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Some Roofers Offered This Homeless Guy A Job, And He Soon Showed Them His True Colors

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Some Roofers Offered This Homeless Guy A Job, And He Soon Showed Them His True Colors contact us at:watchjojo2@gmail.com http://watchjojo.com ************************************************************** Mug Recently Discovered At Auschwitz Held A Secret Hidden For More Than 70 Years https://youtu.be/XjsSmNSacD0 Things Your Teachers May Have Taught You That Are Actually Totally Untrue https://youtu.be/6OvRKSh0Xgc This Man Was In His Yard On A Rainy Night When He Heard A Wretched Cry From The Shed Roof tag_faces https://youtu.be/kPZSCUpqg6o This Man Can Grow Roses From Potatoes, And It’s Incredibly Easy To Do https://youtu.be/qKUO5Ucyv3M Time Traveling Brothers Reveal What The Distant Future Will Be Like https://youtu.be/Aj7e6YJ6ib4 When This Beautiful Woman Had Her Long Hair Cut, The Transformation Left Her Utterly Unrecognizable https://youtu.be/BKbV3WfO-q4 This Mailman Noticed How His Favorite Dog Was Changing Then He Saw What The Owners Were Doing https://youtu.be/KL0oMhNEXSU ************************************************************** ►Image credits: Facebook/JayJay Murray Facebook/Empire UPVC & Roofing Specialists ►web: http://watchjojo.com ► SUBSCRIBE US: https://goo.gl/Z4nZcg ► Follow Us On Google Plus: https://goo.gl/JYf9Rr ► Like us Our Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/C5Rv92 ► Follow On Twitter: https://goo.gl/PZ2U1R ►Source : https://goo.gl/zR2iyE Reference http://scribol.com/lifestyle/roofers-offered-homeless-job-showed-them-true-colors/ #watchjojo
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Text Comments (5690)
grimwat (1 hour ago)
Geez.... he managed to not really say anything for 6 minutes. I should have noticed the 14k thumbs down. :-(
Linda Gill (1 day ago)
Looping story....short point.
Rosie (2 days ago)
How many times, did this company get plugged. Can't no one do selfless acts anymore..without getting something back out of it. It's ironic really, he was helping a company that fixes roofs. When he needs a roof over he's head...
David Morris (5 days ago)
a 30 second video stretched 6 extra minutes.
Honesty Rules (6 days ago)
Nice product placement @5:04 #sponsered by
Doug LeMere (7 days ago)
And an Empire shirt!
Sharon Walters (8 days ago)
Thank you gentleman for that Godly Jester you showed another human being you are a beautiful soul and a angel sent from God God bless you guys and that young man that you help today and everyday
Harry Mundy (9 days ago)
He lived happy ever after
Lawrence (9 days ago)
Why the creepy music? Its a happy story.
Shannon Burns (9 days ago)
I hired a young homeless man in Liberty, MO. I gave this unskilled man $25/hr, with the condition he was NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the time he worked for me. At the end of the first day I gave home $300 for 8 hours of work. He earned it! I left him on the job, alone, for about 20-30 minutes when I went to buy our lunch. When I returned, his demeanor was very different. Spacy and lackadaisical. Turns out he used the previous day’s earnings to buy LSD and cough syrup (DMX as he called it.) I told him to get in the car and I would take him to the place I found him panhandling or any location within reason. He attempted to assault me, calling me a closed-minded hypocrite. After he landed several blows to my face I fought back. I had no choice - I am not a skilled fighter and could not restrain him without beating him I to submission. I was charged with assault. After appearing in court three times, he finally showed up (he’d been arrested for drug possession) and all charges were dropped against me. Of course there are people who, through no fault of their own, fall on hard times. I’d love to help anyone on this situation. Unfortunately, the vast majority of homeless people are addicts and schemers. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference.
