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👏🏻Bless "Bless Online" Why Community Engagement and Publishing Matters

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https://www.patreon.com/skylent DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jx7cYPW SUB HUMBLE BUNDLE & SUPPORT ME! https://goo.gl/q95Vt9 Bless "Bless Online" Why Community Engagement and Publishing Matters My thoughts on Bless Online and how they have been doing a good job at hyping everyone up, really more so the fact that they are getting people to talk about the game, and how that in itself is a great sign and also very much apart of what will come with the gameplay at least for an MMO. Bless Online Gameplay in the background is of Japanese version not Bless Online North America or Bless Online EU version. I do not know the launch date of Bless Online NA or Bless Online Steam Bless Online is a New upcoming MMORPG for 2018 releasing early access this month. Check some of my other videos!!! TOP TEN UPCOMING PIXEL ART GAMES 2017 - 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ncf5St5IXY&t=347s TOP TEN NEW BATTLE ROYALE GAMES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utN9XOc5u1Y TOP TEN "FREE TO PLAY COOP GAMES" BEST FREE GAMES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdDNzfFAHfU TOP TEN "LOCAL COOP GAMES" ON PC - SHARED SCREEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEusYOlmT3o TOP TEN "PARTY GAMES" ON PC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX8T3iHHyfM TOP TEN UNIQUE MMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RyOEYAdqmw Patreons! TheFunkyNipple Dario Reyes Bluewulf Robert Nostromo Matas DJ Boss Sjaak Justin NerroLT Ciclopenteno THANK YOU! HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Text Comments (194)
csclarkmusic (13 days ago)
This video blurs the distinction between 'community engagement' vs 'hype generation.' The greatest example is No Man's Sky, incredible hype, horrid community engagement. There are small games out there, with incredible developers and great community engagement from GMs/mods/developers. Community engagement is not hyping things to make a buck - that's called marketing.
nomi (13 days ago)
@Skylent Games what are you thought about the founders pack that came out yesterday?
Skylent Games (13 days ago)
Wish they had a 5 party pack
RY Gaming (13 days ago)
can anyone drop the link to there site ? and p.s love you vids
MegaPain Quest (14 days ago)
Gonna have that succubus as a mount 100%
cjase6267 (14 days ago)
Lmao at this garbage bin game after today
Skylent Games (14 days ago)
The game is good, the presentation was bad.
Destroyer Inazuma (15 days ago)
With another UI this would totally look like Dark Souls with multiplayer. Having the knights gang up on a giant made me smile for all the time mobs ganged up on the player in Souls.
John Maco (15 days ago)
Now we need to form a good community to give the cherry to the cake, as was done in Warframe and Guild Wars 2. You know, help each other and avoid toxicity. If we want this game to be enjoyable and last for a long time, we must give our part as well.
Odid WAR (15 days ago)
Congrats Skylent, BLESS Online made it official about their Emissaries and you were on the list!
Matthew Abbott (15 days ago)
Two games that were good and fun as hell that didn't make it are Paragon and now Gigantic. I loved the art work and gameplay of both, but not enough players probably due to bad publishing.
New Meta (16 days ago)
yellow and blue effects!!! no green? nvm OH btw why that yellow skills r so... so... i mean all the screen.. i am going to take a hang over
Jimmi (16 days ago)
Congratz for beeing one of the selected emissary candidates Skylent :)
IgnoreTheName (16 days ago)
IgnoreTheName (16 days ago)
I better see that guild with furrys running around everywhere ;) xD!
