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Why Do Men Get Morning WOOD ? - The Science FACTion Show - Males

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Why do we get Morning Glory? This nightly phenomenon, scientifically known as nocturnal penile tumescence is actually a sign your junk is healthy. So what’s the science behind these boners? Watch this Video to Find out. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClG37oYsvhaKU-qtD7JiwMA **** Similar Videos You Might Like **** Facts about dreaming. What is REM sleep? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0LACgHJ7fQ Why Do We Need Sleep? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVnxHS6BnDk Why Do We blink? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ_MmhHJKUg CREDITS: PRODUCER: Matt @ Question Time https://www.youtube.com/QuestionTimeQT SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/krederm/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MarkKreder SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClG37oYsvhaKU-qtD7JiwMA
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Text Comments (414)
Jean D. Galipeau (6 days ago)
*What's to know about erectile dysfunctionnnnn? > **https://t.co/NfAeyvBzS1?gfh65jwe89rrsdf34df45** >>*
WindyWolf (1 month ago)
Girls don’t because they don’t have a penis lmao 😂
Pupple Cup67 (2 months ago)
Zach Hopkins (3 months ago)
I’m 11 and mines do
Steve Forbin (3 months ago)
Talk about how men get an orgasm and maybe you can tell about multiple orgasms.
Aravanith Naidoo (3 months ago)
Thanks so much
Brittany Walton (4 months ago)
Iam right handed
Dee Martin (4 months ago)
Why do men get miring wood
Ntsiki Gadudu (4 months ago)
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Mitsuki ___ (4 months ago)
Thanks 4 info man
GOKU YUWIN Vorsterx (5 months ago)
I got a boner already
puddin horl (5 months ago)
Did this happen to u while watching 😂😂😂
Leonard-Ralph Lyons (5 months ago)
I have always wondered why that happen. Every damn morning.But can you answer ,why does it happens during the day? Like when I go to the gym....as soon as I start lifting weight's....and it prolongs until I set my final weight down.
Terrance Smith (5 months ago)
I'm 21 and gay I love seeing hard dick morning woods
Trion (5 months ago)
I can crack my penis so no damage, also I get boner at morning. I'm 16.
Ray Leonardi (6 months ago)
Beavis and butthead did an entire fucking episode on morning wood, pretty sure it was called "Morning Wood".
thhteogmaster 654 (6 months ago)
queens & kings (6 months ago)
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Jose E Alvarado (7 months ago)
Love sex
DavidQ Measean (7 months ago)
Plz tell me every time I watch anime my penis rises up because of the animation.
Nina Bohmann (7 months ago)
Hey I got a science question why the fuck do teachers hate me
Dallas noble (7 months ago)
Fuck u
Abdu ba (7 months ago)
what can xanax do for my mind ?
Gabe Bishara (7 months ago)
How do women get morning wood, in their tits?
Da__Kracken__Is -here (7 months ago)
Having a fetish has its good qualities ):)
Top gamer (8 months ago)
who came here for the thumbnail
Shahid Khan (8 months ago)
Plz girls avoid approaching towards any guy during morning on the bed
nunyabiznes nunyabiznes (8 months ago)
Morning Glory is the eye booger you idiot. It's called Morning Wood, get your slangs correct
Marcello Dupond (8 months ago)
I’m 19 and so you know
Natalia Martinez (8 months ago)
I show my dick too my frend
Natalia Martinez (8 months ago)
Cold only boys see that
Gamingwit chico (8 months ago)
That’s me in the beginning 🤣🤣🤣
Chip Johnson (8 months ago)
I'm having a hard boner right now.😶
datway (9 months ago)
I get hard when I gotta go to bathroom cause I hold my piss at school wtf I always hate that shit
Nahej & Kartic Boss (10 months ago)
ChillBro (10 months ago)
I have a wood every morning, someone pls help😨😨😨
Terrance Smith (5 months ago)
ChillBro I would love to help you out
fun cave (10 months ago)
what is reason.
