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Shroud and Just9n / Twitch Rivals Tournament (June 28, 2018)

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Text Comments (191)
Nick Djccjdni (1 month ago)
Ninja = j9
Abdulrhman Aljanabi (1 month ago)
Who did win the tournament?!
Vic L (1 month ago)
19:13 another floating gun
Carry Me Anego (3 months ago)
dude J9 is sooo crazy in dis game
Demonio69 (3 months ago)
No tearing, no inputlag, good screen
Demonio69 (3 months ago)
Hes gsync screen is a good advantage
Angel Rodriguez (4 months ago)
that moment shroud destroys lumi. nom nom
Adam, The (4 months ago)
Aculite and Fugglet FTW.
Angela Mabasa (4 months ago)
he was right when he said Fuggman was at 1 hp hahahha
Choii Choiichaii (4 months ago)
Soon pubg copy ros new skin looks and colorful effect ahahha
Muhammad Elias Melad (4 months ago)
Justin just 1v2ed Grimz/Anthony & Acculite/Fugglet ? HOLY SHIT
Mr RoBot (4 months ago)
I want a compilation on Shroud and jus9n killed by streamers..
YourNickIsTaken (4 months ago)
The Fugg man's "last words": do you want the money or do you want Shroud dead? https://youtu.be/3y65B6cFL7g?t=988 That was funny :)
Lupin (4 months ago)
Karmic justice that Shroud killed the two players that killed Doc and Viss
Naveen Dookia (4 months ago)
10:14 that's jordan (n0thing). I didn't know jordan was in this tournament.
traida111 (4 months ago)
deadly duo
Ted Productions!! (4 months ago)
Why fugglet. Awwww
MiDoRi HaRu (4 months ago)
stream sniper tournament i want to watch it haha
Isaac Frost (4 months ago)
lol just9n kill anthony and grimmmz ez and fast
Mike McGuire (4 months ago)
J9 is owning!!!
Nikhil Thakur (4 months ago)
Fellin bad for fuggy man but shroud and j9 really kick ass.
Klay Curry (4 months ago)
thank you for not spoiling who won the tournament. you da best
seek destroy (4 months ago)
Who win in this competition?
shiney bai (4 months ago)
Rip aculite nd fugglet fans 😂😂😂
Lucia VEVO (4 months ago)
fugglet ma boi
Signature Views (4 months ago)
J9 is the most blatant ESP hacking piece of shit i have ever seen. Im not even watching his perspective and i know he has hacks. Iv been saying this forever now.
WHO DAT (4 months ago)
Rishab (4 months ago)
Aculite Fugglet Shroud and j9 should play squads
Rishab (4 months ago)
Yeah totally forgot chokii,yeah that would be an insane squad man
Jordanz_23_45 (4 months ago)
Swap j9 for choco and that'd be amazing. J9 is good jus don't like how much he complains
TheWoodgardian (4 months ago)
Call it the SnipeStar Tournament
Lana Zaky (4 months ago)
you cant deal with this guy
BeezMax (4 months ago)
j9 is a beast
Outlaw Mack (4 months ago)
I got a new dog to he is always around me
Roman Aragon (4 months ago)
J9, chill
Sky Playz00 (4 months ago)
What time did shroud got killed by Fugglet
SkreamerOfficial (4 months ago)
4th round
inamul ihsan (4 months ago)
Where can i watch j9 pov in this match?
Daniel 7493 (4 months ago)
Look at Aculite and Fugglet they are the Best
CreamyGoodness (4 months ago)
Love all four of them
Fredo Sinsemilla (4 months ago)
Well, they placed 4th while shroud and J9 won. I like them much better than the awfully boring shroud though.
