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Top 30 Best Open World Games of This Generation You Absolutely Need To Play

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Open world games are a tough genre to develop for, whether it's the copious amounts of activities or the enormous sandbox that must be created. That being said, some games make it look effortless, even with their odd warts. Join us as we rank the top 30 open world games of this generation. We'll only be looking at the quality of the open world with its side quests and activities throughout rather than the quality of story-telling so keep that in mind. This list is in random order. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-Get-a-Bolt-of-Gaming-Now-241308979564/?fref=ts FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (1302)
Chris D (2 hours ago)
GtA5 come on the games an antique, not a true ps4 generation games anyways it launched on ps3. Then what about Dragons Dogma it should be on the list. Fuc just cause 3 and batman, and weres red dead redemption?
Campbell Trigg (8 hours ago)
*video opens with me: shitdromeda* *leaves this comment and clicks off*
Mihai _Vb (1 day ago)
*The Witcher 3* is NUMBER ONE
Sharjeel Akmal (1 day ago)
I just want a sleeping dogs sequel
Lalo Landa (1 day ago)
Came here to see which games i could get recommended to play. First one, on 30th place: Mass Effect Andromeda Paused the video. Make this comment. Bye bye.
KICMI (2 days ago)
Fucking legend of zelda fuck ink or link whatever his name is zelda is fucking game for children and virgins and morons wicher or skyrim should been first
TheCypriot (3 days ago)
watch dogs 1 is way better than 2 if storyline is conserned...
TheCypriot (3 days ago)
witcher 3 is the best game ever. wel gta v and iv are the best but like seriusly its a unique game of its kind. i would say that gta is the best realistic game and the witcher 3 the best fantasy game
aaron (4 days ago)
Hold up! No Xenoblade!?!?
gollum 72 (4 days ago)
SKYRIM JUST 5????!!!!?!!!!?
Jeremy Smith (6 days ago)
How about for once we get a good open world AAA horror game set in a hudge creepy forest, swamp inviroment with those P.T graphics where you play as the killer? And it should not be a 4 vs 1, I hate those games. It should have a campaign with quest " non repeats " just quest that have their own stories besides the main story itself. All buildings should be accessible weather it's a home, store or abandoned down in the bogs..... maybe even have some haunted areas that gives you a paranormal experience, creating your weapons, traps and looting would be also awesome. I have never seen a game like this yet because companies have lost their grip and we see these cheesy small development teams no one has ever fucking heard of. AAA games should be the only thing coming to consoles not stuff like fucking goat simulated shit or games with graphics that look familiar to psone. Please I want to see a game for once like I just described.
Calvin Halvorsen (6 days ago)
Witcher 3 is 56725680 times better than Zelda and it isn't even a contest like wtf is this guy shut up forever
Gaurav Singh (8 days ago)
A BiG oF Far CrY ........👌👌👌👌👌👌💤💤💤💤
Playboy Enterprises (9 days ago)
Fallout is garbage.
gonira (9 days ago)
Witcher is better than anything, ever and forever. And how could you not put NieR: Automata on this list?!
Iamze Tavadze (9 days ago)
Zelda legends? Ok someone is fun of zelda and its not top 1 man : /
LukasGaming (10 days ago)
Wtf. My laptop can't even run Fortnite. And you say you must play this shit?
Dark Zeraora (11 days ago)
Why don't people like no man's sky it's beautiful and deatailed
tonedog77 (12 days ago)
I'll never understand final fantasy, why would you want to role play as a boy band member that fights monsters?
Lauchboy Laser (13 days ago)
Now I have over 500 hours on the Witcher 3 and there is still no end on the horizon. Not at all! I couldnt believe it but now i understand the people who told me how big this game actually is.
Pablo Rocchi (14 days ago)
What happened to the Wild West of Red Dead Redemption!!!???
TheWillow1979 (15 days ago)
Mad max was awesome the roar of the big v8 and the fast paced car combat. Should of scored higher hope they make another one down the track
DoraTheKeybladeMaster (15 days ago)
Zelda > Witcher Fight me
Jack Klein (16 days ago)
am i the only one that think ,the witcher 3 is trash?
louis brown (18 days ago)
Just cause 3, mad max, zelda, sleeping dogs, shadow of war and gta r my favorites ☺
SebyToots (19 days ago)
666 dislikes.
CanadianTurf Sandwich (19 days ago)
Sunset overdrive got my attention
TheKiwiGamerx (20 days ago)
Pretty sad Dragon Age Inquisition didn't get mentioned. It's better than 1/3 of the games listed here and yes it is open world
TheKiwiGamerx (20 days ago)
7:04 nice joke
Vexx (20 days ago)
Fallout = shit !!
