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Bless Press & Emissary Event Review By Skylent

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Text Comments (182)
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
This is a review of the press event, NOT AN OVERVIEW OF THE GAME. It should be obvious and to anyone that didn't "get it" please leave.
Otaku Heaven (5 months ago)
How was the inventory, did it look like they were trying to sell you slots?
Jay Sin (4 months ago)
This game is going to fail like RO. BDO was the last straw on the camel's back for A LOTTTTT of western MMO players. Archeage and BDO proved that no matter how much potential a game has, it will always be ruined by greed when it comes to Asian publishers.
Aussie Roberts (4 months ago)
looks like another korean P2W game
Kleopatra Rog (4 months ago)
No premium service anymore and the highest founder pack is down to $149.99 now. I am ok with this :)
Will Martin (5 months ago)
Fixed pricing in the auction house???? No player trading???? LOL doa game trash
Tali Ramirez (5 months ago)
You guys need to get off Skylent's case, tbh. He couldn't have made it clearer that 1) this video is going to be kind of a rough decompress session 2) He, and the other emissaries, could have done a little more and 3) the press event should've been more professionally organized [out of his control, agreed upon by every other emissary]. Maybe you're just jealous that he got to travel to play Bless and meet other Youtubers.
Allen Aliens (5 months ago)
Another emissary that doesn’t know anything about the game, yay we are all having a blast! Lmao. Can’t blame you gotta do what you gotta do to grow your Chanel pointless video but hey that’s why you were pick to make a video fun fun fun game was cool awesome lols
Tigger Tail (5 months ago)
This game is such garbage. We already have ESO and GW2 and WoW and BDO and Final Fantasy 14. This game can not stand next to any of the above mentioned. I have to be really really bored out of the other ones in order to even consider checking this game out. Boring, boring, boring
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
No one knows anything about the game.
Ronald Lukito (5 months ago)
they try to hide the deep DARK TRUTH!!well bye bless
Gared Kain (5 months ago)
So. I'm not a sub. But I've frequented your vid's and I must say I've enjoyed most of the ones I've clicked in the past. This is disappointing to me as a viewer coming to get info from a content creator. Most of the "Unclear" stuff I've been seeing from the "Emissary" creators is a fear of P2W. And the cash shop. And the lack of it in the press coverage. Sorry but BDO didn't have a "Convenience" cash shop. And that is kinda what it is sounding like here. I'm hoping I'm wrong but this video just sounded like you throwing shade at other Emissaries for voicing concerns while you comment on how fun it was to wipe. That and as a viewer seeking info this.. This gave none. Other than you had fun wiping, got help from people you wouldn't help, and are tired.
Gared Kain (5 months ago)
There is plenty of info out there that is public and plenty of detail you could have gone into even if you only had 10 minutes to play. Did combat feel smooth to you? Did you like the look of the gear you had? Did you get to see any of the pets/mounts? Anything can be a pet supposedly did anyone try/talk about taming? I want to clarify I'm not asking for info that doesn't exist. I'm just asking you to be real about the game. You never covered how evasive everyone was being about the cash shop. The game is out in two weeks. At this point the scariest thing for gamer and Emissary alike is completely unknown. Talk about the fact it is unknown and throw that shade at the game instead of throwing shade at other streamers and content creators for actually representing the concerns of the community.
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
No one knows anything about the true game. We got just a very small very specific slice. All the videos you see have schema probably from the JP version so speculation mostly, or just reiteration and regurgitation of the little bit we did get to play.
Allen Aliens (5 months ago)
Skylent Games cuz you don’t know anything about the game that’s all just one of those many emissary that got pick that’s all
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
I can't give you information that doesn't exist. This video is described by its title.
Azure The Gamer Kobold (5 months ago)
You know i recently went back to WoW after like a 4-5 year hiatus, and instantly was kind of turned off when i realized...that all dungeons were brainless and was no skill or thought involved.... it really made me miss old school mmos, and i really like bless in many ways from what i'm seeing. but atm only thing keeping me from buying it is lack of player trading... and yet seeing the dungeons are sane, and take some thought make me want to play it all the same... i'm still on the fence though until i see more.
