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Batman vs. The Scarecrow

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Text Comments (4933)
Commando303X (2 days ago)
Well, I guess this gets to be the one where the bat jumps the shark.
Mr Sam (5 days ago)
Haha! This has to be my favourite badman vid!!!!
The1 King 0f Wakanda (5 days ago)
“But what of your arms?” 😂
Brodie Waldrop (7 days ago)
*scarecrow lights batman on fire* "wait your not scared of fire?" Its actually a relief actually but keep those roombas away from me their like little Alfreds 😂
Subhajit Karmakar (8 days ago)
0:26 attention to details, the fighting choreography is just brilliant!
NCHarristudios 66 (12 days ago)
I thought he would have said his biggest fear is George Clooney.
lee Lewis (14 days ago)
Christopher Mc'donald lol, i love it when famous actors join in the fun.
raul castillo (18 days ago)
"Hey batman how ya doin"😂
Sky Hunter (19 days ago)
Christopher McDonald part killed me!
1:59 fun for babies not for batman
nexra (21 days ago)
Logical men fear logical things.
Bruce Wayne (21 days ago)
Jason Sieffert (22 days ago)
I do agree with showers using 1/3 the water of a bath...
Alexander Walker (23 days ago)
I've seen so many of these now, I almost prefer this batman over Christian Bale 😂🦇
mitrooper (24 days ago)
Just realized that the actor who plays scarecrow, kinda looks like a fat Jensen Ackles.
bluewaffle74ab (25 days ago)
In the dealership laughing everyone looking at me
Michael Kimmer (25 days ago)
We need mooooore badman
Sorrow (30 days ago)
Not funny, moron
Lord Phatman (1 month ago)
The henchmen is scared of fire but they're going to burn the building?
Nathan Vander Eecken (1 month ago)
omg it's Bodyguard! o.o
adallas181 (1 month ago)
Babe Ruth's tiny legs 😂😂😂😂
Ike Urban (1 month ago)
Goose McKensie!
Jonathan Pollock (1 month ago)
Miss this writing staff
Ben Hramiak (1 month ago)
I'm gonna make a d&d character with those fears.
Jordan Bagwell (1 month ago)
Babe Ruth’s tiny legs 😂😂😂😂😂
Henry Yarbrough (1 month ago)
Wolf Guardian (1 month ago)
Sevu Vidramus (1 month ago)
The funny thing is that fears THAT ridiculous fascinate scarecrow and no matter what your fear is he can abuse it, if you think about scarecrow should be like up to jokers level of bad, cause even joker has fears
Paul Bouchard (1 month ago)
They're like little electronic Alfreds. XD
Geeb Studios (2 months ago)
ANOKU NO OUJI (2 months ago)
"YOUR BURNING ALIVE THIS DOSENT SCARE YOU! " "i like it just keeps the rumbas away from me!"
Stephen Even (2 months ago)
daniel bryan (2 months ago)
Imtimacy!! 😂😂😂
Rogue Legend (2 months ago)
Adam Malkovich (2 months ago)
Fluorescent lightbulbs!!! Save the earth, but at what weird twisty cost?!!!
Sandip Pandey (2 months ago)
dam man
Nightpony inRface (2 months ago)
Batman: Ahh! Donald trump! ... that dead animal on your head! .. building walls all over!
um ok (2 months ago)
if one wallows in extremes for so long even the mundane become terrifying in this case baths
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
NO. It's a SACRED SITE. *****YOU KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!!!!***** The cocaine mummies [Gold Key] are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. You have to make sure there is NO DISINFORMATION. It's not UP FOR A VOTE [6]. Trespassing would violate INTERNATIONAL LAW and CANNOT BE BOUGHT.
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
3/4 minutes ago. And why do you always have to PISS on my walls [332]? ***WOW*** ANOTHER silver skull at the FRONT DOOR. no, he's dead. BAD LEVELS. Yeah we spoke in the BRIEF about that backstage. THANKS. I LOVE my job and you made it HORRIBLE. They're too destructive. I FUCKING QUIT.
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
And why do you always have to PISS on my walls?
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
JJJ. You SURE you want MY opinion? We got red invisibility. HOW DO THE DEAD NAMES KNOW WHERE TO GO??!!!!! :( HEY!!!!!! *****WAKE UP***** 49 seconds. + WHY DOES HE [32] [11:11] PISS ****EVERYTIME**** we mention the word magical [33] [6*] [15]?
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
JJJ. You SURE you want MY opinion? We got red invisibility. HOW DO THE DEAD NAMES KNOW WHERE TO GO??!!!!! :( HEY!!!!!! *****WAKE UP***** 49 seconds.
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
It's NOT UP FOR ****DEBATE****. I'VE GOT THE MIKE. You can't ****CHANGE**** that. Don't hassle the Archangels. I'm not a FIGHTER. Just *****TRY IT***** This IS in the natural / esoteric realm. To me hacking = destruction. You DEAL WITH YOUR ****OWN**** FUCKING CRAP. Sorry:-(
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
NO COMPROMISE [$$$$]***** I have my ******OWN AGENDA****** [b] [U] [u] YOU ARE *****TAKING***** MY POWER THERE. I don't want to DEAL WITH THIS SHIT. It's NOT UP FOR DEBATE. So *****GOOD LUCK WITH THAT*****
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
4 YEARS, and this HAS ***NOTHING**** TO DO WITH YOU, you ARE SO FUCKING SELFISH. YOU FUCKING RUINED MY PRIVATE RESIDENCE. See? That as a FAILURE makes sense to ME [[$]$$$]. They did ALOT OF HARM to peaceful, high level communities.
