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Top 30 Best Open World Games of This Generation You Absolutely Need To Play

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Open world games are a tough genre to develop for, whether it's the copious amounts of activities or the enormous sandbox that must be created. That being said, some games make it look effortless, even with their odd warts. Join us as we rank the top 30 open world games of this generation. We'll only be looking at the quality of the open world with its side quests and activities throughout rather than the quality of story-telling so keep that in mind. This list is in random order. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-Get-a-Bolt-of-Gaming-Now-241308979564/?fref=ts FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Gertjan Meijerink (2 days ago)
If its about games from this generation i kinda understand some games that are in this list to be there. Yes, Witcher 3 is a good game ( all tho it did not grab me that much to be honest...) MGS 5 , Fallout4 and mad max were also very nice bit i miss games like Farcry3 and expecialy Kingdom Come Deliverance. A very deep and captivating game. But thats just my opinion.
Shane Walker (5 days ago)
I see a lot of people bitching about the fact that BOTW is above Witcher (and I agree that The Witcher 3 is so much better) but you all must have missed where he said the list was in no particular order.
Nuex Dela Rosa (5 days ago)
been playing for 150+ hours now on Witcher 3 and the awesomeness you feel when starting a new game is still there not faded one bit not bored one bit
dark_ fire (5 days ago)
can my pc run at least at low settings this games? i5 3570 gtx 1060 8 gb ram
Estela Fernández (6 days ago)
30- Mass Effect Andromeda. 29- Infamous Second Son. 28- The Division. 27- Mad Max. 26- Just Cause 3. 25- Ghost Recon Wildlands. 24- Sniper Elite 4. 23- Final Fantasy XV. 22- Dying Light. 21- Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. 20- Watch Dogs 2. 19- Fallout 4. 18- Far Cry IV 17- Assassins Creed: Syndicate. 16- Sleepings Dogs: Definitive Edition. * 15- Batman: Arkham Knight. 14: Sunset Overdrive. 13: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. 12- Bortherlands: The Handsome Collection. 11- The Witness. 10- Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. 09- Middle Earth: Shadow of War. 08- Yakuza O. * 07- Yakuza Kiwami. * 06- Forza Horizon 3. 05- The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition. 04- Horizon: Zero Dawn. 03- GTA V. 02- The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. 01- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Joel Pais (7 days ago)
Zelda BOTW is definitely the best game I have ever played, GTA 5, Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn are amazing but take less time to beat.
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Anju Sharma (8 days ago)
3Daddicted (8 days ago)
This video needs work....too many quick cuts......hard to see the games.
MrJarvisGR (9 days ago)
sniper elite better than mad max or andromeda? nah.. for me this video stops here. nonsense.
Member of M e M e S (11 days ago)
Could at least name the prices because I want to know how much so I can play it
Hannah Eli Edgin (11 days ago)
these are all single player fps type games.....how sad. lol. not one single true mmo is "open-world". : (
System32 (13 days ago)
Mad Max is trash never buy it
erdano tsabat (15 days ago)
why far cry 4 was added on the list? why not far cry 3? and how the hell yakuza 0 and kwami made it to the list in sequence, are you only rate the game world? not the core of exploring or something?
Banya Sarkar (16 days ago)
Witcher 3 is better than any of the others
GlitteriPieru (17 days ago)
its stupid that you cant kill high level monster in witcher 3 even if you can dodge all its attacks because you do no dmg at all, its too much about level and not skill.
Bergg Uscha (17 days ago)
tnx. gameplay over trailer shots though
ZeLLarc (18 days ago)
Black Desert Online?
Irving Vazquez (19 days ago)
The witcher is better than zelda.
