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Is Toujeo Better Than Lantus?

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Media Apps (5 months ago)
My doctor is diabetic type 2. I trust him when he recommends diabetes related medications. He uses and recommends Toujeo. More gradual control and for an extra 12 hours he says and the science shows that as well.
tanuchenka (16 hours ago)
What science? Can you point to the primary study? Try google scholar. The fact that your doc is T2 and that you trust him is no basis on which to evaluate the strength of his recommendations.
romisaa mazen (5 months ago)
Is it suitable for kids??
Jackie Garcia (1 year ago)
1 diabetes yes
Maria Maya (1 year ago)
Sons of Apollo (1 year ago)
No prob.
cliff261 (2 years ago)
Don't pass GO. Don't collect $200. Go directly Toujeo.
Mercy Eleos (2 years ago)
My doc gave me samples of toujeo to try because I have burning with Lantus no matter how or where I inject. I was told they have a different PH and so I might not have burning with it. I take only 20 daily... any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
navataru (2 years ago)
You get burning because the insulin is coming in contact with your muscle tissue as well. It happens when you're skinny. Once you build up a fat deposit it won't happen as often anymore. Also try to have the Lantis at a decently cool level. Not cold, possibly warm but not warm to the point you can't tell it's a bit cool in your hand. The temperature helps a bit too.
skirts365 (2 years ago)
Why would smart people still be listening to the voices of greed? I had subclavian aneurysm, cured by horse chestnut and butcher's broom (CHEAP), calcified arteries (reversed to normal status via calcium solvent action of lemon juice, again, CHEAP), a bladder/prostate infection, resolved with plain garlic, again CHEAP and no God damn, scum sucking Episcopalian owned Big Pharma drug company, nor greedy hospital made a dime off me. YES I know when nutrients won't work for a situation, in such conditions I see a Master of Deviltry ("MD") and know when to avoid them and otherwise. Just bribe Congress and state legislatures to mandate 207 vaccines per annum for most (quiet exemptions for cops, judges, bankers, lawyers etc) and everybody has to get hospitalized, factors besides vaccines will be blamed, and the middle class ends up, those who survive, as serfs of the Wall Street Episcopalians concentrated in the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine and Trinity Wall Street Churches who own the nation's medical cartels. People who need blood sugar regulation need diet, exercise, rest, and Ceylon cinnamon plus sage and benfotiamine----not doctors, drugs and hospitals. A big "Hell 666" to all you sorry bastards ripping the public finances off. People fleeing California due to vaccine poisoned kids will concentrate in a few states, regain control over legislation, and show the rest of the country what the medical plunderers are doing, and put the brakes on their British Crown sponsored activities. Yes it all gets back to the Royals, Bill Gates, Order of the British Empire, big vaccine pusher and as welcome in India as Union Carbide was after the Bhopal poison gas disaster.
Artur Nersisyan (2 years ago)
Afrezza is the only inhale insulin in USA!!!!!
cliff261 (2 years ago)
Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Collect $200, Go Toujeo
Bianca (3 months ago)
The best comment I've seen on YouTube so far. Thanks
Vincent Navarre (2 years ago)
You have some big ones young man, going heads up with a world renowned endocrinologist. You do not understand the FDA, pharmacology or medicine. You are not well read on the studies or medical literature,Your logic is skewed and points of view potentially dangerous. You hide behind moniker and have no credentials. This kind of social media "expertise" is dangerous,. For the good of all please find another past time.
skirts365 (2 years ago)
Both of you cockroaches should hop onto a bottle cap and drift out to sea. You name suggests a lousy Catholic, but the lousier Episcopalians run Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Hospitals and just about all else.