Deviantloverable (16 days ago)
nice video :)
N K (17 days ago)
I wonder how much they paid you. On a more serious note, why are you hyping this game so much. It runs on the unreal 3 engine (outdated graphics), clunky animations, uninspiring holy trinity classes and tab combat with some combo elements (like gw2). It caters toward ppl who want the old way of mmos back like dungeons with hitting HP sponges with little to no tactics. Raids where numbers matter even more than gear or the individual skill. On the plus side is just the NO p2w argument, but lets face it they will have a cash shop too. Will it be like other ones? like archage or bdo? I remember when bdo started on not having much p2w but now... anyhow. This isnt meant as a hate comment but are you serious about hyping this generic looking mmo? Its pretty :residentsleeper:
The FlyingNinjaPig (17 days ago)
well its been in development for quite a few years but the graphics are good for unreal engine 3
Skylent Games (17 days ago)
Think of MMO less as games and more like how you view concerts or festivals and youll see why I talk about certain games in certain ways.
elveone (17 days ago)
Oh, god, I am sick of people saying Wildstar and Lawbreakers are good games. They are not good games. They are not mechanically fun to play. They are bad games and because of that they are abandoned. Bless is in a new game in a desperation genre. The publisher knows it and they are capitalizing on that by hyping up a desperate community. It will most likely be a decent game but it will get much more exposure than if it had any competition.
xDrac (18 days ago)
Awesome video, I liked it a lot! Keep it up, my friend!
J H (18 days ago)
The more hype, the more it will suck. Most mmos are garbage these days. They arent even games really. Theyre more like casinos. EQ and VG emulators are good. Pantheon will be good. This video is bad. Very bad.
Diversity (18 days ago)
will bless be free to play?
Mr Jammers (18 days ago)
Anyone know what the action camera is like for healer?
Capt Canada (18 days ago)
The word your looking for is marketing.
Kevin Yang (18 days ago)
I think really the only reason this game is getting so hype is because Wow and FF14 are subscription, BDO is P2W, and people are getting tired of these games that are ranke focused and/or shooters. On top of the fact that really real competition for this game. I think I will probably play this until Lost Ark comes out in year 2519.
Sunwalker Edaaga (18 days ago)
<cringe>. Bless will be good, don’t get me wrong: but it will never be great. It will always have the problem of being generic af. It looks like BDO, but with crappier animation. It plays like Blade and Soul (come on, you should know that combat system isn’t new). It has the standard races and classes, and two factions that look about as distinct as my feet do. Sure, I’ll be playing but mostly to recruit for my guild: The Cadmean League. Do not expect very much. Do not hype. By this time next year BDO will be P2W and hemmorhaging players just like ArchAge and BDO. It will continue in the east where players don’t care abou that stuff, but the western servers will be dead.
Dread (18 days ago)
on point except the fact that bdo is already p2w
MARKXMXMXMOROS X (18 days ago)
MARKXMXMXMOROS X (18 days ago)
TricksyKitsune (18 days ago)
Its not that complex or confusing really... It completely depends on the genre and goal of the game. With a MMORPG it is literally a genre about having a community of people, so obviously having a populated world of players is still first... Other than that Gameplay still comes first generally in other situations, but in different aspects and depending on the games theme. Some games gameplay has no combat, but focuses on exploration instead. Does not excuse shitty controls and general gameplay designs focused on that exploration aspect. Gameplay is more than just combat after all.... Actually because Bless is a MMORPG, its gameplay is based around community interactions and controls, and the activities that you do with that community which coincidentally is combat related more often than not. So gameplay may still be the most important thing. After all, if those systems do not work well less people will stay, and that means a smaller community. So, community in a mmorpg is most important, but gameplay and overall feature quality is the next most important thing to help support and sustain that community.
edzu1 (18 days ago)
duno looks like typical run of the mill asian mmo fun for 2 weeks tops
Chupacabra (18 days ago)
Tuomo Taivainen (18 days ago)
If it's essentially WoW with faster combat and is F2P, I'm all for it. I'm a little concerned about the PvEvP thing cause I don't like the idea of getting ganked (nor do I have the desire to gank others) when I have no interest in World PvP and am just trying to quest/level but I do understand that the Devs are providing ways to avoid that.