TricksyKitsune (5 months ago)
Have to remember that they are no longer under a publisher. What a publishers job would have been is now being handled by them on top of their developing. Not to mention the language/culture barrier. They had to get a American company to setup the event, and they are the ones that really fked it up for them. They seemed like they genuinely cared, even the president of the company flew from Korea to meet the people. That is really promising and odd really. I also think they are thinking of this as a early access/soft launch. Where they will listen to feedback from players and emissaries on any problems, and changing the marketing model completely to fit our countries values fits into that mindset of needing time and more feedback. We shall see. Just wait if your hesitant.
Paul H (5 months ago)
This video was pointless.
GodsGunman (5 months ago)
Remember the day you uploaded this video, because it's the day you turned into a sellout. It's blatantly obvious that half of this video is an effort to make it look like you're not hating on Neowiz, in an effort to not get on their bad side. People go to this channel for hard truths and facts, not sugarcoating bullshit. You have let down your core audience.
TricksyKitsune (5 months ago)
you are juust saying he is a sellout because he does not share a straight up pessimistic view of the game like you do... All he said here was that he had a good time and thought many things about the changes seemed good, and that there were mistakes on both sides in presenting the event and them preparing for it; That because of these issues, there is a big amount of confusion, mix ups, and lack of understanding on things. As in, it is not as bad as it seemed, but there were definitely issues... So I don't see the ass kissing, just a honest opinion on the situation. You just disagree based on your feelings on the matter and call him that childishly...
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Lol then youll love my next video that just goes over everything wrong with the game. Think what you want though, I wasnt paid for any of this.
Jonah Veil Gaming (5 months ago)
Good video, nice meeting you homie, even if we don't agree on everything ;)
Three60Crusader (5 months ago)
California is the homeless capital of America. Either way thanks for the honest review. I’ll be giving it a shot.
Zoki (5 months ago)
we know you were tired and we very appreciated this thankyou for doing videos for the game to inform us.
MamisNovaClass (5 months ago)
"I'm a black sheep" 2 seconds earlier "I don't see other YouTubers as friends" You can't be an outcast if you cast yourself out. No one is going to trust or work with someone who see's them as competition.
MamisNovaClass (5 months ago)
Skylent Games having different opinions is very good, especially in the criticism business. I don't know your experience with other Youtubers. I'm just saying you might be over thinking it.
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Eh, if you read some youtubers comments here youll see I have a different view from most.
yuufarlc (5 months ago)
you are maybe one of the only emissary that knows anything or cares about this game
iWrathG (5 months ago)
i am beyond hyped for this game, been following it for a while. just subbed, cant wait to see more Bless content
micheladax (5 months ago)
As far as i know the salt about the game release is not by the lack of content shown during this event , is the fact that the company hide the cash shop, the ridiculous prizes for the founders pack ( a lot of people will say that you don't have to buy those versions, that you can simply play the game with the 30 dls prize but still feels that you will be completely underpower in comparison with the people that buy the founders version), is the fact that the game seems that will have p2w mechanics even when the game was advertise as the opposite.
Ryan Aaron (5 months ago)
Think people are going to buy this game ,but neowiz need to be more clear and help cool the fires.
cjase6267 (5 months ago)
Bless is one of those games people hype so hard, then two weeks after it releases you never hear anything about it ever again.
Mage Art - Green Dragon (5 months ago)
Thank you Skylent. I knew it. People just get salty for no reason.
Emcredible (5 months ago)
Not sure if been released or ive missed it but when can i buy the founders packs for this
CallMe Dumpie (5 months ago)
they start selling them on the 28th of May
somesid (5 months ago)
Great video, great feedback, good criticism : no fanboyism, no stupid bashing, great Emissary job
Undertanker Video (5 months ago)
This feedback/inside opinion is exactly what I feel the community needed to hear and I hope it reaches more people. As a person who's been following Bless and wanting it to come to the west for a couple years now, I feel the presentation of the event was very off-putting. Thanks for the reassurance, and look forward to the 28th. Now for the Million Dollar Question: Team Red or Team Blue?
Undertanker Video (5 months ago)
Hell Yeah
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Daniel Oppenlænder (5 months ago)
Who cares about pvp :D
michael sitko (5 months ago)
this game looks like shit. nothing new to innovate and improve the genre. this game will fail like it has everywhere else
Wassabi Eeh (5 months ago)
i hope they make the UI a bit smaller.
