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Why Doing This Will Get You A+ On All Your School Exams

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The first 1,000 people to sign up to Skillshare will get their first 2 months for free: https://skl.sh/infographics35 Do you need a more effective way to study for your exams that will bring your grades up to A+? We might just have the perfect solution on how to improve your studying technique and your grades! Today we will teach you how to study properly! Tips on how to study for tests have been around since…well, since tests. Back in the day, people did simple things such as leave Post-it notes all around the house, therefore etching information into their brains every time they boiled water. Numerous study hacks are out there nowadays. We are told that for some people, if they read out loud rather than silently, they are much more likely to remember what they read. Another great tip is to become the teacher, so once you’ve got something, teach yourself as if you were in charge. More in line with the modern era, we are also told to use apps that turn off distracting notifications. But will that get you straight A’s? Today, we’ll look at a super hack, in this episode of the Infographics Show, The Study Hack That Will Help You Get A's. SUBSCRIBE TO US -► http://bit.ly/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE (SUGGEST A TOPIC): http://theinfographicsshow.com SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► https://www.patreon.com/theinfographicsshow SOCIAL: Twitter........► https://twitter.com/TheInfoShow Subreddit...► http://reddit.com/r/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode: https://pastebin.com/9K4aTRru
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Text Comments (2771)
The Infographics Show (1 month ago)
What are your teachers and parents saying to make you study harder? Can you write down a phrase that is used to motivate you? What works best?
Grace (26 days ago)
"Try your best"
Jade Snavely (26 days ago)
My motivational phase *"Things will get better eventually, soon I will be able to play ROBLOX XD."*
Work hard. Play hard
Superman (28 days ago)
You ah study hard I’m so disappointed that you got 20/20
App cut crash (29 days ago)
If you do less hard work with So much might then you can crack A+ in every test
ftong88 (9 hours ago)
I have dyslexia so does that make an effect of it???
Not boasting here or something, but are all the points of this process common sense?
Lhenkhantus (11 days ago)
Xxx shadow (11 days ago)
Who also gets 70s?
Everything About Apple (13 days ago)
redboxy (13 days ago)
yes i will use this whay tnx a lot :D
derkakd06 (18 days ago)
Turn playback speed to 0.25 then go to 0:40 "that get you straight aids" lol
JHPoofer YT (19 days ago)
I thought he said this will get you aids😂
Prime J (19 days ago)
I don't even understand the secret. Let me just stick to the good ol' studying 5 minutes before exam.
logan thao (19 days ago)
i listen, but never learn. :>
Cristiana Stefan (20 days ago)
In reality I was not that smart, the boyfriend I was dreaming motivated me to study and.go to the.same school
Shailaja Rani Bangaru (20 days ago)
I already get A s all the buy I still I want to watch
Rex Vain (20 days ago)
Get to the point damn it !
Werewolf Don't sue me (20 days ago)
This should help
TheGamingAlong (22 days ago)
How to study: 1. Deconstruct the study resources 2. Design your own quiz 3. Self-regulate
KingsteveTV (22 days ago)
Edward Mendoza (23 days ago)
Red Chicken (23 days ago)
I got a six it my latest assessment in English lit yay
sparklez R. (25 days ago)
To me you just need to understand what you are being given and be able to do it
Faruk Gamer (25 days ago)
Can you make a q/a video. We want to know how you fetch so much knowledge everyday.
Faruk Gamer (25 days ago)
You are really amazing dude!
hackingpro (25 days ago)
Clasher (26 days ago)
i have a History Exam tomorrow! what am i doing?
Justin Chang (26 days ago)
Step 1: Be an asian
Oskar Pettersson (26 days ago)
I learn fast if I talk about it with someone. Like if I learn about example The periodic table I can go home tell it to my dad and I’ll remember it. Cause those moments stick better than u just sitting in a classroom and get fed up with information u will forget when you walk out the door
Oskar Pettersson (26 days ago)
I Get 4-5 highest is 6 when I don’t give a shit about what the teacher says or do and I neither do homework. But i should call myself lucky cause I can just look at thing find patterns and get a picture in my head I have a very good memory I find. I ask my classmate what we have on the test look at it for 2min and get 5-6 each time. And if I actually pay attention in the class and do homework I can get straight 6 (A’s) like I’ve been offered to skip a year but I said no cause I like it chill and my classmates
Michael Mcdonald (26 days ago)
I wanna be like Umaru chan, she gets straight A+'s without studying.
Kar (27 days ago)
What's that manual thing he talks about? '-'
JustALord (27 days ago)
just copy the most smartest guy
KpopAddict (27 days ago)
I get straight F's! Atleast I'm not gay. Lol
Akshay Kamasamudram (27 days ago)
Instructions were unclear. Got cat stuck in toaster.
s1234 (27 days ago)
I get only B's d's and a's😭😭😭😭
kellly droso (28 days ago)
Or you can just close this video and go study😂
Einshine Goku (28 days ago)
To sum up the video, just cheat.
Bubblelene Lene (28 days ago)
Well my English is better than my Chinese and I’m Asian so like umm... hmmm
Bubblelene Lene (28 days ago)
My friend called me Indian ( I’m chinese ) because I can’t write chinese good or understand the new Chinese saying trends like BRO I SCPRR A EVEEY TIME IN MY DICTATION IN ENGLISH HOW BOUT YOU ?
