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Patrik Liba (5 months ago)
what is destination without road to it? nothing getting everything for nothing i am bored so this is just cs go in star wars universe.every game has progress system lol has ranks cs go etc etc and this is for reason without it would you played it ?I think you would have no man sea situation and dead game after 1. week pretty bad way of thinking i can see about what is game in just look at it if it has no depth not point for me to even touch i am not someone who get something instantly be happy then find something different and repeat same thing over and over once you have seen/did something you would get bored from it.Situation like you would get 5 dollar now or 20 later and you choosed 5 dollars over 20 because you like it instantly then you find yourself instead of investing to something.Being happy by pieces for a brief moment and star looking for next 5 dollars over and over same thing such a primitive look at thing.If you had everything in 1. day of star wars for example would you bother to play it again ? for sure not you would be happy by playing it for few moment and then you would have been done with it and started playing it like cs go / lol ranked game nothing more or less.Would you played something if you had everything would you see point at all something behind 5 dollars instantly?
P Ariza (9 months ago)
Só na lanolina.
William Moore (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed the video and agree with pretty much everything you said
Jango Fett (10 months ago)
I agree with having to unlock the heroes. I mean it's the least we can do considering we don't have to pay for them, but having to go through that much grind to unlock them is not sustainable for the games future. Players will get tired of it before they unlock the character.
Christian Taylor (10 months ago)
Example: leveling up and grinding with your Charmander to level it up to a Charizard: a sense of accomplishment, buying crates in a store to get a Charizard is meaningless
dotdotdot (10 months ago)
I agree. Those kinds of players should get help!
hvd iv (10 months ago)
dont support ea and thair pay 2 win games.
Felipe Flores (10 months ago)
Even people that love to grind are seeing that. Seems that the games are all increasing the amount of grind exponentially. a tactic of retention to expose the player to more money spending time. Yes,is turning into AIDS for the game players.
Carl Jennings (10 months ago)
I usually get your point with most things Skylent, but i'm more confused about what exactly you're trying to say now, than i was at the start of this vid. I'm kind of assuming you mean to imply a difference between 'lootbox' style probability gambling, and skill based 'achievement' earnt through the aquisition of skill; but that doesn't come across well in your words, so please correct/clarify if that wasn't the case in point. The crux of all this is that statement from EA: "The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes". So many people down-voted this comment? Are they the same people that work hard at life in order to achieve Success, Money, Power, Etc? Are they REALLY upset that a statement 'claims' to hold those same idea of work hard and achieve success? Or are these 'downvoters' people who just stroll through life putting in minimal effort, yet expecting the same comforts as go-getters and hard workers? On face value, the statment holds true and fair; the issue with it (that i don't believe you fully covered) is that it's corporate speel and it's a clear avoidance of the real questions! 1) CAN this heroes by bought immediately through real life money, hence bypassing the sense of pride and accomplishment? 2) If yes, WHY is it available to be bought with real life money? 3) Is this hero balanced in-game, mechanically speaking? is it merely a vanity skin, or does it confer some special advantage beyond the scope of the other heroes? Hope you get the chance to read this (i know it's long) and have a think. 1) Grinding is unhealthy? Seriously? The virtual world, and the gaming world is made and used by humans, the same humans who live in and experience the real world. In a nut shell: the virtual world imitates the real world through the actions and behaviors of the humans who contribute into the system! You comment upon a few vices of the world regarding grinding, but didn't mention the more mainstream elements of real world grinding:- In the real world: Grinding is king, it is at the front of EVERYTHING we do!!! Work a 40 hr week, to pay rent and buy food; spend time and effort with romance, to develop a family and kids; To have a toned and physically fit body, you have to grind in working out; Create professional networks and business contacts, to get a better job and/or make more money. No-one i know of has ever spent 10+ years studying their arse off up to a PHD for non-financial reasons: Money, Power, Recognition and Prestige are all key motivators! Yet still, aquiring these 'achievments' in life does not simply guarantee success; it merely 'increases the chance' of success; yet we all follow those rules and play that game of life! I would say by the sheer numbers of humans who comply with these ideas, that in fact grinding is seen as acceptable and the right thing to do in life!!! In the gaming world: As long as i can remember (Late 80's) gaming has provided extra gratification through skill based achievment. Street Fighter 2 (1991, SNES and MD) offered extra ending scenes for completing the game on higher difficulty settings. Daytona USA (1994, Saturn) offered unlockable cars and extra track options for completing various skill based 'achievemnets' in game. Tomb raider (1995) had it's 'secrets' to find in each level. Project Gotham, NFS, Burnout, FF7, the lego series of games... I could list MANY games that offer incentives and rewards for time and effort put into aquiring skill at a game. I personally played WOW for many years, and much time was put into getting the best gear i could, the most Gold i could, the most non-combat pets, profession recipes, mounts, etc,etc. Much of which came throught completing challenging and