a solution to the crisis. Could be an experimental test on creating something like sustainable fusion energy or, considering the bleak tone of the storyline possibly something like cloning/key to immortality. Something could have gone very, very wrong during the attempt and the massive amount of energy being used created a mini black hole which ruptured space and time. It's called the United Cities because from the picture it appears either due to global flooding or the other cataclysmic event, the entire continent of North America was ripped apart from the bottom causing the states to no longer be "united". "Bridges" represents the company the main protagonist works for that he, and the members on the mission, are responsible for regarding the protection and transportation of some unknown precious cargo between whatever of those major metropolitan cities we have left. Regarding Del Toro's part, there's a pretty good chance he escaped with the secret formula/protagonist clone baby to keep it from being used and abused by Mans...hence the dog tags with advanced relativity-related equations written on it, so when he clones himself, despite being washed of his memories, he still has the most vital information. Probably the reason for something to do with the handcuffs as well. Hell, Del Toro could even be an older version of our main guy. Who knows?! All I know is I love this whole J.J. Abrams like tease they're throwing at us and am looking forward to more teasers further down the line
Taekwons CL (4 months ago)
lol, this is about mgs but u too blind to see it :)
Ang (4 months ago)
1:25 bro he looks like that one guy from the tv show Hannibal
西森匠 (4 months ago)
Clairissa (4 months ago)
Did anybody else see the scar on Guillermo del Toros character's forehead, going from one side to the other, as if the upper third of his head was cut through. (at 2:20 )
Was that ocelot move😱 #SwagDaSlik
Bmo Cola (4 months ago)
Remember in MGS3 when snake was in a river and sees a ghost like figure? Wonder if it relates to Death Stranding
El-Haythem berrahal (4 months ago)
I'll keep coming
Ale Souza (4 months ago)
holy fuck
TheDarkSeeds - SCM (4 months ago)
I have the feeling that there is a big plot in this game. It is that the child/fetus he carries is himself. But if that's right, then there's another thing.
Nick Plays (4 months ago)
what's clear to me for sure so far is that Kojima is definitely making the game he wanted to make with the PT project. While Konami might own Silent Hill they don't own the concept of PURGATORY. And that's what this game is about. It's Kojima's interpretation of purgatory, albeit a more sci-fi inspired purgatory than a spiritual one (like in Silent Hill) and that could very well be on purpose just for the sole bases of legal liabilities. Kojima's purgatory appears to be centered around inter/extra dimensional beings that have "Stranded" themselves onto our reality (not unlike how sea creatures will beach themselves). The reason for the invading beings "beaching" themselves in our reality has clearly not yet been revealed but their presence appears to be causing some kind of overlapping (or colliding) effect between the two (possibly more?) realities. For all we know Norman Reedus' character could very well be going through a personal purgatory haunted by the fact that he murdered his family (the people in the picture) where he's haunted by them until he can finally remember the fact that he murdered them...eerily similar (in my opinion) to several plot lines in Silent Hill.
XxXVideoVeiwerXxX (4 months ago)
Preyhad the same death mechanic
Centurion (4 months ago)
I think somehow the Death Stranding story is going to be connected with the Metal Gear Solid 5 the nuke part
THE GAMING CREEPER (4 months ago)
My theory is once you die you age rapidly then transfer your memory's into the baby and the baby ages rapidly and it turns into you. THE BABY THEORY
S Lawrence (4 months ago)
Really, cause that looks like the sorrow hunting after his child with the joy (the boss) being transported by the player out of a warzone.
Octavius (4 months ago)
p1cm (4 months ago)
Guillermo got a brain surgery, not face lift.
FluxLine Gaming (4 months ago)
Metal Gear Solid: Zero
Oregondanne (4 months ago)
So this is the long-awaited sequel to Jekyll & Hyde on the NES then. ;)
C.C. 95 (4 months ago)
If you scrutized every frame - how could you not notice that Reedus and the doll have the same stitched scar on their stomach? Btw- Mads is pronunced "Maz"
MovieRabia (4 months ago)
if anybody seen berserk the anime..there is a scene during the eclips sequence in which a 5 floating figures appears in front of guts which turned out 2 be god hand... somehow it looks the same when sam of death steanding standing nxt 2 a cradel nd 5 figures are floating....
