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Getting You into IU

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Getting You into IU is a recruitment program hosted by the University Graduate School that brings underrepresented and minority prospective Ph.D. and M.F.A. applicants to Indiana University Bloomington. Building on the goal of advancing minority students into the professoriate of technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, this multi-day campus visit program is an opportunity for prospective students to get a personalized view of the campus and community. While on campus, visitors attend sessions on preparing competitive applications for graduate admission and fellowships, meet with IU faculty and staff, tour departments and research facilities, and attend information sessions with current graduate students. Yolanda Treviño, assistant vice president of strategy, planning, and assessment at IU, notes that programming is custom designed for each participant. “We want them to have a firsthand experience,” she said. “This is truly an up-close opportunity that has been specially designed for them.” For more information about Getting You into IU, visit: http://graduate.indiana.edu/about/diversity/visit-iu.shtml
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