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Top 10 Snickers Funniest Commercials

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The funniest collection of SNICKERS commercials. Featuring the Joker, Betty White , Abe Vigoda, Johnny Manziel, Joan Collins, Stephanie Beacham, Liza Minelli, Aretha Franklin, Ricahrd Lewis, Roseanne Barr, Joe Pesci, Don Rickles, Robin Williams, Rowan Atkinson and Danny Trejo. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!
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Kaka Nayaka (10 days ago)
6:08 Get some *N* *U* *T* *S*
JD Jones (17 days ago)
To be fair, when that guy ran through Betty, they should've called Pass Interference.
Daniil Davis (18 days ago)
The joker turned in to a black person, and that process is called sniggering
hypershadix1 (27 days ago)
You gotta make a new top ten and put the Elton John one in there somewhere
Tiffany 101 (1 month ago)
Sorry but is it just me or does he look like rice gum?😬🤔 5:33
Mike Sheridan (1 month ago)
R.i.p. Aretha Franklin, Robin Williams, Johnny footballs career and Rosanne Barn's too
BigHero6 Fanatic2004 (22 days ago)
Roseanne is still alive.
PL00F (1 month ago)
4:53 eat a snicker, and turn black *life hacked*
Mary Wyche (1 month ago)
These are hilarious
Luna The undertaker (3 months ago)
4:26 r.i.p don rickles aka Mr potato Head. 4:37 rip Robin Williams aka Teddy Roosevelt.
BigHero6 Fanatic2004 (22 days ago)
R.I.P. Abe Vigoda
Mary Wyche (1 month ago)
Luna The undertaker r.i.p. aretha franklin
Anna Sherosky (4 months ago)
I love the Snickers ad with Betty White she's funny
Ennard the Bot (8 months ago)
Danny Trejo, Joe Pulci, and even Mr.Bean.
Sara Souto (2 years ago)
JoeMavro (2 years ago)
A mixture of the Frank Welker and Jack Nicholson Jokers, maybe?
West Inc. (2 years ago)
in the second one there is doc brown
Ron Wylie (2 years ago)
Fantastic, in the uk we only had a couple of these, they are great and so pro
MLG_WANNABE GAMER (2 years ago)
Johnny football🏈🏈🏈
Demetrius Mcfadden (2 years ago)
Yeah, What snickers is trying to say is put those nuts in your mouth and swallow it.
paradox 8808 (21 days ago)
"Put dem chocolate covered nuts in your mouth and beg for more you dirty whore"...if snickers had true advertisements
AnActualBillionaire (2 years ago)
*Skips ad to watch ad video.
Fernando Leon (2 years ago)
Mr. bean OMG love that show :)
Hans Descollines (2 years ago)
I used to watch him back in Canada! So funny!
J.T. Dennis (2 years ago)
"How about the Joker plays with you?" (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Scherzic Colonel (2 years ago)
Dylan Meador (2 years ago)
Poor manziel lol
Emiliano Serrano (2 years ago)
This Joker is better to the new of the suicide squad.
t0nito (2 years ago)
Here have a snickers, why? Because you become a grammar queen when you're hungry. Better?
mwa haha (2 years ago)
funnylove4321 (2 years ago)
Mr. Bean!? was in a snickers commercial?! awesome!!
Hans Descollines (2 years ago)
I said the exact same thing!
Xander Martinez (2 years ago)
the joker looks and acts better than the joker in suicide squad
Angel Bonilla (2 days ago)
I thought the same!
Dailyn PUPPY (6 months ago)
Xander Martinez true
Bruva Galathos (2 years ago)
Probably has to do with him being modeled after the Arkham Asylum iteration.
Fishing Finatics (2 years ago)
zT_PaRadiiSe 32 (2 years ago)
robin Williams 😭 rip my brudda
Shaun Marion (2 years ago)
Targen Zarlee (2 years ago)

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