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Shroud Plays - Realm Royale (June 6, 2018)

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Text Comments (2248)
Fluskar (5 days ago)
This game is dead now LUL
Iancreed8592 (6 days ago)
How does he not get what the chickens are all about...jesus dude its fuckin obvious stfu alread he's really good, but so cringe to watch.
Time Flies (8 days ago)
theres bots in this garbage game thats why
the one the only (10 days ago)
Wtf is with the chicken
Lukáš Omasta (12 days ago)
i just cant see your video bcs you jump all the time like fucktard
MLP.A-Len (21 days ago)
It looks the fuck like Paladins, and paladins ain’t even original. It’s the Overwatch rip off version!
Akash Mishra (1 month ago)
U r my favrouit gamer dear..
Eshaw Mohammad (1 month ago)
does he know there is mount
HypeStreet (1 month ago)
dbone024 (1 month ago)
Yes shroud, you're fragging.... You're a professional gamer on a very unprofessional game.... Lol you just ruined everyone's good time out there that game.
King Sisyphus (1 month ago)
Complaining about a game in alpha.
Derek Zinzow (1 month ago)
Why would you dono 500$ what a fucking idiot
qiamdof 112233 (2 months ago)
Its like you crawling in pubg and wait for revive
Spoon Kyah (2 months ago)
Chicken gun? Ima call it the cock gun now
pikaboo (2 months ago)
"This game literally rips all the sound effects straight out of Paladins lmao" ITS THE FUCKING SAME GAME ITS OBVIOUS TF
A Dogtor (2 months ago)
41:00 he stole the armor lmfao
Missing k1ng (2 months ago)
21:12 what you got you got shit
Anonymously Stranger (2 months ago)
he fucking god on everygame
Flinkerwolf (2 months ago)
Nice, check out my realm royale montage too:)
Realm Royale Watchers (3 months ago)
Nice video dude! Thumps up👍
how the fuuck??
mratg (3 months ago)
Realm Royal is just another bad graphical, easy to make, get people to pay for pixels, game. This is just fucking Fortinite. Its so fucking stupid that people play this bad crafted game. Look at the graphics, it looks like a PS2 game from 2005, but people are imbecile enough to play such retarded games. Its amazing. Streamers are just going for views as always, to get their children viewers pay with moms credit card.
Cringy Boi (2 months ago)
Realm royale is a great game and u suck
SaRMD911 (3 months ago)
you are insane shroud
Mathias Twerin (3 months ago)
ah dude stole shrouds golden armor and gave him purple hAHAha
AsuraFlame (3 months ago)
anyone see that one dude took his armor and played it off like you need this armor haha
Cosmic Fishy (3 months ago)
Do people team up on solo?
SuperSaiyan Slime (3 months ago)
I love how he was dissing it at first... And at the end of the game he's like "I kinda enjoyed that?..."
X-Tech Gam!nG (3 months ago)
Looks like Fortnite. Looks terrible.
Clifster (1 month ago)
its 0not fortnite dumbass
GemuTabi (3 months ago)
My 1st try here i got 2 kills only, 2nd try 1kill and i stopped play. but gonna return playing this game again.
crazy fructus (3 months ago)
this is the most obvious combination of paladins and fortnite
crazy fructus (3 months ago)
just realised its from hi rez so they may take the paladins part
RiffRookie 1397 (3 months ago)
The chicken animations so good
EleckwooPlayz (3 months ago)
they become chickens cuz play paladins
Your Name (3 months ago)
sv gì v
Klyden (3 months ago)
I wanna play this game and fortnite but i dont have a pc xD
lukas reineborg (3 months ago)
Lucian Andries (3 months ago)
Hero Landing... RIP knees! XD
ha ha (4 months ago)
He don't know what is happening but he is killing them all
CATATRON BOSS (4 months ago)
Realm royals is Paladins (Same company)
BattleRoyaleKings (4 months ago)
He's crazy good 🔥
souhail Zghal (4 months ago)
It's not 2018 f
sa my (4 months ago)
Fucking paladins battle royale
Leonardo Raposo (4 months ago)
lol!! you are funny bro!! WHY?! WHY DO THEY BECOME CHICKENS??? LOL!!
Michelle Steed (4 months ago)
He turned into teaposed man 😂 2:01
CEDAR (4 months ago)
no chat dansgame
God of the game
Jonathan Hilliard (4 months ago)
What sens.
TheRealTeal (4 months ago)
dkoi stole his legendary armor
ArmyWolve (4 months ago)
GG !!
Dormammu Bargain (4 months ago)
He cries so much...
