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Jennifer Lawrence Talks Pixie Cut, Catching Fire, and More With Josh Hutcherson

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Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's easygoing rapport isn't just obvious on the big screen; it's also readily apparent even when they aren't in character as Katniss and Peeta. We sat down with the hilarious duo as they kicked off their Catching Fire press tour, getting them to dish on what fans would be surprised to learn about them, how they relate to Peeta and Katniss's struggles with fame, and, of course, Jennifer's notable new haircut. Catching Fire hits theaters on Nov. 22. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Entertainment! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Visit our website for more celebrity and entertainment news! http://www.popsugar.com Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/PopSugar Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/popsugar
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Text Comments (617)
Aytunç (1 year ago)
Josh is hyperactive in this part. he hold his shoes and did some strange motion.
Huzaifa Q (3 years ago)
Stop the video on 3:54 and look at Jennifer Lawrence's face 😂
Momo Thighs (3 years ago)
Wait she said you guys are celebrities because of the hunger games 😨😨😨😨 how dare she they were celebrities before the hunger games smh
orangepine (3 years ago)
chelsea briggs needs to interview these two
h9 (3 years ago)
Alesia Baiocco (3 years ago)
shit interviewer.......
Sonia Avni (4 years ago)
Jennier doe
TheTechPoTaToCHIP (4 years ago)
Anyone notice Jen had a band-aid on her knee? 
Sp0rk (3 years ago)
+Zamolxes77 i watch game theory. i know m8 
Zamolxes77 (3 years ago)
+Sp0rk Not yet. P.S. In "nordic slang", an arrow to the knee means to get married.
Sp0rk (3 years ago)
She took an arrow to the knee
phoneticfanatic17 (4 years ago)
I love her. She is so honest and real.
prettyboykitana (4 years ago)
Yea lol
danni (4 years ago)
Shes so fucking goofy we need people like that in Hollywood to just not fucking care and give some comic relief
Glorisell Pena (4 years ago)
josh  your so hot
heartwideopen357 (4 years ago)
Why are all the interviewers so annoying?
Álvaro Valencia (4 years ago)
''It's a middle finger... and it was delivering >just for you<'' LMFAOOOO
afz3003 (4 years ago)
These guys seem so much fun....compare that with hunger games:(
megan h (4 years ago)
strawbeerymint07 (4 years ago)
HAHAHAH Josh: What was that?  Jennifer: It's a middle finger and it's delivered just for you. 
emily borne (4 years ago)
The interviewer seems like she has no sense of humor
RamonesAGoGo (4 years ago)
Jennifer has sexy thighs
Alooshka (4 years ago)
dat pixie hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Firstworldprobs (4 years ago)
Hhaha "even Caprisun straws he can chew those right up
Tanvir Hagane (4 years ago)
"Whats that?" - "It was a middle finger, and delivered just for you" xDDF FK IM DEAD HAHAH
J H (4 years ago)
Lol wan
Madeline Turelino (4 years ago)
Did anyone else notice at the beginning they did "Jennier" lawrence .... #abigfail
Haley Hintz (4 years ago)
Jennifer is more hipper usually. What gives is she on her period or something. I think it the period thing. Of house you guys All don't know what we're talking about-(wiping hair like a weirdo.) If guys so sexy. I'm talking about Josh hutcherson by the way.
winonabanana (4 years ago)
1:15 they literally just look at each other and start giggling omg
dana crowe (4 years ago)
(spoiler) when she says Katniss' death i cant help but think of divergent
Jenna Adams (4 years ago)
Me too it was soo sad 😢
taylor (4 years ago)
Zaina B. (4 years ago)
AWWWW she has a bandaid on her knee
LJ Figueroa (4 years ago)
I JUST NOTICED JENNIFER'S CUREBAND ON HER LEFT KNEE, YOU CAN SEE IT AT min 0:53 I bet she tripped and hurt herself,
Lambpika (4 years ago)
fact of the day: Josh can chew straws... lol
Ellis Ewing (4 years ago)
JLaw got a boohoo
ElephantLuv03 (4 years ago)
Jennifer makes me laugh
Rui Arruda (4 years ago)
"JENNIER" Lawrence?
toqtaqiya (4 years ago)
Here's a picture of Jennifer without a bra. She has a good pair of... http://twicsy.com/i/YRq9cc
mengutimur (4 years ago)
Oh yeah.