grindy gameplay: Because i wanted the reward; i went out and earnt the achievement. The reason this concept, of skill-based achievement, is still around is because it fits in with most peoples expectation, and it is a successful idea! For those who talked with their friends about xbox gaming, how many 'achievement points' you had was ALWAYS about bragging rights. I can't see why anyone would/should be upset with skill/effort based acheivements in a game: If some other gamer is better/more skilled than me/you, then congratz and well done to them!!! 2) Financial monetisation of achievements is where the problems lie. When the power and recognition of Acheivements can be brought with non virtual currency (real life money) then the two systems (virtual world and real-life world) hybridize together, making a bastardised hodge-podge of muddy water. Who can tell if a gamer has genuine skill, has put in time and effort, or just has a large bank account? As we all probably know, the real issue lies with allowing actual in-game advantages to be aquired with real life money, Those who want a competitive, even playing field for competition are denied that ability through situation they might have no actual way to compete with. In the real world; This seen as Corruption, and it's globally condemned! Clearly, the world population sees this as 'wrong' as many, many countries actually have laws against it! If I avoid paying taxes to aquire more money, i'm in the wrong! if i buy performance enhancing drugs to win in athletics; i'm in the worng! If i pay a woman to sleep with me; i'm in the wrong! In the virtual world; most people are ok with it, as long as it's only Vanity/Cosmetic abilities. This cosmetic only idea of monetisation is acceptable primarily because it does not put people at an unfair disadvantage through reasons they cannot control themselves in game.
Hartmann (11 months ago)
I play several MMOS that require hours of grind. This makes sense since the game was totally free. Premium money was optional and I payed for the game because I enjoyed it. But that's more of an Free to Play model. I'm not NOT going to pay $60-$80 dollars for a free to play model that is extremely common inside free mobile games.
Salan156 (11 months ago)
Just thought i'd have to write something here, cause you call all grind unhealthy. You may see me as an unhealthy person, because I really do enjoy grind in certain mmos. It's fun for me, not just because I can unlock stuff after a while, but because it helps me take my mind of other things and relax. What really is unhealthy, in my opinion, is when you have a grindy game, but there is a way to shorten that grind by paying money. If everyone has to go through the grind, it's fine, because the players that like grindy games will keep playing. However if they introduce a copout by paying real money, they exploit those people who want to play a grindy game, but aren't fond of the grind and will instead pay alot of money to reach a certain point. In my opinion that is the only problem with certain grindy games. Then again, everyone has their own opinion, but I do hope you get where I'm coming from.
dremora lord (11 months ago)
Ea should be lined up, stripped naked, hands binded to a pole overhead, then shot from the legs up so they can feel every second of the excruciating pain they deserve.
tsalagi87 (11 months ago)
The way things are going people will just avoid any and all games EA has part of down the road because of their greed. If they try to do anything to even fix what they have done it'll be to late.
Gamer Wits (11 months ago)
SWBF2 is a mobile game played on pc.
Mathieu Latour (11 months ago)
You know what we use to unlock with achievement, hidden characters, not main characters from the story...
Kenny Flores (11 months ago)
Cuz grinding 40 hrs for a "HERO" is so much work. Fking entitled little children don't know the meaning of work. Millennials just want everything handed to them. If I recall, every call of duty, you don't start off with every kill streak reward unlocked, or every gun unlocked. Yes it's core gameplay but you have to grind for it. Even then it's a short grind compared to every MMO out there. 40 hrs is literally like 2 weeks of regular average retard 10 year old play. So you are saying 2 weeks of grind is too much? Even though I know for a fact I easily put over 10k hours into gears of war 2 and halo 3 although they didn't even have any grind involved.
Emilio M (11 months ago)
Kenny Flores You are forgetting one thing. A ten year old or older have responsibilities in life. Kids have to go to school and do homework, and adults have to work. Not everyone can afford to waste time sitting in front of a TV, while putting effort in a product you already purchased at full price. I played videogames since I was a kid, and I can say I played the games constantly because I wanted to, not because I had to ( grind). I can barely play video games now, given that I go to university. A game that makes me grind, consists of lootboxes ( probabilities), and a system that does not reward a good player is a no for me; others who are in a similar situation like me ( people with responsibilities) may instead pay more ( microtransactions) in order to enjoy the full potential of their product. If I buy a product, like a bed, I want to enjoy it whenever and however I want to enjoy it, and not with restrictions as if it was a service. Exp, you can only sleep in bed for 8hrs but if you want to have sex, you have to recommend and advertise the product, or buy in-store credits to unlock extra bed activities. It's ridiculous, just like people's argument when defending EA's greed.
onee (11 months ago)
Kenny Flores You miss the point. Assume you're an adult with a job. Do you honestly have the time to grind for 40 hours a week to unlock just one hero? I didn't think so. So, you're basically forced to pay for a hero, even though you already bought the game. This is like paying for a dating service. And after the initial pay you only get to see pictures of candidates, and you have to pay extra for their names, extra to see what their interest are, extra for a date, extra for their contact info, etc.
