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Ference Cheap Shot

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Bruins being their dirty selves
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Minttu Luosmaa (3 years ago)
ference i hate you
oullerslb (4 years ago)
Im not trying to defend Ference.. but the angle on the hit was strange mcdonnagh never turned...I don't think he wanted to injured him
anthrax0349 (4 years ago)
The Bruins have anger issues.
cpronger12 (4 years ago)
Bruins get away with everything. Any other team and they'd get fined into oblivion. This is a beer league team.
thejoemama (5 years ago)
BOBBYBlazer66 shut up no one likes u or will like u cause bruins pooped on the rangers in the 2013 playoffs and now we leadin the cup 2-1
thejoemama (5 years ago)
@beibermybalk16 I heard it
270chrisb (5 years ago)
Typical bruins not surprised that's the only way they can win
Marshall Chapman (5 years ago)
Ference is just mad cause he knows he is never goin to be a good defencemen but he does know that McDonagh is goin to be a star
Michael Zarba (6 years ago)
*Canucks are the shit of this league. Habs have been a joke since birth
Marcello Last (6 years ago)
canuck fans are always whinning about how dirty the bruins are!...can you say sore ass losers.........I dont know what I dislike more a yappy puke of a canuck that turtles or a dirty hit.....
spencer (6 years ago)
hahaha go to 0:40 and turn up the volume haha
wtfallnamestaken (6 years ago)
@ElecEng91 he gave McDonagh a little push and McDonagh lost his footing and went flying into the boards. Look at Ference, He's skating fast going for the puck. It's not uncommon for a player to give the other guy going for the puck a little shove. Not like McDonagh was in the corners with his head down and Ference ran his skull into the boards to 2 inches from the board.
QSCoDMoNsTeR (6 years ago)
Good thing he put his arms out, or else he would have broke his neck
Patrick Duane (6 years ago)
I don't understand why everyone rips on Bruins fans.. It was Ference who made the cheap shot.. Email him and tell him how you feel about it instead of ripping on the people who just watch the game like you. Every team in the NHL does this bullshit. You all make it seem like Boston started cheap hits in the league this year.
P L (6 years ago)
cheap cheap cheap
Kenny Powers Gaming (6 years ago)
@cooperwoo your a moron.
bao112233 (6 years ago)
why the fuck does Bruins keep on doing dirty hits? What is wrong with them?
C7JM (6 years ago)
Did anyone else notice that the main point of impact was his shoulder and his head never actually hit the boards....Still a dirty hit but I think that may have been a bit of an over exaggeration by McDonagh
Neil Jutras (6 years ago)
i think anyone who believes boston is even good should just shut up and go to bed
stinkytwinky88 (6 years ago)
fukin suspension
crazydafy (6 years ago)
@k1ngNash hahaha well who wouldnt be the best team in the NHL with gary betman and brandon shenanigans in their roster?
Alex (6 years ago)
Typical bruins :/ it's not boxing, play hockey.
mustymoose94 (6 years ago)
Boston cheap piece of shit of a team, I hope their players get hurt really badly.
Deusyuk (6 years ago)
Bruins, you guys are ridiculous, you won't stop until you see someone die from a hit like this, I'd like to see what your excuse it then..Please, have some respect and play hockey the way it should be played, clean and hard fought.
Anonymous Chinchilla (6 years ago)
fuck boston
the canadian dude (6 years ago)
bruins /bitch ! bitch /bruins ! fuck bitch ! fuck bruins! :))))
Braydon Chapelas (6 years ago)
That's disgusting! Where is the respect Boston! You have no respect towards anyone else
Mking511 (6 years ago)
Bruins are disgusting
JustinFH (6 years ago)
Bruins bitch about the Marc Savard hit and Patrice Bergeron hit, but turn around and see nothing wrong with this or Marchand's hit on Salo. Can you say hypocrisy?
Mike Hock (6 years ago)
deserving of a suspension, I don't see McDonagh's head hitting boards, more the shoulder, my guess is he's fine and playing the next game
whipsaw7 (6 years ago)
what a fuckin idiot. it starts from the coach down. he promotes this wreckless play and the players follow suit. its time for the league to do something about it. enough with lucic marchand ference fuck them all.