Marty Henry (9 days ago)
David Neiggemann (11 days ago)
and they lived happy ever after
3dsman (11 days ago)
Waste of fricking time. No video of the guy or anything. I hope something heavy falls on you guys. Like your mother.
David Walmsley (12 days ago)
It appears to be a normal American practice to repeat the introduction at least once, though only once is quite rare. Congratulations.
Ef U (12 days ago)
Western Phoenix (13 days ago)
Colin Franzen (13 days ago)
Laurie Hardiman (14 days ago)
Well done!!!!
bobviously (14 days ago)
He worked hard and had a good attitude but they didn't offer him a job. Giving him a few bucks isn't a big deal.
highlandersh44 (15 days ago)
And yet no one offered him a long term job!
chase symonds (16 days ago)
Willingness to work isn't really the problem. It's ability. It's holding whatever job you do get. Mental illness makes that impossible for many people, and without strong support, like from family, it's just never going to happen.
Cesar Caro (16 days ago)
Good people the British
Al Gentry (17 days ago)
what the...
Magali Aureille (21 days ago)
What would then happen in France? The company would be suied for using someone without a work contract... Sometimes I just hate my country!
steven ford (22 days ago)
Nice to see in this day and age their are still some good hearted people out their willing to help people when they are down and out.Great job you guys.
Vigilante Jake (23 days ago)
Good hearted are blessed people.
Damien Allen (24 days ago)
comen4u troll (25 days ago)
Alex Jeremic (26 days ago)
Red Lantern's Rage (27 days ago)
looking at the comments, you people should be ashamed, eww get to the point.... you can not tell me that you all lack even 6 minutes of the day to listen?? everyone wants to talk but nobody wants to listen.....anyways i'm done ----- this is good stuff, homelessness no matter where in the world it exists, is a problem but a problem we could solve if we wanted to, if we identify why people are homeless and how to help....
joe webster (27 days ago)
shut the fuck up
George Negrete (28 days ago)
Thank you for your beautiful post God bless you
Michael Shapiro (28 days ago)
The roofing job was in London, England. John's pay was in British Pounds. Photo shows 155 US Dollars. Please forgive my disorientation.
Marc Law (1 month ago)
Thought he was going to get a job.
Dreamweaver291 (1 month ago)
Ah but we don't use dollars in the U.K. as shown on thee video....., So False.
F.i.M.S Presents Rc (1 month ago)
Nice guys...but is this an advert for empire upvc and roofing? :)
Gary Sakorafas (1 month ago)
too looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ... uggg
Linda Lee (1 month ago)
Well done. warm heated Workers. may we meet you and your team,when we travel to London. Please email us your link, we shall chats, thank you again, for your kindness.
Riverunner (1 month ago)
What a mysterious happening!😱
Elizabeth Anderson (1 month ago)
I have ADHD so get to the point lol I don't have the attention span to watch all this!
Robert (1 month ago)
I thought they would came back the next only to find the homeless dude had finished the entire job by himself instead it sounds like an ad for Empire
Jason Major (1 month ago)
GOD Bless them all!
bob yandell (1 month ago)
UK and he gets paid in US dollars ? Ok if you say so.
Captain Spock (1 month ago)
Stop moaning
MILO BROWN (1 month ago)
Maksim Gayduchik (1 month ago)
My God. Stop droning on. Get to the point already
Urban Stuff (1 month ago)
This is a nice story but many homeless have no interest in anything except being handed cash. Even try offering food and it will often be refused, let alone, offering them work.
sundiii99OWS (1 month ago)
Tower cities connected to maglev trains would eliminate these dangerous jobs. Then of course, we'd need to give every former roofers a guaranteed income so they don't starve, think of their babies who shouldn't starve!! All people always should have had a guaranteed income, because the tiny wages offered were slavery, the way of death.