Michael Tod (20 days ago)
30. mass effect Andromeda 29. infamous second son 28. the division 27. mad max 26. just cause 3 25. ghost recon: wildlands 24. sniper elite 4 23. final fantasy 15 22. dying light 21. metal gear solid: phantom pain 20. watch dogs 2 19. fallout 4 18. far cry 4 17. assassin's creed syndicate 16. sleeping dogs: definitive edition 15. Batman: Akrham Knight 14. sunset overdrive 13. assassin's creed 4 black flag 12. borderlands the hansom collection 11. the witness 10. middle earth shadow of morwdor 9. middle earth shadow of war 8. yakuza 0 7. yakuza kuwami 6. forza horizon 3 5. the elder scrolls 5: skyrim SE 4. horizon zero dawn 3. grand theft auto 5 2. the witcher 3: wild hunt 1. zelda breath of the wild
Michael Tod (20 days ago)
I was gonna put time stamps but forgot but its not my job to that anyways
Christoph Rößler (21 days ago)
I cant take this Video serious!! Sunset better then Fallout4 whats your Probleme man?
Chrysler Gonzaga (22 days ago)
lol skyrim the most longest game and free world
Marco Kleespies (23 days ago)
Random question: whats the music called at the end?
tomas rur (24 days ago)
Number 1 STALKER
Buster Cherry (25 days ago)
Red dead 2 will be new king.
Mikael Y (25 days ago)
Witcher 3.... - lacklustre combat compared with DS, Bloodborne - NPC who look like clones - story not entirely original, sometimes predictable - some side quests are fetch quests - most weapons and armours are useless except for witcher gear - poor inventory system (improved after update) - Roach movement very clunky So how is Witcher 3 my favourite game of all time??? I believe for every flaw this game has, I could name 10 strengths or things that the game has done right. One of the things I treasure most is I could easily name 50 minor NPCs and recite the lines they said. The blacksmith in White Orchard, Lena's lover in Nilfgaardian camp, the butcher's wife giving Geralt hint about the hunter's missing wife, the she elf who was harassed by 2 guys in Novigrad, the owner of Kingfisher Inn.............. I can go on and on. These are just some of the most insignificant NPC, let alone those who appeared in a side quest. I have played no other games that I could relate to and remember so many characters. The level of attention to details of this game is unparallel for a game this massive.
Skyliner (27 days ago)
console peasants
yt fan (27 days ago)
all of u comments bout witcher 3, but the best OG games are witcher 1 and 2
Evgeni Sakhatsky (29 days ago)
Drakan - Order of the flame (1999) - Best open world game ever made
HEARTHEARTH (1 month ago)
and witcher nmbr 1 when actually it should be 30 with 0 graphics and boring fighting
HEARTHEARTH (1 month ago)
as soon as i saw mass effect nmbr 30 i knew the rest is just a pile of shit games that has 0 graphics people dont know whats good they listen to others to tell them whats good wheres origins
Mad Man (1 month ago)
cant find a nice game to play i just want to cry
James TwentySeven (1 month ago)
Absolutely is loosely used in this video's title. Some of these games are not a little so good.
Benedetto Dell'Ariccia (1 month ago)
Wasn't AC Origins already out when you have done this video?
ApocalypseOfSpoons (1 month ago)
I can't believe you knuckleheads put a racing game ahead of ME: Andromeda, whose actual open world was as large and as beautiful as The Witcher 3, with a ton of missions and side missions, even if the story itself wasn't spectacular. Your list is clearly taking "story" into account. Andromeda was a good game with an excellent open world and doesn't deserve to be last on this list. And where's Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout 3? Or Dragon Age Inquisition? Or do these epic games pre-date our generation?
herozero96 (1 month ago)
Finally someone mentioned Sleeping dogs, underrated game
George W. Bush (1 month ago)
Anyone can name me the best space games of this era ?
Jacob Wright (1 month ago)
Ahem.. Sorry but I enjoyed horizon much more than the witcher. So please stop with the claims that its the best game ever. Cause the greatest game ever is Persona 5.
Jacob Wright (1 month ago)
I would assume god of war and spiderman would be on this list now.