Ebon Hawk (21 days ago)
"you absolutely need to play Just cause 3" "also just cause 3 isn't as good as just cause 2" well I mean, okay, I guess I'll just never play just cause 3 then :D
The Big Blue bird (21 days ago)
I disagree with this list
Michael Coffey (22 days ago)
As a huge fan of open world games this list was a treat and even saw 7 games I had missed hearing about. Thank you so much for uploading this,
random things (22 days ago)
If you put watch dogs 2 infront of Metal gear solid V You are going to burn in hell
Justin Miller (22 days ago)
GTA V should be number 1 because no game open world isn't near GTA V
AtheisticConclusion (22 days ago)
All my favorite games are btwn. 20 and 30 on this list. I also absolutely dislike FO4 and Watchdog 2, both of which are higher on your list. I accept that
shinichi kyosuke (22 days ago)
next time, writing the name of game in the desciption, included time of play.
Tarek Ghonem (23 days ago)
oh great list
Venom (23 days ago)
wait no gta edit: never mind should have watched till the end before comenting
Ranchy Dong (24 days ago)
Botw probably has the least amount of content then most of these but nothing can beat its exploration
swese 2 (25 days ago)
The background Music ?
MarcusKuann (27 days ago)
wtf,where is gothic,stalker????
Faisal Ahmad (28 days ago)
Borderlands 2 is kinda open world
Prityankur Biswas (29 days ago)
Put zelda in your @... The rank one sucked the whole video.. I disliked your video just because of that
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
It's in random order. Did you even watch the video?
Niclas Lehner (30 days ago)
Good video but in my opinion, you do not necessarily have to play Mad Max. The game world is unfortunately very generic and boring. After all, the mood is well captured.
Raja Sekaran (30 days ago)
Prototype 2 is also an amazing open world game u can add it
Kamel Kadri (1 month ago)
I would Add Black Desert for the following reasons: 1) Huge open world (no loading in between 2) Several countries each with it's own capital city and villages 3) You can enter most buildings 4) Huge varietey in landscape (Desert, woods, islands, ocean, underwater ruins, lakes, mountains...etc) 5) great graphics, day/night, dynamic weather, seasons 6) you can buy houses and decorate (and have your own maid) 7) great combat 8) it's an MMO so you won't be alone (double edge sword though) 9) amazing character creation you can create yourself or your dream girl 10) several things to do (fishing, cooking, exploring, trading, mining, in game photography, role play......etc)
Quentin Duhart (1 month ago)
Mass effect 3 best story game
arseniclullaby87 (1 month ago)
arseniclullaby87 (1 month ago)
DISTURBEDdu59 (1 month ago)
Everyone forget about PROTOTYPE series :(
Erebus (1 month ago)
Some people say some games its good or bad, even sometimes they haven't even try it, they just see people playing it and comment it bad or good, this is bad because it makes other question themselves should they buy the game or not, even if its bad.. IM ONE OF EM
Maxim Morgan (1 month ago)
why wasn't spiderman on the list
sean hufty (1 month ago)
And to each their own
sean hufty (1 month ago)
Wild lands suck
Zroy858 (1 month ago)
I think Ark survival evolved should be on here
Frederik Borgaa (1 month ago)
Shabnam Kordzadeh (1 month ago)
horizon zero down???? really... this game was total shit
Courtney Bain (1 month ago)
I thought dragon age would be on this list
atralapastruka (1 month ago)
Syndicate a huge improvement from unity??? How the hell is that??? It’s just the same shit un another location
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
The levels were a lot better. They were a lot more dynamic. Like jumping between trains and other vehicles while fighting or going stealth. They felt a lot more diverse. And it was not as glitchy.
Depressed Wizard (1 month ago)
Lmao wheres prototype 2?
kedar rock (1 month ago)
Pls help me to find the game name. Game description: at start we are at a type of prison. Then after some time we enter a area where many rats are there.the guards throw dead bodies from above to feed the rats.we have to escape that area by pulling the liver and lifting the door in a time till the rats eat the dead body. This is a PC game.having high graphics. Tell the games name?
kedar rock (1 month ago)
Aurel Bogdan oh yes that's the game.thanku
Aurel Bogdan (1 month ago)
kedar rock Dishonored ?!
Michael Bsh (1 month ago)
No minecraft? lol this is a joke
Orion S (1 month ago)
1. Witcher 3 2. Borderlands 2 3. Ac brotherhood
Rayhaan Williams (1 month ago)
Skyrim deserves to be higher
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
The list is random. Watch the whole video before commenting.