Bubblelene Lene (28 days ago)
Mom : study harder ! Dad : Try harder ! Teacher : memorise it ! Me : AIYAH I DONT STUDY
Noah Szitanko (28 days ago)
How to study better- watch this channel
Master Quiz (28 days ago)
Something for left handed guys
Somebody Once Told Me (28 days ago)
What’s the name of the background music?
Aiko Galuh (28 days ago)
i got A-
A V A (28 days ago)
I smellllll clickbait
The Anonymous Potato (28 days ago)
Who else is in the comments to make sure it’s not click bait?? 😂😂😅
Breyer Horse Studios (28 days ago)
I'm an 80 student...
XXXkullWolf (28 days ago)
*How to get Aids*
rain Perez (28 days ago)
I dont do that usual write then reread. I read once, i comprehend it. Once ive already grasped the real lesson, it will be available to me on times i need it. I am a regular A+ student
rain Perez (28 days ago)
I dont do that usual write then reread. I read once, i comprehend it. Once ive already grasped the real lesson, it will be available to me on times i need it. I am a regular A+ student
Potatoz4u (28 days ago)
Michael wong (28 days ago)
Me trying to be a qualified Asian but still become a B-sian
Cannon Gaming (28 days ago)
Well whatever the way i study studying is boring anyway ugh but no studying no future
Annie Roblox and More! (28 days ago)
Re-reading for me never helped, it just eats up time.
Lemonade Bleach (29 days ago)
Cool it worked, usually I get F-, but now I got a an F
Adolf Hitler (29 days ago)
Send help, the FBI is here.
YunqTriggz (29 days ago)
i got f for english U for maths and e for english i failed every subject i did and now am retaking pray for me :)
Lythanıum Larcher (26 days ago)
I hate retest. I'll try hard for math exams so I won't take re test again
victor herrera (29 days ago)
thanks for this
ScorpionPlayz (29 days ago)
Is spying on someone's test cheating?
Neeraj Lonkar (29 days ago)
Video topic:why after watching this you will get A+ in every exam My brain:I DONT KNOW. 😂😂
i still think not revising is better but ok
noakinn (29 days ago)
I usually make mindmaps and diagrams, because more colourful things can help with remembering things. However, I don't do revision in tests, because I can't be assed to, but I still get high marks anyway. If I actually did revise, maybe I'd get 3 marks off, but I usually have 6 marks off.
Gabriel Tobing (29 days ago)
I'm actually suppose to be studying for my exams that I have tomorrow. Though, I do hope that this will help me to study by showing me how to study so I can study after taking in the information on how to first study.
Skelly Bone (29 days ago)
I thought this was for PUBG
TBC Exotic_Potato (29 days ago)
How to study guide : Virgin Edition 1. Study 2. Stop playing Fortnite There you go
mehra majid (29 days ago)
Where can we get the manual??
Chill Editing Sessions (29 days ago)
I already have A's GIMME DEM A+s ( I have some of those too :D)
Railey ? (29 days ago)
99% students here and 1% adults here anybody agree pls like the comment
Ace Sapphirex (29 days ago)
Watching this before my finals tomorrow 😂
Spider Man (29 days ago)
Release a sextape with you and your teacher
darkwear gt growtopia (29 days ago)
let me guess using skillshare by idiots
piper xaliwel (29 days ago)
There is too much information!!! I got confused!
MAD LAD (29 days ago)
Is kinda pointless video when you are out of the school -_-
Ayan RAHMAN (29 days ago)
*i graduated last year*
Fiera Phoenix (29 days ago)
We don’t get A+’s, we get 100%’s (I live in the Philippines)
kaustubh paliwal (29 days ago)
When you are watching this instead of actually Studying📖📖
LMP3 (29 days ago)
Chen sounds like a freeloader
cheyanne the pupper (29 days ago)
why Doing This Will Get You A+ On All Your School Exams is it studying
Kermit The Frog (29 days ago)
Matthew Lopez (29 days ago)
I know how to get an A... *Just study*
Paladins Rage (29 days ago)
*TL;DR for us lazy people; just don’t suck... pretty simple.*
Paladins Rage (29 days ago)
_What if they didn’t study, huh?_
Paladins Rage (29 days ago)
*I didn’t study anything, and made it through with A’s so you’ll live.*
Sweetener Ari World (29 days ago)
Fraude (29 days ago)
Here, we dont have A B C, we have points, 100 is best , 0 is worst
Mango cool (29 days ago)
My mom would say "if you come out of school and you don't learn anything the teacher still gets paid"
Channel Name (29 days ago)
Instructions unclear, I didn't come up with an original comment
CoolStuff (29 days ago)
I don't need this when I watch the game theory/film theory
Alan John (29 days ago)
What is the purpose of exam
Uvindu Abeysekara (29 days ago)
Tbh i already do this i dont think its that mind blowing
Girlygamers1234 AJ (29 days ago)
Easy solution: cheat
SevenOfSpades (29 days ago)
More like how to get 4's
Uvindu Abeysekara (29 days ago)
I already have a + on all my tests
ethangamingvidz (29 days ago)
GummyCarlos (29 days ago)
A Chief (29 days ago)
Who else gets a topic until the test and forget everything
Scott Happy (29 days ago)
874 teachers disliked this.
RegularByte (29 days ago)
Despite being Asian, I'll stick to my B- to B+'s thank you very much. I dont have time or motivation to do any of this
Ismael Ledesma (29 days ago)
Let me sum up this video for you before it even starts: Study.
*suck your teacher*
Eugene Krabs (29 days ago)
I don't study EVER, and I have all A+'s so yeah

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