IlluminatiComfirmed 69 (11 months ago)
You do know that you start of with not even enough heroes to do a just heroes match if everyone also hasnt unlocked somethin. Also theres a difference between guns and core heroes that are key to the franchise as a whole.
Stefanos Abatzis (11 months ago)
Instead of money they could easily make you play the campaign and unlock some of the heroes by completing the single player on either normal dificulty or higher just like dead space two did by unlocking cooler suits ( or the same set but with LOTS of blood on them or recolor) if you play the game on higer difficulty THIS IS THE GRIND but EA being EA....
Rest Peace (11 months ago)
Acceptable amount of grind - Riddles of the first Batman game( yeah...the one in ps3 that nobody thought it would be a good game); stupid unacceptable amount of grind - Riddles in all the other Batman Games( Arkham knight its the top of the BS)..Everyone that defends Arkham Knight ( or any other grinding till you die game) true ending locked behind Riddle solution needs to be shot at sight...no help possible...About the "games need to make money"...for what do you pay almost 100$ for a COMPLETE GAME? oh...they make money, but they want BILLIONS in profit instead HUNDRED OF MILLIONS.....
Jay (11 months ago)
Great talk, thank you !
caykex/A.C.M. (11 months ago)
oh my god I've never seen so much karma in a single thread edit: holy shit and so much gold lol
backup368 (11 months ago)
_"We're fed up with it. We're done with it."_ As game sales boost.
Zudexa (11 months ago)
Honestly I feel kinda bad for the EA public relations team. They have to try to calm the community from what the rest of the company did and pretty much every time they just get shit on. I won't lie I've done it too, angrily tweeted or just plain got into contact with the PR team in some way just to completely trash them and the company when in reality they're just trying to do their job and probably get told what to say or a general outline of what to say. I mean they aren't the ones making and choosing the release date for the games or saying whether or not loot boxes should go in the game or not so why get angry at them? Doesn't change anything about the video, just thought about this since that record breaking Reddit post.
kos1piece (11 months ago)
You, Sir, just got my sub. Well said. I've been a video gamer for over 15 years and this is truly how I think about the current trend of video games as well.
Mega Waffle (11 months ago)
I play everything from Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley to Gears of War and Doom, a bit of "grind" to obtain something does add value to said thing. If everyone had it right off the bat then it doesn't feel as great to have. With that being said there is a difference in grinding for cosmetic items vs game content. What EA is sadly making a staple in the gaming market is locking content you paid for behind more pay walls or unreasonable grinding. I don't gamble in real life or in any capacity with real money, but I understand where the grind for something can be fun. However I also understand why its not. To sum it all up anything you have to grind for should be cosmetic only. Something to reward your dedication of time and patience without giving you an edge over more casual players. Gaming is for everyone and its not difficult to find that middle ground. Developers need to see that the community will give them their time and money if they can show us respect as people not profit.
viddy454 (11 months ago)
Ea is so fucking out of touch
Redlegs Greaves (11 months ago)
In general i agree with the stand, just want to point out that there are differences based on games. Some games are grinding games it exists and some people are ok with that, maybe they just like seeing how one hour of sword fighting gets you a +1 or where the mechanics of the grind itself are enjoyable. But when you start adding purchasable content which can give you a shortcut to get this done in 1 minute instead, then you are pissing over the achievement of the people that actually put in the labour. Then you have the general F2P games. There one has to be very careful. It is true that developers need to make money, but it is important that it gets balanced. Like Skylent explained there are professionals with just the job to analyze this balance, but again, as said, sadly 90% of the companies op for MAXimum profits. And lastly you have competitive games. Be it mobas/shooters/fighting games etc. Where the grinding should never be the main aim of the game, because it would be destroying its competitive nature. Especially if there are constant balance changes making a specific character your playing and used to farm for for weeks useless or forcing you to have to play own specific items to be effective. And lastly
SleepyReapersBed (11 months ago)
Grinding is not healthy? And we need help? or are you talking about gambling? Grinding is so fun it means i earnt this shit and practiced this shit to an extent im better than most players.