I disliked and unsubbed because you didn't have ark in this
chris winter (1 month ago)
Most of these games are... meehhhhhhhh… But I just don't think there's even 20 open world games that NEED to be played. I think there's definetally a top 10 MUST PLAY Open world games. Watch Dogs (watch dogs 2 is just "more GTA and Saints row" with a wacky hipster tone) Far Cry 3 Witcher 3 Mad Max Skyrim Fallout 4 Phantom Pain Dying Light Sleeping Dogs Shadow of Mordor GTA 4 -Honorable Mentions Watch Dogs (Yes I prefer monotone Aiden over any kind of Hipster bullshit any day. Hipster culture is "lowest Common Denominator Culture") Horizon Zero Dawn - I don't get why this game is so overrated. Story is interesting yes, and the Mecha-Dino combat/Hunting is fun but the rest of the gameplay seemed really shallow for me. Hunt DInos in whichever fashion you choose, pick up color coded level based gear (ugh) farm herbs and enjoy whats is essentially an amazing first 2 or 3 hours only to then speed run through so you can experience the story.
Jason Hubbard (1 month ago)
Which game will Cyberpunk 2077 eventually replace?
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
Mad Max probably
FlankerJack Channel (1 month ago)
I'm surprised Defiance didn't make the list.
Jed Len (1 month ago)
The witcher 3 is always the number one
Hayley Hill (1 month ago)
sleeping dogs is my favorite such a fantastic game.
Ameel Kontar (1 month ago)
Is Horizon zero dawn for pc?
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
No, it's a PS4 exclusive
123Dunebuggy (1 month ago)
If u want ppl to like and sub ..then pls list your games with time stamps
TheMoot (1 month ago)
Starts with Mass Effect Andromeda. Nope.
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
There is no better alternative though
Fomal Haut (1 month ago)
My TOP 20: 20.Assassin's Creed Origins 19.L.A. Noire 18.Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 17.Batman: Arkham Knight 16.Horizon Zero Dawn 15.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 14.S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow Of Chernobyl 13.Assassin's Creed II 12.Grand Theft Auto V 11.Far Cry 3 10.Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 09.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 08.Fallout 4 07.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 06.Fallout 3 05.Fallout: New Vegas 04.Borderlands 2 03.Batman: Arkham City 02,NieR: Automata 01.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Joseph Zothanpuia (1 month ago)
After I played/finished The Witcher 3, no game surprises me or triggered me about the reality feelings during game play ever again.. I think it's time to move on & read book instead...But, just for only a moment before another The Witcher Game come out & surprises me again.. Most of all, Yennefer & Triss were so Hot, I always tried to get a chance to do the adult work when I met them both..Like Always tried to figured a way while we had a conversation. LOL...........MARRY ME YENNIFER..
Joseph Zothanpuia (1 month ago)
karolis baranauskas (1 month ago)
metal geat and final fantasy❤❤
Tv Games Killer (1 month ago)
Where The mother fuck dragon age inquisition
PHNX (1 month ago)
Im probably the only person that isnt into the witcher 3 on the entire planet
Trijit Sikdar (1 month ago)
Where is dragon age inquisition?!!!
Zepto Rekado (1 month ago)
Infamous brings back so many memories all of em🧡
noob (1 month ago)
and minecraft? ;(
gio ananiashvili (1 month ago)
I'm looking for fantasy open wold mmorpg where u can create your own character, level up, unlock new skills, buy new weapons and fight against other players. Any advice?
gio ananiashvili (23 days ago)
Cereal Killer thanks for the respond.
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
Elder Scrolls Online is the first game that comes into mind
WhitePearl (1 month ago)
Just shit,,, all shit,... who the fuck pays you all for showing this trash?! go get a life
PinasRandomVidz (1 month ago)
what is this game not in his list 0:51
Assassin AS4 (1 month ago)
far cry 3 is a great game.
Cereal Killer (23 days ago)
It's not from this gen
Assassin AS4 (1 month ago)
Sahil Khan (1 month ago)
Dying light is really awesome
seif enperson (1 month ago)
where is dead rising 2 and 3 and 4
Evandro Striker (1 month ago)
when TW3 was the second one, i really thought you would be one of those guys who put minecraft as the best game in everything.
Manish Kumar (1 month ago)
mgs v phantom pain is the best game ever made imo
TheBattleZone2016 (1 month ago)
Don't care about the Witcher 3 fan boys. For me, AC Origins is my top favorite open world. Currently looking towards AC Odyssey.
Day Swag TV (1 month ago)
i am amazed at you brother, i am also gaming origin from indonesia.help me to be like you brother, i please help me yes brother, what should i do in my youtube channel?
GidiNaHanNa (1 month ago)
Far Cry 4 !!!!
ThatBlogGuy (1 month ago)
Gets my like for mentioning andromeda. Game gets a lot more hate than it deserves these days.
Chau Ngoc (1 month ago)
Watch dogs 2 does not deserve to be on this list
Gutter HAK (1 month ago)
dam i just realized there are actaully 2 dam middle earth games?_? really?_? shet now i got a gem to play weee.. i thought its only shadow of mordor XD how did i manage to miss that....
Djordje Dangubic (1 month ago)
Witcher 3 is best game ever.
Kathleen Vogt (1 month ago)

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