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Baby Games To Play And Take Care Of 4 Little Baby Boss Funny Doctor Games

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Take care of 4 little baby boss and make sure the naughty guy is having fun at all times! Dress up the mischievous baby in outfits that match his attitude so he’s ready for playtime! Make yummy food for your baby, but be careful. He might throw it at you! Playground fun time! Push Baby on the swings, bounce him on the bouncy castle, and more! Help Baby ride his tricycle in style and win the fun baby race! Let Baby snorkel in the tub and play with his rubber ducky, but don’t let him splash you! Take Baby to the doctor - make sure he gets enough lollipops to keep him smiling! Say cheese! Take selfies with Baby Boss in the photobooth! Tuck Baby into bed and tell him the perfect bedtime story or he’ll throw his teddy at you! Download https://goo.gl/tuziDt https://goo.gl/5Cx4nN
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