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The Journey Home | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 30

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Thanks to D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! Be sure to check out D&D Beyond for all your digital toolset needs: https://www.dndbeyond.com/ Don't miss out on the Caverns Deep Kickstarter from our friends at Dwarven Forge! Explore 15 encounter areas containing special pieces, unique themes & challenges in this subterranean set. Visit http://critrole.com/dwarvenforge for info before the campaign ends on 8/14! Reunited at last, the Mighty Nein journey back to Zadash, hoping to find closure with those they've lost and the contracts they've made... Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha https://projectalpha.com, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry, or Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (1434)
Beardo (9 hours ago)
Anyone know the song that was playing at Molly’s grave?
Zach Mullen (18 hours ago)
Shit.....the bomb getting dropped about Molly's death ate me up big time...seeing how sad Jester was....but Clay is badass and was crucial in the Lorenzo fight. Glad to see Taliesin embracing his new character. I love this frickn show and everyone involved!
Michael Cox (21 hours ago)
Okay, I like Marisha's shirt
MicSpam (1 day ago)
God damn how many times are you gonna make me mourn molly
MrElectricDreamMan (2 days ago)
Travis's reaction to "He didn't survive the trip." was pretty gut wrenching.
Brett Symons (2 days ago)
"Well next time you use it, maybe it will have a purpose."
SpaceHamster06 (3 days ago)
I'd be very curious to know if the Mardun's were aware of the fact that Lorenzo was an Oni.
Charissa Cheek (4 days ago)
I really like that they actually let molly die. I’m sad I don’t get to know his backstory because his was one that I was really interested in, but knowing their characters could actually die makes things more exciting!!
pablo popo (4 days ago)
Bo: Hey, Fjord how was that supper traumatic experience? Fjord: Well I feel really bad about it. Bo: Man you gotta stop thinking about it, why are you eve thinking about it? Me: Cause you asked him.........
Mob Destroyer (4 days ago)
Drixen (6 days ago)
So, the art piece at 3:36:45 was made prior to this episode. Just wanna point that out.
Purple Jolteon (6 days ago)
I just gotta say, i loved Molly's voice, but Caduces' voice might be the most erotic thing I've ever heared
BlueShapes (6 days ago)
Beware of potential spoilers! . . . . . This campaign is the first D&D content I've seen in my life, since I just started playing with my friends, and man, I can't believe what I've been missing this whole time. The storytelling here is so good, it is beyond words... I would have never thought this game would make me cry and feel so deeply. Sure, the death of Mollymauk was a terrible and unlucky thing, but the way everyone deals with it, the way they feel it and the way they transmitted it just broke my heart completely. I'm sure that Taliesin feels it even deeper, as he gave life to Molly, but life continues on and you gotta keep on with it. Matt, Travis, Marisha, Liam, Sam, Laura, Taliesin and Ashley, you guys are the best. Thank you for making this way of storytelling so great.
Godminnette2 (6 days ago)
The laugh from Liam after the break was perfect in response to the "This is going really well" meme
Isuru Egalahewa (6 days ago)
Are all your birthdays on a Thursday????
Yehuda Greenfield (8 days ago)
tbmin3d (9 days ago)
Does anyone else get the feeling that Kutha's legit best friend is Fjord? Fjord always greets him, he always answers (sorta) & it's not like we see anyone else ever talking to him...
UnboundImagination (9 days ago)
Hey guys, please HELP. What is the song Matt starts to play at 19:18 when they tell Jester and Ford about Molly's death. Really beautiful and powerful song but I can't find it.
Wade Wilson (9 days ago)
The only thought that kept going through my mind when they got to Molly's grave was the quote "It's a terrible day for rain."
ElementalNinja (9 days ago)
Mercer with the sad witcher 3 music when Jester brought up Molly was amazing, it made for such a great moment. Matt Mercer is Incredible.
