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5/12/15-Couponing at Target... .24 toothbrushes, Nature Made vitamins only .44 & more!!!!

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All the deals in this video are valid thru 5/16. Great deals on Oral B Toothbrushes, Nature Made Vitamins & so much more!!! I paid $6.60 for everything which includes that tax!!!! Click on the links below to get your printable coupons for the Purell & Nature Made deals: Purell Deal: *** http://savvycouponshopper.com/purell-hand-sanitizing-wipes-only-99-at-target/ *** Mature Made Vitamin Deal: *** http://savvycouponshopper.com/nature-made-vitamins-only-44-each-at-target/ Be sure to watch my other couponing deal videos from this week!!!! The links to my CVS & Walgreens Videos are below: CVS Couponing Video: *** https://youtu.be/yXlYtaGY7As *** Walgreens Couponing Video: *** https://youtu.be/Jq-8ZFQlyC0 *** Did you have a chance to watch all the things I got last week while couponing??? If not check it out now: *** https://youtu.be/5N9qnja675s *** Check me out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savvycouponshopper Also, check out my blog: savvycouponshopper.com Thanks to all of you for watching.....have a great day!
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TMKJG24 (3 years ago)
I'm so glad I watched this because I went to target today and I have the mobile coupon for 2.50 off 2 but I was under the impression that you got $2.50 off the box of diapers only if you both 2 diapers or 2 wipes hope you respond in time I really wanted to grab some wipes
TMKJG24 (3 years ago)
+savvy coupon shopper will keep you posted thanks and you to
Savvy Coupon Shopper (3 years ago)
+TMKJG24 That's what I thought too at first,...but if your read the mobile coupon it says or baby wipes!  And the coupon doesn't exclude any size baby wipes either!  It only excludes GoodNites & Pull-Ups.  The coupon beep at first, but the manager accepted it!  Let me know how it goes. (And don't forget that IBOTTA rebate too!)  Have a good day!
Aqui con Tina. (3 years ago)
Wow I saw your other videos and I couldn't believe it all the things you get with coupons iam new and don't know how to start or do can you help me step bye step what to do. Thank you have a great day

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