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The Country Boys of TikTok

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YEE HAW!!! Wow, just when I thought TikTok couldn't get more entertaining...I stumbled upon some good ol' fashioned country boys. I learned a lot while filming this, but the most important thing I learned is: country boy...I love you :p MY SOCIAL MEDIAS: https://www.instagram.com/kurtisconner/ https://twitter.com/kurtisconner MY PODCAST: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/very-really-good/id1335843384?mt=2 https://soundcloud.com/veryreallygood MY COMEDY ALBUM: https://open.spotify.com/album/0AVwPo54ZPZYYTZAxFO7SQ?si=7o03P6_oRCebNEyrT0wDtw THANKS FOR WATCHING DON'T FORGET TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!!
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Text Comments (11754)
Rich Bitch (1 minute ago)
zixxie (24 minutes ago)
had to put on a hat just to watch this
Steph De Vere (35 minutes ago)
yee haw
Kalia Canela (1 hour ago)
yee haw🤠
lily royce (2 hours ago)
hawyee :o
Janabug the Bookbug (2 hours ago)
Yee, and I cant believe I have to say it, haw
Jai aye (2 hours ago)
Haw yee
Malachi Richardson (4 hours ago)
Marley Stover (5 hours ago)
but yee haw
Madison Shields (5 hours ago)
brig! (6 hours ago)
their inner trump supporter jumped out
Karlee (6 hours ago)
hate how tiktoks view country so badly lmao
moni (7 hours ago)
tik tok users are just called clocks
mvddows (7 hours ago)
yee fuckin haw
Queen Valencia (7 hours ago)
longliveparamore (8 hours ago)
Yee HaW
Angelita (8 hours ago)
Lauren Dilaurentis (9 hours ago)
what in caucasian
Taylor Muller (9 hours ago)
I actually love the song mercy lol
megan d (9 hours ago)
my parents decided it would be a good idea to take the family to texas and force us to go to a country concert. i'm going to kms with a lasso
Karlee (6 hours ago)
megan d - what concert?
Maxwell Logan (10 hours ago)
Val M (11 hours ago)
lilygirl509 (11 hours ago)
Mira Broccoli (12 hours ago)
yee haw
Vaidehi Ramanathan (12 hours ago)
Laila Kennedy (12 hours ago)
i live in the south and its currently a trend in my town for these boys to have a mullet with greased back hair... imagine the hellscape my high school is
Kate (10 hours ago)
Laila Kennedy Just leave. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard of
Marsi Phan (12 hours ago)
Halle Moseley (12 hours ago)
1 like=1 yee yee
katie hunt (13 hours ago)
yee haw
Brok3n Cooki3 (13 hours ago)
ミレナMija (13 hours ago)
I found you todays and can't stop watching your videos thank you for existing
Aubrey Blackwell (13 hours ago)
YEEHAW (I was gonna leave this uncapitalized but my phone autocapitalized it and if that isn't great-)
Jessi Oldham (14 hours ago)
Yeehaw 🤠🤠
Reghan (14 hours ago)
yee yee where i live, you can’t escape the cantry boys
Paisley Johnson (14 hours ago)
Yee-yee 🤠
Biggie Cheese (15 hours ago)
univeriyee of haw
Logan Ruyak (15 hours ago)
Yee haw
Muriel Labadi (15 hours ago)
Katarina Chiogna-Solovey (15 hours ago)
Yee fucking Haw
Hannah Woods (16 hours ago)
Brooklynn Emanuel (16 hours ago)
yeehaw woot woot
Connor Blakely (16 hours ago)
David New (17 hours ago)
Yee Haw!
kiu (17 hours ago)
I'll tik tok to you later ahahahah haha laughed more than I should ahhahasgdghsah
Daniel Barker (18 hours ago)
Aidan Kennedy (20 hours ago)
the south solely consists of american flags and sleeveless shirts
Maya Harada (1 day ago)
Country boys always say yee haw but they never ask haw yee. Smhh
milkamilla (1 day ago)
"Kinda want to push him up against the wall, kinda want to buy him a round" Listen, I'm not saying that's fully gay, but maybe at least 70%.
Alyssa King (1 day ago)
Alyssa King (1 day ago)
6:24 Is that Dale Dimmadome
Alyssa King (1 day ago)
Get in the zone AUTOZONE
Prentha (1 day ago)
Bailey Wright (1 day ago)
yeehaw brother
Casey W. (1 day ago)
Ewwww.....I'm DYING of cringe overdose. I live in the south and its hitting way too close to home. I'm gonna go barf now.
Olivia Simpson (1 day ago)
a fucking yeeyee haw
Toreth (1 day ago)
george appleton (1 day ago)
Christa Young (1 day ago)
fergelicuous definicious make them boys go yeehaw
Christa Young (1 day ago)
mikey or something (1 day ago)
Hayley Qualley (1 day ago)
Budda (1 day ago)
Grace (1 day ago)
Braden Hopkins (1 day ago)
Ty (1 day ago)
Reva (1 day ago)
luiza leôncio (1 day ago)
Cualquier cosa Yeet (1 day ago)
oh yeah yeah
Giselle Montiel (1 day ago)
Reagan Corbett (1 day ago)
ψ y̵̭͕̜͙̐̑̓̿e̶͇̰͗͌̾͜ẻ̵̟̥̰̮ͅ ̸̙̹́͜͠ẖ̸̉̎͑a̶̢͎̯̓̀̈́͑w̴̼̼̎̋͝ ☠
Jay jay (1 day ago)
Ana Escasan (1 day ago)
Mya (1 day ago)
Robin (1 day ago)
brooklyn cates (1 day ago)
Lhiannon Rider (1 day ago)
yeet hawl
Amelia Flynn (1 day ago)
So --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzQY7yRDil0 Heard this on the radio. Couldn't not share this here
maddy kate (1 day ago)
2:25 singing had me dying
Elizabeth Dally (1 day ago)
yeeeeee haw 🤟🏻🤠
Adrienne Hofman (1 day ago)
yeet haw
Kiki Gusa (1 day ago)
yee haw 🤠
Chubby Unicorn (1 day ago)
Yee haw
chloe (1 day ago)
yee haw
S p i c y (1 day ago)
*yeeyee* haw
joshua zinck (1 day ago)
You forgot tayboy93 !
Bianca Falú (1 day ago)
eros (1 day ago)
Choni.x.bughead (1 day ago)
Sarah Poole (1 day ago)
yee yee haw haw
Lake Strobel (1 day ago)
Hee yaw
Elly Patnode (1 day ago)
1:48 Umm ear rape much?😂😂
lillian morrow (1 day ago)
yee ... wait for it ... haw
yikes ya know? (1 day ago)
y e e h a w
OwO UwU (1 day ago)
The first country boy video, he was singing a gay county song bc the lyrics sounded like they were in a gay bar? Idk it sounded like to me for a bit.
Katelyn Williams (1 day ago)
yeehaw brother
Raina bugg (1 day ago)
Bella Roberts (1 day ago)
i live in kansas (not completely rural because i live near Wichita) and there's a boy in my class who is the most country person i have ever met. he comes from a long line of farmers, wants to judge cuts of meat when he's older, and goes to the state fair every year to show off his sheep. he calls everyone brother (even if you are a girl), and wears boots everywhere. i never knew that someone could become so country. his yee yee energy is suffocating. i'm scared of him.
Welp Felp (1 day ago)

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