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6 Odd Fashion Fads From History

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To celebrate Fashion Week, Cristen highlights some of fashion history's strangest fads, including rotten teeth and newspaper clothes. Share this on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1mXNo60 Share this on Twitter: http://ctt.ec/fUn5k Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1l8JXv3 On the web: http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/momstuffpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuffMomNeverToldYou Google+: http://bit.ly/1kNchOQ Tumblr: http://stuffmomnevertoldyou.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/stuffmomnevertoldyou# Extra Credit Listening: http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/podcasts/who-were-the-flappers/ Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.
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Text Comments (231)
Autumn Akins (1 month ago)
Did anyone else get a Hermione Granger vibe from her teddy boy girl? Well except for that particular accent...
John Smith (1 year ago)
Could you make a video on the history of hair-dying?
Sunshine M. (1 year ago)
I found a leather jacket my aunt had in the 80s and it looked completely normal--until I put it on and turned into Starscream.
edi (1 year ago)
Didn't Chinese Women blacken their teeth too? I like corset, although they are really unhealthy and find wigs really stupid
Emeil (1 year ago)
The skirt chain also had to do with the fact that bending in a corset is very difficult
NobodyOfTheTardis (1 year ago)
In the eighties in the uk posher women also became Sloanies or Sloan Rangers, named after sloan square where they hung around and copied the styles of Princess Diana.
deartotheheart (1 year ago)
18th century Frace, they would paste on mouse fur to thicken their eyebrows
ruth weeks (1 year ago)
70s and 90s also goth style
Toph (1 year ago)
Women in Japan during the Heian period also blackened their teeth! In addition to wearing tons of layers of robes (if they were exceptionally wealthy) and wearing their hair very long and silky. Not to mention those high, circle shaped eyebrows.
Olivia Thorpe (1 year ago)
The only thing I could think of upon hearing, "newspaper dress," was Leslie Knope.
FritzieLulu (2 years ago)
I thought there wouldn't be anything in this video, that I haven't heard of before. Well, my jaw dropped at number 1 already, so I was wrong :D
Topher TheTenth (2 years ago)
I would really like to encourage you to wear your newspaper dress that's your iPhone on the NYTimes page. You said "it doesn't cover very much" but I find that objection to be frivolous. Go for it. Please.
who cares (2 years ago)
the first trend is still alive today in some parts of Asia if i'm not mistaking.
Erin Graft (2 years ago)
Skinny jeans also thigh gap
Ace Gevila (2 years ago)
her mouth is so annoying
Simon P (2 years ago)
cyber bullying is annoying
anjaflo2 (2 years ago)
i thought so too, I'm sorry but her mouth is like the one of the "annoying orange"
KittySnicker (2 years ago)
I like the 1920's look!
Destiny Nivens (2 years ago)
besides that this was GREAT
Destiny Nivens (2 years ago)
what about the 1700s
Greg Luft (2 years ago)
How about the polyester suits of the seventies and early eighties?
r scientist (2 years ago)
In the Renaissance men wore cloth erections up to two feet long and in some cases hid a small wineskin in there.
r scientist (2 years ago)
In the Renaissance men wore cloth erections up to two feet long and in some cases hid a small wineskin in there.
moonlily1 (2 years ago)
I don't think the 20s headbands or teddy girl looks were strange at all. The real bizarre trends to me are things like Chinese foot binding, the women of the middle ages plucking their hairlines to make their foreheads look bigger. Plucking off the eyelashes was also popular. At one point, using arsenic to make your skin paler and putting belladonna in your eyes to make them look big and shiny was also a thing. Then there's the whalebone hoopskirts you couldn't sit down in. I remember a story in the late 90s/early 2000s about trendy east coast women having their pinky toes removed to better fit into narrow, pointy toed Manolo Blahniks, but the story probably exaggerated the number of women who were doing that. It was probably, like, 2 crazy socialite bitches. Oh yeah, and around that same time, it was all the rage in some African countries for women to get as fat as possible and brides-to-be were said to be munching cattle feed to chub up before the wedding.
