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5 PC Games You Must Play in 2016

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This year we saw a lot of games for PC with amazing graphics, story and Gameplay. Here is a list of 5 games which stood out among the games released this year which you Must Try. Game List: 1) Witchers 3 2) Batman Arkam Knight 3) Final Fantasy 15 4) Metal Gear Solid V - The Phanthom Pain 5) Rocket League Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/devcus Mail : customizedevice@gmail.com Twitter : @devcustomizer1
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Text Comments (427)
MUSicamaze Rid (17 days ago)
I am watchibg it in 2019 .
FatTiger4 (1 year ago)
top 5 shit games on pc...
Isak Sollid (1 year ago)
Witchers 3, rly. Its the witcher!
perspektyvustoks (1 year ago)
I would really like to try witcher 3, gorgeous game, but my windows tablet started lagging at its cinematics in this video in fullscreen... so I don't think it can run it;DD
Kasumi Fu (1 year ago)
Rocket League hahahahahahahahha!! ..Oh man..
GenovBeats (1 year ago)
SADRA SHADYX (1 year ago)
final fantasy isnt for pc
FCB (1 year ago)
1:00 oops nip slip
Kraintorent (1 year ago)
its 2017 well shit
Dave Malone (1 year ago)
the video and the description doesn't match lol
Niniell Dragneel (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy XV is not for PC!!!
Emilia Prins (1 year ago)
plusmetal rise (1 year ago)
Why can't you just put gameplay footage?
Rodolfo Dias Venancio (1 year ago)
always the same. Final Fantasy Intros/CGs are full of action. But when you get in the game, you are stuck in the ground, attacking in turns HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Jyoti Mondal (1 year ago)
Most faltu games!!
djteogeo (1 year ago)
If u exclude the Homeworld Remastered, the rest are for cliche games you must play in 2016.
gammkrab (2 years ago)
0.1% gameplay
mustin (2 years ago)
Why batman.
Thirsty Dog22 (2 years ago)
Jason Cheever (2 years ago)
what's the monthly fee?
Luke Fluxcapacitor (2 years ago)
XIV = 14 you math genius ;D also... rocket league? meh
EUprogramming (1 year ago)
thought the same as i saw that he wrote "Final Fantasy 14" in the description. By the way the Video isnt so good at all. Just some advertisment of the gamemakers their self put together with no gameplay or comments about the actual gameplay. And like you said: Rocket league isnt really the best game or even one of the best 2016. Some People like it, some dont. So where is the statistic view of this whole list? EUProgramming
siddharth singh (2 years ago)
Captainsting (2 years ago)
witcher 3 looks half as good as its cinematic cutscene lmao
Magical Peanut (2 years ago)
Really batman. You must know nothing of the pc gaming
Rafael So (2 years ago)
#Peanut Retard.. PC gaming really? batman was awesome story and Graphics 60-70fps looks your PC is shyt
tasu (2 years ago)
Craig Anderson (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy 15 on PC in 2016? lol... what planet do you live on?
M4D1 UltraG4mer (2 years ago)
Mustafa Azmi (2 years ago)
Jokes on me my Arkham Knight in steam is still unplayable
V Srivatsav (2 years ago)
these are waste games except batman arkham night
Whane The Whip (2 years ago)
Pointless fucking cinematics that don't say shit about the games. What a worthless upload.
Akib Jabed (2 years ago)
This video is a shit
C M (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy 15 isn't a PC game. Thumbs down, do your research.
Nova XXZ (2 years ago)
2:45 FUS RO DAH!
SHAOLLIN (2 years ago)
Witcher 3 GOTY, to me the negative are nude pixel :D Strong Recommended, best goty of all time.
DeMotiVator (2 years ago)
I loved the 3rd one on the list 👍
Slaanesh (2 years ago)
1. jop 2. nope 3. nope 4. jop 5. nope
hhhoooaaaxxx (2 years ago)
witcherS ? whats that?
Dutsan Rojas (2 years ago)
sorry a question..is witcher Wild Hunter? or Blood and wine?
Kutyaütő Kis (2 years ago)
Witchers 3 ? Lol... bravo...! 8-D
rich obi (2 years ago)
Kutyaütő Kis p0
mgkpraesi (2 years ago)
Is the Maker of this Video retarded? Another clickbait. Fuck you.
Nope (2 years ago)
A video made purely off advertisements.
Jan Christian Frodahl (1 year ago)
That`s what a trailer is..
Zack Gaming (2 years ago)
lThellRockl (2 years ago)
*Finished watching Witcher 3* "Damn what a waste" *looks at the dead witch hot body*.... "oh well... still warm...." *unzip pants*
rich obi (2 years ago)
Jose Miguel Dacumos
Jose Miguel Dacumos (2 years ago)
What the fuck, Chao?
moni (2 years ago)
ArKant0s 1337 (2 years ago)
witcher franchise best singleplayer game ever.
