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Destiny Players Should Play These 6 Games | TOP 6 Games To Fill The Drought

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Destiny players should play these 6 games during the Destiny 2 drought. While we wait over the summer for fall 2018 here are 6 awesome games Destiny players will love. These games will give certain elements and gameplay mechanics that I think will resonate with Destiny players and give a rewarding progression based experience. Thanks for watching are there more than these top 6 games to fill the destiny 2 drought? Let me know about them in the comments. Thanks for watching, thumbs the video up if you enjoyed, subscribe fore more, and have a great day! Can Destiny 2 Be Saved?... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea61vC_lEjE TOP 5 Best Games Of 2017 (That I Played) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPy-2mpc1Uc Why Destiny Players Will LOVE Warframe - The Best Free Game I've EVER Played https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghuneYp3zsc Links to my gear (affiliate) Mouse: http://amzn.to/2ufYK41 Keyboard: http://amzn.to/2ugkrRq Controller: http://amzn.to/2vbChCi Kontrol Freeks: http://amzn.to/2vuFFdT Capture Card: http://amzn.to/2v9pWA4 Connect with me here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/bbkdragoon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbkdragoon Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/bbkdragoon Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/bbkdragoon
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Text Comments (463)
Jalon (5 months ago)
Warframe is better than destiny and every game here easily no offence but its amazing
Knight (6 months ago)
People need to notice warframe it’s literally 10x better than destiny 1 and 2 combined
GIANT ANGRY ROBOT (7 months ago)
nice list, i think my perfect mmo/looter shooter would be a combination of The Division and any Neill Blomkamp film
Jordan Krolnark (10 months ago)
Ill play guild wars 2
sonic headass (11 months ago)
what mic does he use?
Pew Pew (11 months ago)
I deleted warframe off my PS4 as I could not understand a thing about what to do next
GMB Jayyy (11 months ago)
Thanks we needed this video
FrequencyOo (11 months ago)
Call of duty world war 2 is the goat
xx pheonixavier (11 months ago)
I'm currently playing the save the world PvE mode for Fortnite. Its very fun and it was definitely worth the $40
NaytNL (11 months ago)
Borderlands 2 is better than destiny thp
yoh1len YT (11 months ago)
One question is all these game free to play
FrazeNinja (11 months ago)
Borderlands series has claimed my heart, fantastic series, HIGHLY recommended!
Gregory Russell (11 months ago)
1000's upon 1000's of hrs....lol
15liran (11 months ago)
Its a little ironic how the cycle is now complete with the Division losing people, who went to Destiny and now Destiny has lost people and the Division is now doing well. I love both!
Allan Alvarez (11 months ago)
Ayyye warframe made it
TheWound (11 months ago)
Division all the way boys
Lord Dagonn (11 months ago)
Before the video started i was thinking of borderlands... Well there it is
Roomy Jacob (11 months ago)
If you don't wanna play Destiny 2 play the first Destiny
What about playing D1 again lol best game
pandulce (11 months ago)
Rainbow Six Siege should also be on this list. It's gone through the same thing as The Division. It's a very good game now,
jack hewitt (11 months ago)
pandulce agree but lots of toxic player
Silas Boyden (11 months ago)
It's wasn't really loot grinding for me, it was the abilities, movement, and gunplay that attracted me to destiny 1.
Silas Boyden (11 months ago)
I'm loving fortnite right now
Dalvyn The Drunk (11 months ago)
Wow is great, I will resub soon.
coldogno7 (11 months ago)
ummmm monster hunter world?
Crimson260 (11 months ago)
2 super generic mmo's? really? lol super boring gcd rotation shit shows.... there are hundreds of games destiny players would generally prefer way more that are alot closer to that experience!
Billy Wolf (11 months ago)
Ac origins is AMazing...
Shovel Fighter (11 months ago)
I tried going back to Borderlands 2, but the gun play in destiny has ruined me haha Blandz feels to floaty and weightless
Silly Rukus (11 months ago)
Fortnite PVE and PVP
Pieter Markus (11 months ago)
So glad Warframe is here that game is flawless!!!
Imon Yourside (11 months ago)
Fortnite save the world is probably the best thing going right now that no one knows about
Ravendarke 777 (11 months ago)
Here's an idea: STOP buying games from companies that take advantage of you!!!!
Tom Bombie (11 months ago)
I don't understand how anyone can compare a 3rd person shooter with a first person shooter. I've never played a 3rd person shooter for long not for trying, just feel stupid. It's like having a radio controlled character, you are just an operator. I can't for the life of me figure out why they make them let alone why anyone would play them.
Findzz Z (11 months ago)
Borderlands is probably the perfect game for me
sKoo vZ (11 months ago)
Only here to see Warframe. I would’ve flipped my shit if it wasn’t in this list lmao 🤣
Nicholas Carson (11 months ago)
69,000 subz ;)
Fafa (11 months ago)
Thanks man for the list
Roku Highlights (11 months ago)
I’m just gonna play warframe until I understand it
Realmouse (11 months ago)
FFXIV has a great story..however, once you get your first class to max level..the game just dies. there is maybe 3-4 hours of content for endgame per week, and leveling a new class is just horrible.