The Pure Healer (5 months ago)
Please let it be on console ;-;
negan28 (5 months ago)
a freaking elephant mount , i'm sold
itsZiz (5 months ago)
Such a great pleasure to meet you, keep up the great work my friend!
Nickolas Aday (5 months ago)
Hey man, so I’ve always been a healer or tank in mmos and Im curious is guardian fun or is it lame animations and stale. And is paladin more damage then healing cause in the gameplay I’ve seen paladins swinging a lot in fights.
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Depends on playstyle with stances chosen. You can full dedicated heal or you can damage / cc and heal. You have a few tools that let you get away with a few things but I imagine high level paladin is just healing but who knows.
Canny 7x (5 months ago)
I was expecting more from the 'Event' and I had specifically chosen to watch your twitchstream. But that didn't work out at all like I had hoped. Of course I don't blame you for that set of circumstances. I also think lots of people are just looking for any reason to hate (and it doesn't matter what it is...). In the end its all good I'm ready to try Bless. I'll reach my own conclusions because that's what I've always had to do.
Dustin Pope (5 months ago)
Glad you had a good time, still looking forward to playing this for sure.
Adrian (5 months ago)
I really wish they would not remove the pay shop for this streaming event and it's one of the things all the players are most concerned about and not being willing to say if exactly what the premium gives just saying "convenience" and dodging going into details... it's not exactly good signs
RakishRuuk (5 months ago)
I personally am willing to give them a little bit of slack. This is not your normal publisher event where they have done it before and know what they are doing and what people want / expect to an extent. This is NeoWiz the developer self publishing this game, There are going to be some hiccups when it comes to publicity. Which is also why I think the Emissary Program is the smartest step they have made for publicity so far. Now it's just a matter of Neowiz learning what tools and information the content creators need. I will however say that I am concerned about the Founders packs, not the pricing but the "premium membership", especially as there has been no statement as to what the "premium membership" actually entails or means.
Keane SN. (5 months ago)
dude! I was waiting for your video. Excited to hear your take on event. So after some thinking I decided to wait until after release. There are just so many uncertainties right now.
Random (5 months ago)
I just wished that they had done this a bit more properly. It felt like this whole press event was more to hype up the game than to give out any real information. Everything I've seen and heard was through word of mouth rather than actual facts. Game looks great and I can't wait to play it but I just hope that they provide more information regarding things mentioned in the event on their website
André Brito (5 months ago)
once again thanks for the honesty. at least you say it straight up you guys dont know s**t, and thats important. but im kinda disapointed because im hyped about this game and unfortunatly i think its going to fail. too much hype and its taking too long to come out.
Ron Harris (5 months ago)
Was there information in the video that I missed? So far you think it "cool". o.k. Price? What is Premium? Missing Classes? Cash Shop? Did you ask any questions? Did they tell you anything? Wasn't this a news conference? And you make a video NOT about the news? I don't understand...
egemen ozan (5 months ago)
Tho conference does look poorly handled. Doesnt mean the game is bad. I wish they put more time preparing the conference, Mmo's suffer without enough hype
Gewyne (5 months ago)
Strange was it not the same event as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWM5BOiiuZg&t=4s ?
Shard Eboran (5 months ago)
Ron Harris go on steam info is there
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
You missed the point of the video. There barely is news, that's the news.
IowanInChicago (5 months ago)
The fact that in every video I've seen of the event they are hiding the cash shop and using the phrase "convenience items" and not really giving any details about what that entails worries me greatly. The gameplay I've seen looks fun but they are being really cagey about information which is really worrisome.
The Life of Kai (5 months ago)
Same here. That is really my main and only concern so far. Feels very similar to BDO. Beautiful gameplay, riddled with HUGE pay for convenience items that is almost required. but, "not needed" so "not pay to win". Like how "Lootboxes are not gambling".