Carol Woolf (1 month ago)
Thank you. An inspiring story
Hans-Georg Lundahl (1 month ago)
Let's put it like this. If _editors_ - I tend to call them "paper editors" since I am my own internet editor - had had the same response to a homeless writer with work ethic as _roof contractors_ to a homeless worker with such, I'd be off the streets long ago. I wonder if some wanted me to see the video to show me what could happen if I "showed work ethic" like John. Well, the problem is, _they_ want work ethic in the venue of workers' works. I'm showing it in Academic type works. And some Academics just don't like my work ... because it contradicts theirs.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (1 month ago)
That said, I congratulate John and definitely the roof contracters at Murray's as well! Jolly good show, as I think some Brits would express it!
Joseph Shields (1 month ago)
Misleading title. He turns a 2 minute quip into "War and Peace". I fell asleep, how did it end?
Hulagu Mongke (1 month ago)
they label themselves 'homeless'. They have a choice called 'work' and they could ask the council to offer them 'a job' where they can clean up their mess on the streets. At least this guy is trying.
Don Alexander (1 month ago)
I was in San Francisco and offered to buy a Panhandler a Carl's Hamburger and he said " I don't eat that shit" . Hand to heart this actually happened.
Rose Bilski (1 month ago)
I'm surprised that no one has offered him steady work. When you're homeless and don't have a residence, phone and clean clothes it can be hard to get a job. He obviously wants to work.
Dexter Haven (1 month ago)
Ridiculously long intro.
Media D (1 month ago)
What a boring story
Nobby Norberto (1 month ago)
Matthew Livermanne (1 month ago)
I would say the homeless man changed there life
Gary Smith (1 month ago)
Tell the homeless guy I'll give him a job 24/7
TeddyBear 007 (1 month ago)
Thank u jojo, wish we could see more of this stuff, and to give some folks a second chance, and i don't think u see as much homeless'ness !!!!! thanks again !!!!
TeddyBear 007 (1 month ago)
u no what,with some of the comments on this post makes me sick,and then the thumbs up for them, this world is truly fucked up, not all of us, but way to many are !!!!!!!!! i truly think that Jesus needs to come and kick the living shit out of evil in this world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he could start right here !!! all some of u are is dirt bags, and if u don't want to be here, just go and take your comments with you!!!! just say'en !!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Collier (1 month ago)
Scott Collier (1 month ago)
Dum Dum (2 months ago)
Worse youtuber
XYZ (2 months ago)
Congrats to the Roofing Company! Wonderful group of men to help this homeless man and give him some self respect.
ROB NATION (2 months ago)
wow... amazing...yawn.
mike sull (2 months ago)
I have help a lot of homeless people and thay take kindness for weekness.you may get one who's alright the rest are smackheads and drug addicts so don't be trying to make us like them.you don't see immigrants on the streets just white people.you lot ant white .
no way (2 months ago)
He was jesus lol ...
redradiodog (2 months ago)
And he came back to the work site that night and stole all their tools.
Ric Flair (2 months ago)
John bought 92 dollars worth a crack that day.
Pamela Pettit-holt (2 months ago)
Stop milking the story man!
David Watts (2 months ago)
Give a man a fish and he's fed for a day;teach him how to fish and he feeds himself for a lifetime
adrian gonda (2 months ago)
It's all good to give a person a break. It's another thing to allow a person that's not vetted or DBS cleared on your clients property where he can possibly come back and rob. The thought is nice but the carelessness about clients property is crazy.
Jack Reacher (2 months ago)
6:36 minutes I'll never get back.
mindre begavet (2 months ago)
i will spare my friends of showing this video
Mom's Basement (2 months ago)
Roofing jobs totally suck. Most people last less than a few days. Most are out of shape.
Steve jones (2 months ago)
This dude talks shower than the music
MrBarrsy68 (2 months ago)
Great attitude and work ethic. He deserved to get a helping hand unlike a lot of workshy benefit claiments
Ray (2 months ago)
Is this an advert for a roofing company?
Bene Butterbean (2 months ago)
Hey! @3:04 the homeless bastard has a cell phone. WTF?