Roel Vredeveld (9 days ago)
Damn it Beau, looking like you are crying, making me all teary-eyed..
Mike Kausalik (10 days ago)
They made me ugly cry. Again.
RJ4Y (11 days ago)
I just realized the only ads i watch are from critical role, I just skip otherwise.
Blake Dale (12 days ago)
1:14 Sam's advert 13:50 "Case Closed" from previous live episode - Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piLXDzZuAKk&t=14830s
Wizbro (13 days ago)
Laura got a fucking great phat ass.
Julia A. (13 days ago)
Fjord and Beau jock-bonding over the morning-after letter fucking killed me
EmeraldLady (13 days ago)
I was just thinking that they really missed a chance at some serious character moments by just leaving the dungeon. I'm so so glad that they did a bit of a rewind because Jester and Fjord's reactions to Molly have me bawling. The team really wasn't the same without them.
Spart Articus (14 days ago)
only a real man gets tears in his eyes at the gravesite of Mollymaurk
Saber0003 (14 days ago)
Its so nice to have Travis and Laura back.
joshua schroder (15 days ago)
damn it matt
Mike Welsh (15 days ago)
Okay, serious question. What is the damn hoodie Sam is wearing, I want one.
Mike Welsh (4 days ago)
+Beckie Bounous Thank you!
Beckie Bounous (4 days ago)
It's a CR hoodie that they had back in 2016, that's when I got mine anyway.
Jon Jay Bemel (15 days ago)
Probably a longshot but does anyone know what song was playing when they came upon Molly's grave?
Janik D (8 days ago)
I'm not that far into the vid yet, but when they talk about Molly at the beginning Matt plays "Words on Wind" from the extended Witcher 3 OST. Maybe that's what you are looking for.
Kenneth Coons (16 days ago)
Really shouldn't listen to this at work. Its a terrible day for rain (bonus points if you get the FMA reference)
Wout V.M. (16 days ago)
Well one thing is clear, a bit of torture & mind-break is seemingly easily overcome by our resilient characters. Though I found it falling short that none of the saviors asked Fjord, Jester & Yasha how they felt after this ordeal; if perhaps things or perspectives have changed now, having been through such traumatic events (Definitily someone like Jester, who had a sheltered & luxurious upbringing but seemed to be the least affected)... Travis tried, but nobody picked up on it, so they quickly went back to the old dynamic. Short & concise the reunion was kinda anti-climactic and most emotionally stunted scene uptil now, they might as well have come back together after a shopping trip. Though it is what it is, but that just stood out to me. Edit: Glad they somewhat come back on the topic towards the end, but at that point they just have to run with what was already anti-climacticly established in the first bit.
Dalton M (17 days ago)
The iron shepherds were Ophelias competition, and dealt in human trade. She's here to discuss business with the gentleman...am I just reading it into the narrative or are they going to eventually discover that they are in cahoots with human traffickers?
FeeDBacKMKII (19 days ago)
Damn you this onion ninja
Simon Chavez (19 days ago)
what's the point of using a system with different currency valuesif you're just going to ignore it? seems pretty fucking obvious but maybe I'm overestimating them
starcrafter13terran (19 days ago)
Why didn't Laura cast speak with dead?
Abigail Johnson (20 days ago)
Cid The Lego Man (21 days ago)
Umm, there was another prisoner in with Jester and Fjord. Last session Matt described three people, one of which was an older looking woman. This session they asked if there were any other prisoners and Matt said no. I am confused. Was this just something they forgot or.... It's just never addressed.
emzular (21 days ago)
I have never cried so much at a Critical Role episode - the scene by the roadside from 2:33:00 ? That was beautiful. "Come, everybody. Molly wanted us to keep on living."
ScorchHellfire (21 days ago)
It's funny how Taliesin went from one character that is the same race as Jester to another character that is the same class as her. He seems determined to be her new in-game twin.