Jack Rockwell (4 months ago)
Death stranding is a term for when cetaceans beach themselves.
Shiverz (4 months ago)
Lol weird adds
Raven Vinz Chow (4 months ago)
I got even more confused after trailer after trailer after trailer......... And after E3? We can pretty much confirm Death Stranding is a WALKING SIMULATOR!!!!
Chase Dufty (4 months ago)
oh and no one else notice the letters hidden in each trailer??
Кот Вася (4 months ago)
Chase Dufty what letters?
Chase Dufty (4 months ago)
guillermo is a stand in in the trailer for another character, so in a way you were right. its a face transplant
Ivan Kazuya (4 months ago)
My theory is I think there is a natural interstellar enemy that exterminates species. They use all means for psychological trauma. Perhaps the protagonist is somewhat of an advanced/futuristic human which for some reason can get pregnant and has to take care of a infant which he carries inside him. I want to think the infant is him and that the reason is because this natural enemy manipulates time. The only way to keep time in place is to eat a worm. Perhaps the more he progresses with this existing reality in which this enemy can perhaps manipulate is to stay alive by going to different planets or carrying on with a mission to deliver goods for the sake of defeating the enemy. I also want to think that the protagonist was once a prisoner of some sort, perhaps he was an assassin or some sort of scientist. That's my theory. Nevertheless, I care more abut games that move my imagination than the average Hollywood blockbuster game. Like a good novel, I want it to take me places that gose beyond what the average mind can come up with. I wish we had more brilliant minds like Kojima-san.
Mohamed Bhar (4 months ago)
Hey guys! Have you noticed that when Sam Porter is drowning underwater, handprint marks on his body begin to vanish (11:48)? Could it be possibly a hint (a sort of "erase & rewind" theory)?
Robert J (4 months ago)
Death Stranding is a crossed game between MGS and Silent hill
yami ryuu (4 months ago)
Sooo alien sex???
VeroMithril (4 months ago)
#6 Bullshit
preet dhanoa (4 months ago)
No. 1 craziest thing it is kojima game.
Pierre-Philip Martin (4 months ago)
You forgot the doll's scar and Sam's scar on their stomach
Daviid Chacón (4 months ago)
This type of bixarre games are the most intense
Leigh Peterson (4 months ago)
Is it just me or does it seem like this guy doesn’t know shit
Preston Graham (4 months ago)
The beings are made of anti matter that's why if they eat you or come in contact the practical annihalite and cause the explosion
Preston Graham (4 months ago)
There is alot of reference to another world and stuff in mgs v. Like the parasites could be early signs of the strands?
The Immortal Super Being (5 months ago)
On Nu 1 what ever that Leviathan thing is it ate some one who just came out off the water.
Kindlesmith80 (5 months ago)
So these theories are all before the recent E3 trailer. It's cringey to listen to this. Thumbs down for picking some really fantastical concepts that don't take any consideration of context.
Armon Mitchell (5 months ago)
The one guy stabs himself multiple times in order to die and rebirth --- otherwise they get stuck in the stranded.... Also, Daryl is wearing a dream catcher. --- haha you guys saw these as well.
Muhammad Asyraf (5 months ago)
My theory is, everytime Norman Reedus caught by that thing. That thing place a baby inside his body and Norman has to cut his stomach hence the scar on his stomach. The baby is will soon grow to be the dark entity thing, so before that happens the baby will be placed inside that jar. The baby is used to detect their kind. What yall thought about this?
Adam Fox (5 months ago)
The old guy is the main character The baby in his arms looking in the same directions like a symbolic mirror
schmittza (5 months ago)
Norman Reedus is a Jesus like figure and the baby is the start of mankind or representation of.
blackandcold (5 months ago)
#15 Wrong #14 bullshit lol #13 the origin maybe #12 getting closer #11 YES, bang = colliding dimensions. water, oil, on the truck and the big one are not from the same dimension! #10 no females anymore on earth #9 yes, baby maybe clone #8 feeding, not source of power #7 protect mankind from invaders #6 slim interaction horizens between dimensions, no afterlife shit #5 altering visuals to get away #4 possessed by invading creature to manifest in our world to destroy us #3 control and command #2 yes #1 not death, "water" dimension - already started to interact with our dimension previously
nick Larsen (5 months ago)
Death Stranding is MGS0, the role of mads mikkelsen is actually The Sorrow, from MGS3 :o they both have the same hand gesture, both bleeding blood and oil from the left eye.