Banty Manek (4 months ago)
Koalabear (4 months ago)
14:14 you can se dr. D got killed
*yousuck* Joke (4 months ago)
J9 sounds like he want shroud to give his Kar
Lee杰 (4 months ago)
just9n damn under rated
Miguel2127 M_B_F (4 months ago)
noooo aculite and fugglet
Shroud's Phat Cock (4 months ago)
Pls upload shroud playing with Randoms
Pecado Kaka (4 months ago)
start playing 19:00
Pecado Kaka (4 months ago)
Farm simulator
perigosu (4 months ago)
Lmao two dislikes from shroud and justin for picking those photos
Barath Varrier (4 months ago)
Where are the other games
Conrado David (4 months ago)
iconic. Aculite & Fugglet vs. Shroud & J9
Muhammad Elias Melad (4 months ago)
no, just against j9 and hes owned them xd
JrenzP (4 months ago)
I thought Just9n and Shroud are competing in the thumbnail.
Sam Don (4 months ago)
no spoilerz plz
armin ligson (4 months ago)
13:13 how tf did shroud saw that O_O
thanatip Manothummetha (4 months ago)
It’s called inhuman reaction. Shroud got this skill from CSGO.
Gether Medel (4 months ago)
+Mauro Medrano exactly. +Akkk Beds thinks its cheating lol.
Mauro Medrano (4 months ago)
When u play games for about 20 years you can see the smallest movements even if it’s a pixel and you also gotta count in what monitor he has
kli Ngs (4 months ago)
Imagine his big ass monitor
Gether Medel (4 months ago)
+Akkk Beds just admit you're an ass and a noob at games and you have poor reflexes -.- I don't fucking play PUBG on steam AT ALL and even I saw that shit move before shroud could even mention it on the video.
Yahiko Chaelisa (4 months ago)
Just9n carrying shroud thats cool
Mandeep Singh (4 months ago)
Fugglet and Aculite is so underrated
runkurgan (4 months ago)
You want the money or you want shroud dead?
Robert E. (4 months ago)
the fuggman almost got him at the end...
inamul ihsan (4 months ago)
They are more famous on youtube
random weaboo (4 months ago)
Mandeep 'tagaloa' Singh i think fugg is in the leaderboards in pubg
Ignacio Ruiz (4 months ago)
Just9n is underrated.
Mikus Janis Gailis (2 months ago)
because he had 1 lucky day? no
jonathan sparks (3 months ago)
lol you know the game has sound right?
Sanju Varghese (4 months ago)
purge you are fuckin stupid
Yushi Michi (4 months ago)
Purge Em that's called having a headset ( a good one) u can hear peoples gunshots that's ur esp
John Carl Teodosio (4 months ago)
You cant use cheats on twitch respect the skills and that is a good game by just9n. ESP your ass.
Soft Ookoo (4 months ago)
Long Beard Skate (4 months ago)
Ez pz
Yahiko Chaelisa (4 months ago)
Whos jordan? Its that n0thing jordan gilbert? Since when did he start playing pubg tho
wat ? (4 months ago)
His c9 csgo teammate
Makoto (4 months ago)
j9 > grimz+anthony
Yahiko Chaelisa (4 months ago)
Ithought his talking to ska😂😂 oh my god they sound are the same😂
Wadu (4 months ago)
Waduuuuuuuuuuuu waduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu huu
Daeng Sai (2 months ago)
Wadu heck? Wadu wadu wadu
jonathan sparks (3 months ago)
dead meme
Wadu (4 months ago)
Zuhdi Ferizi Wadu hek <3
Zuhdi Ferizi (4 months ago)
Kira Yozuro (4 months ago)
Wadu Waduuuuuuuuuuuuu hek!
Reinth Juju (4 months ago)
well that's an early upload...
Ibnu .T (4 months ago)
Reinth Juju ikr
Trent Greer (4 months ago)
Like if you miss the Shroud+AK combo wambo
APEX (4 months ago)
My 4 favourite youtuber/streamers in the last. Shroud, Fugglet, Aculite and Justin.