ZeroHxC07 (5 months ago)
IowanInChicago I smell some trion/ pearl abyss shenanigans
joeynuma (5 months ago)
i want to know how their gonna handle their open world content because yes their dungeons are really fun and the later ones are dark souls lvl of difficult i dont really care too much for pve you can get some decent gear in dungeons and raids with different stats however the best gear in the game doesn't come from dungeons and raids so before people panic about the extra dungeon entry is not p2w because the best gear doesnt even come from dungeons secondly the 2 top biggest successful games are sub based
joeynuma (5 months ago)
Tac_Reso they shouldn't have to if they do pve as a side Thu f to so or for pvp that's fine but people need to stop expecting a game to change for them. if I went into a pve game and asked for pvp people would lose their mind yet pvers go into a pvp game and do the same
Tac_Reso (5 months ago)
Quality over quantity- 90% of MMORPG's in general are cookie cutter, and sometimes people want something new. For people who want a proper PVE experience there isn't that many good options that aren't past their prime. Just because the game is PVP focused doesn't mean they can't make a proper PVE experience.
joeynuma (5 months ago)
Because its a pvp focused mmorpg if you want a pve game go play a pve game theres 1000s of them already made in fact there are more pve focused games then pvp in mmos I respect people who play pve and thats their choice but pvers need to stop going to pvp focused games and expecting them to rework the game or to make it pve focused for them for those that want to run dungeons and raids they can get dungeon and raid gear for that purpose as its better suited for that however for people who need protection against player damage and better gear etc is put into pvp gear because the game is supposed to be verry pvp focused its so bad people complainging about pvp in pvp based games that in overwatch there were people complaining about not having a pve focused mode IN A HERO SHOOTER people are also doing it now again with camolot unchained before its even out and again with crow fall people also did the same thing with archeage wanted it to be pve when it was a pvp focus game im sorry but if you want purely pve with no pvp elements go play ffxiv,Eso, Gw2 etc its like me going into street fight and me complaining its a fighting game
Tac_Reso (5 months ago)
I am all for making PVP proper but as long as it's not needed for meta gear at end game because although PVP is cool and should be encouraged for those who like PVP, some people really don't want to do it but some MMORPG's feel the need to lock important gear behind it which is all I hope doesn't happen.
joeynuma (5 months ago)
one of blesses problems is pvp isnt forced enough 100 vs 100 is and how 100 vs 100 was handled on ru and kr is garbage and timelocked its just a large zerg fest Basil gorge aint much fun either sure at first it is but it wears thin most of your pvp experince will actually happen alot while lvlings and then again at basil gorge but the game doesnt do enough to encourage players to get back out in the world so im hoping they throw in more pvp content in the game to keep it fresh which they have yet to do in korea
The King (5 months ago)
What is so special about this game?
Jason Rich (5 months ago)
Its an MMO ass MMO. Nothing really special. Typical MMO Tropes. It has pretty much everything except player trading to keep black market and gold spamming down. Upgrade skill system is what im looking forward to. That being said, the best part about a new mmo is experiencing it with other players and the exploration and discovery of all the new stuff.
Andrew Crawford (5 months ago)
From the reviews I had seen I was about to give Bless a pass, but seeing your post I have renewed optimism for the game. May 28 here I come.
Goodborn (5 months ago)
This game is so overrated fml... awesome vid tho
Brian Knieling (5 months ago)
Archeage 2.0
Robert M (5 months ago)
Rest up Mr. Ient
MonkAPunch (5 months ago)
why have a membership system in a by to play game- that's just dumb its either one of the other- then again my opinion is from what I just saw around- hopefully you can make a video about their business model soon. those prices were a bit ridiculous
Vincent Valentine (5 months ago)
I saw that you need scrolls to tame things in the game. Does that mean it will be something that you will need to buy from the shop for real money?
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Craft but you might also be able to buy.
Dylan Watts (5 months ago)
Based on what it sounds like, they are hiding a lot of the game on purpose. This could be good but from my experience it usually is bad. A: They had you in a high level dungeon, bypassing potential super grinds just to get to that point B: They didn't let you see the cash shops or anything, which could hide pay to win mechanics C: They didn't let you read the tool tips first, meaning what you played could change heavily (little memory on skills) So as much as it is getting hyped, the fact that they had hid parts of the game is worrying
s w o r d s m a n (5 months ago)
Are you gonna review the Hellbound Remake, it's free on steam and it's really fun
skyjumper Gaming (5 months ago)
I still think bless is going to fail. It's going to be the next ArcheAge.