Xander (2 years ago)
*I was asked to copy/paste a friends concerns and ur opinion is of great value to them.. So - Hey sir..i sincerely like ur style and after years of indoctrinating nonsense of misinformation online and asking clueless, apathetic and ultimately burnt out "psycholotrists" - I'm discarding my heavy text books and turning to YOU, sir with my inquiry.* this is in reference to ur video on Vyvanse (vs.Adderall) which I had trouble contacting u.. So I hope ur ok if I ask my questions here. Many thanks in advance.So.. I've had prescriptions for Dexedrine, Adderall, (countless of the Ritalin based psychostimulants etc). NOW I'm taking vyvanse 30mg and while there's no issues with sleep or crashing...the Anxiety and diarrhea are horrible.. I'm even taking opiates to stop running to the bathroom every few minutes and/or even whenever I eat a snack. It just all comes right out like brown tap water in a 3rd world country. Which leads me to the next issue of taking benzodiazepines for the panic, anxiety and agoraphobia (from panic AND diarrhea..IBS-ish).. The opiates dont seem to induce constipation and the benzos do little for anxiety. (I try to be careful w dosing both benzos and opiates to avoid the cognitive effects of vyvananse - motivation, alertness, focus, etc).. This wasn't as bad on other amphetamines (including Dexedrine) but idk what to do or take..Q: Is there a specific dosing regimen that'd address the problems above? I.e. First take the methadone..wait..then take the vyvance? Or vice a versa? Or simultaneously? I'm also prescribed antichonilergics, antihistamines, etc but do these take away from the cognitive or other amphetamine effects? I.e. Can I take atropine or hydroxizine/diphenhydramine without reducing the focus, adrenaline etc of the vyvanse? I know that antipsychotics would just kill/antagonize amphetamines so I stay away..BUT..what about tricyclic antidepressants like amitryptaline which supposed to create constipation but would it do so at the cost of reducing focus/alertness/DESIRE and ability to study or stay alert/motivated? I also see lots of info on mementine (namenda) in relation to amphetamines but don't understand the connection..NMDA antagonists? Reducing amphetamines tolerance? Are they supposed to be taken simultaneously or at different times? Its also said that DXM (dextromethorphan) does that as well..and works for also reducing opioid tolerance..huh?? please explain this to me when u have a chance..itd be a blessing if u can solve these mysteries for me. I know that this is incoherent, rambling, chaotic..etc so feel free to rephrase my questions/concerns and explain it to me in detail, metaphors, like I was a child BC I wanna finally understand this but haven't talked to someone with ur depth of knowledge. again, tyvm, ur reply would mean a LOT! P.S. Have u heard anything about a new use of naltrexone ("ULTRA" Low dose - around .125mcg or .25mcg)..NOT "low dose naltrexone"..but its specifically called "ULTRA" low dose naltrexone. As u know its an opioid antagonist (50mg) but at .125mcg or so..its somehow an agonist which also removes dependence and is being compounded with morphine and oxycodone (oxytrex)...i know I wrote a lot but I look forward to ur response. =)
Marcel Overweel (2 years ago)
I've had serious issues when using Lantus. Ranging from constant high days even with multiple Novo corrections, sudden fatigues, extreme sweating during the night (with and without hypo's) and unexplainable sudden hypo's a few hours after the injection about once a week on average. At first, the doctors wouldn't believe me, but after using a constant monitoring sensor for almost a month in a row, the whole range of problems clearly showup up on their monitors. So far, Toujeo solved all these issues the day I started using it and that's a bit over three weeks ago. I did need to increase both the Toujeo and the Novo dosage though. Still working on refining it a little by slowly increasing the Toujeo. It seems the type of insulin that works best for anyone is very personal. Edit: what I don't understand is, how is this even possible if both drugs have the exact same ingredients?
Cptkarma6 (2 years ago)
are the rates of hypoglycemia less for Toujeo than Lantus ?
Susan Gilland (2 years ago)
Someone is missing the point here. The Toujeo pen is not the same as a Lantus pen. One click of the Toujeo pen is supposed to equal 1/3 of the amount of concentrated insulin. They tell you not to do the conversion yourself, and just use the same amount of units on the pen. Toujeo really messed up when they designed the pen because it actually takes more clicks of the Toujeo pen to equal Lantus. In other words, 70 units of Toujeo pen is only 25 to 30 true units of concentrated insulin. As it turns out, Toujeo is not three times stronger than Lantus; I'd say maybe twice as much. Because of that, I would have to take more than the 70 units of a Toujeo pen. They need to fix the pen so we can dial up true units.
Remote Indigo Index (2 years ago)
It is inferior in every way. Lol. Subscribed.
