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How To Really Annoy Your Girlfriend Prank Compilation

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Text Comments (835)
haedr alsade (2 days ago)
ابجي طين
Shani Sunny (3 days ago)
Your girlfriend looking great
Anime Gaming (18 days ago)
your lucky men because shes sp busty
Supreme Split (21 days ago)
Damn son
Lyglenn Forrosuelo (23 days ago)
I miss this!😂
Dominik Szopko (27 days ago)
nates u was good but no now
Anyi Cituc Castillo (1 month ago)
Que risa 😂😂😂😂
Liv Avakin (1 month ago)
where he get the needle from he doing drugs😂🤣
Min H. OO (1 month ago)
“Why would you do that?”So cute.
Victor Cruz (1 month ago)
They still together?
애플빠순이 (1 month ago)
Does anyone knows the name of the song endding part of this video??
Khialzad Gul (2 months ago)
I lov you you wats me 00971558337764
Mahesh Rokade (2 months ago)
Keep it up 😀😀😁😁😂😂😂😂
Mahesh Rokade (2 months ago)
Cool dude 😂😂😂😂🙋🙋🙋👍👍✌✌✌👌👌👌
Emre Kılıç (2 months ago)
haha turkey ♥
Uzzu Garut (2 months ago)
طريقة هذا الشخص سيئة جدا هذه التي معك أنثى هل تفهم هذا الكلام . والأنثى بطبيعتها ناعمه وحنونه وانت تعذبها تحت مسمى مزح
جود (2 months ago)
هاي مال دك نيج وفشخ😂😂
Ramsell Gutierrez (2 months ago)
باليوم كم مرة بتنيكها 🌚✌👅اخو قحبـــة
Waqas Zaidi (2 months ago)
i love your girl friend dud i never see beauty like her kiss for her white ass😘
Santa Sachi Satpathy (3 months ago)
What is the last song
Gumilar Iyay (3 months ago)
He like bbc , , ,
مارس الجنس معها و نزر فيديو على اليوتيوب
Vish Singh (3 months ago)
How does these kind boy can have such gorgeous gf ????? While many gud lucking boys r single 😑😑😶
Mr HT (3 months ago)
Why u do thaat? Views Baby😂
TeaCup (3 months ago)
She’s sexy
see you (3 months ago)
Your girlfriend is very beautiful
badass tech (3 months ago)
Nigga gotta sexy bae & making money
BEST MUSIC 4YOU (3 months ago)
Raman Khaira (3 months ago)
She is Really Pretty 💕💕🤗🤗
Marco Gonzalez (3 months ago)
White? Black? Something is wrong
Jaikrishna Shakthi (3 months ago)
Awesome girl
Nilesh Roychowdhury (3 months ago)
So sweet couple
Chiku Singh (3 months ago)
Awesome prank
Liberal Party (3 months ago)
The girl is soo yummy!
John Dick (3 months ago)
She got nice melon.. And he got bbc
ravi parewa (3 months ago)
Nice couple yaar
alpha wolf (3 months ago)
1:02 she looks so hot
SpecOpsEnder TM (3 months ago)
She hate hot stuff cause she white mate.
abrar ahmed (3 months ago)
Yur glfriend so sexy bro
Tarun Rajput (3 months ago)
You Don't Love Your GF You Don't Know The Meaning Of Love
CzG Lad (3 months ago)
0:44 .. .that is the best dress and best position for a girl to be in ;)
Nafisha Ahmed (3 months ago)
You got a white girlfriend😧 how??😶
Mike Martinez (3 months ago)
Miss yall
Frankfat1001 (4 months ago)
Soo he add the videos back
Le3-6 Mafia (3 months ago)
Frankfat1001 ahahah i peeped that too. This nate kid is so simple i kinda feel bad for him.