Halbarz Felarrow (5 months ago)
Hi Skylent, Thx for the video it's good to hear you had fun and as always your honesty is what we come for ! If possible please make a video regarding the packs, membership and etc as here there is a lot of misinformation and sadly Neowiz their PR/marketing team is kinda .... *facepalm*
Bowman (5 months ago)
Hi Sky, thanks for the video. You're right, it was a disaster on this end. I also wanted to say that only some of the emissaries there should have been picked in the first place. The whole thing looked unprofessional and it started with the many of those they picked. Then it was the presentation itself. There are also a lot of questions that they should have been prepared for and had better answers than "convenience". The cash shop should've been shown. The $200 pack isn't a good value. Either raise the number of lumina, add a special looking mount or pet, but do something other than a title that should read "Idiot" instead of "Founder". There's plenty more, but I think you have either heard it already or just know. Get some rest and thanks again. I don't see a link to your twitch account here.
Joshua Gerber (5 months ago)
hi im a content creator, i got free stuff, now im saying game is nice ~ content2018
egemen ozan (5 months ago)
Joshua Gerber lol he liked this
matthew reid (5 months ago)
The combat is more limited now alot of the combos don't make sense and they are set combos you can't make your own that's the biggest problem not to mention the founder pack prices insane for 2 days head start. And nothing about the cash shop also the premium service there is some stuff in there that is very vague
tunzaaoe (5 months ago)
We as viewers (i think i can say this for all of us) didnt feel the "epicness" of this event. Jumping from one stream to another to catch as much info as possible, no emissary asked "real legit question" about the premium, noone asked really nothing worth. As i recall just one did a legit question about the gem conversion being a bit p2w, to dev, this dev response was shady, like real shady, something like "you think so? Then a korean dev run to this streamer saying it was a random drop from all mobs and stuff like this. TBH all the press event was kinda like "hide all the shady thing" event, and nobody is giving us the real answer. The real thing. And this is killing the hype for us. Thanks for listening and the video, keep it up.
jscheetz03 (5 months ago)
So, is Hive as attractive as the rumors say? 😉
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
No comment. Not everyone wants to be in camera or known.
Kukwes VR (5 months ago)
Wait Bid on dropped gear in dungeons. I hope that just means a RNG Roll instead of who wants to spend the most.
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Zsokorad (5 months ago)
From the outside, this event came across as a complete disaster and the perceived unprofessionalism of Neowiz has really soured a lot of people on the game. --- One thing I'd like to say is of course you had a blast playing the dungeon when your party members are literally sitting next to you in real life. A game could be total trash and that would still be fun.
egemen ozan (5 months ago)
Zsokorad Thats quite a good point actually
SG Fernando (5 months ago)
Ask about a possible console version
Lilgamergrlie (5 months ago)
I’ve been waiting for this video! Also on SF—you must have been near downtown. It has a lot of homeless shelters and so the homeless congregate there. Lol please don’t characterize the city until you have actually explored it please :)
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
It was a cool city! But I'll always have issues with most cities in America. I wish I could just travel to each one and review them or irl stream them. That would be my ideal job honestly.
Lilgamergrlie (5 months ago)
Skylent Games haha that’s because in California no one takes transport 😅 But hopefully you don’t hate it out here! That way signing events can happen in the bay! :)
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Ive been to a lot of cities, San Fran has aging infrastructure. The rail system needs an overhaul as 1 example.
tanmay joshi (5 months ago)
This is fun
PasOdMater (5 months ago)
I really appreciate your honest opinion.
LordMidichlorian (5 months ago)
If I got it right from one of SerMedieval's streams, the three choice for combo only comes after the first attack? That felt a bit disappointing as I hoped to have choices at each step. However I think I can sort of see what they're aiming for with it and with the no autoattacks and I believe it will be fun combat.
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Well you choose from 3 abilities first then from the combos.
Greg (5 months ago)
Hi Skylent. This amor is a costume or amor?
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Armor. There will be costumes though.
Bosko X (5 months ago)
Hiding Bless is not a good sign for the future -.-
Ivan Bayum (5 months ago)
Sight, it starts just when the project im going to play with my homies on. But we will see if the feedback about Bless is going to be good ill go for it for sure. The challenge in early game is a... bless? Sorry. Also taming every creature in the world is neat. Looking forward to your post-launch content man.