NumaiosXXXI (2 years ago)
Obviously YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE of what you are talking about. You are centering in the fact that you need 20% more dose than with Lantus. But that it's simply due to the fact Toujeo is flatter and lasts longer. Obviously, if you give a 20 U shot of Lantus at night, and you have the 60% of the dose acting during the first 12 hours, and only a 40% acting during the last 12 hours and you check your blood glucose at the morning, you will see a lower value compared with Toujeo. Is that bad? NOOO. It just means that if you give a 20 U shot of Toujeo at night, you will have "only" the 50% of the dose acting during de first 12 hors and the other 50% acting during the last 12 hores, which is the desirable effect of a basal insulin. Thus, if you check your glucose blood at the morning, you will see a higher value, and you will RISE your dose at the next day. Of course, you will not have more adverse effects related to insulin use due to the fact of rising your dose. REMEMBER: you can't say "A is not better than B because you need more dose with A". BETTER basal insulin means FLATTER profile, and not LESS dose needed,
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+NumaiosXXXI Anyone promoting a scamming piece of garbage like this, that takes hard earned dollars out of people's pockets just because they did not go to school in medicine, chemistry, or a related discipline has my UPMOST contempt. Your post as in your previous is devoid of any facts or scientific evidence that corroborates your claims. You just say things, many of them totally ludacis and contradictory to the facts. Then you criticize me for using evidience.I would like to make note that at this time all posts are original and unedited, including NumaiosXXXI and those of myself. I would never remove your posts. They are among this silliest things I have ever read and simply showcase one of many lucrative lines of prostitution at your disposal.You don't want to talk to me fine, I won't talk to you. Bye.
NumaiosXXXI (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo 1. I don't know what you exactly mean by "kick my ass AGAIN", since this is the first time I am aware of your existence. Did I miss something? By the way, I don't need to make any video to refute your statements. 2. In case you have to use more insulin to get the same results, I can't understand why it would produce more adverse effects, since the hypoglycemic effect of insulin and its other effects deppend on the effect at the receptor. So, if you need 24 U of Toujeo to achieve the effect of 20 U of Lantus, you'll be having the adverse effects of 20 U of Lantus. Duh. (all of this in the hypothetical case your point was true) 3. Another mechanism involved in the fact of needing higher doses is the proteolytic degradation in the subcutaneous depot, so this wouldn't be causing more adverse effects (since insulin degraded to aminoacids can't have any effect, right?) 4. I'm not quite sure of what a pregnant looking body builder is, but let me tell you the appearance of a body builder HAS NOTHING TO DO with insulin. This is like saying a T1D runner (who uses a lot of insulin because he eats a lot) would look like a body builder. Even if this was true, I don't think the situation of a body builder who uses insulin as a drug of abuse is comparable to a person with diabetes who has to raise his total daily insulin dose by 4 units... 5. This is going to be my last statement. Ban me if you want to, no need to be afraid. That won't change the facts. Besides, you are the one who is saying my claims are stupid and talking about kickin asses. I wasn't that rude, I just wanted to bring out your misconceptions, to warn other people who might get confused after watching your videos. Since I already expressed my disagree, I'll quit wasting my time from now on. Why don't you let people who really know the subject talk about the subject? I mean professionals. You're not a professional. You're just someone who believes is able to interprete scientific texts/package inserts. As far as I can tell, you are not. Bye.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+NumaiosXXXI Hello there,If you want me to kick your ass again make another video, but suppose I'll humor you this time.The fact that you have to use more insulin to get the same results in inescapable. Even if the Lantus dose is split, more Toujeo will have to be used. It is a less effective insulin unit per unit. If what you say were true you would build a reservoir of Touejo and the dose would eventually be exactly the same as Lantus..I won't experience more adverse effects related to insulin with higher doses? Really?  Maybe you should go talk to all those pregnant looking body builders and ask them if there are any adverse effects from high doses of insulin. If you continue to make STUPID claims like this one, I'm afraid I will have to ban you, fair warning.
ronbear25 (2 years ago)
Are you diabetic? Have you tried Toujeo? I have talked to several people that love Toujeo.
Bianca (3 months ago)
Including me.. Hi, my doctor prescribe me on toujeo to and I find nothing wrong with it. I'm a brittle diabetic and if I do what I'm told I'm good.