Lianna Guzman (1 year ago)
the 1920s headbands look inspired from Native Americans
Klick Witch (2 years ago)
+moonlily1 Yeah but most adults know about these fashion trends. We either learned about them in school or have heard other videos talk about them. It was refreshing to hear something new. I've never even heard of the term Teddy boy girls or Judies.
Chesterson Jack (2 years ago)
I would wear all of those
hordelands (2 years ago)
I do not really care how the electoral college works, with myself not being a US citizen and stuff.
fata morgana (3 days ago)
weird flex but OK
Valiant Knight (3 years ago)
Girl, I love your channel your videos are so light hearted and adorably funny
maikethepiper (3 years ago)
Ooh, I have a good one. Women during the French revolution used to wear red chokers to reference beheading - like a line of blood around the neck.
fata morgana (3 days ago)
the aristocrats didn't need them
maikethepiper Supposedly to make fun of the French Revolution!
T Orrent (3 years ago)
Why is it called a "Canadian tuxedo" when Canadians don't wear it? It's especially galling considering that it was yanks who invented and still wear "jorts", jeans cut off at the knee. THAT is a fashion faux pas worthy of execution.
Jackson Whitfield (3 years ago)
The ancient Egyptian women would wear cones of fat and perfume on their heads. When they would melt, it would run down their hair and "supposedly" make them smell nice.
mh605 (3 years ago)
The skirt lifter was because women wore tight corsets and *could not* bend over!  You needed to be able to lift your skirt when going up stairs, for instance, so that you wouldn't step on the skirt and trip.
tessa payne (3 years ago)
In the Elizabethan era, women would shave their eyebrows and their hairline to have a larger forehead.
Alex Yorim (3 years ago)
Early Roman Era - blonde wigs coming from slaves Italian Renaissance - Shaving the crown of the forehead and eyebrows Imperial China - footbinding Feudal Japan - also blackened teeth Modern Japan - Visual Kei, the rest is wtf... Early 19th century - sheer muslin gowns and pants tight enough to see the bulge. Victorian Era - open hole bloomers 1910s - hobble skirts tight enough to nearly prevent you from walking 1920s - oxford bags 1930s - shoe hats and other stuff by Elsa Schiaparelli 1940s - zoot suits 1990s - heroin chic, JNCO jeans 2014 - keyhole sweaters
Channon Rose (3 years ago)
Loved this video, I am now addicted. Can't stop watching. I have learned more in this video than I did a whole semester at FIDM. Could have saved myself a lot of money if you had these videos when I was in college. But instead I dropped out and did porn. #lifegoals
Bea Blackwell (3 years ago)
I love shoulder pads because I have very 'slopey' shoulders, which isn't a problem aesthetically but it is a problem if I want bra or bag straps to stay on my shoulders instead of slipping down my arms. Although another good fix for slipping bag straps is jackets with epaulets
Franchesca J (3 years ago)
All of these made sense to me...
Anna Sahlstrom (3 years ago)
Making your waist as small as possible with a corset was a pretty odd thing.
Mary T (3 years ago)
Oh my goodness, I was so interested in what she had to say, but could not listen anymore to the accents. I guess I'm too boring for the quirkyness haha.
Niidea1986 (3 years ago)
Ì remember my aunt using those wide shoulders thing!
evilh0mer23 (3 years ago)
lol loved this video. and strangely enough, I've fallen in love with you! haha. love quirky women! keep up the good work..
SaraMakesArtX (3 years ago)
Apparently, in the ancient middle east, wealthy women wore ankle bracelets that were joined together by a chain.  I imagine it looked something like what prisoners have to wear when being taken to execution.  They're most likely what "a tinking with their feet" is referring to in Isaiah 3:16.
scott cuiso (3 years ago)
Acid-washed pre-worn out blue jeans. I left Denver in the height of fashion to show up at a club near Chicago only to be thrown out as a hick. I hate fashion.
notesfrombelle (3 years ago)
In Tudor times people would put lice in their hair to thin it out 😖
Zelzega (3 years ago)
Have you ever tried to bend in a corset? Those skirt clips are the most fabulous invention ever.