Morteza Haseli (11 months ago)
*Videonun Perde Arkasi* http://youtubem.video?JRh5nLtcBSx4d52mdf=kZyE9c9v18cKuTSOi
Morteza Haseli (11 months ago)
*Videonun Perde Arkasi* http://youtubem.video?jCvzBz7jM3Ero3uM=y1181RiakxsgK9pzUEewonlGS4YwOKdpo4MFx
Morteza Haseli (11 months ago)
*Videonun Perde Arkasi* http://youtubem.video?Z9SkGB307VMn6gkABRbGuhc75MO=RrNPRHd0v6lS4bibh
Romeo Merida (11 months ago)
English pa
Elijah Hill-Webb (11 months ago)
OK nateslife remember I love your channel and Ashley's
kai dugan (11 months ago)
Too good 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
top ramdan (11 months ago)
man black vs woman beatifull .hahahaha kopi &susu
Kobir Hossain (1 year ago)
Kobir Hossain (1 year ago)
Shanika Adelson (1 year ago)
I miss ashely and nate together
Saddam Khan (1 year ago)
U to so cute relly this my fast time comment for u
Kevin Cooper (1 year ago)
she can deflect the nerf bullets with her ass XD
Valerianna Gonxalez (1 year ago)
Nate got scared when he put the spider on Ashely 😂
Grayson Fane (1 year ago)
Why did she have a dildo
IGoCrazy (1 year ago)
Elias Sanchez (1 year ago)
I miss these videos you use to make with your ex
Karma_Rose Mcfadden (1 year ago)
They were such a cute couple SHM
Rayjan Reano (1 year ago)
1:12 so hot boobs
felix bonilla (1 year ago)
I deadass hate that whenever Nate does a prank he laughs and laughs yet when they do it to him he starts acting like a kid and starts to cry and shit
Marctheripper 75 (1 year ago)
These are funny pranks bht this break up and cheating pranks are just dumb and shit
nick decaro (1 year ago)
so fine
Milo, from Scorpio (1 year ago)
1:13 Pauuuuuuuuuuu...uuuuuuuuuuuse.
Akmal Kawish (1 year ago)
whats her name???
Hamza Alvi (1 year ago)
anybody can tell the song name ??
um hi (1 year ago)
sucks they broke up
uchiha madara (1 year ago)
Why she white ?
Rupert Murdoch (1 year ago)
Can they make a porno asap?
Saddam hussain (1 year ago)
i m pretty sure that u wanna kill ur gf softly
Mohammed Hashim (1 year ago)
Jugs <3
god himself (1 year ago)
How to loose a girlfriend
Fatima5 Kara (1 year ago)
hope she leaves you your the worst ducking boyfreind if i were her id call the police
ROXY & SORI (1 year ago)
Omg guys go back together
Felix Otero (1 year ago)
she has nice tities
Zafar Akbari (1 year ago)
vrry nice parnks
Zafar Akbari (1 year ago)
I like
Satui Lopala (1 year ago)
You guys are my favourite.
Navanath Hendre (1 year ago)
very nice couple
Elias Hernandez (1 year ago)
Hahahahahahahaha! Man, that was so fucking FUNNY! Nice one, Nate! I wish I could do that to a girl!
Clipzify (1 year ago)
Wait why do you have a syringe ??
Laurie Say (1 year ago)
what is the song? i love it!@nateslife
Sara Virta (1 year ago)
Christopher Sifuentes (1 year ago)
she had a dildo lmao 😂😂
justin zhu (1 year ago)
leo _52525 (1 year ago)
at 1:13 is that a brown dildo
Derek Brown (1 year ago)
when they were actually datin!!!!
Amy carreon (1 year ago)
OK you can do all this stuff but when she do something back to you you want to get mad like WTF
Fobi Patrick (2 months ago)
What u said is really true.
Grifo Mendez (1 year ago)
i need me i gurl like her
Transitliam Brotv (1 year ago)
Spicy, Spicy, Spicy Cake
Angeline halim (1 year ago)
what's the song in the end of video?
Jalen Bush (1 year ago)
The pen was good
Technophiliac (1 year ago)
You need a new actor
Izzyslizz (1 year ago)
He was never really grateful of her
Stanley Ezell (1 year ago)
I love your video wusupe
Haley Cowles (1 year ago)
u guys should really get back together and make up for it
Kitaboo850 (1 year ago)
That's not funny🤛🏾

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