Lunaci (2 years ago)
What do you think about Tresiba? How does it compare to Toujeo? Any thoughts on this? Thanks for your helpful videos.
shazam (2 years ago)
I Just picked up my Lantus prescription form Walgreen's. I was given a copy of a paper "Introducing Trujeo" by the pharmacist, who kind of sheepishly said that they were required to give it out. I then went to the web site and read the insert you get in the box which you were referring to in the video. I couldn't believe it! The dosing has to be increased as you correctly read in the video. Why, because it is less effective! I smelled something rotten and hit the internet. The first 5 pages from Google are either from Sanofli or rehashes of their press releases. Then comes the truth... the patent expired in early 2015 and about 5 competing products on on their way. Everything in thise video is directly from the maker Sanofli (the "insert" is available on their web site). Big Pharma, and medicine in general, is getting very greedy. The WSJ recently had an article revealing how a $10,000 / month cancer drug's price was determined: not based on amortizing cost of development and approval, not based on the cost of competing drugs, loosely based on the relative cost of other therapies (Chemo & Surgery), based mostly on "what we can sell it for"!!! This drug has been clinical proven to extend a cancer patient's life by about 6 months, for a cost of $60,000! Sad state of affairs, just going to get worse.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+shazam You are exactly right, this drug is a total joke and quite frankly an insult. After having one of the best selling drugs of all time, making 10 billion+ for over a decade, this is the best they could come up with.
ejohnson1234 (3 years ago)
What is your background? Are you a pharmacist or a doctor?
tanuchenka (16 hours ago)
Let's focus on the accuracy of his information and the strength of his arguments. He doesn't need to be a pharmacist or a doctor to know what he's talking about.
Matthew Bendall (3 years ago)
Hey there. I'm a T1 using Tresiba long-acting with Afrezza and it's going amazingly well. I have experimented with both Lantus and Levemir and I've put some of my findings on my site. The problems that you are mentioning pale in comparison to the severe issues with insulin glargine's mechanism for slow release. The triple strength Toujeo version doesn't address this problem. I wrote this post discussing these issues in the Toujeo study data: http://afrezzadownunder.com/2015/09/afrezza-with-tresiba/ For a real-world experience, read this guy's nightmare experience with this issue with Lantus: http://crick-tech-munch.blogspot.com/2015/11/lantus-lethal-or-lifesaver-doc-gbdoc.html
skirts365 (2 years ago)
Most likely another Episcopalian enterprise for soaking up wealth in its area.
Marcel Overweel (2 years ago)
I'm getting very worried after reading that article... as I mentioned in another post just yet, I've switched from lantus to toujeo and a lot of problems went away.. now I'm wondering how long it will take for things to get worse again. Many thanks for providing this info! I'm definitely going to have a talk with my doctor.
Sons of Apollo (3 years ago)
+Matthew Bendall Thanks for sharing, I have been following both insulins with interest, but I have yet to see one where I work despite being at a major hospital. Tresiba seems like it would be a great insulin and likely quite an improvement from what is currently available. How have you found its consistency? Theoretically it should be very consistent due to the way it is released.
Sean Leischner (3 years ago)
God damn. They push Toujeo like crazy. Lantus coming off patient. A SHIT load of bio-similars about to hit the market, man they gotta save the franchise some how, someway. GREAT VIDEO!