THEBIGMEOW (11 months ago)
Correction "Destiny Addicts"
Archon of Games (11 months ago)
Where’s Monster Hunter?????
roddy register (11 months ago)
SO many games. Warframe, division, borderlands, and my pc dont work!!!!
Multicam _ Zebra (11 months ago)
Darth Vader (1 year ago)
I've just been playing Black Ops 2
Jackson Bayuk (1 year ago)
Where’s monster hunter?
Balabhadra Das Wilton (1 year ago)
Yep. Warframe. Also Path of Exile, different genre but great looter.
Strixzy ツ (1 year ago)
Where is Rainbow Six Siege? Lmao
Qamelion (1 year ago)
I see warframe. I click like.
Niklas Gustafsson (1 year ago)
The division player here, I tried out Destiny 2 and it was so weak and thin compared to The Division now. And the main story in The Division is reaaally good! :) awesome community too!
Rocky21Gaming (11 months ago)
Niklas Gustafsson Destiny 2 is garbage!
CipherFiveZero (1 year ago)
I'm thinking of taking a hiatus from Destiny 2 now, aside from Trials and Prestige difficulty I have collected all exotics and done everything I feel I wanted to do. Not sure if I want to go back to the Division it's still installed on my PS4 but I don't know about farming for the classified gear sets since when 1.7 went live I felt the global events were way too grindy and stopped playing shortly after but I did briefly check out the WSP area in 1.8 after it went live. Started playing the Borderlands series on PC recently but I haven't touched it for a bit now, maybe I should get around to play it again. Plus I have plenty of games on my backlog I never get around to play too.
Axocotl N (1 year ago)
I'm not going to wait 7-8 months for bungie to fix their shit game. Once that next dlc comes out, if shit hasnt changed then I'm 100% doneee
Mark Sense (1 year ago)
I’d add Shadow Warrior 2 to this list. It’s got the frantic first-person shooter action and humor of Doom/Duke Nukem, and the loot and progression/mod systems of Diablo. 👍🏻👍🏻
Ashema Bahumat (1 year ago)
Or better yet, drop Destiny and play a better game like Wolfenstein
Captain Zen (1 year ago)
All the games you listed are miles above prime Destiny
Captain Zen (11 months ago)
I have no idea what you mean. While I liked Taken King, it alone cannot carry the game
jwilsnach (11 months ago)
Captain Zen i see what you did there ;)
shawns turbo garage (1 year ago)
the division is great. harder then destiny is most cases.
Clark Collins (1 year ago)
I play Neverwinter instead °^°
Timothy Huff (1 year ago)
"Destiny Drought"... You mean complete screwing of consumers by Bungie, in an attempt to absorb every bit of your hard earned cash to further line the pockets of already millionaires? Yea... I think "Destiny Thrown away" would more accurately describe what you people SHOULD be doing, to show them this is unacceptable. But we know that'll never happen. Because then we'd have nothing to complain about. Until the next AAA title does the same thing, but worse. <Rinse and Repeat>
Dakota Fox (1 year ago)
FFXIV is one of the most underrated games out there. Although the game has some 2 million players that constantly login I still believe it is one of the better rpg games out there.
hvd iv (1 year ago)
keep screwing them over bungie they seem to like it.
Some One (1 year ago)
6 ~ 8 months to play Destiny 1 again? All these game you present are reason that NOT to play Destiny anymore.
Chris P Bacon (1 year ago)
I already erased all of my destiny 2 characters,and the game for that matter since d2 is nothing more than a scam. There are much better games coming out this year that i'll never go back to it and will never buy the 3rd destiny whenever that comes out. Just 1 more week until Monster Hunter World :)
Mistah DaveKill5aLL (1 year ago)
Scared of losing sleep over Warframe, wait... what's sleep again? I'll be giving that bad boy a test drive tonight.
Tipsy Bun (1 year ago)
i tried warframe and its not for ME its another pay to win game
Mal The Phoenix (11 months ago)
Dude, the premium currency in the game is tradable, you literally don’t have to spend a dime to get the good stuff
jwilsnach (11 months ago)
Tipsy Bun you dont have to pay to win lol the fun is the grind you do to get those same things
SlingShot Slinger (1 year ago)
destiny players will really enjoy closed the video right there.
Cinnamontoast999 (1 year ago)
The fact that you have the division, or as I call it, “shitvision” as your thumbnail immediately discredits anything you have to say, that game is 100% boring garbage with TERRIBLE combat. I can honestly say that I’d rather play Rockstars joke of a game gta online, with its broken everything and incredibly moronic and toxic community, and even saying that is enough to make me want to throw up and die on the spot.