OPSynergy (2 years ago)
That witch was hot m8
Grant K (2 years ago)
Lol FF15 isn't on PC.
Grant K (1 year ago)
C M (2 years ago)
But he says 15. In the video and the description.
Evang3lium (2 years ago)
He showed ffxiv... not xv
Albaricus (2 years ago)
Make a game in the witcher world where you can create your own character as a witcher ofc and put in 2 - 3 player coop. Perfect game.
johan rannström (2 years ago)
there is no mgsv in the video LMAO
Noah Graves (2 years ago)
+Johan Rannström its not just on pc
johan rannström (2 years ago)
Noah Ford its a pc game
Noah Graves (2 years ago)
Yeah arguably the best on pc too.
Nick D (2 years ago)
The Mits umm mgsv is on pc too
The Mits (2 years ago)
~PC~ games dude..
CrazySmash Vlad (2 years ago)
I recomand Witcher 3 from the bottom of my heart. If you love openworld games like skyrim, give it a try .
Keshav Jha (2 years ago)
how to download game
Prabhu Ram (2 years ago)
we need gameplay not trailers!!
amit kumar Das (2 years ago)
Prabhu Ram look mfucker u not listening u just reading dumb as apply common sense
Prabhu Ram (2 years ago)
I dont care listening to ur texts. -_-
amit kumar Das (2 years ago)
Prabhu Ram you dont mAKE a sense
Prabhu Ram (2 years ago)
Beat it.. Guys like you never grow up. :3
amit kumar Das (2 years ago)
Prabhu Ram fuck u again
Stephen J (2 years ago)
AM I the only one who found witcher 3 to be a snooze?
James Glynn (2 years ago)
Stevo Supremo same its becuz we have low attention spans for games since the majority loved it
Jcc Malta (2 years ago)
Elsa Debroglie (2 years ago)
The Witcher 3: Wild Cunt.
ChuggyNation (2 years ago)
its 2016 anf FF 15 isn't out yet fucking dumbass
crisb8713 (2 years ago)
FF15 keeps announcing different release years. they announced 2016 but just recently changed to 2017 according to u.... SPECIAL MEGA ANGRY RETARD ALERT!!... stop making up shit just so u can not feel stupid u stupid lol
S Khan (2 years ago)
Video says 5 PC games 2016, FF 15 announced coming to PC in 2017, calling people retarding when not knowing shit.
crisb8713 (2 years ago)
Title says games OF 2016 ... NOT games currently out in 2016 ... retard alert . i said retard alert haha
LoocaZ (2 years ago)
Jonathan Suniga (2 years ago)
Geralt looks like tripple H!
vitor Nounes (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy 15 on PC ?
sunny Shinu (2 years ago)
yes they are going to release but not soon
Evang3lium (2 years ago)
No but the one he showed is ffxiv not xv
Varshita Pasupuleti (2 years ago)
i wish.
HBMHD (2 years ago)
I really hate "trailers" that present you an (awesome) cinematic of CGI eye candy that does not resemble the actual game at all and that gives absolutely no information about the actual gameplay experience... Don't get me wrong, I love those theatrical gems, but they might as well make a short film about the game instead (with the ridiculous big budgets they spend on them). I'm looking for a game I'll enjoy, and those don't help me choose.
Jan Christian Frodahl (1 year ago)
Then you wait until it comes out and watch a vid on youtube.. Unless you`re one of those Pre-Order people who help ruin gaming..
Ayush Singh (2 years ago)
Zenoxs 0 (2 years ago)
Have to agree with maximum that the trailer is practically identical to the actual game with the ingame cutscenes and gameplay graphics being some of the best
Maximum7077 (2 years ago)
+Jose De La Vega . The game is fucking amazing. Its just normal that they want present the good sides of a game.
Jose De La Vega (2 years ago)
The game itself is great. But the cinematic scenes are much better, and this is the problem.
Sioud ousséma (2 years ago)
Final fantasy 15 ??????
Thah Võ (2 years ago)
I love The Witcher 3 <3
Abhay (2 years ago)
Description mistake : Final Fantasy 14* not 15
Akram Melwana (2 years ago)
guys suggest me any amazing game like max payne3
MiR0* (2 years ago)
resident evil 4 but it requires game controller for best experiance otherwise you won't enjoy on the gameplay
Dean Rexzoe (2 years ago)
which 1 among these Game of The Year (GOTY) 2015 ?