TheXboxSux (4 months ago)
Lol youre playing right into kojimas hand aren't you? So convinced you've figured it out. If you knew Kojima at all you'd know how much he loves easter eggs. This isn't Metal Gear. Sorry bud.
nick Larsen (5 months ago)
also the dimension beings -> mgs5 beginning flying whales and all kinda weird stuff. and Also the radio transmission in swedish from kojimas canceled game, the demo from his horror game, talking about WW2 and dimensional beings. it all adds up.
Be Random2000 (5 months ago)
7:18-The only fiction that have humans as a source of energy? Look back at The Matrix.
ESTE D (5 months ago)
The name of the baby is norman feetus
Syfi Freak!!!!!! (5 months ago)
I feel the handprints/ beings are the reincarnation of dead individuals.
Rod Medrano (5 months ago)
The organisation is called Bridges, not Porters. Porter is written on Norman Reedus' uniform but it could be his surname or his job.
ArkangelBAYEM (5 months ago)
A spider web doesn't originate from its center, it's constructed outward in
locodesert 2 (5 months ago)
why does this remind me of the giver?
Lystic (5 months ago)
Ok so it makes sense nobody has mentioned this yet, because there aren't that many quantum physicists on YT. The explosion is likely from a quantum (QT) bomb. And going by Kojima's speech it went off while inside of a sticks and strings factory.
Jared B. (5 months ago)
Kept you waiting, huh? -J
Triggnarok (5 months ago)
They missed the most obvious theory that this is another metal gear game.
K M (5 months ago)
A minor thing: in the trailers, the baby's eyes are brown, but in the MGS franchise, Ocelot's eyes are light blue. =/
Кот Вася (4 months ago)
K M did you know, that eye color can change due to the growing?
JonDeBerg (5 months ago)
Mads is The Sorrow.
excuse me what the fuck (6 months ago)
15 CRAZIEST THEORIES nuclear explosion
emodesitt94 (6 months ago)
Someone was claiming that Death Stranding, PT, and MGS are connected and connecting Mads to The Sorrow. Any thoughts of this at all?
Ben Bridge (5 months ago)
emodesitt94 100% fake and stupid. No matter how convincing a youtube video picking out random obscure details (like how sorrow and mads do similar look up) it makes no sense. Konami did not allow Kojima and Del toro to publicly shit on them, cancel Silent hills and put out a game they knew people were going to hate just to hype another game. Kojima wants to make something different. Why in the world would he create an entire new world and theme just to slap the MG title on it
arseniclullaby87 (6 months ago)
this game is actually a MSG prequel based on The Sorrow
Nerv Nich (6 months ago)
Did you notice there are only men in the trailers ( except for the beings) Also you may have noticed that the guy under the truck grew old in seconds while the other two didn’t. They did nit even touch the rain
Thus Imbulagoda (6 months ago)
The 5 beings must be the Cobra Unit from MGS...the kid, is Ocelot
TecknoTot (6 months ago)
I REALLY hope they make a PC version too. *fingers crossed*
AJROSS80 (6 months ago)
I have a strange theory. We all know Kojima loves to break the fourth wall. Maybe WE (as in the player) are the huge interdimensional beings, the strands coming from them representing the control we have over them in the game world, and we are trying to take control of the characters but they are trying to escape, killing themselves rather than being caught and controlled. It's a bit out there, but so is Kojima.