XMckingwill (1 year ago)
if you get wow all expansion up to legion come with the base game so dont waste your money on buying the other expansions
TheKingGamer (1 year ago)
Destiny IS a drought it's been garbage then they said how could we make it worse
Gas Buster (1 year ago)
Just wait for the mh world release and you will be pleased
ardhenn slemmer (1 year ago)
Lol destiny drought hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha destiny who even plays that shite
JT (1 year ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn!! When Curse of Osiris came out I was told to try Horizon Zero Dawn, and it was on sale for Black Friday for $20 way less than the first two DLCs Destiny has. I have to admit this game is one that will keep you entertained for hours and the story is awesome.
David C (1 year ago)
The division is a very solid game
Austin Dabler (1 year ago)
Currently on a play through of Witcher 3 myself! Great fucking game that one!
Rick Friel (1 year ago)
Marty Mc Fly 😂
plainkapp (1 year ago)
Monster Hunter would have been a good one too.... especially with the new one releasing next week
Tesser Act (1 year ago)
Bungie should be boycotted so maybe they will learn a lesson. Same goes for EA.
Trey Rich (1 year ago)
Destiny 2 is an eternal drought of garbage
chriopez (1 year ago)
Where are the single player story experiences? Where's Hellblade? Where's HZD? Where's Hidden Agenda? People are feeling droughts because they stick to only one genre (mmo or looter shooter). There are plenty of great SP games. This is the reason EA said Single Player games are dying.
Nicholas Brown-Duncan (1 year ago)
Warframe warframe warframe warframe Did I mention warframe?
Edwards Baron (1 year ago)
Destiny fanboys be TRIGGERED!!!!
act appalled (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 he says hopefully destiny 2 will fix there game like massive did with the division 👏👏👏👍👍👍funniest shit I've heard all day unlike destiny massive actually likes it's community and listen to the community that's why in 3 years the division is still around that's why 3 years later destiny has two titles and a fan base that's dead.... bungie is trash and so is destiny the only way to fix that garbage is never pick it up again so bungie gives up on it cuz they can't milk u fucks for cash anymore
Danger Zone (1 year ago)
if your new its great but if you play long enough you will get bored fast
Jerod Williams (1 year ago)
Honestly I would recommend Elder scrolls online. Never thought I would get into a game like this. 1 month later and 200 hrs in absolutely in love with this game. Haven't fired up destiny 2 since December sometime.
natetorious09 (1 year ago)
the division really is awesome right now...I was really hesitant to go back but so glad i did
Wyse 00 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the recommendations I'm really leaning towards adding Division to my playlist with Warframe since D2 is obsolete. Question, is it a chance this Fall update is really a trick to get back some of its players because Anthem has a chance to take them away?
t q (1 year ago)
Glen Adams (1 year ago)
Did not expect to see FFXIV on here, it's what stole me from D2
UnbornRed Zero (1 year ago)
I would recommend fortnite or PSO 2
Joshua Blanchette (1 year ago)
I can't really argue with anything on this list, especially with Warframe/Borderlands/The Division but i'd also highly recommend giving Elder Scrolls Online. It can be a very complex game if you want to play end game but there is so much content in both PVE and PVP that it can be whatever you want it to be. It took me a bit but i absolutely love it.
pure goatlove (1 year ago)
well destiny is not making a comeback so any game is better then destiny right now
J DontWin (1 year ago)
If anyone wants to play the division add me on psn: GoofBall-Jamal
Levi Stevenson (1 year ago)
The Division is much more fun now than when I played it back in 2016. They fixed alot of issues
Mikey Sanders (1 year ago)
I switched to GTA. Takes a lot more skill than destiny. And the free roam servers on Xbox are great because no modders.
jokkoj (1 year ago)
I've been playing skyrim .
CAESAR 29E (1 year ago)
Crack down 3 anthiom
HazzyWasseh (1 year ago)
Elder Scrolls Online?
Crystal_Ignition (1 year ago)
warframe player here, never played destiny and you know i hope destiny picks itself up, really, no game derserves to be bad and the fans? no one deserves the shit you guys have been pulled through because of actibungie so for now i welcome anyone who is considering to warframe hope you have an excellent time!!!
Callie Wickham (1 year ago)
No mention of Monster Hunter or Fatal Bullet?
Just play Destiny 1 again. It’s sooo much better.
Bernabe Garcia (1 year ago)
Your list is great but the whole wait for destiny to get good again is a punch in the face. Destiny has had 3 years to get good. As a content creator, I’m sure you know all the BS bungie has done with destiny 2 since it’s launch. waiting around for that game to good again is not worth your time. Bungie doesn’t deserve its fans and it’s fans deserve far far better especially if they have stuck around with the game this long. Instead of constant disappointment move on to a better game like Monster Hunter World. Apologies if I step on any true die hard destiny fans, I’ve sunk my fair share of time in destiny and I honestly feel after what bungie did with D2 they don’t deserve their fan base.
Dean Lute (1 year ago)
Well I ended up here after the faction rally sh*t show. So going to finish watching and find out what to play now.
jaime garcia (1 year ago)
If I didn't have 1.5 hours a day of gaming time--more or less, I would invest time in three games. As of right now, all I can do is watch videos of MMO.

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