Asherkent Selorico (2 years ago)
is the Witcher 3 Have Fps ? \
Aviator (2 years ago)
bad games
Knight Artorias (2 years ago)
I would not play Batman Arkham Knight on PC, man. Change the title of the video, device
ICY (2 years ago)
It works very well on PC now. You just need a good PC. Mine is quiet ok, I couldn't play with the best graphics but that was fine to me.
Knight Artorias (2 years ago)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, not Witchers 3 :D
Nick Harel (2 years ago)
good damn, those tatas are sexy as F*CK
arda şimşek (2 years ago)
2:46 dişlerini fırçala kadın
* Gray State Murder (2 years ago)
Number 1 Arma 3 number five Arma 3
* Gray State Murder (2 years ago)
Really gamers use a P.C fake little kid gamers have a console!!
Kishan Navale (2 years ago)
Awesome compilation. Good work :)
Fuckkkk , you idiot! That's final 14, you pig!
BLACK CAT (2 years ago)
Hey guys, what to do now, its already mid 2016 now.....
RivalBro (2 years ago)
umm FFXV has not released for PC or consoles yet, why is it on a list of games to play in 2015?
KivanGrath (2 years ago)
The creator doesnt know that, couse he wrote FFXV
Charles Randicha (2 years ago)
umm, if you watch it carefully, it's FFXIV not XV
Zuhair Ali (2 years ago)
dude it's time u shut down ur channel. Arkham knight seriously...the most buggiest game of the year and u say FINAL FANTASY 15. do u even have a clue to what console the game is releasing??
XCatSanX (2 years ago)
rocket league is hard to download man
Asaf GamingIL (2 years ago)
where is metal gear solid v the phantom pain ?
Hanzla Shafqat (2 years ago)
Havoc (2 years ago)
do you have some good games for us or do you only play shitty excuses of games?
hamza arabi (2 years ago)
my great game of all times is wwe 2k15 on ps4
Minecraft its dead?
RafleSTone (2 years ago)
Witcher 3 - I can't remember this quest. Where it was? At Skellige?
DSloan Johnson (2 years ago)
Won't be playing batman anytime soon. Never been a batman fan even in the comics.
ITSROBHERE (2 years ago)
gotta say after playing batman a lot recently, all the missions besides the main story are exactly the same, not even a mini boss fight for some questlines, and when u do it's like fighting another thug. I liked the story and graphics but even with my i7 and 970 the PC version is buggy as shit. So yeah, batman kind of failed at PC, and in general tbh. at least those riddler races were kinda cool, kinda.
31Spaceman Kays (2 years ago)
31Spaceman Kays (2 years ago)
Fauzan Hoki (2 years ago)
elronman (2 years ago)
Oh five games everyone already knows about.
HELLOuw (2 years ago)
Mybe one day I will go and play all these games in 2015 again.
MaxProGenuine (2 years ago)
WOW !!! , It's Really Amazing Graphics, Cinematic Story and Gameplay, for The Wicher Wild Hunt and others I love them ^_^
Tango_Echo_Alpha (2 years ago)
April 2016 and I've yet to play The Witcher 3. Damn my Steam backlog!
zaini asari (2 years ago)
this is online?
Akshay Gaulechha (2 years ago)
bro wheres mg
Jeff Neumann (2 years ago)
Lmao batman
Frank James (2 years ago)
first one looks nice but is GAY
it says final fantasy 15 but the cinematic is from XIV lol disliked your video plus why is there rocket league and not fallout 4.
03:29 he raped him =-= hang him to death!!! that is how a society would react.
+Lykhon Odinson *faceplam* -_- i am talking about how today's society would react if they saw something like that and i'm pretty sure you're that one person who hops in and makes a witty comment ''Does this guy really know what a witcher game is really like?'' well ofcourse i do that is why i bought them on my steam account.
Your Waifu's Waifu (2 years ago)
+Le Ichigo Sensei Show Except that 'society' paid him to kill her... Do you know what The Witcher is about..?
Th3Play3r (2 years ago)
No Fallout 4???WHAT????
Th3Play3r (2 years ago)
it is my opinion + all of these games in the list r expensive
Ibrahim Barghouti (2 years ago)
if you want Fallout 4 then buy it, its FRKIN EXPENSIVE, + you dont need to tell us that, were not intrested
Pvt. Prinny (2 years ago)
"PC games you must play-arkham knight" easier said than done ho ho !
Peter Tremblay (2 years ago)
So you specialize in boring games!
Mark Stone (2 years ago)
Only play the Witcher 3 if you don't mind games that are so dumbed-down they're an insult to anyone with an I.Q. over 50 and if you appreciate cinematic more than role-playing. In this case, the trailer is much better than the game itself. 3's expansion packs, however, may prove to be exceptional.

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