Jordanz_23_45 (4 months ago)
Svhons 100% agree. They're all layed back streamers j9 is good but complains to much for my liking
Svhons (4 months ago)
APEX love it all except j9. His stream is not entertaining at all but hes a good player skill wise. Would swap it with chocho or n0thing
Gumber Gaming (4 months ago)
Aculite and Fugglet fuck yea #2, too bad they had to go up against J9 , shroud was a spectator that game.
Nomad (4 months ago)
Like how doc said shrouds teammate would die early match
Teyr Pubg (4 months ago)
i want more shroud and j9 vs aculite and fugglet
AduptUniform26 (1 month ago)
Aculite would win because he did kill shroud a couple times and doc so ya
Dyegsits W (4 months ago)
@Teyr Pubg Yeah, this fug and aculite v shroud and j9 was pretty close.
Dissident101 (4 months ago)
He did put down Doc and Shroud a while back with Doc screaming stream sniper.
J Rod (4 months ago)
Teyr Pubg fugglet is so bad bro.
Khanh Nguyễn (4 months ago)
Zicheng Koay calling other people trash? Then you re no better than trash, my friend.
stat shakya (4 months ago)
Who was first in this tournament this time
kizaru the troll (4 months ago)
Deo Yin Yang aculite and fugglet.
Thomas Holck (4 months ago)
Barath Varrier 7
Barath Varrier (4 months ago)
How many matches were there totally
stat shakya (4 months ago)
Thanks brother awesome to see our boi shroud getting the win again
Deo Yin Yang (4 months ago)
stat shakya Shorud and Just9n Chad and JoshOG Lumi and Ashek Acculite and Fugler Chocotaco and Swagger
Kiệt Nguyễn (4 months ago)
Just9n this game so insane
Deo Yin Yang (4 months ago)
First time Shroud won a tournament of PUBG! Congratulations.
Mothuilim Charanga (2 months ago)
May be u r watching first' time
Salmonero (4 months ago)
The last Twitch Rivals was like a month ago.. where they played 10 maps. Shroud and his team won 9/10 of those and took home $21,600.. So he's definitely won before.
Deo Yin Yang (4 months ago)
buzzind99 Go check yourself https://youtu.be/d7dM3Ngpo1s
chris (4 months ago)
Deo Yin Yang that’s still lame, keep camping dude
buzzind99 (4 months ago)
Bruh LAST RIVALS TOURNAMENT he played with CHOCO not JOSH. Do you even watch the tourney? EDIT: Also it is not his FIRST tournament win ffs, I thought you watch the last tournament *cough*
hornymanonfire (4 months ago)
easy for them to win when they are in the comfort of their own home. These fucking hacking fucks suck when they are at public events without their cheats.
Javier McIlrath (4 months ago)
19:06 Lumi got killed by Shroud again :v
Topkek (4 months ago)
no one gives a fuck for lumi
JustSomeGuy (4 months ago)
If Lumi get/has breast implants, would that be a booby trap?
Kong Veasna (4 months ago)
Mc Knight I see what you did there
KaiZen 88 (4 months ago)
Javier McIlrath it's a trap!
stat shakya (4 months ago)
Who won this time
stat shakya (4 months ago)
Fuck yaa our boi shroud won this time as well thats awesome
Franz Aclaracion (4 months ago)
Fuck yeah. Fug gettin up there
Pasha zahran (4 months ago)
stat shakya Game 1 - Shroud n J9 Game 2 - Chad n JoshOG Game 3 - Aculite n Fugglet Game 4 - Ashek n Lumi Game 5 - Chad n JoshOG Game 6 - i forgot. dont care actlly Game 7 - Shroud and J9 Standings 1. Shroud and J9 2. Chad n Josh 3. Ashek n Lumi 4. Aculite n Fug 5. Chocotaco n swagger correct me if i'm wrong :)
Ron Calalang (4 months ago)
Game 1 and 7. They won
stat shakya (4 months ago)
I mean the full tournament how many matches did shroud win

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