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GTA 5 Online - CITY CAMOUFLAGE! (GTA 5 Funny Moments/Mini Games)

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Text Comments (870)
SPARTAN Turtle (6 hours ago)
you I love ur videos and I wish I could join game suggestion  world of tanks
Brock Wilhelme (12 hours ago)
4:57. magic hairdresser. uses her magical scissors to grow hair.
Mr. Bysouth (4 days ago)
Chamberlain Hills born and raised, B.J rec Centre was where I spent most of my days. Chillin out relaxin looking all cool, shooting some people outside the rec. When a couple a dudes who were up to no good, started causing trouble in the hills. I got into one little fight and Gallegos got scared he said: You're moving with Alex and Slendy in Del Perro!
issac xavier Thompson (29 days ago)
Jack can you plz do a maro kart plz
issac xavier Thompson (29 days ago)
Do a maro kart plz
Dylan Delabar (1 month ago)
4:53 Jack is the Fresh Prince of Bad Hair!XD😂🤣😂😂
DylanDrifts 450 (1 month ago)
4:30 you want sum fuck
Melbourne Trains Vlogs (1 month ago)
Hector Rios (1 month ago)
What was the song that was going on while they were changing clothes
Batman (1 month ago)
do another game where both the hunter and hiders have no map, so the hiders have to be extra good at blending in...
Ineedtoiletpaper Hirey (1 month ago)
Nitta Patrick (1 month ago)
Screwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww uuuuuuuuuuh nastey
Awsome Apollo44 (2 months ago)
No offense Nasty, but even a noob could not be as bad as you. Lol.
miko intal (2 months ago)
Im starting to hate nasty
Rodlyn du-Pont (2 months ago)
Do more but maybe in the hood
TwelveGage0125 (2 months ago)
jack i love the older gta vid. please go back to playing it
Rylee Songer (2 months ago)
Jack fool people by flying in a helicopter for city camo
Jeremiah Zamora (2 months ago)
It is not nasty it is Chester
GreatMeme12 (2 months ago)
22:31 WTF?
Michael Hooker (2 months ago)
Hey can you make another club for forza horizon 3
Tito thecockatiel (2 months ago)
12:20 tho
hawkbuster96 (2 months ago)
Bobe Kryant (2 months ago)
Someone should try and lift a car with a cargobob and stay like that the whole game lmao
Dope Mami152 (3 months ago)
Nasty you are dommed
Quentin Scott (3 months ago)
What are you crazy
thexman522 gaming (3 months ago)
a cocckie
Logan Games (3 months ago)
Ryan Ezell (3 months ago)
DroidD (3 months ago)
that was painfull
Paige heart37 (3 months ago)
Look at this dude
vigly lv (3 months ago)
should have done cop car lol (with sirens on)
Leonid Lacdan (3 months ago)
can you do a drift challenge?
Alexander McGrath (3 months ago)
You should do a wheelie challenge, GTA 5. I LOVE YOUR VIDS AND YOUR VIDS ARE SO FUNNY!!!!
FastBoi (4 months ago)
What's the song at 2:47
OnePieceOfMyMind (4 months ago)
3:38 Freaking 590% tax Also he sounds like Hardstop Lucas a tad bit
SpicyNacho (4 months ago)
do the same thing except in the vinewood hills!
InfernalBlayze (4 months ago)
3:35 I thought this was city camoflauge not hair cuttery
Anonymous Boi (4 months ago)
12:19 Littarly jump scares.
MikeyDaMan Man (4 months ago)
Are you crazy? ... SHUT UP.
LOW_ KEYY (4 months ago)
Y'all should do this on gta 4
andrey pabalate (4 months ago)
The rice is right!
arturs Munkevics (4 months ago)
best video ever!!!!