Abril Carmona (4 years ago)
She had pretty long hair, but she also looks nice with short hair.
Sara Berry (4 years ago)
haha i chew straws too! Its a really bad habit and hurts the gums sometimes but its impossible to break!
Layla Anastasia (4 years ago)
Man this video needs to be 345679009 hours longer
Layla Anastasia (4 years ago)
Love how the interviewer has a stick up her butt and is all, "We are going to do a serious interview where we rehearse our jokes and laugh delicately and appropriately and ask the same boring questions" and then JLawr and Josh are like, "Fuck that" and are genuinely funny and real and perfectly themselves and damn I could just give them an award. I bet they have to deal with these kind of interviewers everyday.
maya (4 years ago)
their interviews are gold, they obviously have fun together
Wendy Ardon (4 years ago)
they are super funny, but the interviewer doesn't seem to have a sense of humor at all. 
4kkjwkaz (2 years ago)
Spoiler- they're not that funny
X_Heidi _Katniss_X (2 years ago)
Yas Ikr 😂
Rady Rodriguez (4 years ago)
I agree the interviewer is an asshole
Riding on a Rainbow (4 years ago)
HAHA. I can't stop laughing! I can hardly breathe right now. AIR I NEED AIR!!
ElephantLuv03 (4 years ago)
Same here
Maya Sims (4 years ago)
Jaz (4 years ago)
I died when Josh did the old man gesture LMFAOOOO
Laura's Life (4 years ago)
I chew straws love me
Enver Biyik (4 years ago)
jennifer lawrence u r adorable  l love u so much, l wish every girl looks like her 
Caitlyn Cardoso (4 years ago)
i am marring josh hucherson and no one can stop meeeeeee
Mr.Blanco (4 years ago)
the questions from the interviewer were really stupied and embarrassing for each of them....damn
approved (4 years ago)
Josh = Marty McFly :))
Pulse Malakris (4 years ago)
she looks like Miley cyrus here !!
Jaylee (4 years ago)
@angie I agree with you the interviewer is so serious and has no facial expression
Rebecca Jones (4 years ago)
wow Jenifer and Josh  are like brother and sister like jenifer is like the annoying little sister and josh is the weird big brother lol 
Noah Hall (4 years ago)
Angie (4 years ago)
Needs a better interviewer
Neha Zadef (4 years ago)
I uld so want them to date thooooo
tacoboysucks (4 years ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is da best
Roisin Shutthehellup (4 years ago)
she's so normal. she doesn't act like a snob
yusan2 (4 years ago)
LOL they're so cute together, gotta love them :)
lolmebecksxD (4 years ago)
Yh lol who couldnt love them <3
yusan2 (4 years ago)
Yeah :) I've been watching interviews of them since last night; so many I haven't seen lol
chocolategal20 (4 years ago)
why is everybody obssessing about her hair -.- it's hers, she can do whatever she wants with it and I think she looks more like her pseronality with this hairstyle! we should focus more on what she's paid for , her movies!
phyragain (4 years ago)
Interviewer is so unfun, very prissy-pissy. But Josh and Jen are always funny when they interview together.
Ubercubertuber (4 years ago)
Dat hostess
GoddardsFitness (4 years ago)
I prefer her with the longer blonde hair but still a beautiful women 
Order in Chaos (4 years ago)
Poor Josh he reminds me of Bruce Willis, handsome but lost his hair early. He looks like he's heading there...
leahbobea616 (4 years ago)
That interviewer looks annoyed that she HAS to interview the lovely Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. What a bitch.
jordan thomas (4 years ago)
What's up with the interviewer..pms much?
milie jones (4 years ago)
These two totally friendzoned each other it's kinda sad to watch
Sarah (4 years ago)
Rabbit Hole (4 years ago)
what is this guy doing in film? except that he's jen's bf?? I hate when he opens his mouth,every time not matter what. I'm not saying he's not a great person, but he's not fun to watch or listen to whatsoever. What the heck got him where he is, is beyond me, and why he's in interviews is way beyond me. 
suncutie12 (4 years ago)
That's bull s***! God I love Jennifer.
Patricia Kmetko (4 years ago)
OMG..I So Ship Josh And Jennifer <3
Sofia Kamberis (4 years ago)
: ( no Katniss is going to die maybe NO!!!
TheGothra (4 years ago)
read the books.... she doesent die...
singerz sami emma alli (4 years ago)
I loved catching fire!
