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GTA 5 Online - Mad Max Simulator! (Rhino Hunt Mini-Game)

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Text Comments (88)
The ultimate gamer/VENOM (2 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks Jack sucks at aiming.
Shay Spitzer (3 months ago)
Jack u suck so fucking bad at shooting with tanks omg I was cringing so hard trash
Mo S (5 months ago)
On that moment when you realise that the videos over *NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Brenda Cackowski (5 months ago)
slendys a cock
Loquercio 03 (9 months ago)
2018 anyone
Devin Hill (29 days ago)
Almost 2019
The Last Guset 3&4 (11 months ago)
yay ultragamers i love your vids
Bennie Daniels (11 months ago)
fucking younger slendy everyone shouldve showed hate towards slendy instead of nasty man slendy's parents should take his xbox and run it over
Zeven Rillorta (1 year ago)
Frick you he just want to have fun soar is good guy
Zeven Rillorta (1 year ago)
Why are you all ganging up on soar
Arnold Roetnor (1 year ago)
Please play Rhino Hunt more. This is hilarious.
Arnold Roetnor (1 year ago)
9:51 The Daleks are coming. Revenge of the Tiny Ones.
Herman Gunawan (1 year ago)
Omg yes pls I spy on ios man pls help pls I am not going out to be that song I have no one ever song to play like that one time and I'm just not really happy 😊 and jack are all of them what they are saying about it
McLaren P1 boy Lamer (1 year ago)
Sup slender
Wendell Way (1 year ago)
Wendell Way (1 year ago)
Wendell Way (1 year ago)
Dora McGee (1 year ago)
Clazer wolf (1 year ago)
467 th
Nothando Mthiyane (2 years ago)
erika wignall (2 years ago)
Nancyandjosh Boozer (2 years ago)
yo I like you videos
Kermit the frog , (2 years ago)
mad gamer (2 years ago)
can I play with you sometime my Xbox name is mad killer 1280
Turboboy05 (2 years ago)
Your the best no joke
Turboboy05 (2 years ago)
I wish I could play with you
Jack Ultragamer (2 years ago)
Squad Sauce Gaming (2 years ago)
Dude I love your videos especially the top gear ones on GTA
Butal Force (2 years ago)
Can I join ur crew
NASCARMan78203 (2 years ago)
JackUltragamer I just started an account on YouTube and I've Been learning from the best which I think is you my channel is Mincraft fan 97 and my xbox 1 account is Mincraft fan 97 I know I spelt Minecraft wrong but I watched your videos scince you started.
Urbanpoison14 (2 years ago)
I like your vids but that one kid is so annoying....
Daniellio Ricketts (2 years ago)
jack u and ur friends play ark survivel evolved plz
Queenanz (2 years ago)
If jack replies imm gonna do a school report on him
DA PORSCHE MAN (2 years ago)
Christian Tapia (2 years ago)
Love your vids
Angel Zelaya (2 years ago)
Why is slendy always like nooooo Nooooo NOOOOOOO. HOW DID YOU GET ME!??! 🚼 👶
SlendyGames (2 years ago)
Because I did not want to be killed
Jamie Godsil (2 years ago)
ThatDankDuck (2 years ago)
gta 5 fan boy (2 years ago)
gta 5 fan boy (2 years ago)
Learn your grammar because I don't even know what your talking about.
Gatomb23 (2 years ago)
And not 1st dont derserve it
Kaelan Gilder (2 years ago)
can i join the crew just for the logo on my shirt and thats all
Solo master (2 years ago)
Slendi is a baby omg he rages "no come on I was so close" slendi grow some balls
Kaleb Robinson (1 year ago)
Solo master Shut up keep things to yourself and yours are probably smaller
Kaelan Gilder (2 years ago)
+Deadsoul TV k
Deadsoul TV (2 years ago)
+Kaelan Gilder nobody is talking to you kid stay out of things you have no place in. I never said I hated Jack. In fact I don't hate anybody I'm just confronting this arrogant 13 year old slendy.
Kaelan Gilder (2 years ago)
+Deadsoul TV says who? the one who waste his time telling people their brats? if you dont like him then stop watching
Deadsoul TV (2 years ago)
+SlendyGames 12-13 same thing you're still an immature brat and you should stick to cussing kids out on Xbox. You're not ready for social media kid.
Caleb Brodbeck (2 years ago)
DA PORSCHE MAN (2 years ago)
Davian Godwin (2 years ago)
cool and hi
SoaR Faziken (2 years ago)
Sup boys
DA PORSCHE MAN (2 years ago)
Cj Wright (2 years ago)
Alison Campbell (1 year ago)
JoAnn Samuel (2 years ago)
Hi Jack
SlendyGames (2 years ago)
Hey ultragamers fans
Slim Shady95 (4 months ago)
+SlendyGames yes yes yes
Slim Shady95 (4 months ago)
+gta 5 fan boy 😅
Aqib Farooq (10 months ago)
SlendyGames big fan
gta 5 fan boy (2 years ago)
+SlendyGames Um the Fact is do I care.The answer is no
Madox Adams (2 years ago)
Slendy nice kill on jack at the end
AlmostKentish (2 years ago)
123rd view. hell yeah
Zak Compton Perry (2 years ago)
nice video
Aiden Walker (2 years ago)
JAG Gaming (2 years ago)
Good vid
chicken wings (2 years ago)
Cristian Martinez (2 years ago)
awesome video jack 👍👍👍👌👌👌
DA PORSCHE MAN (2 years ago)
CaptainxAlex (2 years ago)
What's up
DA PORSCHE MAN (2 years ago)
+CaptainxAlex zokar?
Good Doggo 64 (2 years ago)
KingKiller (2 years ago)
1st comment&first like&view
GRZ K (4 months ago)
Is your space button broken???
Slim Shady95 (4 months ago)
K KingKash (2 years ago)
I'm ure first comment omg😱
K KingKash (2 years ago)
hi jack
Harrison Baker (2 years ago)

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