MrGln85 (4 months ago)
what a shit game
Hthegoat (4 months ago)
its so boring that shroud is so boring
Alexhs Agkaliou (4 months ago)
G Franchuk (4 months ago)
41:15 i love how the guy just stole your legendary armor
Huuhhh another game like fortnite=forkids without T xD
xxxGpakos (4 months ago)
paladins + fortnite
xxxGpakos (4 months ago)
this game is a rip off of a rip off off of a rip offip off of a rip off off of a rip off
patrick ray (4 months ago)
Fortnite>Realm Royale>PUBG
Play Leuage (4 months ago)
Great first game man
Play Leuage (4 months ago)
I love that you become a chicken wen you get nocked out
Play Leuage (3 months ago)
CommandoJenkins (4 months ago)
Lol the robo voice said they ripped the sounds right out of paladins, well no shit, the same devs made the game.
KIDDED UHC (4 months ago)
It's made by the same company as Paladins lmao they be copying everybody game out here
Ethan Playz games (4 months ago)
2:27 he traded a green roll for a white roll
DJ-Spin MC-Decaz (4 months ago)
the chickens carry the chest equipment if u dnt kill the chicken the equipment player has doesnt drop
max kukharchuk (4 months ago)
Declined that friend invite.....:/
AlexTms (4 months ago)
At first try 7 killstreak. I was in the last 4 player.
Minh Lê (4 months ago)
Paladins ?
Big Kat Yo! (4 months ago)
that moment when you don't know what a T-stance is lol
Psycho77 (4 months ago)
i dont know rick look like fake
Jules Rey (4 months ago)
"the goobiest of goobers killed Solfty with Crossbow" is what happened to his teammate at 3:20
amir adam (4 months ago)
I think this game is better then fortnite
This is an incredible game! But my computer is too old and I can not play this game :(
Meustice (4 months ago)
I hope to have that good aim someday
A Walker (4 months ago)
Shroud is Legolas
FosterKid (4 months ago)
He dabs every time he jumps
Runny Szanboti (4 months ago)
Man, his first game. That was the most intense Youtube-gameplay I've seen in a while. :D Compelling stuff. Won $500 during that match, even!
Stick Man Frank (4 months ago)
50:55 the teabags are real
jay sullivan (4 months ago)
So, is he actually retarded or is this an act? Also, why do people talk like his aim is special? I'll give him the benefit of doubt and say he hasn't tuned it to something near what he's used to. There's no excuse for him thinking this is a BR game for casual play more than other BR games, though. I would rather this game have movement like Tribes Ascend instead of mounts, but at least it has mounts.
Silly Szili (4 months ago)
Hi-Rez copied another game yaaaay
ollybeans (4 months ago)
same with ur withdraw and stuff that is form sha lin
ollybeans (4 months ago)
they turn intochickens because they took some abilities from the actual paladins for example one of the supports ults is to turn people into chicken making them an easy target
Cameron Park (4 months ago)
Those arrow kills would make hanzo proud. dayum
sirgallium (4 months ago)
those bow shots damn
Helbringer Gamer (4 months ago)
love this game ...waaaay better then fortnite because i'm not great at the building option and omg the chicken is hilarious i died an turned into one and i hid in a corner an zoomed in on it and it look's like a crack addict lol sorry but it is funny Subbed oh and the landing is awesome the only thing i think when it happens is when deapool says " Super Hero landing "
Tyler Leurquin (4 months ago)
Oh my god fortnite 2?
shu ouma (4 months ago)
The sound, the game, the animation, menu everything is like paladin and its just change the game mode
MrBong (4 months ago)
always that gye is insane!
Tide Pods (4 months ago)
I think the chickens are like you are downed
Suspicious Suspicion (4 months ago)
T pose
MrProsternick (4 months ago)
41:06 my man yoinked his legendary chestplate LOL
Nicholai Fortunato (4 months ago)
"easiest game I ever played" "fuckk" "let's go" "i kinda enjoyed that" moments hahaha
Silly Rukus (4 months ago)
This streaming wannabe is annoying. Wish i can throw his equipment around and laugh.
Perez Right here (4 months ago)
so should i play this game now? :p - ex pubg player.
Tyronium (4 months ago)
Someone donates $40 and said "This game rips all of the sound effects off of paladins" -_- the game was made by the same developer
lyrasimo (4 months ago)
i m in the 5th game , i die after 2 minutes everytime ....wtf
Luis A. (4 months ago)
que clase de fornite mal hecho es este??
Nathan Wtk (4 months ago)
WTF HE'S A MONSTER. That bow snipe was fucking insane too, not just a hitscan god boyss
Choii Choiichaii (4 months ago)
Wow shroud is pro aimer hope try another game ros or anything else for fun...
adri (4 months ago)
For you guys who said this game is just another silly ripoff, let me remind you that Battle Royale is a genre (if pubg sue this game, i hope minecraft sue their ass), just imagine this game is like combination of mmorpg and battle royale, its a completely new concept, and imagine how fun it will be to have your own character which suit your gameplay preference, with so many different kind of skills combination for you to try
Perez Right here (4 months ago)
just like overwatch combining moba (dota 2004) + team fortress (1998) ? :O
cpaleop (4 months ago)
what a fucking player actually
John Fell (4 months ago)
I hope they never fix the T-Pose shit

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