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Text Comments (626)
Dallas (13 days ago)
Anyone think these critics are frauds?
Ainz Ooal Gown Gaming (1 month ago)
I love how critics say "cuphead yobad cause too hard". Yet critics adore the dark souls series, which is hard as balls.
Justice Clark (2 months ago)
If I don’t see ace combat on here...
PunisherXOmega (2 months ago)
critics are as you say critics aren't gamers so their opinion over the matter doesn't matter!
Little Bigman (2 months ago)
These critics need to get good I mean I bet less than half of them have played the games they review!!!!
Little Bigman (2 months ago)
I have monster hunter 3 I think but I dunno how to start :)
Marcell Madrazo (2 months ago)
you forgot pokemon mystery dungen explorers of sky, time, and sky
Marshmallow Zilla (2 months ago)
Never heard of critics...
Bananas for LOL HK (3 months ago)
7.8/10:too much water
Arceus Bowser 212 (3 months ago)
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire got a lower score because of... TOO MUCH WATER.😑
7 days to play (3 months ago)
1 : so happy to see alien isolation it is a very hard game because of the xenomorph but that is just the fun part about it you have to change your way of playing the game i personally loved the crafting system this game desirves a 10/10 i can't even finish the game
Kaan Erdi (3 months ago)
Nier is my pick for hated game gamers loved.
LordGaming777 77 (3 months ago)
Crits are not gamers
Rush Game (3 months ago)
Bio inc redemption
FrostBit G (3 months ago)
Wut about GTA?
JP GALAXY (3 months ago)
Destiny is awesome period
Casablumpkin (3 months ago)
The divisiveness of Isolation’s critical reception doesn’t surprise me - its mechanics aren’t for everyone, and a lot of its appeal is based on your familiarity/fondness for its source material. That said, disliking it for being “punishing” is like hating on chicken for being “too avian”.
James Masters (3 months ago)
Years after, game critics that somehow manage to keep rating these games are still seen as crazy doomsayers
PC Fantom (3 months ago)
HazarDemon (4 months ago)
Alien isolation: TRY TO SURVIVE AS A SUPER POWERFUL ALIEN HUNTS YOU DOWN IGN: alien too pwrful plz nrf
Vance B (4 months ago)
This seems nonsensical since lots of these were generally well reviewed, with a few outlier critics. I want to see some games that got scathing critical reviews but developed cult followings.
al dooze (4 months ago)
I would imagine a lot of these game '"journalists" get a kick back from the devs.
CaptainSohan (4 months ago)
Alien isolation is one of the best horror games. It's Awesome.
Jeremiah Ealy (4 months ago)
Everyone who's talking about cuphead forgot about how it was criticised originally before people became obsessed with the difficulty even tho I don't think it's to hard it's got a decent difficulty curve to me
Jared (4 months ago)
There is no such game as shadow warrior...it doesn't exist s n on gamestop webse or else I would be bought it already
Nicholas Scammell (4 months ago)
Jedi and Rockstar (4 months ago)
EA's Star Wars Battlefront:2.
Keshu Rao (4 months ago)
I loved God hand. Satisfying beat em up & good humour.
David Shrapnel (4 months ago)
I think the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series should be on here...
Sams Lab (4 months ago)
I need it to buy a new dildo
Priscilla Pena (4 months ago)
I loved destiny honestly
we the villians (4 months ago)
I can buy my son his first xbox for his birthday
Destiny and Destiny 2 are the bestiny, and you are too!
Igot17bigtoes (4 months ago)
Destiny was my game
Alukard TheDeathknight (4 months ago)
Wait they gave 4/10 to Alien Isolation😑🤐🤔?? Lemme guess gave 9/10 too Alien Cologn-anal Marines 😅🤣😂
Who Cares (4 months ago)
I had kirbys air ride me and my friend did 100% on it that and godzilla destroy all monsters
OpenNoble 1738 (4 months ago)
Easy halo 5
Soul Reaver (4 months ago)
On Metacritic: Alien Isolation: 81/100 Shadow Warrior 2: 78/100 Critics hated them right?
Daisho 76 (4 months ago)
Surprised that gta5 isn’t on here
when noobs did it (4 months ago)
How ironic g2a
Donovan Burnom (5 months ago)
Bulletstorm. Awesome game. Enough said.
John Egan (5 months ago)
I think fnaf world should be on the list.
War Dash (5 months ago)
Dude Farming Simulator has 9 or 10 games not 4!
this is patrick (5 months ago)
Tbh i dont before buying a game i dont even read the critics i mean in my opinion its better to ask a friend or to just watch a bit of gameplay
Silver Serebriansky (5 months ago)
You really forgot about warframe...
Blitzer (5 months ago)
I LOVE KIRBY AIR RIDE. Wish they had it on pc
Windwalker88 (5 months ago)
IGN: hahahhaahaha
Jordan Boyle (5 months ago)
Most main stream game reviewers are left wing leaning ad push for Political Correctness in games and Mark games down form not being PC.
Odin Karlos (5 months ago)
I want the PS4 for my sons and for me also to be honest but it's worth 4 month salary where i live " Egypt " poor country, poor salary. My Twitter is @Nasef_Beh
TheWaruiSama (5 months ago)
Huh? Cuphead received high scores on almost all websites and was nominated for so many awards lol
Cory Thompson (5 months ago)
I used to like GameSpot but after hearing how they didn’t like Far Cry 5 not being political and giving massive praise for CoD WW2 I just gave up on them.
Aceheroic (5 months ago)
Critics who think some game are too hard... get gud.