Robert Sacher (3 years ago)
Thank you for your points of information. I have heard something similar from Matt Bendall, a T1 in Australia who has posted some rather interesting videos. He says that he's having his best results with Tresiba, which I think he gets fro Switzerland, and Afrezza, his meal time insulin. Here's a link where you can watch Matt's videos and contact him with your thoughts:http://afrezzadownunder.com/2015/09/afrezza-with-tresiba/ Thanks again for your endeavors.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Robert Sacher I made a new video on Toujeo, hopefully it will help clear up some of the misinformation on the web. Check it out if you are interested! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5to6u28pmcM
Robert Sacher (3 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo I cannot speak for Sanofi management but I do trust that they are likely working on the issue. Afrezza is still virtually brand new and there are a number of hurdles to address. Check out the early adopter videos on YouTube and let me know what you think. :)
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Robert Sacher If it really is an issue they should hire some people who used to work insurance. I've reviewed thousands of claims and I can tell you that would be a very simple approval. I estimate that I could get 8-9/10 approved first pass. There are drugs with no selling points or benefits that make hundreds of millions a year, with no formulary coverage to speak of. Duexis for example is a combination drug of ibuprofen and famotidine, which sell for $8 and $4 on their own. Duexis costs $1600, with no benefits, yet it is a reasonably successful drug. Its the same for Vimovo, Pennsaid, Dymista, Onexton, Androgel, Acanya, Cambia, ect. The FDA has very little to do with it outside the indication. It's all on the doctor's office, but most office's approval rates are very low. On any given day I estimate I would reject about 70-80% of claims and a lot of the approvals were for very easy ones, where all you needed was a diagnosis. If that the issue, then they'll be in luck, because with the right personnel its an easy fix.
Robert Sacher (3 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Formulary status is a very big issue as there are restrictions on patients who want Afrezza but cannot get it prescribed yet because insurance companies are currently requiring that patients who want it need to first demonstrate that they are poorly controlled on injection insulin.  Why that's the case leads some folks to speculate that Novo Nordisk, who make meal time injection insulin and could lose billions if Afrezza becomes successful, may have powerful friends in the FDA who wrote those rules.  Poorly controlled may mean maintaining a 9.00A1C but 8.00A1C may be considered within control. But, 8.00A1C is an unhealthy level of blood glucose no matter how you look at it.  That may be unfortunate because early adopters who are using Afrezza are reporting their A1C levels are around 6.00 or lower. So, something needs to change.  MannKind Corporation developed and manufacture Afrezza. Sanofi is the marketing partner behind Afrezza.  It's Sanofi's job to get the restrictions lifted so that T1s and T2s can see for themselves if Afrezza is really that good. Again, about 5,000 people are using it, the early adopters, and if you YouTube the user's videos, it looks like Afrezza is a home run, for them. Take a look and let me know what you think...
Sons of Apollo (3 years ago)
+Robert Sacher That would explain why I haven't seen them yet. I'm not diabetic myself, but a lot of the post transplant patients I work with become diabetic as a side effect to the drugs they have to take. That is a very interesting blog, packed with lots of information. I'll certainly read more of it along with the package insert. The non formulary status shouldn't be much of a issue. I used to work at  a PBM (pharmacy benefits manager). The prior auths should be relatively straight forward, I could help you with that, if you need it. As long as there is a decent copay card to go a long with it, most people should be able to get it no problem, unless they are on a government plan. Has that been an issue for a lot of people?
Jazzeerun (3 years ago)
We appreciate your pharmacologic, pharmacokenetic and pharmacoeconomic analysis. Patients are being lured to Toujeo by mfg coupons and Lantus high-copay/not covered status.
jewish bunnyrabbits (3 years ago)
Hey great video man, I liked your other channel and it is good to see you have a new one now and that you are uploading again.
jewish bunnyrabbits (3 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Thanks a bunch! I watched the video and it did answer my question, I'm looking forward to more videos in the future, thanks.
Sons of Apollo (3 years ago)
+jewish bunnyrabbits There you are, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwNMMR2Ji6c I hope it was able to answer you question. I could have gone more in depth, but I didn't want to make it too long. If you have more questions about it, let me know and I can make another video continuing!
jewish bunnyrabbits (3 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Wow thanks a lot man, no rush though. I'll be looking forward to it! Thanks!
Sons of Apollo (3 years ago)
+jewish bunnyrabbits You got it, just give me a little time and I'll put it together for you.
jewish bunnyrabbits (3 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Thanks for replying, I really liked the videos you did on the long term effects of amphetamine, but I was wondering what the permanent side effects of methylphenidate & dexmethylphenidate would be because I have never even heard any rumors about them being neurotoxic like amphetamines are, if methylphenidate and dexmethylphenidate are not neurotoxic then would they have the same permanent side effects? Thanks for giving me the chance to make a request, it is alright if you don't want to make a video though, I love your content and I am sure anything you upload on this channel I will enjoy. Thanks again.

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