Nakeyy (22 days ago)
The grave scene is too heart-wrenching
Thomas Baxter (22 days ago)
I cannot believe how emotionally invested I can get in the storytelling! It really speaks to the talent of Critical Role.
Jason Mistretta (23 days ago)
14:15. I've missed Fjord & Jester so much!! Welcome back!
Lothmar22 (23 days ago)
What I expected - "What part of I dont want this traced back to us did you not understand when you literally drove the iconic wagon of the iron shepards from their compound, through town and back to us?"
Alexander Curtis (24 days ago)
Laura is so goddamn amazing. I love how much heart she brings to this show.
Federico Ronchi (24 days ago)
jeez i missed jester
ScorchHellfire (24 days ago)
52:06 Was anyone else yelling at their screen during this whole section wondering how long it would take them to realize that the crystal was the one Fjord "consumed."
Camiboom (25 days ago)
Gosh what’s the name of the song that plays during Molly’s segment? Its so sad and I can’t track it down
INSTINCT (25 days ago)
oh mollymocks staying dead :( i was really enjoying talisen playing him which was in strong contrast to how i felt towards him with percy last campaign :/
KetchupRocket (25 days ago)
Matt’s story telling skills are absolutely incredible. Breath taking, even.
NovelistCrim (18 days ago)
I love your name lmao xD
Soviet who Cuts (26 days ago)
Finally we get T&L back after Travis’s natural one on his pull out check
Axorya (6 days ago)
Omg 😂
Vitukexe (27 days ago)
Nott explaing to Caduceus what money is, i realised that they are back in sedash and he is gonna meet Pumat Sol. That tought made my day
Garrett McKnight (28 days ago)
I didn't think that I'd cry. I was upset when Kiri left and then when Molly died I did get a little choked up but, seeing the looks and hearing what they had to say about Molly really made me lose it.
GMo Kang-Suh (28 days ago)
“Why didn’t you come?” Jesterrrrr I’m cryinnnggg
NorthWriter (28 days ago)
Oh, man. There's something so perfectly, heartwarmingly delightful about Laura with her cute little elf ears sweetly weeping about Molly's death, and mere SECONDS later saying, "From your butt? What did you pull out of your BUTT?" I adore her. So say we all.
aNjaSqurl (29 days ago)
Oh....the feels.....why why do you do this to me...
Sip Reimer (29 days ago)
This is very gut
Farhad Khakimov (1 month ago)
I love Cadeuces' colors so much!
bruce mccorvey (1 month ago)
The bar scene was so good, the m9 actually being friends and celebrating molly,such a powerful,human moment
Alexandria Wulf (1 month ago)
Last campaign Travis had a hungry sword, this campaign Travis is a hungry sword.
Farhad Khakimov (1 month ago)
What's that new music?
Seth McCracken (1 month ago)
Master craftsmanship of enjoyable, emotional storytelling, interactive improv, and the many other great reasons to watch them again and again. Many thanks to the fulfilled-dreamers of Critical Role.
philbthe2nd (1 month ago)
What an ass Travis is taking the bag from Liam. Liam and the group that was here the last couple weeks did all the heavy lifting and Travis just comes in and swipes the bag "maybe I better hold that fer ya". What bullshit! Liam never gets to keep anything cool.
kazoosc (1 month ago)
"bottomless bag" is this a portable hole with pack straps? ask the guards where Mighty Nein could provision for trip? .. _wouldn't shacks come before tents_ ? .. Yasha is still out cold after .. two days? . . . as they visit Mollymauk's grave _aahhhh_ _.. Yasha's sword? . . come on, someone should have remembered her sword_ the t h o u g h t of milk and whiskey together
Mathew Vanner (1 month ago)
Letting Talisen choose Jester's card was a nice touch. What an episode. What an episode.....
Colin Jackson (1 month ago)
Take a drink every time Taileson says “fair”
cibervader (1 month ago)
Caleb you fool! Beau is a badass monk she has options for days, you cast a few spells then have only firebolt for the next 10 actions, you should take that fire monster gem just to have a bit more variety.
