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The Rust Restaurant!

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Turns out I can't even cook food properly in Rust, either. Fortunately, cooking up all of your customers isn't frowned upon too badly in Rust. Twitter: https://twitter.com/StimpeeYT Server: Viking Republic (2x modded) Outro Song: Straight from Kristian's beautiful mouth, sorry. Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com If you enjoyed the video, leave a like :o If you really enjoyed the video, leave a comment :O Thanks for watching, and see you in the next one!
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Text Comments (483)
6:40 hmmmm
HageIslagPakje (1 month ago)
Where's Kristian we miss him😭
Ramiro Garcia (1 month ago)
that broken english
Ethan Snow (1 month ago)
The Rusteraunt
Oliver Lexborg (2 months ago)
love your videos, keep making me smile pls
Slayer 123 (3 months ago)
"Can you give me a yeet? *Dies
Anthony K. (4 months ago)
i have been playing with that kid! omg i didnt know jeff hacked.
Tacmans (4 months ago)
What is Louv?
David Henderson (4 months ago)
Does Kristan have a channel? He is to funny not to.
Pepe the Almighty (5 months ago)
What happened to Kristian?
Drpepperpanda 02 (5 months ago)
Mly The Mly (5 months ago)
Zaya0112 (5 months ago)
Darcinda (5 months ago)
This shit was so funny
SpookyBones (5 months ago)
1:51 "Bruh you look like a deep dish Pizza"
Nigger Hunter (6 months ago)
1:58 he sat down
ledlninja (6 months ago)
"You look like a deepdish pizza" I love it
Adam (6 months ago)
I like how they want to raid him but the ak guy is there to defend it all xD
Ahhahi like the end
Triston Thompson (6 months ago)
I just want to be prostitute! (Christians famous words)
Anoahmous (6 months ago)
i cry to sleep when kristian isn't in your videos anymore :(
Juan Flores (7 months ago)
CheeseGuru101 (7 months ago)
RiAblo (7 months ago)
I thought you said your on red tube?
Haddan Ward (7 months ago)
That dude definitely had a deep fried pizza voice.
Kroxite (7 months ago)
Poecat (8 months ago)
Kristian has 0 chill. I love that guy
Dank Drank (8 months ago)
What is loof?
Mao Law (8 months ago)
I'm really wet
Bonecrusher0105 (8 months ago)
How did you not call this the rustaurant?
PlasmaXP (9 months ago)
The Rustaurant
Project: DIMERGE (9 months ago)
you missed out on a great opportunity to name this video "The Rusturant"
Pleasant Leech (9 months ago)
What is loof? I hurt you
Suh Dude (9 months ago)
Bro, you look like a deep-dish pizza.
Yuck Foutube (9 months ago)
That lil peep is a major pain in the arse!
spooks (9 months ago)
spicoli just needs some waves and a good buzz man
William Gogarty (9 months ago)
Fucking love Kristian "what the FUCK"
rebelian (9 months ago)
at 0:42 the dude in the back actually jumped away ROFL
Jermish (9 months ago)
I love kristian
shimirobu (9 months ago)
0:45 link to clip plz, or i will explode)))
Sir. Dork 182 (9 months ago)
I love the high speed "WAT THA FAK"
Dumpler (10 months ago)
I can see u have the famous rustaurant.
sev (10 months ago)
Does Kristian have a youtube channel?
Midnight Commander (10 months ago)
What is loof?
HB HS (10 months ago)
Do you mean *RUSTaurant?*
Down Low (10 months ago)
what is loof, babi u hert meh, u hert meh, mure
John Snyder (10 months ago)
rip lil peep
Sartamix (10 months ago)
The rusterante
BlueFoot Gamer (11 months ago)
W H A T I S L O O F?
a little diablo (11 months ago)
you deserve 10 mil subs
Finsie (11 months ago)
''You look like a deep dish pizza''
ratus1 1 (1 year ago)
what is luv xDDDDDD
Ronin Ulvestad (1 year ago)
that kids voice at 1:40 how do you get a voice that disgusting
BoatManShuzz (1 year ago)
I'm gonna raid u kids so hard when i get the stuff
Captain Autismo (1 year ago)
"You look like a fuckin' deep dish pizza" wtf lol
Sigzors (1 year ago)
Tracid Ink (1 year ago)
What is loof? Baby you ghuuuurt me You GHuuuurt me ... More!