Robyn Pitman (3 years ago)
You forgot the snood. It has been in and out of fashion from medieval to 1940s. 
Robyn Pitman (3 years ago)
Well as sad as it is, many would consider would call them glorified hairnets though they are not even close. 
Zelzega (3 years ago)
What's so strange about snoods?
goforth115 (4 years ago)
Feet Binding in China
MAD Dragon (4 years ago)
Kelly Ziemer (4 years ago)
Correction to previous post. 200 years from now. Not ago.
Kelly Ziemer (4 years ago)
Men wearing pants below their waist. I've never understood the concept of that. Imagine what people 200 years ago will say about the clothes worn today.
Atsuma Komatsu (4 years ago)
I really love your voices ^_^
cystemic (4 years ago)
in the soviet union, some ladies who didn't have a lot of shirts would make different little collars and clip them on the same shirt, giving the illusion that they were wearing something different every day when in fact they werent :/
Emily Gee (4 years ago)
You left out Marie Antoinettes crazy tall hair and massive wide and tall dresses.
Jenni Seven (4 years ago)
One word: merkin.
Erin Murphy (4 years ago)
Actually, the Hanky Holder seems like it would be more hygienic than carrying them in a pocket. Now we just need to invent a self-washing hanky. Also white lead was used in whitening make-ups in Asia up until the early 20th century, Jessica. The obsession that Asians have with white skin as a sign of femininity or virility is founded in Taoist sexual beliefs and not just a product of Westernization.
M Greenwood (4 years ago)
High healed sneakers. WTF is up with those? Sneakers are for working out. Heels are for looking sexy / professional (depending on your shoe choice). Put them together and you get a shoe that allows you to do neither. Why???
Kelli Peed (4 years ago)
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨YOU SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED THE TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Edward Gonzalez (4 years ago)
Baggy shorts?
Mladenka Daneva (4 years ago)
You look a little bit like Robin from How I met your mother :)
Kkardemumma (4 years ago)
Working class girls; talks posh. Awrite, hen.
pwetty4r4 (4 years ago)
where is her upper lip?
Girl-Gammers~! (4 years ago)
Could you do a Video on Something like, The Difference of Fashion in women (or lady's)? I have seen the Strongly different "tastes" in women's (or lady's) Fashion on what type of "Group" The women are in, I was wondering if this maybe the same thing that makes us different in personality or what. I find this very intriguing, and i would think i am not the only one. I would be Honored if you would make a video of this
J Rech (4 years ago)
Victorian and Edwardian women used to use Belladonna eye drops to dilate their pupils because large alert eyes were considered attractive, down side is Belladonna drops cause blindness. White lead was used over a period of about two hundred or so years (1500's to 1700's) to both whiten and tighten the skin of the face and neck, downside is it causes terrible sores and lead poisoning. Another weird fashion, it wasn't until the Regency period in England (1811-1820) that women finally got REAL underwear, before that it'd been nothing or open crotched bloomers.
Niidea1986 (3 years ago)
extra fact: dilatated pupils is what you get after sex, that why they are atractive.
Sarah Gawle (4 years ago)
Skirt lifters were mostly a necessity for women of social status because, I don't know if you've worn a corset or not, but bending down that far DOES ACTUALLY HURT. Especially if you have a whale bone or steel boned corset.
Sarah Gawle (3 years ago)
Also a valid point.
Lou Steinkamp (3 years ago)
Plus if you did any walking outside that hemline was likely coated with fecal matter from being dragged on the shit covered ground
Taylla Sa (4 years ago)
Howsa bouts this doozey. After the black plague 'pregnancy' became fashionable with women stuffing pillows under their dresses. Or....women during baroque time would cover their pimples with chic black symbols, such as stars, hearts. Thanks for the fun vid!
punkprincess876 (4 years ago)
arsenic dye people always wanted the "arsenic" green silks and satins it was the height of fashion for a long time even after it was found to cause severe illness and death. also it was in paint and other things
Sonora k (4 years ago)
For most of history pubic hair was really popular and if someone had to shave it off there were pubic wigs.
