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66 GAMES IN 1 | Roblox Epic Minigames

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Subscribe for free! No need for a YouTube Red Account!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdh9h_W2A4XKcLYdmD0ijg?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to Ashleyosity! http://bit.ly/AshleyosityYTSub Roblox Mini-Game Description: Enjoy a host of 66 unique and exciting minigames, leveling up and earning points each time you win. Spend points on gears, pets, effects, and other cool stuff that will make your character more awesome. This Roblox game was created by: TypicalType https://www.roblox.com/games/277751860/R15-Epic-Minigames #chrisatm #roblox #epicminigames
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Text Comments (995)
Mia Lopez (8 hours ago)
O I’m sorry for ur lost bUT RIP UR SIS and she turns it a angel 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
michele cole (15 hours ago)
ash and chris i love your vids can i ples have a shout out my name is Emma
vanni Mengullo (3 days ago)
My.name is KeanProGamer
I’d wish I was there not because I will be on YT, but because I can troll that girl 😂😂😂👌👌👌💯💯💯💯
Ronnie Postma (5 days ago)
play more epic mini games!
jia geng wong (7 days ago)
add me my roblox name is wjg0804, please add me
star57257 (8 days ago)
In epic mini games I have 2k wins, follow me on roblox at thecraigies... :P
ice cold (11 days ago)
How are going to say she died first when you died first
Carter Beauchamp (11 days ago)
When when Evee told u to shut ur mouth, she was probably mad or jealous that u guys are so good and winning... 🙂
yo hi (13 days ago)
you are the rudest youtuber I have ever seen! You are a bully and you have a horrible voice and you know what YOU ARE A NOOB
Zoey Armeni (15 days ago)
I was playing this and someone said to all of us but you guys wasn't on it she said I wish you guys we're never born so I was playing this so she said that
jami1800 jami1800 (16 days ago)
Ash is the sun that brights up our day Chris is the energetic stars that always have time for his fans
Tabitha Starks (17 days ago)
Cris do u wanna friend me pls I play roblox jailbreak then give me ten thou pls
4:45 whenever i play that game, all of my teammates do that EVERY SINGLE TIME and its soooooo annoying
Bella M (20 days ago)
For the light one it goes agian
YoMamaPlayZ (20 days ago)
I like the voice of you two.
Katja Black (21 days ago)
I really did the whole thing just don't get hit by anything!!😎😍 I love you guys !
Mike Holland (22 days ago)
I'm a Hugh fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mister Nikita Play (24 days ago)
There are bullies in game and stuped players same one said to me liar but it"s liar is if samething deep down! But lie lier
JasonYT Playz (24 days ago)
You can't always be with Ashley you're playing rude
JasonYT Playz (24 days ago)
I hate u guys you know why
Shannon Jordan (25 days ago)
I got a new phone for Christmas! :D Merry Christmas!
OkayCurly (25 days ago)
Me: Well... I won the minigame! Evee: IT'S NOT FAIR SHE PUSHED ME! Me: Gurl you need to chill... It's just a game... ;-; Evee: * Rage quits *
kaylin thompson (25 days ago)
{OVERUSED WARNING} chris is the pen ash is the highlighter they work together to make this channel brighter
XXshewolfXX Lover (26 days ago)
This game looks like so much fun! ^_^
gamerkid playsroblox (26 days ago)
Im on level 40 on epic mini game
LxvelySyd (28 days ago)
Wow that Evee is rude
Weird Via (28 days ago)
I LOVE the atmosphere of your videos! it’s so funny, creative and shows a lot of entertainment <3
jayla jackson (29 days ago)
sara gaming world! (30 days ago)
I like playing epic minigames so i subscribed
Chong Chen (30 days ago)
I'm a kid that's 8
Chong Chen (30 days ago)
I'm new
Cherry Dayz (30 days ago)
Wow the people in the server are all noobs
Elton Wu (1 month ago)
You guys kinda builded eevee
Daniel VanHollebeke (1 month ago)
❄️ That Eeve was a true bully! Check out my ROBLOX account where I have a message about not bullying. C: Please give me a shoutout or follow my family on ROBLOX my user on ROBLOX is, Aubreyamaz. And my sister's account is, Megynamaz. My mom's account is Harmoniousamaz and my dad's account it Dad_Dovahkiin (If you play Skyrim you'll know what Dovahkiin is.) Thank you for brightening every day I live C: God bless y'all C: Merry Christmas! ❄️
_•핑꾸냥이•_ (1 month ago)
상점가서 뭐 좀 사세요
tancherry09 (1 month ago)
Chris the chiken hat that you found was a secret i found it in yt games that has secrets 4
Hope-Angelo Kabore (1 month ago)
i feel sorry for u
Team 3 team (1 month ago)
Extreemm taco gamer yt (1 month ago)
I watch unit the end yeet chash nation taco chash people
Notrlly Vick (1 month ago)
Lol i watched and my battery is almost dead
Fighting Falcon (1 month ago)
Hi my name is DAKSH i near get shoutout :(
Aiden Wonderly (1 month ago)
i am a hug fan
Aiden Wonderly (1 month ago)
and also i have baken hair so can you frend me
Aiden Wonderly (1 month ago)
can you guys frend me met me on jall brake at noonmy name on it is aiden wonderly
Bro dug canon you need to jump nooooobsbbbsss yutuber hahahahahahahaha
Stephanie Paje (1 month ago)
I love this game I have 9,568 wins lol 😂😆
rose star (1 month ago)
Mike Matthews (1 month ago)
I em 7 ok
Mike Matthews (1 month ago)
Chris why do you swear you cent do vat?