Blahidontcare11 (5 months ago)
Can't wait to hear the coming updates. I really like this transparency and how open you are with your audience.
Cheers (5 months ago)
The gameplay is cool as you said, a lot agreed to it, but the cash shop and the "convenience" items are getting everyone worried. We are just scavenging for scraps when it comes to that aspect, hoping for the best because we already know the game is B2P + it has a premium subscription, and you know that a B2P P2W is a big no
Random (5 months ago)
Ak4tsuki-kun totally agree with you. Look at gw2 its a b2p game with cosmetic things for sale, as well as gathering tools but your doesn't give you any additional boost. They do great, make lots of money too. I just hope that the convenience items are similar in bless.
Cheers (5 months ago)
Joshua Williams yea I completely agree with you, those who pay & support the game should get better things like cosmetics, inventory space, house features maybe even exclusive content. But the game is B2P which means everyone should have equal footing. I really hope this premium service is purely cosmetics because a B2P P2W is disgusting in my opinion.
Joshua Williams (5 months ago)
I honestly wish people would change their mindset with "Premium services". It should be the least of their concerns, as supporting a game through a subscription, a person who pays every month should get better benefits than someone who doesn't want to contribute as they play on the server, get content for free and are not limited or blocked from going forward. I think a big thing people need to look to is that this is not a SANDBOXED MMO (ArcheAge / BDO) nor does it focus to have an endless progression. We have caps in this. Now subjectively those who do pay, they may not have near as much time as the kid who gets off from school, A successful streamer who does nothing but plays this game. Hell if you really want to be balanced on it. You may as well give us a timer for how long everyone can be logged in to one character so no one can go beyond each other. I will say the thought of the Cash Shop does make me curious as that is where you'll see the "P2W". From the sound of it so far, it sounds like you can buy benefits of the subscription without being on subscription... I'm not sorry to anyone who wants the same treatment for being a freeloader and that includes myself. EDIT: Also if the cash-shop represents anything close to the explanation, this dude gives - I am not one bit worried. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWM5BOiiuZg
Adras Adraki (5 months ago)
Im sceptical about their interviews and what would be "convenience" to them.
Random (5 months ago)
My thoughts exactly lol. I just wish that they will provide more info soon
steve miller (5 months ago)
Adras Adraki Yeah. With them pulling a sub out their asses at the last minute this is now on the wait and see pile. No player trading is a big deal but I can live with it but if the sub offers any advantage, including xp and gold boosts then I’m out.
Oscar Espada (5 months ago)
I want to play thls game so hard but I dont evevn have the minimum requirement. I have a FX 8350 black edition, 8 ram and a nvidia 750 ti =( gg for me. Thats tbe problem to be poor lol
Sage Pirotess (5 months ago)
You know. You say you streamed ftom phones. I never understood why a content creater in this scenerio would do this. They do have glasses with video xamera built in. As you sit at a pc or standing talking to a dev or such. This is what you should use. Used them at gstar 2017 with air. I had best footage.
moody just (5 months ago)
So in the end buy bless or not ?
moody just (5 months ago)
GW2 is awesome i never doubt that my friends bought it for me in my 19th Birthday and they have it already and we have had a lot of fun playing it i mean i tried bless before and it was really bad this why i am asking if the new changes made it better or not because in the end no one wanna waste his time and about they didn't show the cash shop kinda weird because as i remember they said sth about boosts and this is kinda P2W for me so i think i need to wait 28 may and see when any one do a review of the cash shop and the total gameplay
sallee132 (5 months ago)
4 years ago i heard that GW2 is bad game,that is dead game that i should not buy,i ofc didn't listen and bought game,i still play it and its the best MMO i played so far(after WOW long long ago).I heard after that that ESO is dead,i ofc bought it and had fun for months,if i ever listened to those whiny crybabies on internet,i would prevent myself of having years of fun with those games.Now ofc,im not gonna listen to community and i will buy the game,if it sux,i will just stop playing it,at least i won't let any1 else to tell me what is good and what is not or what should i play or not.
moody just (5 months ago)
playing with people you want to play with is more fun you know you can play a great game but when you are solo you will really leave it this why i am asking i tried bless when it was free and i got shit about game combat and everything and i am asking him because as they said the new combat and everything i didn't try it but he did this why i am asking
sallee132 (5 months ago)
Why you even ask that question,it is something that is on you to decide,don't be a sheep that wait for some1 else to decide it for you.