Morgan Howells (4 months ago)
Do more
Morgan Howells (4 months ago)
Love your channel
Rajesh Singh (4 months ago)
12:19 lol
Adriano Vlad (4 months ago)
First 10 seconds I litteraly thought I was watching VanossGaming , your voice is the same as his
IM king (5 months ago)
Forza is better than gta
KryogenicFox (5 months ago)
I love it🤣
lfgtt rob (5 months ago)
I like nasty he's funny
Scarlet Okami (5 months ago)
Atleast Gallegos got head before he died
LaVoyage 7 (5 months ago)
Gta 5 camouflage but everybody is walking
Wrexon (5 months ago)
Actual vidoe start at 5:00
Josh ASMR (5 months ago)
2:48 song?
MrExilitron {}_{} (5 months ago)
what is the song called when the video started?
Spencer Craddock (5 months ago)
How do you put name tags off
HawkGT (5 months ago)
why is your outro 10x loder than the rest of the video?
Tomatoez (5 months ago)
Nasty is such a retard LMFAO. jk jk lol.
Jingle YaBombz (6 months ago)
Your laugh is amazing.
Samuel G. (6 months ago)
You want some phak? - Superburger64, 2017
AJS1021 (6 months ago)
I play GTA 5
Lengendary Kalisto (6 months ago)
Y is everyone mean to nasty like what the heck
Ryan Philip (6 months ago)
Cynthia Ortiz (6 months ago)
FH3 city camouflage is better than gta 5 city camoflage
Flips and dumb Stuff (6 months ago)
Do a highway camouflage
Sgt.Skittle Nipples (6 months ago)
Lol knowing pigeon he'd probably have a prostitute during city camouflage.
Jose Villa (6 months ago)
12:18 funny asf
peggy montgomery (6 months ago)
Ok nasty you can't fine jack squat
The Crazedd Gamer (7 months ago)
Can you do a city camouflage on the beach on gta5 pls
wyatt hall's gaming (7 months ago)
Hey can we meat up in forza horizon 3 my name is victercon 11
Isaiah Rivas (7 months ago)
Maria Rosado (7 months ago)
Mohammed Al-Sheikh (7 months ago)
Coolgamer_ YT (7 months ago)
Do it again sept in the dessert
Dilo SPATZ (7 months ago)
6:49 “Pigeon, you’re on the wrong side of the road” Not in Australia lol
Adam Ramadan (7 months ago)
What's that song when he's chosing hats? DUN DUN DA DA
__SecretSanity__ (7 months ago)
8:34 On a motorbike Still waits behind traffic
Zichi Hammertail (7 months ago)
Poor Nasty
LiL_DominioYT (7 months ago)
R.I.P. Jack (14:27) our prayers are with you.
Yvonne Mcrae (7 months ago)
u fell jack soo funny LOL!
NaSty Lxgiaa (7 months ago)
Jack: " What's going on in there?" Gallegos: "I'm getting head." Jack: "Ok."
DoubleM Gaming (7 months ago)
I laughed so hard at the haircut bit
MyCringe ForYou (7 months ago)
The start though get dat finger out! I won’t eat breaky now...
TheNibbaKnows (7 months ago)
I bet oofsain booflt could go faster than USAIN bolt. ;)
HyperLyne Trivellini (7 months ago)
Isaiah Barker (7 months ago)
Keep up the good vids, by the way I friended you on xbox,I'm a huge fan my Xbox name is Itssuperman45
Pairs Man (7 months ago)
Perfect video like all ways
Abba Dikko (7 months ago)
What is the song at the end??
prinz (7 months ago)
Tomioka Jeremiah (7 months ago)
Nasty " What am I missing?" I'm like your life man at 11:39
BORNTOENJOY 500 (7 months ago)
*you want some fuck* im dead😂😂
iama gocart (7 months ago)
You shuld do hide in seek like you did in forza horizon 3 but in gta5
localsharkboy (7 months ago)
That ending THAT WASHT HIM!!!?!? ?!
Angela Johnson (7 months ago)
Can yall play tag on gta 5
Jerome Rulz (7 months ago)
of coure alex won bu default nasty was against him cmon man
Emanuel Martinez (7 months ago)
Nasty= Chester
H I (7 months ago)
I love camouflage jack do more
Hsims YT (7 months ago)
Jack can I join your club
theironguygamez (7 months ago)
4:30 *you want some fuk*

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