Mouserjan0222 (2 months ago)
if videos like this get too boring, just skip ahead to the end and usually you can get the gist of it without wasting 6 minutes
Sarge 420 (2 months ago)
Thank you Empire Team. Your kindness will spread throughout the homelessness issues. 😢
James Dare (2 months ago)
People are so dumb, you don't see a viral advertising campaign when you see it.
Kathy Paaaina (2 months ago)
Aloha amazing hugs and prayers from me 2 U from Hawaii Oahu Facebook said okay to my AAA then Google has my Email on hold Oh what does this have to do with anything just gave the homeless a meal most are Meth users on these Islands or just want to live on the beach and have procured Space hugs and prayers from me 2 U from Hawaii Oahu
Victory Library (2 months ago)
Homeless guy steals their truck.
Pedro Laza (2 months ago)
That was so nice about the homeless man I guess I am running some somewhat of his shoes not to think about that I have passed through a lot now I'm progress singing it in a different way seeing life in a different way only the expression shows he could save much more than to this for it in War I am a warrior but in the street I'm a humble man let's see what my fortune brings about you don't even have to bring a fortune teller to say
Chiriac Adelin (2 months ago)
just advertisement , based on emotional stories....we understand you have a nice car ... wwwwww
Gomez l Addams (2 months ago)
too long of a way to say that this is the way we should act everyday! take care of each other! I have and it hasn't come back my way. I hope it will but that isn't why I did it. I felt the need to take care of others and I did it a huge way, until health reasons made it impossible for me to do what I was doing. Now I'm alone and not doing so good and could use a hand up but it will happen or it won't I'll live or I'll die that seems to be the case. Either way I can go out knowing I did the right thing with my life while I could. And I hope everybody else does their best to help others as much as I possibly can. always talk to a person on the same level as you don't put yourself above somebody because you're not. money doesn't make you anything except for able to pay your bills. Which don't get me wrong that's a great thing I miss it. but the only way that we're going to make it on this planet while we're here is to take care of each other. I'm not sure why I'm being shown what it's like after the fact that I took care of all those people but I have a feeling things will change up one of these days or like I said I'll just die and then it won't matter. I thought the death might occur during the story LOL
Satyakaam Katznelson (2 months ago)
Bravo guys! Well done.
Carmelita Olsen (2 months ago)
I thought this vas a VIDEO!! If I wanted pictures I'd read the paper! You guys are worse than politicians. Talk, talk, talk and in the end no point!
Roland O Connell (2 months ago)
Why can’t every body be that people are such jerks to day we should make the world a better place cause right now that’s what I’m doing
Jose Peixoto (2 months ago)
what colors were those? all i see is black and white.
olivia Psalms91 (2 months ago)
wow and here i was expecting a great story of extraordinary talent or dangerous event. that was the longest six minutes ive ever wasted.
Earl of Wickshire (2 months ago)
I offered this homeless guy 25 bucks to take my car and pick up some groceries. I wonder what’s taking him so long
Judd Francis (2 months ago)
1.58 mins had enough
Betsy Janson (2 months ago)
don't swear online please! it s offenseive and this was and awesome great story. More people in the U S need to learn to be kind and Compassionate like the British people in this Story. Great story Thumbs Up got my vote!:)
wes (12 days ago)
It's unfortunate that you don't see the narcissism in these people. They barely did it out of kindness, but did it more so for the attention and praise they received for their "kind act." Someone who truly does it from the heart shouldn't/doesn't feel the need to post their moral decision making all over social media.
Patrik Wihlke (2 months ago)
Tip: Use videoblocker plugin to block channels you are tired of.
Patrik Wihlke (2 months ago)
But what did random people write on social media pages!? I need to know what people feel!!!
Cynthia Patterson (2 months ago)
It's sweet
Donald Maclean (2 months ago)
and the point of this is?..people do this every day...people are fundamentally great...this isn't a shock

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