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PLEASE READ FIRST this is a small clip from the luc besson french movie "Banlieue 13 (french) or District 13(english)". P.S. If I have any brazilian jiu-jitsu lovers check out my other channel Fix Your Jiu Jitsu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeANGxINWJE P.S.S. i don't own the rights to the movie and i can't post up anymore clips so don't ask and the name of the song is 'banlieue 13'(i think)...so here you go and enjoy.
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Text Comments (5958)
Kieran James (5 months ago)
Esteban Paz (7 months ago)
the first video of parkour that change my life a time ago
RonnieA (1 year ago)
anyone from 2017?
Danil GG (2 years ago)
Das ist doch ein Film oder ???
Temuulen Ulzii (2 years ago)
Piotr Sułkowski (3 years ago)
13 Dzielnica
DJ Sky (4 years ago)
Reklama za ciciban patike hah...
Chino Evil Olvera (4 years ago)
Parkour :)
Vladikas (4 years ago)
lwski pivot gamer (4 years ago)
this is film I 've watched
Andrey FreeRun (4 years ago)
This is a great film-13 district)
Richard germann (4 years ago)
._. sin palabras 
Alexis Flores (4 years ago)
Sport-Mix (4 years ago)
Привет!Я предлагаю подписаться на наш канал так как там много видео про паркур и обучалок по нему.
Peter Balinido (4 years ago)
think this is from a french movie? 
rania gueldi (4 years ago)
yes bébé
Le Thuan (4 years ago)
esto es de alguna pelicula?
silversleek (4 years ago)
the sad reality is that as cool as that looked, they were still only seconds behind him the whole time, even when they didn't join in the parkour.
Hafiz Sajid Khan (3 months ago)
Hafiz Sajid Khan (3 months ago)
Blue Film
TeamImpossible (4 years ago)
Michael de Christmas (4 years ago)
Getoverhere (4 years ago)
чувак бегает и прыгает как обезьяна,а всё равно ни от кого убежать не в состоянии, потому что надо головой думать, а не бегать туда-сюда как петух по двору. Паркур не нужен. Это для кусков говна занятие и для быдла, которое себе хочет шею переломать.
עמית פארי (4 years ago)
אין על דיויד בל למרות שזה קטע מסרט ולא אמיתי
Bilguunbayr Bilguun (5 years ago)
nice nice
lcpatterson (5 years ago)
If I have any brazilian jiu-jitsu lovers check out my other channel FixYourJiuJitsu Fix Your Jiu Jitsu - Episode 2- Position Before Submission  Thanks folks. Train Hard and Keep doing what you love!
troleados todos xD
rob sohel (5 years ago)
What is the title of the movie
Mohamed alaa (5 years ago)
انا بحب بركور
jokeae (5 years ago)
So, Ted Mozby is good at parkour.... that's unexpected
Nesskbl Rim (5 years ago)
parkour is very simple you just have to get used to parameters or I vien in France in my city almost everyone can do parkour. (but sports surprises me because it should be illegal because it is very uttiliser for burglary and other flights) the best sports to his those who apris without a club :)
bhuvanesh nick (5 years ago)
Crazy clip. Fantastic video clip. My close friend was once a fatty. He revolutionized his body from 293 lbs of fat to 200 lbs of complete lean muscle. We thought it was extraordinary! I just subscribed myself as I must greatly enhance my entire physique. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...
Team APXMotion (5 years ago)
watch and like our videos!!!
gustavo burda (5 years ago)
If you are afraind to fall... you will fall because you are afraid...think about that ;)
Davidbanana7 (5 years ago)
Copyright, Thats David Belle, The guy who invented Parkour
TheBinisaMix (5 years ago)
That's what I was afraid of. I was thinking of putting mattresses on the floor before starting. LOL
TheBinisaMix (5 years ago)
It doesn't matter, does it? Let's learn how to do this! ;))
임건우 (5 years ago)
Son Dan (5 years ago)
i am gay! :D
Whistrash (5 years ago)
This guy apparently experiences no fatigue...