Tuomo Taivainen (18 days ago)
Right, forgot about the "Box" cost. I remember from MMOByte or LazyPeon that there's going to be "Immunity" items that make you non-targetable for World PvP, though they're going to cost real-money once you hit max level. Not the worst thing, when you consider that (again, correct me if I'm wrong) that it's possible to earn real-currency like you can in GW2.
The1DAchannel (18 days ago)
it will be a B2p model so they avoid p2w monetization
Mr Dark (18 days ago)
Change of heart? you didn't sound like this a month of 2 ago.
Michael Kirkpatrick (18 days ago)
I wonder could you make money off taming in the game
shperax (19 days ago)
The problem is that as a emissary you are not allowed to talk negative about the game period. Literally it's in the contract agreement. Just be aware that content creators that are emissaries may not be truthful.
shperax (17 days ago)
It is true. Normally as a content creator when you create content you own it. In the case of a Emissary Neowiz owns EVERYTHING you create that has remotely anything to do with the game. "You agree and acknowledges that, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Rules of Conduct, that all Player-Created Materials are the sole property of Neowiz from the outset of its creation. " They also Screen all Emissary content before it is ever published. They also reserve the right to basically Fire you at any time and keep any of the content you created as their own. You can't tell me they are going to allow a Emissary to release negative material on their game period. So like I said. Be aware that content from Emissaries MAY not be truthful. Read this its kinda nuts if you sign up for this if you ask me. https://blessonline.net/static/policy.html#emissary
Gewyne (18 days ago)
That's simply not true - if it's fair critique it's not a problem. If you make stuff, hate on it for reasons not really related to the game and it is deemed it hurts the game/publisher that is where the contract/agreement can bite you. So if your fair and honest, it's not a problem and the emissaries have also said this.
Tom K (19 days ago)
3-6 months till this going f2p, people are just to overhyped cause everyone is searching for a new MMO so they have hope in everything new^^ i wish bless all the best , but i dont try this one, for me the "love" is missing allot, we have seen everything already. Thanks for your work Skylent.
Jeff Allen (19 days ago)
Phew , this guy can waffle, you need to script your videos, not just ramble on, switched off after 5 mins
NoOBGamerDZ (19 days ago)
mike fox (19 days ago)
If it failed before it will fail again.
Bill Lam (18 days ago)
mike fox I hope they learned something
Luis Marquez (19 days ago)
its like ffxiv if it was fast paced combat. I have no problem with that
Dev6Rehab (19 days ago)
I think a huge thing in mmo's is the enemies reacting when they get hit instead of them not with a number appearing over their head. That adds a lot to the combat immersion.
Dev6Rehab (19 days ago)
Is it me or does this game resemble Dragon's Dogma a little bit? And if you don't know what dragon's dogma is, you need to play it.
geo tag1 (19 days ago)
Im sorry but what is wrong with BDO?
Andromancis Gaming (19 days ago)
The game died twice, im sure it will make it now.. LOL PLEB!! Paid by bless much..
Annoyedpanda (19 days ago)
have to wait and see. I'm not getting my hopes up.
Morgan K (19 days ago)
wildstars failure brings me to metaphorical tears
Boris Baskovec (19 days ago)
The game has marketing and reaching influencers to get exposure, how 'refreshing'... It's still a standard Korean MMO, that will end up like all the other
SupaFly::. (19 days ago)
Omg, not another Paladin with Silver and Blue armor and def. buffs by surrounding the player with ghostly shields... Been there done that...
ragejinraver (19 days ago)
I haven't been this hyped for in MMO since Final Fantasy 14 which was my very first MMO ever . I missed the whole Warcraft hype because I had zero interest in the genre at the time . This is Final Fantasy 14 2.0 to a freaking T not just because of how it looks not to mention they have completely revamp the entire game like square did . Bless online is going to hands down have the exact same success if not more.