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
Why do you HAVE TO take a PISS *****EVERY TIME**** I'm in my ORIGINAL skin [34] / Area 51 is a pink *****HEAD***** **************YOURE THE FUCKING LOSERS WITH THE FUCKING ARMS*********** and it's JUST a CHILD key, furthermore NOT EVEN *****YOUR FAMILY***** WHY!!! would you have a *****PROBLEM***** with that?
Natalie Spa (2 months ago)
Why do you HAVE TO take a PISS *****EVERY TIME**** I'm in my ORIGINAL skin [34] / Area 51 is a pink *****HEAD***** **************YOURE THE FUCKING LOSERS WITH THE FUCKING ARMS*********** and it's JUST a CHILD key, furthermore NOT EVEN *****YOUR FAMILY***** WHY!!! would you have a *****PROBLEM***** with that?
Michael Murphy (3 months ago)
R.I.P. Christopher MacDonald
Josh Fenn (3 months ago)
what i will most certainly be watching on my death bed
Music Laboratory (3 months ago)
Orrantia49 (3 months ago)
Oh my lord.. His mouth is so f-ing hilarious!!! lmfao! This guy does the perfect DK impression, i mean the voice is great too but the mouth movement seal the deal for this one.. LOL, i can't stop just watching his mouth move when he talks, it looks like he's trying to continually smooch something and just can't quite get it. Rofl!
B Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Is this a Parody or something?
Savatron (3 months ago)
I died-went to sleep- when Scarecrow lit Batman on fire XD
Levi Tull (3 months ago)
Taking a quick shower is just as refreshing and uses 1 third the water IT'S WASTEFUL
Ocean T (3 months ago)
Shooter McGavin 😂😂
Noah Deibler (3 months ago)
Christopher McDonald wtf why is he here
Call of duty Kid 9000 (3 months ago)
Batman: Sleeveless T-shirt’s! Me: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Lord Nixon (3 months ago)
Its jingle jangles tell me I’m at a club med
ramesh khadka (3 months ago)
Harvey, can we trust him?
Timmy Dirtyrat (3 months ago)
pierce madden (3 months ago)
Thanos Car (3 months ago)
2:14 I see santa eating a unicorns face while hitler is dancing in the corner and trump is falling of his wall Now that’s something to be scared of
Luke Perez (3 months ago)
Batman: Your torso is warm. But what of your arms???? Rhas Al Ghul: Your arms will take care of themselves
Tosticlezz (3 months ago)
3:04 “Baths, like a bath?” 😂 Ohh now I understand
Ike Urban (3 months ago)
adam cain (3 months ago)
"You're torso is warm, but what of your arms"
If Bea Arthur would show up, I wouldn’t quit, either.
porter robinson is bae (3 months ago)
Dr. Strange Bat (3 months ago)
Ukuleles, florescent lightbulbs, and jingly keys, OH MY!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
aleck whitlow (3 months ago)
Your burning alive this doesn't scare u
Robert Ostler (3 months ago)
Is every guy in college humor fat?
Robert Ostler (3 months ago)
No video with the joker?
Your burning alive this doesn't scare you
You fall from buildings you fight criminals but your scared of roombas
Jack Kraken (3 months ago)
Anirban Bhattacharya (3 months ago)
Roomba!!! How does it know where to go if we don't plug it in?!
NERDVANA (4 months ago)
2:27 It’s Kent Mansley from The Iron Giant!
Jackson Wood (4 months ago)
Jingling keys fun for babies NOT FOR BATMAN 😱
Haseeb Dhera (4 months ago)
Zrob (4 months ago)
*If Donald Trump was Batman*
moeskido (4 months ago)
This is the best of the bunch. So good.
Roberto Buenafe (4 months ago)
*That Scarecrow looks like a fat Jensen Ackles.*
Noah Blatt (4 months ago)
The fear of intimacy, or aphenphosmphobia, is actually one of the 20 most common phobias out there.
Hespi (4 months ago)
I love this Batman episodes
Trent Thompson (4 months ago)
Awesome batman scared of girl scouts
Und34d Army (4 months ago)
this mask is scarier than the one from the movie.
NUBLAFIED NUBBIE (4 months ago)
Dis Kinda actually makes sense since we Didn't grow up traumatized insanely Richie rich Billionaires..rich people hav a different mind set
shihoblade (4 months ago)
They got shooter McGavin for this. Respect.
Bruce Wayne (4 months ago)
Bats for a moment i thought he meant A Bat
Asshat Thirteen (4 months ago)
Nick Gagnon (4 months ago)
Christopher McDonald = Fucking scary
Nicola Hill (4 months ago)
Crowman (4 months ago)
Salskea Hirvi (4 months ago)
TTTMusic (4 months ago)
doppelheathen (4 months ago)
Batman is afraid of the television show Double Dare. I don't want to know him anymore.
Declan Stewart (4 months ago)
dizzybynature (4 months ago)
tbh i would probably just sit down and keep gassing batman just to hear everything.. i mean, where does this rabbit hole go and what am i going to find??

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