SleepyReapersBed (11 months ago)
I just have this opinion as i have been playing MMO's and MOBAs for a long time now and i quite enjoy grinds. Like old school COD getting the top guns in multiplayer or battlefield games the grinding for unlocking guns was fun to me (i use cod and battlefield as examples as we are talking about an FPS of star wars) ... And in terms of heros they are giving a team an advantage as they are stronger than a normal unit, so for me it would make sense they need to be grinded for as some of the heros in star wars are better than others.
Bakes 13 (11 months ago)
SleepyReapersBed ya I honestly don't think the players even know what they want here tbh
David PT (11 months ago)
Reddit is really going ham over this, I hope we achieve something if we voice ourselves enough
David PT (11 months ago)
It's a shame because the gameplay seems amazing
Spoicy Deemer (11 months ago)
They changed the hero prices from 20k-60k to 5k- 15 It's fixed! can you read basic news once in a while!
Spoicy Deemer (11 months ago)
I actually just went on a marathon and completed the campaign, I can say it's alot better than battlefront 1, (because it didn't have a campaign) and the original bf2 which was just kind of a narration game, just using the original story from the prequels to OT, best shooter campaign I've played since bo1!
Spoicy Deemer (11 months ago)
uh no its the same, 300-400 credits per game, still the same youve played yourself
driftracerr34 (11 months ago)
They also reduced point rewards by 75%, thus cancelling out the good changing the hero price did. Congratulations, you've played yourself.
Nick Spence (11 months ago)
These games are no different than gambling and that's the way EA wants it stay away from AAA its like sports games Battlefield battlefront titanfall 2017 2018 2019 2020 etc I still play Battlefront2 the real one game aged well this is meant to last a year. Screw this
Monique Legarda (11 months ago)
Yeah I'm not getting this one.
carlos rocha (10 months ago)
I’m paying 3 dollars to get so I’m still getting it
Soularous (11 months ago)
Monique Legarda you're missing out
marsil602 (11 months ago)
nearly at -600k now
Soularous (11 months ago)
Vader is only 15000 credits, not 60000, soooo the grind isn't that big anymore. Critiscm is nice, but stop losing your shit over pre release game features. This is a prime example.
Soularous (11 months ago)
cloudftw113 I'm sorry, when I wrote that, I was in a bad mood. I didn't mean to lash out. Yes you're right, but I still enjoy the game.
cloudftw113 (11 months ago)
Soularous First of all, rude. Second of all, I was stating what I read, not making an assertion about how valid it is. I never said, nor do I believe that the claim is completely true. I meant no offense. If anything, I’m more optimistic about this game than I arguably should be.
Soularous (11 months ago)
cloudftw113 'you read' ...stop fucking reading sources on the internet from people whining about this. I have yet to test it myself, but I've already gotten about 300 from it. Your problem is that you believe EVERYTHING negative said about the game, and refuse to accept any positive piece of news from some one who is literally playing the game.
cloudftw113 (11 months ago)
Soularous I read that the gains you can get from arcade are limited amount per day.
Soularous (11 months ago)
黃宇豪 I've been playing the game, I got 330 credits from one match, I'm pretty sure it's based on how long the match was. Plus, you can get credits from running the aracde stuff, your own custom arcade. If you set it up right, you can basically get 100 credits every 2 minutes
MrVisa1000 (11 months ago)
1 agree with you!
Adras Adraki (11 months ago)
So id assume when the time comes that you make a review about wow classic u gonna shit on it about the grind?
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
+Adras Adraki Likely. My othet reviews call out MMO too which I do in this video as well.
Red Raptor X (11 months ago)
2 you tubers who don't preach EA, i'm loving this! this is a good Monday night for me!
Red Raptor X (11 months ago)
holy crap that might make 4.
Elizabeth Gaio (11 months ago)
This game... is NOT fun. You're exactly the kind of player he just talked about. Great job buddy.
Soularous (11 months ago)
Red Raptor X as I said, you're missing out. The game is loads of fun and the MTs are just whatever lol
Red Raptor X (11 months ago)
when a company shoots it's self in the foot you expect them to not make the same mistake, EA made the mistake of shooting the other foot after their first fail.
Soularous (11 months ago)
Red Raptor X meh, you're missing out
Angel Guzman (11 months ago)
You got me thinking are current gamers having problem with gambling and are they developing addictive personalities, I mean the quality of gameplay and focus on the individual in single player campaigns has shifted now to multi-player E-sports and mricotransaction lootboxes or dlc. I mean drug user will say that drugs help keeps them focus or helps them with personal issues when in reality it doesn't it just make things more worse and you never help enable them. So my question is this should we listen to these types of people?