Crozzo (19 days ago)
Ty dude I really hope to play with you and your community^^ but is it worth to play NA if you are in EU.
Lil Rev (19 days ago)
What would be best profession for paladin, ima make alts but whats the best passive trait from crafting for that class
tanmay joshi (19 days ago)
Make a video on free mmorpg games on Android
Tzͨuͪyͦuͧ (19 days ago)
imagine this game fail on release, seeing you guys cry because you are too hyped would be my greatest entertainment
instant sub for Bless content.
Keane SN. (19 days ago)
Can't wait for your thoughts at the game release! It will decide whatever i am gonna give this game a try or not.
Jenn N (19 days ago)
This gives me hope, I think mmo for phones is just silly, so I’m all for pc mmorpg and I hope bless online will be a new game I’d enjoy for awhile, thanks for the update!
Sueycide (19 days ago)
I can’t wait anymore I want bless in my ass rn
Namukun (19 days ago)
They are sorta forced to at least act like they are pleasing everyone because they are on the brink of bankruptcy. Wouldn't you do the same? The combat and other stuffs they have introduced so far is nothing intuitive. I'm sure you have seen other streamers and youtubers who actually have tried the game said it multiple times. Just like every other Korean mmo, this will eventually become fully P2W game when they feel comfortable with the number of existing player base. I think it is way too soon for you to commend them for communicating with the "community" multiple times and mislead the players.
Hope this turns well and still trying to get new PC...
Bob Lob (19 days ago)
man i feel like its gonna fall flat on its face
R3ar3ntry (19 days ago)
the thing is, i really hope this game succeeds, but can it live, the reason why i havent jumped in and bought a copy of the best deluxe edition like i did with many games, is that most mmos dont survive, and the biggest factor why bless isnt on my "to try list" is because the combat for me isnt as good, i'd love to try to make content, but the whole tab target and the combat itself seems way to slow, now this might be perfect if ur used to only play wow, "which i know you aren't skylent" but i mean in general the others who play tab targetting mmos, for me its more of a, i am used to black desert online, that combat, once you play it as an mmo and get into it, the grind and all of that seems so unique and different, not needing a target to cast spells etc, but i am able to play blade and soul and enjoy it for its combat, but all the other mmos, wild star was playable, and was a great mmo, but i feel as though for me, i cannot say i'd be able to stick around if the combat isnt vastly ehnacemend visually and "gameplay" wise, it is a defo improvment to what they just did
Restive86 (19 days ago)
cpt obvious
DevaLand (19 days ago)
i might be a little too hyped for this game ._.
Matt Dredge (19 days ago)
This game has great marketing. But very very average PVE content ( dungeons and 1 very poorly done 10 man raid) So the hype is all bullshit. But i guess it gives MMO youtubers something to talk about i guess If you enjoy running around low level zones an then talking about other mmos in the levelling chat, maybe this game is for you?
Dc Outlaw (19 days ago)
So it's May and still no word on early access release date? I'm ready to give them my money
Akaji Blubb (19 days ago)
3 minutes in ans you still havent made a single point of your video. thats the grave mistake all small youtubers make....i click the video to hear what makes the community of this game special, its breakfast and you had one coffee lenght....i got nothing in 3 minutes. get to the point dude.
anders with (19 days ago)
gotta hit the 10 minutes somehow.
Gordon Grier (19 days ago)
This game ok i really just want to play it for the taming
Michael Kirkpatrick (18 days ago)
Gordon Grier same I'm gonna play bless like Pokemon
Inigo Montoya (19 days ago)
I really really REALLY hope this game has the hook to keep me playing for years to come. IMHO, it seems like it's been such a long time since there's been a MMO that sinks it claws in and refuses to release you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Ficco Clivano Ikhsan (19 days ago)
hope so aswell, the only thing i dont like about this is the weapon lock, i mean, 1 class, 1 weapon type?, at least put two weapon types. but hey, its early access soo
killertron (19 days ago)
"Today we're gonna talk why we are blessed to be blessed by bless" We are truly blessed to have you doing videos like this, keep doing it dude, we love it.
