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Top 20 NEW Open World Games of 2018

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It looks like there will be plenty of open world gaming in 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Here are the games we're looking forward to. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv 20 Shadow of the Colossus Platform: PS4 Release Date: February 6, 2018 19 Dual Universe Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 18 Biomutant Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: TBA 2018 17 Days Gone Platform: PS4 Release Date: TBA 2018 16 Shenmue 3 Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: Q3/Q4 2018 15 Darksiders 3 Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: TBA 2018 14 Skull and Bones Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: Q3 2018 13 The Crew 2 Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: Q2/Q3 2018 12 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: February 13, 2018 11 Praey for the Gods Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: TBA 2018 10 Anthem Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: Q4 2018 9 Crackdown 3 Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 8 Sea of Thieves Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: 20 March 2018 7 Monster Hunter World Platform: PS4 Xbox One. January 26, 2018 Release Date: PC Q3-Q4 2018 6 Kingdom Hearts 3 (sort of open world) Platform: PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 5 State of Decay 2 Platform: PC XBOX one Release Date: TBA 2018 4 Ni No Kuni 2 Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: March 23, 2018 3 Spider-Man Platform: PS4 Release Date: TBA 2018 2 Far Cry 5 Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: March 27, 2018 1 Red Dead Redemption 2 Platform: PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: Q1/Q2 2018 Bonus Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 Hunt Showdown Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 Ghost of Tsushima Platform: PS4 Release Date: TBA 2018
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Text Comments (3157)
gameranx (5 months ago)
Which of these are you looking forward to the most?
Olas G (17 days ago)
And the crew 2
Olas G (17 days ago)
Biomutant looks very cool
Jordan Moody (1 month ago)
Spyro reignited triology!
sai akhil katkam (1 month ago)
U listed. But i dont feel its in order
CowM8 (2 months ago)
PhoenxPlayze (1 day ago)
I know that I’m definitely looking forwards to kingdom hearts 3! That series is my childhood!
Riyan Khan (1 day ago)
is red dead redemption coming in pc
buzine meimun (3 days ago)
spiderman ps4
USUAC GAMES (3 days ago)
Bannerlord (pc,ps4,Xbox one)
MoarTea- (5 days ago)
HIGH ROLLER GAMER (6 days ago)
15:17 this is what i looking for
Ika 1009 (6 days ago)
Assasins creed Odessey??
Chris Musix (7 days ago)
I don't even know why I'm watching this - I don't want to play video games anymore.
JEFFERY KETCHUM (7 days ago)
Fallout 76
TECHNICAL INDIA (7 days ago)
Mysterytrollerhd! (8 days ago)
nr 1: just cause 4
Esteban Carrera (8 days ago)
Where's GTA 6 at?
otaku hime (8 days ago)
What is the thumb nail?
SR BROS (9 days ago)
nice video
Hades Q6 (10 days ago)
No vampyr really?!
How Big is the Map? (10 days ago)
Anthem will come out in 2019.
Pay Pal (10 days ago)
Fortnut is better
Kyle Wendling (11 days ago)
Flash forward to today and Red Dead has story content locked behind timed preorder paywalls LoL #MissOldRockstar
advanced gamer (12 days ago)
Gerome Death (12 days ago)
Is this for ps3
gammer zone (12 days ago)
gammer zone (12 days ago)
Ben Drury (14 days ago)
The crew 2 coming 26th June incase u were wondering, looks sick
Jamineye 11 (15 days ago)
looking forward to red dead redemption by so meny miles further than any of the other games although anthem does look good
BambiSox345 (15 days ago)
The crew 2 crackdown3
Silenced Glow (15 days ago)
I want Spider-Man on Xbox
iSpitDecay (15 days ago)
Chlöe Mörtez (16 days ago)
What about GOD OF WAR??
B Ses (16 days ago)
these are shit
arian fallah rad (16 days ago)
Mindy Dennis (17 days ago)
I wish somebody would make a sword art online game
Felipe Lopes (17 days ago)
I´ve already beat Farcry 5 and i´m gonna be honest... boring! the environment is pretty much the same during the whole game, I´d expect much more passion on characters and the story as well... I´m praying for the DLC redeem the original plot. Since Farcry 3 I haven´t seen a good evolution.
xX_K1ll3r_Xx (18 days ago)
Also no Green Hell in this Video...
valithevali (18 days ago)
Open World Gahms
SevenDeMagnus (19 days ago)
Hi. Will all Colossi be in it? That means 60+ Colossi instead of just 16. Shenmue III is the best 3D open world, the grandaddy of all 3D open world. God bless, Proverbs 31
Aleicia Love (19 days ago)
Hello what's your name
Orenthal Simpson (19 days ago)
Spiderman games are always repetitive and borong, anthem and monster Hunter look cool
Overether (19 days ago)
Shenmue... Meh. The sequel 's graphics look good, to an extent. The faces look stupid and some of it looks cheesy.
Mark Dice (20 days ago)
star citizen
Brandy Harris (20 days ago)
In biomutant the electric sword reminds me of ronins broadsword
Luis H (21 days ago)
For me is Red Dead Redemption 2. But Kingdom Come looks interesting.