Felix Zimmer (5 years ago)
Its David belle 3
cofeebeanmomma (5 years ago)
Nice but I pakour better then u
TheBinisaMix (5 years ago)
I definitely agree with the taste of music! Some were really bewildered when they discovered my music genre. I like some metal rock bands (Bullet for my Valentine for one). While some may like chick flick movies, I'd rather watch action ones. But there's still a femininity within me. Girls rock on!
fandelhiphop (5 years ago)
Patricio Ramirez (5 years ago)
is david belle
Derpy Hooves (5 years ago)
I know you've already got lots of replies, but me too! And, I also need to tell you something... if you would allow me to... and no offense... but I really hate it when someone mentions "gender inequality (sorry if I spelled that wrong)" simply because there is no such thing! You are a girl, so what? You can do whatever you want! You can have rock hard abs and biceps! You can listen to Death metal! You can do anything you want with your life! K, not enough letters left so bb.
TheBinisaMix (5 years ago)
I agree!
TheBinisaMix (5 years ago)
Though I think it requires full tanked stamina. ;)
TheBinisaMix (5 years ago)
:D Train me first how to do this stuff. ;)
The Inner child plus 1 (5 years ago)
Il be the first guy who fell off
TheProGameFreak (5 years ago)
Marry me?..
aaron goldsmith (5 years ago)
0.25 best
Zoic Nation (5 years ago)
Anyone can do parkour
imane brahimi (5 years ago)
You can learn it. :3. Just gonna have to get ready for all the intense shit you'd have to go through.
TheBinisaMix (5 years ago)
Dang, I wanna learn parkour even though I'm a girl!
rafi kamal (5 years ago)
Wow. Amazing skills
Klajdi Rushiti (5 years ago)
Nice, very good !
PeopleIsAwesome100 (5 years ago)
Very good one,
Galactic Vixen (5 years ago)
The Faith is noob compared to this guy.
c8 (5 years ago)
Aww at my lol
Jeffthekiller Canal (5 years ago)
loooool alex tudo para ver isto xD
¡generica! (5 years ago)
jamiefreak100 (5 years ago)
Monica Veruska (5 years ago)
Legal eu quero aprender
saleh saeh (5 years ago)
Hold This L (5 years ago)
Julzerr (5 years ago)
Banlieu 13 letto et k2 !!!
Gabriel Lago (5 years ago)
Sector 13
Morgana GG (5 years ago)
Med Ali (5 years ago)
Mouch nrmal
Jake Benjamin Parker (5 years ago)
David belle
martin Zamora (5 years ago)
minacraft!!!!!! XD
Anette Thaulow (5 years ago)
Awesome action!
Gian Magliarelli (5 years ago)
porque sos puta
~〉|BossLylo (5 years ago)
yo hablo en español
Dharmapriya Bandara (5 years ago)
Elated I stubled onto this video. Appreciate Youtube for this kind of info... My friend used to be bullied. He stated he was about to get bigger. I did not believe him. Right up until before long he added 40lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (look for it in Google). He doesn't get bullied any longer. I personally subscribed last week. Not to mention this mans emails are fucking great!
minh nguyen (5 years ago)
This is B13
MrVECTorxd (5 years ago)
go to my chanel
Dzak Daniels (5 years ago)
This is me
Johan Koskinen (5 years ago)
Sairaan mageit temppui
ThIsiSMyVeryWorld (5 years ago)
Norton E (5 years ago)
David Belle's biggest fan!
Eduardo tjg (5 years ago)
qual e o nome dessa musica?
Noel Martineau (5 years ago)
0:52 land on the balls of your feet man XD
Mr Unknown (5 years ago)
the film is b13
Nathan Wagner (5 years ago)
Is this the movie parkour beat your fear
kix7711therealone (5 years ago)
I don't get what you're WTFing about?
nouh parkour (5 years ago)
parkour nouh
Alfian Rahmat Rivai (5 years ago)
2006 ? WTF !
Lukas Taylor (5 years ago)
Search Zachary does a back wall flip
SuperRar22 (5 years ago)
Chuck Norris can do this in checkers
Cesar Esparza (5 years ago)
i always wondered why thered be a rope at 00:45, but now i know that it was for when something like this breaks out xD
Edwin Garcia (5 years ago)
B13 coolest movie ever
eliaswer1 (5 years ago)
This clip right here is the most epic yolo parkour stunt EVER!!!1 /watch?v=Grck_zHwVRw
Levancho Rcxiladze (5 years ago)
raul marquez (5 years ago)
THIS is awesome HUMANS are AWESOME
Chuck Norris (5 years ago)
just because he didn't get hurt doesn't mean its fake
Gio fleuriot (5 years ago)
no matter how awsome it is it still is fake cuz he did not get hurt one bit
tw opp (5 years ago)
That's amazing!!!

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