Salyhin Chowdhury (5 months ago)
you say "to an extent" a lot
Alfred Bars (5 months ago)
Well... Skylent, i´ll gonna give you sometime on this, because, you posted this one hour ago and tired, so no need tu rush this, but well, i follow you because, you normally have a lot of hype about games, but you really hit on the spot in all the bad and crappy things in every game, but here you are being really soft, so i´ll give you the time to rest, send down the hype and come back as objetive as you are, i´ve been seeing other youtubers content about bless, and they are destroying it, well just from the get go with the 40/70/200 usd "packs" for the game (i said in a comment in a previous video, that it will be a milking game) after you buy the game, you have "VIP" service, if it works like in the japanese server, extra exp boosts and extra access to dungeons (more PTW) so, neowiz is doing all what they said they will not be doing, still 15 days to game launch and already a lot of youtubers are killing it, and as you were there, and you are saying that it was all cool and fantastic... so in resume, you need to pay at least 40 usd for the game, to get a 2 days headstart and 30 days of premium, so if you want to compete or keep up you nee to keep paying the monthly "VIP" subscription, so they are giving a double speech in this, because was suposed to be a buy to play game, now is a buy to play (with no official price) and a monthly subscription, so.... why iam gonna pay 40usd for a 2 days headstart with 30 days of premium, when i don´t know the real price of the game, because, the game can cost $10 or $100 but i don´t have the option to choose, and in my experience if you don´t have the monthly subscription in a game it gets really hard, grindy and no rewarding unless you have the "VIP" subscription, so please give me some of your thoughts on this
Gewyne (5 months ago)
You can wait until after launch, see how things go/reviews and buy the game 2 days later for 29.99. The XP boost, we are not even sure if it's going to there, but if so it's 20% boosts. In context you can tame a in game pet for free that can give you 150% xp boost. Your 37 years old, how about acting it and not going on a rant, especially a lot of it unfounded, hearsay, rumour or just outright lies. If your worried, wait a couple of days, and if it's not for you don't buy it, you know the adult thing to do (or edit your posts, take out your age, so we can just assume your a emo kid gamer and discount the rant).
Gewyne (5 months ago)
World of Warcraft you buy the game, has a cash shop and a monthly sub - they seem to do ok - but maybe you can take your concerns to Blizzard and who knows, maybe they will see the light and change things.
Christian Torres (5 months ago)
Im staying away from this until I hear more info about it..this game has failed 3 times already even as a ftp title, its better to be cautious.
rawrr Scarlesun (5 months ago)
Exactly, when math is done 200$ is a great deal, but people are just too hurt and afraid that they just go crazy for no reason. I will buy it cuz I want to gift someone the game, so this is really cool cuz I don't just buy another game, I also get some added goods.
rawrr Scarlesun (5 months ago)
or my field of the job is economics and yet again you are overreacting in your statements giving me some labels. That's not the way things are done, my friend. All I want is that these accusations towards the Bless Online team and 200$ deal stop unless real information provides differently. They give this game unneeded harm, and that my logic can't accept. I do not care about the past, I do not care about what someone else did, that is not the way to look into things. It is here and now, and the information which is present. No guesses, they don't do any good, they don't have any real and solid backup yet to be taken serious and true.
WilsonAndTiger (5 months ago)
Thanks so much Skylent games for giving ideas for my game!!! Can you test it out for me wants it's done!? That would mean so much to me!! Also I love Bless soo much!!
Touch of Chaos (5 months ago)
When do you believe that black desert online Mobile and RuneScape mobile would be coming out? Also what specs do you think our phones would require?
Touch of Chaos (5 months ago)
Professor Yasuo holy Shit nice
Professor Yasuo (5 months ago)
Touch of Chaos the requirements are listed on google.
Touch of Chaos (5 months ago)
DoubleSpoiler fuuuuuck what about phone specs? OnePlus 5t good enough?
compass (5 months ago)
I think BDO announced Q1 2019 for US.