NoLand (11 months ago)
Well I have to skip this one as well. Rest in Peace Battlefront.
Soularous (11 months ago)
NoLand if you really wanna punish yourself, go ahead
Angel Guzman (11 months ago)
I feel pride and accomplishment when I kill a boss in dark souls, I feel great when I unlock extra features in a game when I spent hours and effort fulfilling certain conditions, hell I feel good when I pinch one off in the toilet but this shit just infuriates me.
Anonymous Anonymous (11 months ago)
The front page of reddit is now dominated by EA.
Vampirerockstar (11 months ago)
pride and accomplishment for spend $80 for a single character gtfo
Jobri (11 months ago)
700,000 cancelled presales don't lie. Microtransactions need to go!
Anon CO (11 months ago)
I love grind it's way I played ff11 for so long, so for me it's a dislike of micro transactions it creates the wrong incentive.
Jobri (11 months ago)
Anon CO thank you, so many people are missing the real point. Microtransactions are cancer for gaming.
Camila Arocha (11 months ago)
The last time I gave EA money was when I bought Diablo II back in the day, since then it has been nothing from me, and I am going to keep it that way.
Camila Arocha (11 months ago)
Hu, I had the idea EA owned Blizzard, but it seems I was mistaken, then I guess the last time I gave money to EA was never.
Keranen (11 months ago)
Blizzard made diablo 2 not EA
Google User (11 months ago)
Grind is okay. But if you can opt to buy it then it makes people feel cheated. I don't have an addictive personality so I don't spend anything on lootboxes. EA uses DLC waay to much and releasing just part of a game. THEN a game developer in EA games goes on twitter and starts being a smartass. This is why people are upset.
zaky986 (11 months ago)
and the cost of heroes after this community reaction, is lowered for 75%.... and ppl are instantly saying ohh nice now im gonna trust em now im gonna buy the game theyre awsome blablabla.... so to summarize.. they tried to fuck u over, and they expect from us to say what.... ohhh it doesnt matter now im gonna trust you u tried to fuck me over, im gonna trust you now... yeeeah riiiight, no tnx
IlluminatiComfirmed 69 (11 months ago)
They also lowered payouts by 75%
ayikart (11 months ago)
7 sheep dislikes
TheSky Reaper (11 months ago)
The problem with all of this that i want to play a new star wars game :(
Soularous (11 months ago)
TheSky Reaper then do it! It's fun!
Schnick (11 months ago)
Apparently they reduced all of the credit requirements for heroes by 75%
Schmeebo DasBaron (11 months ago)
Well said.
Dylan Watts (11 months ago)
I have a very anti-addictive personality, that I get enjoyment from actual progression and skill increase. Once a game runs out of that, I get bored and stop playing. There are few MMO's that are actually fun to play anymore because the only fun content is end game. I cant play most MOBA's because the skill ceiling is pretty low with a lot of content behind pay walls.
Dylan Watts (11 months ago)
Agreed, if you aren't going to be pay to win, you need to be pay for vanity otherwise dont bother
Soularous (11 months ago)
Dylan Watts Oh and also, there is progression, to unlock new guns you have to complete challenges. That's it.
Soularous (11 months ago)
Dylan Watts Meh, I enjoy it and I've bought a shit ton of skins. And honestly, if the loot boxes in BF2 had cosmetics, I might be sinking money into those too. As they are now, it's a waste to put money into them.
Dylan Watts (11 months ago)
I have, and I've had numerous hiatuses from it over the past 8 years. Only recently have I started playing for fun only because I have enough to not have to worry about grinding anymore. But this is after 400+ hours put into it. The only reason I didnt quit it altogether is that monetization is vanity only
Soularous (11 months ago)
Dylan Watts then you must have never played League...
Mike Young (11 months ago)
Most grinds are brought about by a players need to outdo everyone else by attempting to be first. This is followed by the follower types who need to fit in so they will grind it out to join in. Grinding is the great equalizer in gaming as most games are not skill oriented but are defined by how much mindless grinding you can stand. EA is just tailoring their games to milk these cash cows and the only way they will change is if we as a whole demand more and refuse to buy what they are selling. But of course, this won't happen most likely because there are always more cows to be milked. People will rage but if the masses are still playing they will be right along side them, mooing loudly and defiantly while they chomp the grass for 18 hours a day.
Cal Hollamby (11 months ago)
I like you more with every video I watch. I wish you were bigger.
Fred M (11 months ago)
... these are impatient and twitchy FPS players and or Star Wars fans..., Luke and darth Vader... THE MAIN PROTAGONISTS OF STARWARS? LOCKED BEHIND 40h EACH?!? That appeals about as much to either type of player about as much as you think it would... EA too big to fail, but my god does it need to fail EA needs to be brought to its knees for defiling and desecrating this industry, there’s money whoring then there’s this fuckery, opinions guys?