Kate Dubbs (4 years ago)
I used to take my mom's shoulder pads out of her blazers and stuff my training bra with them ... Which was really weird cause I was like 8. But I figured I should have boobs at 8 years old, I guess. Wishful thinking, lol.
Martin Ramirez (4 years ago)
Aztec teenage girls would color their teeth which parents looked down upon, probably cuz prostitutes would color their teeth red to clearly identify themselves
Spray tans. As a ginger, I need to spray tan/fake tan or I get comments from people telling me how pale I am- orly? I hadn't noticed- but I don't understand why being pale is such a horrible thing in fashion.
Gammareign (1 year ago)
Pale is beautiful.
moonlily1 (2 years ago)
+Katherine Colvine Before the 20th century, pallor was considered the ultimate sign of beauty, which is why "fair" became a synonym for beautiful or pretty. Pale skin was considered a status symbol because working people would be tanned from being out in the fields all day. That was basically the same reason that being a little chubby was once considered the height of female desirability: it was associated with wealth and luxury, because it meant you were well fed and didn't do any work more strenuous than needlepoint.
M Greenwood (3 years ago)
Being pale (to today's shallow individuals who judge based only on appearance) means you're stuck in an office all day, and don't have time to be out on your yaht. Tan is often seen as a status symbol, the same way that being pale was fashionable back when most people who had to work did so outdoors.
M Greenwood (3 years ago)
Very true Vera. To be fair most people weren't drinking the milk the way we do today. The vast majority got made into cheese. Aging long enough would kill of most nastiness. Though still, eww.
Vera Simmons (3 years ago)
Milk baths were a popular trend that women would take to make their skin paler and more youthful. Only wealthy people were able to indulge in this practice, and it has been said that they would later sell the milk from their baths to the poor for consumption (Ewww).
Ace Royalty (4 years ago)
Long dresses. I just don't get why people need to wear long dresses. I know it makes them feel like they're floating and all that jazz, but long dresses are such a heath hazard. Ladies, why?
M Greenwood (4 years ago)
Depends on how they're cut. The long, full ones that would get stuck in cart wheels or knock over candles were in fact dangerous, but given we use electric lights and use cars to get around, today's sleek evening gowns don't hurt anybody.
Samantha Boddy (4 years ago)
You had me from "denim on denim drives me crazy" <3
alondra. (4 years ago)
I really hate the 90's bangs but they  were trendy at the  time.
Keelan C (4 years ago)
You want strange fashion-fads? Check out the panniers/hoop skirts of the 18th Century. In fact the whole get-up for a wealthy woman of the 18th century was absolutely crazy simply because there was so much to it. Not to mention beauty spots which had different meanings dependant on where the spot was placed. Oh yeah. And the men's fashion of that era.
Jordan Humphrey (4 years ago)
I like the frilled lace ruffs from Elizabethan times!
Flash FM (4 years ago)
Here are some fashions through the ages that I consider very strange: Mayan teeth-filing, the Frankish haircut, ruffs, farthingales, lead-based face-paint, Chinese foot-binding, high heels, scarification, lip plates, tongue piercings and mullets.
Lea Long (4 years ago)
i find the bullet bra very odd as womens boob are not shaped like torpedos also in the Victorian era women wore their gloves so tight they sometimes would end up with crippled hands and premature aging joints in their fingers just like how some geisha and Asian women would bind their feet and sometimes in extreme cases brake them and bind them so they would appear delicate.
Taryn M (3 years ago)
The foot binding thing is chinese. The whole point was to break their feet, and fold the toes under the foot, then bind them so they wouldn't grow. There are plenty of nightmare fuel pictures on the internet of old chinese ladies who had their feet bound as little girls, and they are just disgusting. And only about 4 inches long.
lily12266 (4 years ago)
blackkittyfreak (4 years ago)
After the first one I involuntarily stared at her teeth the entire video. They just drew my eyes...