luaffyne (19 days ago)
[TAB/point target/AoE cast] was a bread and butter when I used to start to play MMO's [Lineage 2 as a 1st ... or maybe it was WoW dunno] ANYWAY! That is why I approve this approach to begin with. GW2 is not fun enough due to the lack of guild wars ... , BDO did it's thing and I play it nowadays .... since the dev's started to tweak about important stuff this month I wen't pure life skill approach towards the game as this feels like live beta (yes we got all the shiny bonuses). In brief summary - yes... I'll buy bless and see where it goes.
Matthew Valentyn (19 days ago)
Omg ikr, bdo is practically starting from the ground up again. It's so frustrating and the devs/community management is such a huge nightmare. I really hope bless will be a great replacement
Matt Gaskins (19 days ago)
How well BO will do depends on the following. 1) How well it translates to Western society. I have watched many videos on Bless and even the clients patched to English are hard to understand. Some things make no sense at all. It needs to be translated well and feel more Western then Eastern. 2) Be very well optimized with few bugs and content complete. Western MMO's have very high standards these days. People in this market expect a polished product. And have been let down by too many flopped launches, servers to laggy to play on, games that were missing content important to the game, and bug ridden games. BO has a history of memory leaks and laggy servers. That wont work here. A polished game with few bugs running on modern tech is going to be key. 3) A UI that works well and is CUSTOMIZABLE to some degree. This is a KEY component to MMO's that most publishers/developers ignore FAR TOO OFTEN. WoW's UI customization is a big part of its success. People love to customize their UI to what fits them. Being able to add custom art panels, fonts, colors makes the game take on a personal feel for the player. Im not talking add ones like DPS meters or such. More aesthetics then function. 4) Community interaction. Yeah, I know those are treacherous waters, but it is important to navigate them to be successful. Listen to player feedback, and provide feedback of your own. You don't have to respond to every post, but when a thread is 3-4 pages long, there should be some dev interaction there. Even if its just to acknoledge there's an issue or that you are taking a suggestion into consideration. 5) Provide solo AND group content. From what I have seen BO does this fairly well already. But you really need to understand casual gamers FAR outnumber hardcore. You cannot build a successful MMO without the casual player base. Its as simple as that. Focusing on solo, 4 -6 groups, PvP, and Professions as means to progression is critical in today's MMO scene. And there must be a way for players to opt out of PvP when they don't feel like playing that part of the game. BO already has a good foundation. Graphics are beautiful and detailed. The Pet/Mount system is awesome! The new combat system looks promising. I haven't heard much of the soundtrack, but what I have heard sounds good. But keep moving forward. Listen to the players and continue to grow and improve. And you may very well find you have a huge hit on your hands...
sillyredsheep (17 days ago)
Kayla (19 days ago)
1) Most are google translated so it makes sense 2) I mean they better fix it if they want to do well in the West 3) They stated that UI is not customizable 4) Bless is good in that field imho 5) Bless is good in that field
jurr sil (19 days ago)
blinding flash of the obvious
Matthew Valentyn (19 days ago)
Honestly this is the most appealing part of this game to me. I LOVE the publishing and community management they've got going. I actually really dislike tab target games and that alone was a massive turn off to me but the community work and publishing has totally outshined all the negatives for me.
jscheetz03 (19 days ago)
I'm very excited for this game, but I feel like its going to fail like Skyforge failed. Meaning, i'll play it until everyone else leaves.
jscheetz03 (19 days ago)
It had so much potential, but they just didn't seem to realize it.
László Kocsi (19 days ago)
ahh i feel sorry for skyforge...