Irudium1 (1 month ago)
I guess no one read where it says list is in random order....
December 14 (1 month ago)
You missed Mafia II
Phantasma (1 month ago)
No Red Dead Redemption? ...Or Fable 2/3?
I have stage 4 Cancer (1 month ago)
Phantasma this list is about 8th gen game so rdr and fable does not count
Sudarshan Aravamudhan (1 month ago)
Did you really forget GTA 4's rendition of New York A.K.A Liberty city?
Brian C (1 month ago)
TAKE GTA 5 off of here cause just why, tops 3 will always be Skyrim, Zelda, Fallout 4 now you know the true top 3, your welcome
First Last (1 month ago)
Brian C (1 month ago)
Witcher 3 SUCKS!!!!!! GET OVER IT ROFL look at you crying "pointing finger at little crying baby"
Mr. Hyperface (1 month ago)
Name of the background music?
assassins creed syndicate is the shittest AC GAME I've ever played in my whole life
Luka K. (1 month ago)
No mention of Assassin's Creed Origins? It's no Witcher, but people seem to like it a lot...I personally haven't played it, I'm waiting for Odyssey which will be very much RPG focused and more Witcher-like...or so they say...
Bienter desKienter (1 month ago)
Where is Minecraft in this list?
Kaas Stengel (1 month ago)
Man i play’d so much wacht dogs 2 free roam
ashraf shalash (1 month ago)
Really? Where is red dead redemption ?
halil ciftci (1 month ago)
srs nummer 1 is zelda
Timothy Quiros (1 month ago)
No Dark Souls or Tomb Raider are you fucking kidding?
ackerman Titans (1 month ago)
1/ Red dead redemption 2 2/ GTA V
Blessed Lucifer (1 month ago)
mad max is not even fun the game is shit play any of batman or assassin creeds instead of wasting your time on that garbage and so is horizon zero dawn they were terrible games including gta V i hated that game it sucks to be that guy but i do want to say i would choose san andreas any day over gta V and so is Zelda stop your obession with a game that isn't even half as good as you claim it's pathetic putting that game on number one really triggers me these games are waste of time Be Warned you will only regret it after you waste your money even if you download cracked version you will still regret it that's how bad these games are believe me it not because they are new it's just they aren't as good as witcher , skyrim , middleearth , batman , dragon age i haven't played other games but fallout 4 is a disappointment just like fallout 3 but i am looking forward for fallout-76,watch dog,metal gear,tom Clancy division was good
unicorn attack 2 (1 month ago)
iiToxicAcid (1 month ago)
*Top 30* but isn't in *Any Order* ..??? Do you not know what Top means in that sense?
Daniel Major (1 month ago)
*This list is in random order* hehum.
karl faar (1 month ago)
Just finished Zelda it is great open world game and love the game design, overall look and gameplay but it should't be before Hz dawn and Witcher 3 i think you are being bs this game has many good things in it but also plenty of flaws which makes it for me 3 best.
joshua hale (1 month ago)
Can you do a list that's not full of bioware Bethesda ubi origin and the Witcher games. Google it any list you find ends up being the same shit with all the above included. It's fuking annyoing to do a search for games similar to fallout and it like yeah here we have fallout 4 fallout nv fallout 3 also Skyrim also bioware game and origin games. You could be the first to do the impossible.
LagAvenue (1 month ago)
Don't worry this ranking is already outdated : the next #1 is released the 26th october
1LS Gaming (1 month ago)
Before i watch i hope horizon zero dawn is on this list
Alexander Rupprecht (1 month ago)
the witcher is MUCH better than Zelda
JelloGamer (1 month ago)
this isnt in order right?this cant be in order...right?
NoJokesyi 84 (1 month ago)
Anyone ever play Journey? It may not be open world but it was a BEAUTIFUL game
Gaming Sector (1 month ago)
Best open world is red dead redemption 2.