Debasish Ray Chawdhuri (4 years ago)
The British accent needs more practice :P
Zelzega (3 years ago)
+Maddy Burrows I agree, let's up it and say all the accents stop.
Maddy Burrows (4 years ago)
Or just to stop. xD
Omi Wan Kenobi (4 years ago)
Women in ancient japan blackened their teeth as well, but because the white face paint they used made their teeth look yellow in comparison, so they went for contrast and made their teeth black, also they would shave/pluck their eyebrows and pain on thin lines. notable story was of the "caterpillar woman" with eyebrows like hairy caterpillars and teeth the color of peeled caterpillars. fun fact
Florence Blue (4 years ago)
I'm sure a working class girl wouldn't sound quite so posh :)
Sasha W (4 years ago)
A lot of Americans can't even tell the difference between English and Australian accents...
M Greenwood (4 years ago)
Ya but we Yanks don't have enough experience with English accents to differentiate between them. 
III II III I (4 years ago)
thw hanky holder is so cute!
MPythonGirl (4 years ago)
CODPIECE!!! Makes men look like they have a bone all the time.
meowkittykittycat (4 years ago)
I wish she wouldn't do those accents.  It can be hard to understand her.
Yaxchilan Itzy (4 years ago)
The chain to pick up the skirt was also about how gross it was if it was floor length.
Gwen Thompson (4 years ago)
Unlady like? No, they were wearing corsets...you can't bendover in those things.
Taryn M (3 years ago)
+Elissa Mullins Tightlacing was actually an issue, because it would restrict breathing. If a woman had to do any sort of work, she could pass out from lack of oxygen. Many doctors will now recommend them because they help with posture, but back when these were worn more commonly, some women would take things to the extreme and tie them as tight as they could, resulting in trouble breathing, and for some women, cracked ribs. Any sort of research in history will tell you this.
Kate Dubbs (4 years ago)
+SirDarwin Drake Corsets nowadays like the lingerie ones are soo different from how they were 100-200 years ago! They're a lot more comfortable and malleable now!
Kiera (4 years ago)
+AmyRose7771 i speak from experience, and if your do them up properly than they're comfortable. but there are two types of corsets, a fashion corset and an authentic corset. in coursets there are somthing called bones. bones are what make the shape of the corset. the fashion corsets bones are made of plastic, and the authentic is made of steel to make the bones strong yet fleabl enough to breath. how ever the authentic corset is what you are thinking of. this kind of courset is the kind they had in the Renaissance. though the ones in the Renaissance were made from actul bones from animls and sometimes humans. anyway, these are the kind that can pull tight enough to make ones waist 4 inches maybe even 3 inches small. here is a likn if you want to read more on this: http://www.ebay.com/gds/What-Are-the-Different-Types-of-Corsets-/10000000177319414/g.html i hope this helped you :D
Emii Breem (4 years ago)
+SirDarwin Drake Corset's are alright to a point. But back in the Victorian ages they were laced up so tight that it was actually unhealthy. Woman commonly died from what we now know were caused by the tightness of the corset rearranging their insides. Our bodies are delicate (male or female) I don't mean fragile so much as more of a 'you shouldn't mess with them' sort of way.
Gwen Thompson (4 years ago)
I havent worn one before, being a guy, but some of my friends have and they say they arent that bad. They were shrinking their waist by about 4-6 inches and were fine. Their problems were that they couldn't bendover, slouch, and run. I've seen some corsets that shrink the waist by like 10 inches...at that point i think itd be fair to call them a torture device XD
WeMustCoexist (4 years ago)
Please learn more about accents before you butcher them in public
Rebecca Li (4 years ago)
i cant remeber what peroid it was but looking pale ment your rich and you dont need to go out side and work and looking tan mean poor and out side farming alot, people even gone as far as using chemical drinking or putting it on their faces to make them look pale. but now its like revers 
M Greenwood (4 years ago)
Yep. Since today most people work indoors in cube farms, being tanned is associated with being wealthy enough to golf and take exotic vacations. 