DR LU (1 year ago)
3:34 IT'S FUCKING RAW , It's so raw the nakeds are running lol *Gordon Ramsay*
DR LU (1 year ago)
That guy is very Kristian , lol
Ege Erdem (5 months ago)
lamest pun ever
William Smith (1 year ago)
What is loof? Baby you hurt me, you hurt me, more.
Maynard Tx (1 year ago)
dos Kristen have YouTube channel wt is it plzzzzzz
Clappedie boi (1 year ago)
I love kristian so fucking much
Anthony Gonzalez (1 year ago)
1:21 pause
Adrianolini (1 year ago)
I clicked on the video about a rust restaurant. The first thing I see is him burning people with a flamethrower... shame on u
Yermenshi (1 year ago)
mine that vigena!
Remy (1 year ago)
So one time i was in a group of around 50 people in a server against the admin, and whoever won would be the new admin. So we got spears and just charged his base wile somebody blasted the ussr national anthem
TDS (1 year ago)
Fuck me you put together some funny shit Stimpee. Thanks for the laughs
stimpee you deserve admin
sfd sdfa (1 year ago)
Dat boi again (1 year ago)
Bandson L (1 year ago)
Who else laughed there ass off whatching the part we he was shoving the knife up his ass and made him fart lmfao
June Hollybell (1 year ago)
" this is russian meal napalm... its good for you"
aznmango (1 year ago)
you should have titled it the rusturaunt
Meme (1 year ago)
Random kid: Dude you look like a deep dish pizza. Best insult ever
Z U C C M A B A L L S (1 year ago)
Yo Stimpee I dont play rust but i like your vids.
Aart Varney (1 year ago)
Where is Kristian From? H Sounds Kind of Russian...
PastyCayk (1 year ago)
Aw c'mon stimpee, this was a perfect opertunity to use " RUSTAURANT "
i already went in toilet and it killed me it almost killed me
Dalila Berisha (1 year ago)
Joseph Moon (1 year ago)
How do you put chairs so close to tables
Mason Price (1 year ago)
Kristian is the best. Keep him in your vids
Cocain (1 year ago)
Jeff Spicoli xd
Cocain (1 year ago)
What is loof.
Michael Morgan (1 year ago)
Mellow (1 year ago)
1:57 take a seat.
Bottle of Water (1 year ago)
Only Kristain can make me laugh this hard and its even better with stimpee's brilliant editing.
Freeman Enslave (1 year ago)
not Aszuz^^ he meaned Gezuz! Google it!
KingKobra666 (1 year ago)
first two seconds i had to pause because i was laughing so hard.
Potato Senpai (1 year ago)
guess you could call it a rustaurant ;)
Magnus Martiny (1 year ago)
Great meme
Arachnofondler (1 year ago)
The rustraunt
ChaosTheory (1 year ago)
What is lube, it really hurts me it really hurts me alot
Merciline (1 year ago)
those arabic dance xD
Lickle (1 year ago)
Fuze Buzz (1 year ago)
lol anyone else see the two bodies having sex at 1:21
TheMexicano Taco (1 year ago)
Wait do you mostly play on modded servers?Cause I noticed you were playing on one in this video
Otachi (1 year ago)
Baby you hurt me
EcHo SmurfZ (1 year ago)
That one kid who said kids when you're old enough to be his grandpa HQHQHQH
Roxck (1 year ago)
what about the rust plane
Red X (1 year ago)
0:44 lol

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