April-Rain (11 months ago)
it is a money grab, but some idiots will fall for it
Back Nforth (11 months ago)
"They didn't say the right words." EA new comment: Play the hard way or pay for the easy way F*CKERZ!
Werder Lork (11 months ago)
Lmao, that ending. "So, yeah, microtransactions done this way are bad and shit, now *give me money on Patreon so I can buy more games like this to criticize*" Not hating, I understand the thought process here, and I can't think of better phrasing myself, just think it's a bit ironic that you mention that people can donate to you right after denouncing microtransactions, lul.
Jabs Magruta (11 months ago)
It's sad because I know if this game does good other companies will follow EA. I personally been waiting for kingdom hearts 3 from square enix for 10 fucking years, and seeing the dumpster fire that was Final Fantasy 15 made me truly believe this bullshit needs to end NOW. No more of this destiny, anthem, battlefield dlc microtransactions BULLSHIT. this greedy fuckin trend already killed bioware and visceral and it's polluting the entire gaming scene. We all have to fight to keep console and PC from turning into mobile.
Keln (11 months ago)
MMORPGs are different from a casual shooter released around christmas
s w o r d s m a n (11 months ago)
I'm the Kirito type of guy that just solos and grinds everything instead of joining somebody.
s w o r d s m a n (11 months ago)
Top 10 Ingame Microtransactions now replaces Top 10 Anime Battles
Koinzell (11 months ago)
I really do love grind but good grind not this one this one is like its rng based its something that should be in the game from the getgo. Look at GW2 for example the grind for a legendary weapon is huge but it gives you that amazing feeling but its a grind that you have fun doing but the problem here is that what you are ‘grinding’ for is something you allready payed for to have at the start and you can even pay for it EXTRA. I mean I honestly don’t care soo much about the problem but Skylents point is correct. I just play the game for the gameplay like SW BF in my eyes is just my pretty looking star wars shooter not my grindy mmo. Sorry for the long post
Jean-Simon Langlois (11 months ago)
Big fan of Staw War and battlefield ind game, but i don't pay for EA anymore for years... Good example of MTX is Path of Exile.
Shadownian (11 months ago)
Ok as far as "grind" is concerned... Grind is good. Im sorry but kids today think that if you had to work for something for 2 mins..."Oh thats such a grind". No its f-ing not!!! Having to take time and effort to achieve something in a game makes things more fulfilling...makes you feel connected to the thing you received. Just like when raising a child. (Yes i am a father of a 18 year old) you dont just give them whatever they want with little to no work involved because they dont value it. When a kid has to work for something, to pay for it themselves, to put in a month of overtime at their job in order to get something....they appreciate it. They take care of it. The same in gaming. Today everything is handed to players...so they dont care about anything. Its just another thing to keep em entertained till it gets boring 5 mins later. Then they complain they need something else new. In mmorpg terms...one of the best mmorpgs and still one of the most beloved was everquest. That game did not hand you anything back in the day. Even collecting crafting materials took time and effort. Hell buying and selling in that game took sometimes days or weeks as you actually had to go up and...gasp...talk to the people who had the items for sale. Todays games and todays gamers are all like kids with ADHD....entertain me now..and entertain me often...or ill get bored and bitch. Now with that over...it has nothing to do with whats going on.... "Grind" and locking game content just for the sake of potentially trying to make money off impatient kids....is totally different. They arent doing it for the games sake...which is what grind would be for....but for monetary gains. RNG..loot boxes etc are complete shit and just ways of collecting cash. It has nothing to do with doing actual goals and things in gaming. For example.... Take a shooter...they could hand you every gun in the game from the first minute. Or they can make you achieve them and make you appreciate the time and effort you had to put in to get it. Sometimes grind can be used just to extend a games time. For instance... Driving games like the Need for Speed series that will lock cars off till you get to a certain point in game. Thats a negative grind because it makes no sense. If you have the money to buy a car...you should be able to buy it. The time and effort comes in when you had to earn the money. Just locking them off is annoying. That same need for speed series...with the newest game...Payback...has the actual car part customization behind a rng system. That is absolutely insane..and yes some people actually defend it. Things like that I am all against. Trying to throw in game elements that take time and effort...what kids call "grind" today...in with these sort of practices is just misleading an intellectually dishonest.