Lily Dalbkce (4 years ago)
That's interesting. I always just thought that as people began having office jobs instead of outside jobs (like farming) made getting a tan harder so it became popular. People always want whats difficult to get, like the fact that in the U.S. it's stylish to be skinny. In third world countries, being fat is stylish.
Kate Dubbs (4 years ago)
That was pretty much always up until the 1920s when Coco Chanel was photographed after spending the day on a yacht & she had gotten a tan. Then we realized how flattering a bit of color really is, I suppose so it stuck.
Lily Dalbkce (4 years ago)
I remember reading "Little House on the Prairie" when I was little and Laura's mom telling her she had to wear her sun bonnet or else she was going to be "as tan as an indian" which I thought was a bit ridiculous considering they were living in the middle of no where... Quite literally.
Mackerachi (4 years ago)
I was expecting to see fanny packs. xD Specifically the lime, teal and magenta colors seen in the 90's.
Kate Dubbs (4 years ago)
I had those! And some of those weird backpacks ... It's strange for me now to see all of these young kids wearing stuff like that, that we all regretted years later in hindsight.
idkwhyimdoingthis997 (4 years ago)
Hey! don't you bash fanny packs! they are probably one of the most convenient ways to carry all of your stuff!
Josh Pfaffenberger (4 years ago)
Hanky holder omg so funny how you waived it around!
Josh Pfaffenberger (4 years ago)
Hanky holder omg so funny how you waived it around!
Eric Taylor (4 years ago)
The other day I had a dream about a girl I sort of knew in high school (In my dream she was my age now) I haven't seen her or thought about her in 25 years but it was driving me crazy because I couldn't remember her name. I pulled out my old year book to see if I could fine her. OMG the hair! I'd forgotten how incredibly BIG the hair was. wow.
Karl Heeren (4 years ago)
Bustles. Never understood why women would wear something that intentionally made their booty look big? Not to mention it had to be impossible to sit down, and then there is the problem of going potty with one of these booty cages on!
Caity Fournier (4 years ago)
Nothing wrong with a nice curvy butt. Good for baby making. 
Cherilyn H (4 years ago)
Bustles were to keep the dress fabric from going into the flames of a stove, fireplace, etc. 
FoodStamps23 (4 years ago)
I have newspaper pants! well they arent actual newspaper just fabric with a newspaper dyed into them but they were so awesome
lovejulieandrews (4 years ago)
Tudor times- men wore shoes with such long toes that they had to have a chain tying the tip of their toes to their calf
regallyblonde (4 years ago)
Two words GRAVY STOCKINGS. During world war II in England the ever fashionable nylon stockings (nylons) were no longer being imported, due to wartime restrictions. The ladies simply could not live without stockings slathered their legs in gravy to mimic nylons. Women would also draw seams on the back to make the illusion more believable. What a mess. You would smell like meat all day and be chased by every dog on your block. I would just go barelegged.
M Greenwood (4 years ago)
I'm guessing that looking like you didn't have stockings on was considered immodest back then. 
indigothecat (4 years ago)
Not too long ago, how about the doughnut-foreheads in Japan?  The jelly-shoes in the 90's that caused all kinds of blisters?  I'm also certain that in the future, people will possibly look back at Skrillex hair and be confused.
stormcrown9 (4 years ago)
leg warmers were pretty weird
Adrian G. (4 years ago)
Big Booty Judies!
Munitia Blastpaw (4 years ago)
How about the italian corsets of a few hundred years back (can't remember when exactly), that make women look pregnant?
Ellie B (4 years ago)
The teased hair and blue eyeshadow (that didn't look good on anyone) of the 80's, I went to school for 80's day and people said I looked scary, but the teachers said I looked just like I was from the 80's.
asphodelale (4 years ago)
I'm thinking g-strings as everyday underwear--rather defeats most purposes of underwear, those do.
M Greenwood (4 years ago)
They're to prevent visible panty line. I guess. Thongs confuse me. 

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