Matthew Valentine (19 days ago)
Albion online is prime example of the community being the majority of the game play since the game play is very boring yet the meta and people make it exciting
moody just (19 days ago)
people will try their best to keep the hype but if the Devs didn't fix their combat and some words like we ill sell some things that give buffs and if this buffs are useful to have 24/7 it will be pay2win and if the combat still as it and they just changed the skills it ill be dead for all the people i just wish they fix all this
Brian Knieling (19 days ago)
I think bless will be a great game .... fails in two countries....
Brian Knieling (19 days ago)
How do you like this pally healing looks like a man failing his arms.
spompofleks (19 days ago)
im hyped so much, and i have no fing idea why. Im gonna buy this shit instantly, as soon as steam allows me. Hope the price will not be pumped out so much, and not to be sub based...i stoped playing wow coz it's subed based and i have little time to play so money is not spend well
CrackResearchTeam CRT (19 days ago)
i just hope companies see that we dont like some of the stuff they do. I hope they can change the business models that are hurting them. That is why im excited about Bless Online. They are truly listening to their community and are really trying to give us that product we want.
Cap'n Salty (19 days ago)
At least they're not taking the SOE/Daybreak approach and assuming the community is a bunch of retards who don't know what they want, and any detractors must be a very small but overly vocal minority. I have hope for this game, but my gut tells me that soon enough the whole thing will go completely P2W like every other Asian MMO I know of, and the community will move on to greener pastures.
Ethan Jordan (19 days ago)
I look at this and I just hope it’s archeage done right even in its broken state archeage at its heart is a super fun game I just want this to be similar but done right.
Ninjastoned (19 days ago)
The trickle of info isn't super good if we haven't seen a significant amount to start. You need a moment a big reveal then you can trickle down. Well see as of May 11th. But I'm very hyped thanks for all the videos.
Ophis (19 days ago)
To be honest even if i know a good public relation is vital to the success of a game like an MMO. I can't get hyped for a game just because it has good PR. I mean loads of games before Bless had good PR but they either did a crappy job on launch or there was some other probleme and the game got deserted. So i don't see why you would get hyped for bless since it's just looks like another generic MMO to me. But that's just my opinion and i'm probably not in the majority here
Carmen 01 (19 days ago)
Bless is succeeding because people are tired with BDOs crap. If this adds bs people will just go back since it atleast has better graphics and fast combat.
Carmen 01 (19 days ago)
No thanks tired of discord
Hernani Ferreira (19 days ago)
Bless you...
anatoli kornilov (19 days ago)
wildstar was the most talked about mmo of the time. it was all over the place.
Skylent Games (19 days ago)
Yea, but thet didnt keep the hype alive and their trailers were more show than promoting community interaction.
super travman123 (19 days ago)
This gameplay reminds me of ascend hand of kul for some reason......aw man now i'm sad cause i realized it's gone now :(
MrDGamez (19 days ago)
All the little hype about the game that is still left atm will not be relevant, MMORPG players will judge the game by what dev's promised (content wise) and will judge the game by the CashShop ofc that has some weird items that are confirmed for the western release (that players are not trilled about). A MMORPG with CashShop "Convenience items" as the dev's of Bless are calling it, just leaves a bad taste in my mouth from All the Korean MMORPG's Dev's that used this term before and F-up the game within a short time in the West. So before we hype the game, let's first see how bad it will be when the game goes Live this month (Still Exact date is not given and Packs atm..../lol), so yeah let's wait this out first before we all get overemotional how good the game is that we do not know anything about how it will pan out when the game goes live.
WijaW (19 days ago)
This game is going to be free to play ?
Ryvius (19 days ago)
No, buy to play.
itsZiz (19 days ago)
woot shout out :) excited for the press event. See you there mate
Tial (19 days ago)
You never have anything critical to say about bless online. Are you sponsored or in any way affiliated with the bless online devs?
Jimmyw (19 days ago)
if you wanna be critical of the game he isnt saying anything you cant look for yourself. go watch the trailers, read the posts, participate. if you find something negative speak up, make a video yourself.