Shadownian (11 months ago)
Like i said before...in this case...SW-BF2 its not a grind, its a payment ploy. Its not done for the sake of the game, its done for the sake of EA's pockets. And again im all against this. All characters should have been unlocked from the get go, or at worse maybe been unlocked after a run thru the normal single player mode (if there is one idk its not a game im following) Its just this word grind....its kind of like the word noob, i just wish it would leave gamers minds permanently. Its only a recent term in gaming. Its not something I ever heard growing up. When i played Final Fantasy as a kid and went around doing random encounters to gain levels...i never thought...omg what a grind...so boring...ugh. You know. Its fully a generational thing. Kids today are use to instant gratification. Its in the technology...the internet speeds...streaming on demand...etc. They expect what they expect and they expect it now. And that in many ways is a good thing, but it also has its drawbacks. And in gaming...that mentality can be devastating to the industry.
Dylan Gouldthorpe (11 months ago)
Shadownian I see where your coming from I don't mind a grind for example this isn't the best but in destiny 2 to get some of the best weapons and cool looking armour you need to grind so by doing by doing trials, public events and probably the most popular the raid to me I enjoy the raid it's not quick it does take a while but it's not too long and through the process you are getting rewarded with exclusive shaders you can only get from the raid, tokens which are used to get rewards after, weapons and armour so your grinding but getting small rewards during the process which I'm a huge fan of then after you best the raid boss you get the a random reward at the highest power level it's annoying if you get a duplicate cause if your like me a collecter you want basically at least one of everything and if you do get a duplicate you just infuse it into something else which is a very good thing but in a game like this where you literally have to grind for hours can't buy anything your not going to be rewarded it's not like yes I finally got luke I'm happy it's going to be more like FFS I have to do the same thing to get vader. If it was something like you got like and vader and maybe one if each crate with a guaranteed rare for each then I would be much happier but it's just when they make the progession so slow it's not a hobby not having fun anymore it's more like a chore
Shadownian (11 months ago)
"The reason they make the games grindy is to encourage people to use the loot boxes." Yes they do that alot nowadays and thats intentional. That i am 100 percent against. Well in a paid game, in a free to play you kind of expect that. "Plus, buy to play games should not have microtransactions/loot boxes in the first place." Agreed. My issue is the idea of what a grind is. Ill go back to Everquest as an example because in my mind its the perfect case. Back in the day when EQ was king of the mmorpg's, nothing was handed to you. You had to work to get crafting materials, you had to walk to get places, you had drops that were uncommon...actually be uncommon. You had rare mobs that only showed on the third Wednesday on a full moon under a certain tree...and even then it only had a chance of dropping the item you were looking for. Thats why when you saw people decked out in high level gear, those people were respected. You knew how much time and effort they put in to get where they were. And you know what...the genre was thriving then. Nowadays mmorpgs hand you everything on a silver platter. Exp bonuses like candy, rush to max level in a week at best. Gear is throw away. Your lucky if what you have at any given time will even last the next hour after you get it. And what has happened to the genre?? Its nothing but a bunch of whiney kids complaining there isnt enough content because they skipped 90 percent of it powerleveling to max. Its a bunch of people who say things like..."(insert game name here) use to be better in vanilla". Why because nobody cares about things that are handed to them. Its human nature. Its the struggle that defines us. Which is why modern gaming is becoming a joke.
bigwhopper6501 (11 months ago)
yeah this doesn't suit my "life style" and that's why I wont be buying this. but this game is still a grind, doing the same repetitive shit over and over for countless 50+ hours to get rewards is grinding. stop trying to sound smart ur embarrassing urself mate smh
CopyCatMaster01 (11 months ago)
It's a grind. Spending a lot of time and doing the same thing over & over again is a grind. That what grind means. Spending a lot of time and effort to get certain stuff (AKA grinding) is fine but the time to grind for certain stuff must be reasonable. The reason they make the games grindy is to encourage people to use the loot boxes. Plus, buy to play games should not have microtransactions/loot boxes in the first place. It's either you spend money or grind for over 40 hours to unlock a character. Which is stupid and ridiculous.
Leandro m (11 months ago)
yea, when gaming for fun turns into a fully grind job, nice video sky
Gustavo Hernandez (11 months ago)
Really glad to finally hear an honest, unbiased and objective video on the subject :) Keep up the good work man, regards from Chile.