YouWillNeverKnow (1 month ago)
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Liam called the Cloven Crystal a fuckable cantaloupe?
Chronos Agustin (1 month ago)
Laura made me cry so hard at the beginning.... geeezzzz
GearsOfWarDude93 (1 month ago)
Did they leave kirie at hupperdook
Mearlyn Ambrosius (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did molly get given up on kind of easily
Devin Farrell (1 month ago)
Holy shit, kind of forgot about Taliesan sitting there. And when he said "I can help with that" when Jester said they could dye Fjord's bag pink, I for a quick 2 seconds heard his voice as Molly's as if his spirit said that. I refuse to believe that it was not
Marcelius Byrd (1 month ago)
2:35:04 into the video and I am weeping like a child but on top of that my girlfriend walks in and witness her boyfriend crying over a video of you too and I don't even care...... thanks for making me feel...... feelings
Tricksy (1 month ago)
26:38 - Its almost imperceptible but look at Taliesin's eyes when Sams finished speaking. We're not done With Molly yet.
chazz30000 (1 month ago)
How can they have only 100-something gold from all this? The 150 platinum by itself should go for about 210 gold per head
Audrey B (1 month ago)
Hey there, does anyone know a way to find the background music being used in the beginning?
HornedChimera (1 month ago)
I am beyond upset that while they were mourning Molly at 2:35:06 I got an ad for bloody Dairy Queen!!!
Jay Cramblit (1 month ago)
What happened to Lorenzo's glaive?
WarBacca 101 (1 month ago)
The words are nice, but the music adds the realism.
Christopher Behrens (1 month ago)
Anybody know what song is playing during the molly grave scene?
AmishRiot (1 month ago)
Caduceus > Molly
Screaming Fist (1 month ago)
oh god, shitty marisha role play incoming...we had a good run there boys but now its back to normal hot garbage marisha cringe time.
kibert135 (21 days ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? I thought idiots like you didn't exist anymore. But then again. You comment is down here with no likes replies. So maybe you figure out now that hating of Marisha isn't cool anymore.
Event Hʘriךּon (1 month ago)
I made the earth remember him
Jonathan Elkins (1 month ago)
Thank you... you know an art form has depth when it can make you smile and bring you to tears. RIP Molly
NoFilter (1 month ago)
Man this episode is a tearjerker
NoFilter (1 month ago)
Leomund's Tiny Huuuuuut
NoFilter (1 month ago)
Man, this made me teary
Jacob Denton (1 month ago)
Welp Laura’s voice acting singlehandedly made me cry about Molly... I’d survived 5 episodes without lol
Kobalt (1 month ago)
If Matt ever wants to make a villain that the audience wants to see die. Just have him wear Molly's coat.
SaigeCounsul (1 month ago)
"What did you pull out of your butt, Beau?" It'll be Keg's hand in a few hours.
Betsy (1 month ago)
The legit voodoo that might be on Laura's dice....
Static Jams (1 month ago)
2:39:34 I'm not crying....your crying!...
So This Is My Life (1 month ago)
Raise a glass to freedom... the mighty nein of us ...the newly not poor of us
DeadLight63 (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the name of the music that plays when the group visits Molly’s grave?
Kyle Stevenson (1 month ago)
I want Molly back, they still had like like 6 days to Raise Dead :(
neil ferre (1 month ago)
Calebs favored enemy: Doors. looks like he learned a thing or 2 from vox machina huh?
Looking For A Name (1 month ago)
Sam's body language when Nott says "you saw a crick" is hilarious
George White (1 month ago)
You know what I'd like to happen in a year ingame? For them to come back to his grave and find a glorious, growing to be massive tree, full of colour with differently coloured leaves and flowers growing on its trunk. That would be amazing to me.

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