AJROSS80 (5 months ago)
Yeah, Kinda what I was thinking. Only you did a much better job putting it into words than me. I still can't figure out what's up with that damn baby tho! The last human to be born? Have humanity been sterilised by something and they need to 'grow' babies using some wacky science? Is this baby humanity's last hope? I have no idea. Can't wait to play the game tho. GoW, TLOU 2, Spiderman are all great and worthy of the hype, but THIS is the game I'm most hyped about. It was a massive coup by Sony gaining exclusivity with this title. When I heard Kojima had ended things with Konami I thought it was a no-brainer for Sony to work with him.
Ben Bridge (5 months ago)
Yeah. The "next explosion" is the game being started and the player entering their world. It's to show how we don't care about the impact on these characters we are taking control of because we are having fun which is meant to mimic our disregard for the impact were having on the actual planet via fossil fuels, plastic etc. Which we disregard because those things make life easier/funner
AJROSS80 (6 months ago)
THIS is the game I'm most excited about! It's a great time to be a PS4 owner. Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Spiderman and The Last of Us Part 2. Ghost of Tsushima looks promising but we'll have to see more of it to be sure.
Brendan (6 months ago)
#5 lobotomy
BBGaming&Tutorials (6 months ago)
that 10th fact is actually important, could it be the BOSS????????
TO- ACPRO- IW (6 months ago)
Super deep. Thank you for all your efforts on probing and reverse engineering kojimas wild concepts!!
Fahad S.Suliman (6 months ago)
Just hoping that the character won’t be some avatar like MGSV.. that sucked
lookmanlookman (6 months ago)
They are the SORROW!!
RG Blinker (6 months ago)
Its going to end up being one of Otacons animes.
DIO (6 months ago)
Can't believe that theory about Death stranding being MGS0 isn't here
Koenshakuable (6 months ago)
fr fr (6 months ago)
Kaffeebohnson (6 months ago)
2:56 Porters? You mean Bridges? Uh oh, please return your Nerd card!
Ewolf5150 (6 months ago)
This game is just one big homework assignment where you had to keep an egg safe for a week
BASSstarlet (6 months ago)
Its going to be the biggest fail of 2018!
Ralph Coronado (6 months ago)
Sorry, Death Stranding would be the GOTY. Not Cyberpunk 2077. Not even God of War or Last of Us 2.
Game Pause (6 months ago)
Death stranding is Metal Gear Zero
Alabama Gaming League (6 months ago)
What if sam is young snake from MG
Toby Ishere (6 months ago)
You didn’t mention the theory that it is a mgs prequel
David Robles (5 months ago)
Ben Bridge that's what Kojima wants you to believe.
Ben Bridge (5 months ago)
Toby Ishere because the theory has exactly a 0% chance of being legit. Kojima doesn't own metal gear and Konami didn't allow themselves to be publicly ahit on and put out a game they knew wouldn't sell and cancel a massively hyped games just to hype another game.
Meech Yaboy (6 months ago)
The mgs zero theory is greater than anything on this list
fr fr (6 months ago)
TheFlash3237 (7 months ago)
Should have mentioned that Del Toro has a handcuff and Reedus has the same handcuff on the other hand. What could that possibly be? Any ideas?
drumd00d (7 months ago)
Mads looks like The Sorrow from MGS3 with the blood running down his eye..
fr fr (6 months ago)
exactly, in that exact trailer it the scenery looks a lot like Normandy WW2,which the sorrow and the boss (the joy) fought in with the cobra unit. theres speculation that this is what the boss is dreaming about after she fell into a coma after the mercury project. it would also explain why reedus has a scar on his belly like a c section, as the boss also has a scar from her baby (ocelot) being removed now if the trailers are from the bosses perspective it would explain why she sees extraterrestrial beings as she went to space (mercury project) and why she is dreaming about a baby that was taken from her. now these crazy visions would make sense since the boss and the sorrow (a medium) are the parents of ocelot hense why she sees so many supernatural things. interesting enough in the sorrow boss fight the sorrow makes hints to snake that he is not in the real world, like some purgatory, like he is stranded in death.
drumd00d (7 months ago)
Video starts at 1:28
Gus A. (7 months ago)
5 knights of apocalypse?
Rune (7 months ago)
0:20 That awkward moment when 99% of the theories from this game points that its 100% a new metal gear game. People who think im crazy, look into it. Its crazy believable!!

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