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Video 1 of 4 for Box # 152 - NYGiantsMuseum.com -- Wembley Stadium

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Video 1 of 4 for Box # 152 - NYGiantsMuseum.com -- Wembley Stadium My brother, Jeffrey Scott Prager "Giant Jeff" was arguably (many say indisputably) the world's greatest New York Giant Fan (Fanatic) and Collector of New York Giants Sports Memorabilia. Jeff's dream since we were little kids growing up in New Jersey was to open and host a New York (Football not baseball) Giants Museum. Jeff never got married and never had children, he invested his life's time, energy, and attention in an effort to experience as many NY Giant Football Games and events as possible and to acquire any and all suitable NY Giant Memorabilia to display in his Museum. Jeff collected NY Giant memorabilia from the time we were children in early 1960's until the time he passed in 2010. During Jeff's nearly 50 years of collecting he acquired and preserved over seven thousand items (not including perhaps the world's largest collection of NY Giant Football cards and Pins). Perhaps someday, these 7,000 plus NY Giant Treasures will be available to any NY Giant Fan to see and experience in person at the New York Football Giants Museum, although until such time, this collection of videos is in honor of and is Jeff's virtual and on line NY Giants Museum. Our goal is to open a (real not virtual) NY Giants Museum and display all these items. We will not break up this collection by selling any individual items. Collectors and Investors interested in acquiring the entire collection are welcome to contact us via our website NYGiantsMuseum.com
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