D Santana (5 months ago)
A few on here I need to add towards my personal collection. Thanks for the heads up
Brother Elias (5 months ago)
I loved isolation but the ending didnt justify the ptsd.
Brother Elias (5 months ago)
My mate used to play destiny endlessly, whilst raging saying how he hated it the whole time.😂
4ern ic8it (5 months ago)
another one was Sleeping Dogs that game is a blast to play and has an awesome story line
Andromeda no Shun (5 months ago)
Strange Alien Isolation was extremely well received by French critics
Andrey A Verevko (5 months ago)
critics are a bunch of retards
Tanner TP (5 months ago)
People didn’t like cup head!?!
Young Sazz (5 months ago)
I have so many memories of God Hand
NutBleeder (5 months ago)
I personally prefer the Dynasty Warriors gameboy games over the console 3rd person fighting stuff
Fregler (5 months ago)
Man, Cuphead got the treatment as Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn got way back in 2008...
O- Key (5 months ago)
Street Cleaning Simulator on Gamespot. Gamespot Review = 1,5/10 User Average 9/10 i think we can thank 4chan for this one.
Jesse Mersier (6 months ago)
Never really gave 2 shits what critics have to say. If I wanna play imma play. I trust my own judgement
VolatileTemper93 (6 months ago)
Can't tell if you mispronounce names on purpose . Or just don't know how to .
Christopher Quinn (6 months ago)
Bruh, most of these games have good reviews, cuphead has an 88 on metacritic and alien Isolation has 79 TF this dude talking about
Gunter Guntlicker (6 months ago)
Critics are payed off with feminazi snatch.... Gross, purple, unwashed smelly snatch.
Loved god hand
Best channel ever
Angel Huerta (6 months ago)
Destiny was loved by critics and despised by gamers, you have it backwards.
Crimson260 (6 months ago)
Recent Mad Max needed to be on here :P
TheUndyingDead (6 months ago)
I’ve never listened to critics, I just play what interests me.
Robert Herr (6 months ago)
Remember when Critics were accurate?
Max Skripp (6 months ago)
My opinion. Halo Reach
Jules (6 months ago)
what critics didn't like Cuphead? the big names all pretty much said it was excellent with scores 8/10 or better....
0/10 too much water
Patrick Joyner (6 months ago)
Your recall of what was a success in the day is off lol
Im Interested (6 months ago)
C.E.O: Told ya we should've replaced those adults with real gamers Hiring Agent: Yep
godspyro (6 months ago)
Dunno why critics are a thing.. self indulged people who think their opinions have more value. Even though even with taste critics you can fool them with McDonald's or boxed wine. Just people wanting to feel important
CrimsonShadow 11 (6 months ago)
No hydro Thunder Hurricane, it got absolutely hammered by ign, but is still considered by players as one of the best arcade racing games on the xbox360
MangaMango13 (6 months ago)
I don't read game reviews, but giving a game a low rating just because it's hard? seriously?
Serimus _ (6 months ago)
all these games look complete shite to me
Bearfax (6 months ago)
You ever heard the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover"? Lovely phrase.
TheTrueFeleas (6 months ago)
God Hand was AWESOME
TheTrueFeleas (6 months ago)
This video and 10 Games CRITICS Loved But GAMERS Hated should be renamed, 10 Games CRITICS No Clue What Gamers Like Part 1 & 2.
Robeeb (6 months ago)
Shin G. McAmimmy, creator of Godhand and Resident Evil. Everybody knows that guy. ... me kah me
Belle Sorciere (6 months ago)
Critics hated Cuphead so much that the PC got a metascore of 88 and the XBox One version got a metascore of 86. Alien Isolation got an 81 on PC, a 79 on PS4, and a 78 on XBox One. Not exactly *HATED* by critics in either case. Some critics, sure, but the overall reception in both cases was fairly positive.
King Corey (6 months ago)
They definitely got alien isolation wrong, great game! You really have to learn how to play a game before you review it... ign lol
Armyboy89 (6 months ago)
I'm getting tired of reviews ....they all contradict each other lmao critic vs gamers
Marko Šeparović Mlađi (6 months ago)
Postal 2
Tam Minh (6 months ago)
I think the gamer is right
sid ward (6 months ago)
That's why Angry Joe's reviews are good. He's pretty honest
Ben Winson (6 months ago)
Number 3 surprises me, I didn’t see one negative critic Cuphead review?
warlockguy42 (7 months ago)
a game critics Shadow Warrior 2 review 3/10 +Great gameplay +Fun Co-op +Good visuals - It triggered me
Annie Lord (7 months ago)
Who cares about critics the gamers buy the game.
Agata Santos (7 months ago)
I love Alien: Isolation. As a big fan of the Alien movies I really feel that a lot of love went into that game.
Shrimp (7 months ago)
Game critics now are nothing more than far-leftist over-sensitive mouthpieces who think that “offesive” jokes or games which are not “diverse” enough deserves a lower score, Kingdom Come Deliverence is one of those examples. No one should take their words seriously if at all imo
Ace Wolfgang (6 months ago)
Surprise as a left leaning person, even I think PC culture has gone too far.
Ameldan Calippo (7 months ago)
Stopped watching when I saw a G2A advert.
Griffithdidnothingwrong (7 months ago)
dynasty warriors 5 was pretty much the best dynasty warriors in my eyes
summit nigga (7 months ago)
freddy6toes (7 months ago)
Who listens to critics anyway these days?
madsli (7 months ago)
"Shinji Makamimi" stopped watching right there.

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