Skylent Games (19 days ago)
I have been critical but I am now partnered like I said multiple times in my past 2 videos.
ppuapu (19 days ago)
Cash grab...make it free to play and community will give it a chance..until then..we will see
Garouchieflol .Gaming (19 days ago)
watch it become another archeage over hyped shit.
Skylent Games (19 days ago)
Man that would suuuuck. Hope not.
CrimsonSunBear (19 days ago)
You went to Full Sail? I heard bad things about that place ( price is not worth it AKA)
CrimsonSunBear (19 days ago)
Skylent Games going to Escape Studios in London. Doing art but they will emphasize environment and have a lot of experience in vfx
Skylent Games (19 days ago)
So not worth. Dont go.
omar sameh (19 days ago)
Skylent can you be my wife please ?
Patrik Franzén (19 days ago)
Ty for this video, glad someone is pointing out these things like publishing and the community involvement etc. Good video, keep it up!
shyguy brad (19 days ago)
will it be coming out on console???
self1sch (19 days ago)
AFAIK Emissaries aren't allowed to talk negatively about Bless, so I take everything from them with a grain of salt.
Skylent Games (19 days ago)
You should be weary but truth is also that Bless is going to bring views regardless which means people are incentivised to make hype videos instead of negative. Grains of salt everywhere.
Lif _ (19 days ago)
More like a mine full of salt.
Odid.Ojin (19 days ago)
self1sch well then you don’t know Skylent... he doesn’t just support any game... if he is being an emissary then he really believes what h is saying
blivvy (19 days ago)
Technically, publishers have two jobs: Publishing the game, and what you're calling publishing. The second job is actually called marketing, and it is taught to people in many schools, but they're not told about it in any courses about software or game design, because they're in marketing courses which are "totally unrelated" (ignore that they're necessary for a successful game).
REDZERG (19 days ago)
Pay 2 Win
Ryvius (19 days ago)
He has none just like the value of his comment.
MrSaxon (19 days ago)
blivvy (19 days ago)
The *big* thing that has me concerned is that in existing regions, Bless uses XIGNcode 3 as its anti-cheat, which is one of the most abusive malware programs in the MMO anticheat market. Unless I can confirm 100% confidently that it won't be in Bless, I'm not going to be touching the game, no matter how much interest it can generate in other ways. And it does look *VERY* cool other than "it ships with literal malware".
Asml8ed (20 days ago)
What I was worried about with Bless Online was that it would become a garbage free-to-play game. Instead it's a buy-to-play game with a cash shop like GuildWars 2. They say no loot boxes and no cash items that makes you more powerful. If they can stick to that and not be a sleezy freemium game then it has at least a chance. Hopefully the game stories don't suck. Hopefully the game world is interesting to explore. Hopefully the classes are fun to play. Hopefully there is stuff to do for more than a few weekends. Time will tell.
Koti Nexus Art &Gaming (20 days ago)
You voiced a few things I know I have voiced to a few my friends. I actually have dubbed Bless Online currently as the South Korean Final Fantasy XIV, because like where 14 failed, so did Bless, but SE pulled in Yoshi P, and he managed to pull it out and gave it life again. NeoWiz, has refused to give up on it, and are trying to do what Yoshi P did for 14. It is rare to see a company be passionate about a product and willing to keep trying to get it right, even after it failed. This reason alone has my attention.... because I love Final fantasy XIV and during 1.0, when so many gave up, I stuck to it and benefited from it... and it was amazing to be part of that history. So with Bless Online and what NeoWiz is doing, I again, want to be part of a possible history of another success--- or even a failure, but I am really curious to see how it comes out. How the page turns for a game, a company refuses to give up on, and seems to be trying everything in their power, to please the fans. After all, if Yoshi P could do it for a "failure" of a game, why can't NeoWiz.

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