Zohaib Khan (2 months ago)
Yolanda Cardona (2 months ago)
I love epicminigame it easy at the xbox one
Gaming With RS (2 months ago)
Roblox community in a nutshell
Keith Darren Mousley (2 months ago)
You need jump on the bullets on bullet bound
Daris Putra (2 months ago)
Giang Nguyen (2 months ago)
Slayer 175 (2 months ago)
Chris you're an adult, there's no need to insult a girl on roblox because she told u to shut up. Just grow up.
SUPER HEROES CLUB (2 months ago)
Yeet yeet yeet yeet
Owen Dineros (2 months ago)
Am angr
Owen Dineros (2 months ago)
Am not good in roblox minigames
Galore Globe315 (2 months ago)
13:20 Reminds me of Froggers
LapyAJ (2 months ago)
I’m level 30
Agbonson Irenekenson (2 months ago)
It was pblished on my birthday!
Seal McNeal (2 months ago)
That’s what she said 9:32 to 9:35
robloxiangirl (2 months ago)
*watches videos with 2% help...*
Chocolate pancake TV (2 months ago)
Roblox name: XjeffgirlgoatX
Chocolate pancake TV (2 months ago)
I have a challenge try and beat my level 64
Asos Abdolla (2 months ago)
Today was halloween
Afsus Begum (2 months ago)
Layla Jones (2 months ago)
That's what I thought first with bullet bound
Sapna Akther (3 months ago)
Ur da worst
Sapna Akther (3 months ago)
I hate u
Dan Shoyele (3 months ago)
Eeveepokemon is terrible
Andrey Slipchenko (3 months ago)
Anna Krueger (3 months ago)
soory to burst your bubble but you have to jump on em on bullet bound
Ariadne Acevedo (3 months ago)
The conveyer is the easiest for me btw don't be a bullie
Angela’s ASMR Channel (3 months ago)
Poop T
Angela’s ASMR Channel (3 months ago)
Hay stop doing Amsr Angela poopy head
Tiffinay Is a bear (3 months ago)
The jump rope map I’m alway the last, not hurt
MaxAnimates (3 months ago)
U know your old when your comparing things to frogger. Lol! 😂
Pinkpossum103 (3 months ago)
i love this game it is oswn grate
Pinkpossum103 (3 months ago)
this game is a blast
Angel SCW (3 months ago)
that's how i keep winning desert dehydration :D I always save them
Jenny Yap (3 months ago)
Ash u r so cute i love you
Jenny Yap (3 months ago)
And good job chris u r awesome
Jenny Yap (3 months ago)
Noob evee
Jenny Yap (3 months ago)
Stupod evee pokemon
Eric Ricamora (3 months ago)
Nurshakira Salsabila (3 months ago)
Happy Halloween guys
lil lily (3 months ago)
And dont say bad word
Jeremiah Miller (3 months ago)
Jeremiah Miller (3 months ago)
#What ya’ll up to CNA
Jeremiah Miller (3 months ago)
Itssaimee xo (3 months ago)
This is so cringey
Joi Arnold (3 months ago)
Trevaun Forbes-Reid (3 months ago)
Ashley roasted eve ooooohhh
Essence Burke (3 months ago)
I just have to say that every time I play roblox I'm so lonely cause my friend always leaves me saying she has to do something
vloging with Dylan (3 months ago)
Anna Steel (3 months ago)
I have 100 wins on that
Oliver Taveras (3 months ago)
CHRIS why didnt you cover the bad word
ketele valcin (3 months ago)
Report her
Elizabeth Morrison (3 months ago)
I love crash nation and I love you guys I hope you get your dream house
THEREKTGAMER (4 months ago)
THEREKTGAMER (4 months ago)

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