Aurora Solaris (11 months ago)
Most fair and customer-friendly loot boxes i`ve seen will be ones in Warframe (Relics). You can get everything by just playing normally, not grinding for 100 hours (well entire game is about grind, but it feels fair - you have a feeling of progression). Also by playing with party you opening all 4 "boxes" and you can choose between your and your teammate's loot. And that stuff is in a F2P game where you should expect unfair grind, prices and tactics. BATTLEFRONT IS A FCK TRIPLE A GAME. WHEN THE HELL WE GOT TELEPORTED TO THE WORLD WHERE F2P GAMES ARE MORE POLISHED THAN NORMAL RELEASES? Also what might make me proud and acomplished? Golden skin, golden gun, platinum anything. Just a cosmetic that will be really rare. Not a core thing. [edit] And I forgot about grind: I really enjoying it since i hate having everything unlocked at the start, it push me to play more if I see that reward on the horizon. My favourite games are hack'n'slashes like PoE or Diablo. They existence is a pure grind. Problem is not about grind itself, it is about lack of balance in it. Game need to reward player not after 40 hours (this is insane) but after 1 or 2. Some more exclusive stuff may require more, but player should never feel exhausted and/or cheated by system. ("Gosh I spent 10 hours of play today and I am only 1/3 of the way to get anything... fuck this game"). Remember good'ol Modern Warfare 2? Yeap, it had grind in it. And I do not remember anyone complaining about it. Diablo 2 is a grind - everybody loves it.
Adras Adraki (11 months ago)
Aurora Solaris Tldr the warframe loot boxes are fair because you can farm and open them regularly by playing the game.
TheDarkM (11 months ago)
Wait, people still expect artistic integrity in AAA games? I already gave up on that. That's why I mostly play indie games (Or games like Sonic Mania, made by people who are obviously very passionate about it). I agree a huge amount of grind is bad for games, but I don't mind it if it's not too much and I have enough content to have fun in the game without having to unlock everything. For example, in Paladins, a game you mentioned, I don't mind grinding for new champions, because it's perfectly possible to enjoy the game for hours without buying any of them since you have a few unlocked at the start and a weekly rotation of free ones, and by the time you get tired of playing with those you'll probably have enough gold for a new one. It's also a way to make new players practice a few champions and improve with them before trying new ones. There needs to be a balance. If you have everything unlocked from the start, there's no reward for advancing in the game (which can be fine for certain type of games, mostly story-driven ones or short ones that can be finished in a few hours), but if you have to either pay or spend several hours to unlock something that should be a basic feature, that's unfair. And there's the problem of lootboxes. I think they shouldn't exist in paid games since paying full price for a game should give you access to all of it's features without having to pay extra money, and should only be cosmetic in free to play games. Some people think they shouldn't exist in those games either, but I think it depends on the game economy. Going back to Paladins, in my opinion loot boxes are fine because there's a big enough amount of skins you can buy directly and the game even gives the players small amounts of premium currency. As long as they don't lock game changing features inside loot boxes (they kinda did that for a while with cards and I hated it, but now you get more than enough currency to buy them by just logging in every day and doing quests) I don't mind them in games like that.
El Zilco (11 months ago)
Great Video. Hopefully gamers will start speaking out as this is just nonsense what EA is doing.
BeyondDaX (11 months ago)
El Zilco Doubt it, EA fans need thier madden and fifa
M3lagis (11 months ago)
Oh yeah, Paladins getting a bit too far lately... I bought founder, then they introduced VIP pack, now they changing loot boxes with skins you might have only 3 days and so on :) From nice game its becoming freaking buy that, buy other shit, you cant have that skin unless buy that pack lalala... I wish they just introduce option that FOUNDER pack owners can disable all "ads" and other crap they just started now from game menu.
M3lagis (10 months ago)
well there was some skins with extra edge, like skye(fixed) and evie(still terrible) :))) I understand that they have to earn money from skins and thats fine, but all those new shiny VIP things, lootboxes, keys and etc just makes me wonder how they see player base. Pricing lately going up (well yeah now you get full skin), founder pack not anymore include new champs voice :} These changes all the time makes me wonder why I still play this game, im getting tired not being able to play same game more than 2 weeks :/
NeytozINF (11 months ago)
But that's just about skins thought. And skins doesn't matter for gameplay. Paladins is really cheap if you choose to pay for it, and you'll have all gameplay content available, not like in EA's game. Paladins only require you to grind characters if you choose to play for free.
Solkard (11 months ago)
I wonder if we are nearing the point where there will be a marked divide between making a good game that makes money and making a game that's good at making money.
BuildLancer (11 months ago)
agree this is what Destiny 2 feels like to but they got rid of the grind and locked stuff behind micro transactions just because they could
TheBigtimedead (11 months ago)
BuildLancer the grind for bright engrams isn't that bad and so its not locked away behind microtransactions. Kinda like overwatch loot boxes with only difference being its less bullshit.
Aurelijus Balsys (11 months ago)
why is graphics 360 and im first
Soularous (11 months ago)
Aurelijus Balsys the 360 would crap out trying to run this game lmao. I really hope you were joking.

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