Touch of Chaos (5 months ago)
Skylent Games fuck iPhones lol I wanted to know since my current phone sucks ass and I want to buy the OnePlus 5t
DC The Eyepoke Champ (5 months ago)
I've read that there won't be Player-Player trading allowed in Bless? That might be a deal breaker for me and many others as those sort of interactions are a large part of what make these mmorpgs enjoyable and sociable. Seems like a lazy way to just get rid of gold/spam bots rather than actually policing them. Idk everything i've read and seen in the latest videos about Blessed makes me fully understand why it's failed 2-3x everywhere else in the world.
Krisztian (5 months ago)
Skylent Games thats not true if you look at black desert for example you know you need personal trading else u spend hours binding on shit to even manage to get something from the market
foufoufun0 (5 months ago)
I think player trading is nice to help guildies while leveling. Aside from that, I agree that it isn't all that useful. The trading will somewhat work like Black Desert Online. No player trading and the auction house will have price limits to avoid inflation.
J. X. (5 months ago)
Skylent Games I have lots of friends and my older brother whom I play MMO's with. I can see why they do it but honestly, it is lazy. I would like to be able to help my friends and vice versa. I think the idea of no player trading is ridiculous...
Guest 2 (5 months ago)
@WalkMrJ just cos something isn't important to you doesn't mean its same for everyone, same like many players don't care about PvE others don't care much about PvP
WalkMrJ (5 months ago)
I agree. Playing MMOs since 98. Once they introduced the bazaar in EQ, the majority of people abandoned the personal trade system. It was useful to move items to twinks or friends. That's about it. With the genre moving to item levels and bind on equip, personal trading is pointless.
Chris Benn (5 months ago)
Sorry if you already made a video on this but what do you get from being an emissary other then being muzzled? I have seen YouTubers and streamers that got into the Emissary program but never signed up for it! You must get some good stuff that makes up for the muzzle?
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Exposure and networking, name in credits.
Crow Scarecrow (5 months ago)
Summary, "Everything was cool, seriously guys, believe me, the game is so cool, really, I'm telling you, it was very cool, trust me, did I mention that everything was super cool?"
TricksyKitsune (5 months ago)
He never even said that. He mentioned that there are plenty of good points, but there was tons of issues as well. Generally that because of the situation, not everything is clear as it should have been. Nearly half or more of the video were negatives about the event... Your just childishly focusing on what you want, and ignoring the rest.
egemen ozan (5 months ago)
Vincent Valentine ser medieval sad bad things altho not just bad things
Vincent Valentine (5 months ago)
Yea he has to say nice things. Every person that went to that event has not said one single bad thing about that game.
Tzͨuͪyͦuͧ (5 months ago)
ofc, he is not allowed to talk bad about it
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Didn't say that. I even said open world was barren. Dont misinform.
omar sameh (5 months ago)
Skylent i was thinking about Emissary rules and one of them is never talk bad about the game ,but don't you think if game make a mistake or bad at something you always say they make bad for us as warning ? so how you will gonna do that if you in contact with newoiz to not do it ?
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Can criticize the game constructively and be q voice for the community.
omar sameh (5 months ago)
Skylent you start gaining weight you better go to gym man
Ivan Bayum (5 months ago)
He is getting mass, not a weight lel.
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Im actually losing a lot of weight. You never seen me. I gym.
Xersie (5 months ago)
any news abt the premium thing? hope its not a pay to win factor
Shockingbeard (5 months ago)
get well man! i knew you are the one to bring the best out of that weird press event.
uliy cezar (5 months ago)
I am in
JonahNator Gaming (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info bud. I’ll be watching you play as for a reference to see if it’s worth buying, and I thank you for that also.
Logai Mathais (5 months ago)
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Super tired but, everyone is spitting out videos and I wanted so say some words. I have way more coming; lets have fun.
egemen ozan (5 months ago)
+Minh Cao $30 base price
Minh Cao (5 months ago)
Skylent Games will this game be free?
egemen ozan (5 months ago)
Even though you were tired its good that you chose to still make this. Post conference should get some extra views and subs
Aka Kills (5 months ago)
Really looking forward to bless! As I'm sure a lot of people are. I just love when new mmos come out. MMOs die fast and im just looking to make some new friends and have some new adventures in a new world!

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