Isabella Love (4 years ago)
Jennifer sounds kinda sick
mengutimur (4 years ago)
One of my favorite videos.
joshua balagon (4 years ago)
you liar, you said you have given up on Jennifer like 5 times already
nfcoard (4 years ago)
I thought you gave up on Jennifer because she likes London? lol
owen mcnamara (4 years ago)
Jennifer + Short Hair = Joan of Arc
Asad Ahmed (4 years ago)
1:16 they just look at each other and laugh aww
ilmars (4 years ago)
0:07 her name is no Jennier Lawrence. The editor must have been an a hurry.
Scott Clark (4 years ago)
Curly Eliana (4 years ago)
Did she say Katniss is death or Kartniss is deaf I know what the answer is obviously but i want to know
Helen duggan (4 years ago)
I think she said Katniss' death but she said it as a joke
Nikki Lindemann (4 years ago)
TERRIBLE interviewer.
Scott Clark (4 years ago)
MintCookieMC (4 years ago)
Why does jennifer have a plaster on her knee ?
MintCookieMC (4 years ago)
Okay cheers
Charlene Victoire (4 years ago)
in  another interview she said she fell at MTV. So I guess it was the same day because they have the same clothes 
MintCookieMC (4 years ago)
Whoa okay just wondering if there was a specific reason sheesh
millsathn (4 years ago)
You kidding? Cause she cut it maybe. 
Holly Gibson (4 years ago)
Jennifer has a plaster on her knee just realized
Holly Gibson (4 years ago)
Jennifer has a plaster on her knee just realized
Matheus Fernandes (4 years ago)
they missed the 'F' from Jennifer's name lol
wock (4 years ago)
Jennifer mamacitalawrence
Awkward Ninja (4 years ago)
I love how she has a bandaid on her knee :3
Andrea Vazquez (4 years ago)
And it was delivered just for you 😂😂😂
Anna Solberg (4 years ago)
Love that she has a plaster on her knee, hahah
Wen Jing Fang (4 years ago)
Oookay guys, for those who heard wrong about Jennifer saying "Katniss death", you obviously didn't read the books...What Jennifer said is "Katniss [is] deaf" because in the third book, Katniss' left ear went deaf due to an explosion. 
graywolf1411 (4 years ago)
oh you should read catching fire again, Katniss's already cured when she win the game  lol
Fred Guevara (4 years ago)
“Okay, guys, you’re already working on shooting ‘Mockingjay.’ Can you kind of hint for fans the moment the movie’s going to pick up?” the woman asks. She keeps talking but she’s interrupted by Jennifer. “Katniss’s death,” says Jennifer.  Josh notices something in the couch, and Jennifer tries to kind of hide her finger. “What’s that over there you got, huh?” Jennifer starts laughing. “What was that?” “It’s a middle finger,” says Jennifer, still in her laugh. “It’s a middle finger? Oh! How sweet!” They’re now joking. “And it was delivered just for you!” says Jennifer, tauntingly. 
TheDrugInMeIsMakeup (4 years ago)
The bandaid on her knee just seems like it belongs so well.
ally Watson (4 years ago)
omg i love theem both
malwal7 (4 years ago)
Does anyone else notice the bandaid on her leg? I can only imagine what she did to get that. I'm hoping it involves a typical jennifer story
Asad Ahmed (4 years ago)
i love her so much aw
XGT59 (4 years ago)
Where's the pizza
Amandaelise (4 years ago)
Interviewer was so mad
Shi Gon (4 years ago)
03:04 Josh´s laugh jajajajajaja
Shi Gon (4 years ago)
"Katniss is dead", if you read the books, the you know WHO died, and it´s not katniss ¬¬
Shi Gon (4 years ago)
when you realize that in the interview, Josh sits the same way in the movie and in real life, (that leg awww) 
Iron Sheep (4 years ago)
was trying to look up her dress the whole thing... i have no shame shes the cutest actress ever
EmziiZemzii (4 years ago)
This interviewer seems... Not so in the mood? So.. On her period.
4kkjwkaz (2 years ago)
Maybe Jennifer was annoying her
Catherine Galiwango (4 years ago)
Really? -.-
Tabitha Mae (4 years ago)
Does anyone else notice the band-aid on her knee? xD
Ria Mary (4 years ago)
I bet half of these viewers are fangirls.... 

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