Killer Cacturne (21 days ago)
I think I'm the only one who hated the naval battles in black flag
Karl Vincelj (22 days ago)
What is the background music in the first few minutes of the video ?
fuck red redemption for not doing it for pc, the visuals would be much better
Shooter (22 days ago)
The crew 2 is insane I played the aplha
SilverChariot (22 days ago)
Where the hell is god of war 4
GabeShort23 (23 days ago)
Lol anthem comes out in March of 2019, not in 2018. I was so hype too
Tandrias 88 (24 days ago)
Lol "ratchet the clank"...
Gottlieb M. (24 days ago)
Kingdom Come Deliverance makes SJWs cry rivers. I love it.
August Kenrick (24 days ago)
so much game, so little time
aaron donahue (24 days ago)
Hey it would actually be easier to move the solar system than to leave it. Use a dyson swarm to form a beam of light that propels the star from its orbit. Shit we could do it now if we built big enough
Where the hell is elder scrolls VI huh besethda HUH?!?!
GamerOfTheChi (27 days ago)
Spider-Man and RDR2!!!
Ghostfreak (29 days ago)
I really look forward to anthem but i try not to be too hyped cuz ea is working on it and chances of dissapointment are very high with it :(
Lord of Lorien (29 days ago)
Crew 2
Alice Stark (30 days ago)
Shenmue was the first open world I played many many years ago now. Really looking forward to its arrival
Ramon Sauls (30 days ago)
Still waiting for mount and blade
Game Playerr (30 days ago)
nice video 💗
warjames1 (30 days ago)
why is anthem not 20 it is an EA game
humphrey jones (1 month ago)
Its kinda funny how no one has noticed that this guy used Payback's trailer to describe The Crew 2😂😂
glDaNieLL (1 month ago)
Darksiders looks just like God of War woman version
Almir Preldzic (1 month ago)
RDR2, everything else is appetizer.
JSR (1 month ago)
I need a game that I can cut and stab people, and animals and trees and everything else. LOL *creepy*
Travis Tailwater (1 month ago)
Biomutant and you know it I got the gaming fever 😈 😱!
Christopher Craig (1 month ago)
they could do the entire world to scale; Wouldn't it be so cool to drive cross-country as fast as you want wherever you want?
Tim b (1 month ago)
Did anybody ever win farcry 5 clip?
Aniket Kumakale (1 month ago)
Gerald Martin (1 month ago)
If breath of the wild isnt on this i will kill myself
Bhushan Bagul (1 month ago)
Plz how to downlod pc game
Suhith Reddy (1 month ago)
I want it for android
Sphereslip (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 sucks
De Von (1 month ago)
Mmm... Why aren't any awesome looking games like these on the Switch? All I can find look like they're from the 90's or something...
Sal (1 month ago)
thanks for including shadow of the colossus
EnthrallingBass140 (1 month ago)
Wish there were more quality cyberpunk / dystopian future games where things aren’t post apocalyptic.
AstralCore (1 month ago)
Ni No Kuni 2 = Weebs Apocalypse
Kap9000 (1 month ago)
days end looks like black ops zombies
Alleyup1994USA (1 month ago)
You guys know whats the best open world game? Your life and what you make of it 😂
Awesome Beats Music (1 month ago)
The new god or war is open world I think
The Bomb Diggity (1 month ago)
13 really needed the Inception "boom" when that image showed the earth bend lol
fawaz alhenyan (1 month ago)
Darksiders 3 is not an open world game man.
Creator Stormer (1 month ago)
I'm ready for Mass Effect M33
captian sarcasm (1 month ago)
Western whating? Games are game east West? WTF
Elforlee (1 month ago)
isn't pubg considered a open world game?
Tutu (1 month ago)
Is it supposed to be spelled praey
Patryk Gasai (1 month ago)
U did forgot about Shadow of the Tomb Raider :<
Alex Buttler (1 month ago)
what's number 4?
Dr.Doodle (1 month ago)
1:12 "omg its in the title" hahahahahaha
Bino Dino Gaming (1 month ago)
Well it’s not new but it realised in 2018 it’s subnatica and I’ve played so much of it
Durrie McKnew (1 month ago)
Does Subnautica count as an open world game?
lkjyuiop (1 month ago)
Oblivion remake on PS4
Serkan Ünalan (1 month ago)
It's a shame no openworld crpg is developed anymore...
_ JDM89SI (1 month ago)
Heard you mention crisis do you think they will make a Crysis 4
roachxyz (1 month ago)
VisionEQ (1 month ago)
dammit, desiring some more modern day open worlds like GTA, saints row, true crime !!!! (but then again, rockstars most likely to start working on gta 6 after RDR2. meh
Sozen (1 month ago)
13:39 "ratchet the clank"
Luke Pawley (1 month ago)
Will they ever make KOTOR 3 :(
M G (1 month ago)
The title should be : The same games with different titl
NipSlick (2 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts 3 in the 6th position and Kingdom Come: Deliverance in 12th? C'mon you guys should know better that's messed up. And how about that Ni No Kuni? Wtf is that? At the 4th position? No way. But at least you guys got the 1st spot correct.
Di Džej Drukara (2 months ago)
bunch of crap...except realistic ww2 game.

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