A canaX r (1 month ago)
C'mon guys... Stop saying "zedda iz bedder den W3" or "W3 iz bedder den zedda"... Opinion are just opinions, you're just butthurt kids looking
A canaX r (1 month ago)
Scideoftoast (1 month ago)
This was depressing...
GG Random (1 month ago)
People saying The Witcher 3 should be first, should play a game with a decent combat system, and tell me if it still deserves number 1.
missinginstereo 1 (1 month ago)
Andromeda got in and got a compliment further on in the video? Fuck is wrong with you? MGS was incomplete but was at least fun, Andromeda was pure granny ass. Could throw Divinity into that list instead.
jpkjnn (1 month ago)
Jesus, the music on this was terrible. Thanks for the video, please get rid of the sax music crap in the future.
Palacsinta Csatornája (1 month ago)
Witcher is life
Matt Powell (1 month ago)
#30 Mass Effect Andromeda...... Um ok thanks for saving my time so I don't have to watch the rest of this.
Aathish f (1 month ago)
kindly include kingdom come delivarance to list
Purinzu Staz (1 month ago)
Where's minecraft 3:)
trinity gutierrez (1 month ago)
World of warcraft is the better open world!
Mikac (1 month ago)
Why everyone loves wither 3 and when i download it i didnt like it?
Yaman Al Ali (1 month ago)
If there are any hardcore rpg fans here( i doubt there is) they can easily tell that witcher 3 is the best rpg game ever...its not an opinion its a fact!
AWEN BLAK PINK (1 month ago)
Pamela Christensen (1 month ago)
This is a horrible list skyrim number 5 it's easily number 1 and breath of the wild being really popular sense when its garbage and the only reason people think the witcher 3 is better than skyrim is because it's for adalts
Trippy Gamer97 (1 month ago)
Sunset overdrive is another Fortnite game looks good though
Ajdin Jahic (1 month ago)
I cant w8 for red dead redemption 2
haroun khmiri (1 month ago)
how is batman arkham knigh is in the 15 spot it should be in the top 5
Damian Hussey (1 month ago)
Ok ok wow you put gtav before legend of Zelda I’d put gta in second the Witcher in first and Zelda in 3rd
Ahmed Elsayed (1 month ago)
Where is Dragon age Inquisition ? And I never heard of Zelda. How is it NR. 1?!!
דור שטרנפלד (1 month ago)
Graviry rush 1#
Nicol Nicole (1 month ago)
Pls dont reminde me of shadow of war mine crashes all The time (but i got to beat it one time so The experiance is great recommend) (also sorry for bad grammar i am not an english speaker)
Martin Delira (1 month ago)
@4:55 "...the Phantom Pain had a lot of hype.....beHIND D it" :v
chaddie1978 (1 month ago)
Good list 👍
Javier Perez (1 month ago)
Where is dragon age Inquisition?
Abdul Malek (2 months ago)
add platforms please
CraftyFox (2 months ago)
wow Witcher second place i don't believe it , that is disgrace for the game!!!! Zelda is okay , but there so many better games just why why!!!!!
Notoriouz_Gamer_86 (2 months ago)
Skyrim SE with mods you like is rank 1
Chris D (2 months ago)
GtA5 come on the games an antique, not a true ps4 generation games anyways it launched on ps3. Then what about Dragons Dogma it should be on the list. Fuc just cause 3 and batman, and weres red dead redemption?
Campbell Trigg (2 months ago)
*video opens with me: shitdromeda* *leaves this comment and clicks off*
Mihai _Vb (2 months ago)
*The Witcher 3* is NUMBER ONE
Sharjeel Akmal (2 months ago)
I just want a sleeping dogs sequel
Lalo Landa (2 months ago)
Came here to see which games i could get recommended to play. First one, on 30th place: Mass Effect Andromeda Paused the video. Make this comment. Bye bye.

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