Canuckpucknutt (6 years ago)
Really he had it coming just look how he was lining up a bone crushing hit on Ference. Pure defensive evasive maneuver on Ferences part. There is no reason for suspension, rangers need to stop being such pussies and man up. Haven't all you homers heard they won the cup last year...get over it. #sarcasm #fat fuck coach Watch the John Stewart clip on the bruins and you will see what pieces of shit they really are.
Josehbass (6 years ago)
Boston lost cause of this useless hit
daredm (6 years ago)
Boston is full of shit.
kugashira101 (6 years ago)
@ruty143sh habs FANS ARE the shit of the league. That has nothing to do with Boston.
Alex Aldrich (6 years ago)
Fuck these boston motherfuckers! such dirty shitbags and they think this is clean. I can't wait till one of their players gets their head taken off. Such Bullshit! Go Rangers!
Sean Rizzotti (6 years ago)
typical scumbag boston hockey.
Andrew D (6 years ago)
had to listen to the call on NESN, never been more disappointed in announcers in my life. No class at all and all they did was try to advocate Ference's defense how the play was incidental and he was clearly in a good place to make a play. like WTF?! NESN<MSG
spacinmason14 (6 years ago)
@littl3m0nkey Cooke on Savard was intent to injure, an off puck play..this was a chase for the puck with too much speed and a collision into the boards..by no means justifiable but get the fact through your tiny head Ferrence didnt go into that play thinking, im gonna wreck this guy into the boards..no hits to the head are justifiable and people who think they are, are scumbags
spacinmason14 (6 years ago)
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance is on the way for all you crybabies
hicham3836 (6 years ago)
Typical bruins cheap shot. Biggest bunch of hypocrites in the league.
cyxj (6 years ago)
He was clearly protecting himself. /sarcasm
lvdon380 (6 years ago)
typical boston bullshit
wa2k99 (6 years ago)
Curtis Reid (6 years ago)
Everything the Bruins do is clean in the eyes of a dumbass...except for the clean (although a second late) hit on Horton by Aaron Rome.
D0NKY (6 years ago)
What else is new? Time for Shanahan to start laying down the law on these thugs.
Canadagraphs (6 years ago)
I used to like Ference when he was in Calgary. He was a nice guy. Such a dirty, classless intentional play. It seems Boston brainwashes guys to be dirty 7 cheap. Can not believe so many dirty players in 1 organization is a coincidence.
Curtis Reid (6 years ago)
Pretty sure that Julien gave him "Player of the Game" props for that one....
Kevin Yawner (6 years ago)
not even close to clean, Ference engages way before the boards (at least 6 feet) making it impossible for McDonough to turn anywhere. But i am willing to put money on that the Bruins will claim Ference was trying to defend himself. Absolutely pathetic for the Stanley Cup champions to have this cloud over them
James Soto (6 years ago)
Clean hit my ass. That was a typical Boston Cheap Shot.
beaglechen (6 years ago)
not suprised at all
illhockey13 (6 years ago)
owned, thats clean.
Laura Mathieu (6 years ago)
This is discusting. This player shoudn't play in the nhl. He has shamed the entire hockey community.
Pogec (6 years ago)
Fucking boston swine.
CPD248 (6 years ago)
it wasnt even as bad as it looks Ference tried coming from the side but McDonaugh turned the opposite way and he didnt even hit the boards that weird he hit them sideways
zerodegreez (6 years ago)
Fuck Boston.
Scott Krasman (6 years ago)
such a fucking dirty team.
uwlwsrpm (6 years ago)
Ah, Bruins fans and players being their classy selves
Chris Cassidy (6 years ago)
@cooperwoo you are an idiot. nothing else needs to be said
cooperwoo (6 years ago)
McDonagh intentionally slows down and hope to get the hit. He deserves it.
Sean Fontaine (6 years ago)
Way to go ference, your stupid hit cost us the game

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