Amazo *-* (10 months ago)
Andrew Avila (10 months ago)
Why do we get boners
GAMING XD JAMES (10 months ago)
Aka boner
DaBlueGamer YT (10 months ago)
Connor Greene (10 months ago)
That intro tho
Silent Anon (10 months ago)
I think I found the Neo Nazi from the Charlottesville terrorist attack. Shit man why did you have to go and help a bunch of morons kill a white chick?
Priest Elisha (10 months ago)
Hii... What can a man do to feel this way again in the morning?
Rafael Ramos (10 months ago)
Me gusta mucho tu compania papacito estas bien bueno y vergudo guevudo y caveson eres bien lindo te amo mucho
Isaiah Reyes (11 months ago)
james games nation (11 months ago)
Wood...a beds best friend
Rafael Ramos (11 months ago)
Un hombre belludo y músculo y bien piernudo papacito que bien se ven así es como me gustan mucho los hombres vergudos y belludos y con barba
Blueteam 20001 (11 months ago)
2:05 what's that from?
princeicio (11 months ago)
Taylor Swift? Haha 2:20
Trumps left Nut (11 months ago)
I'm 12 and I get hella boners... Its embarrassing at school
ArtistRG34 (6 months ago)
You guys are going through early stages of puberty. No worries!
Grass Knuckles (10 months ago)
illegal alien My teacher had one in front of the class lmao heheh
The Dapperman (11 months ago)
illegal alien we all did at that age dude no shame in that .
Rafael Ramos (11 months ago)
Pero te verías mucho mejor papacito completa mente desnudo seria formidable ver tus guevos y tu verga grandota y gruesa y cabezona me gustaría mucho vertela papacito
Ryan0945 (11 months ago)
Last night i had a wet dream but it was sperm not pee
SupremeLu (11 months ago)
Why i feel like he really not a scientist but just a pedophile undercover
Purple Lezzy (11 months ago)
Why do we masterbait
King of Wakanda (11 months ago)
So morning wood means that I have healthy junk? Hello, ladies😎
Beverly Dudes (11 months ago)
Haaaaaaaa but girls are still worse 😑😑😑 dam it
agod ofimecraft (11 months ago)
i am sexy peanis
The Best Top 10 (11 months ago)
why we get attracted to hot people? ?
Sebastian Blanco (11 months ago)
Syed Rizvi (11 months ago)
how to control on hand practice
Jim Kiesau (11 months ago)
If you dumbasses can't tell that that idiot is laying there with a ten inch cucumber in his shorts your nuts, hell, people will believe anything!!!!!!!  Go to another video and let's see what you REALLY got go'in on for a "ball hanger".  If it ain't eight she ain't gonna wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Colorful (1 year ago)
Is morning wood a "usable" erection? Meaning can a man have sex with a woman like a normal regular erection?
Ima Paine-diaz (1 year ago)
3:27 Was that tom hanks??
ryan border (1 year ago)
Its actually because male testosterone levels peak at that time!
manjot singh (1 year ago)
If u never masturbate in your life it will not happen
dankus.memeius (1 year ago)
sexy time 😂😂😂
Ujjwal Basu Neogi (1 year ago)
Liam The Best (1 year ago)
Why do we get pins and needles ?
hay wtf R u Doing DRAKE
Ishmael Williams (1 year ago)
Can humans exchange bodies
iiOnyx (1 year ago)
who here had a boner when they woke up today?
adam azi (1 year ago)
me in morning 7 inch 😉😉
Zelmira (1 year ago)
i never get morning wood
B. Michael Wheeler (1 year ago)
Jap reflex massage
Hippos_ gaming542 (1 year ago)
why do we write with one hand only
pennless8 (1 year ago)
It's designed that if you are lying with a woman to complete the act NOW!! A human survival evolutionary trick.
sycipft (1 year ago)
i posted your video and fb told me that your video is banned by facebook because fb 100% certain that your video does not meet fb community standard...suggest you discuss with fb in order for your video to pass fb community standard in the presentation of your "morning wood" issue.
GAMING XD JAMES (1 year ago)
Hatcx _ (1 year ago)
One horrible thing..... Getting a boner in public 😫😫
lucas Rozmus (1 year ago)
I dream about sex..... a lot
Yarisbel Almonte (1 year ago)
why night fall in asleep
Comment Manboy (1 year ago)
why do i pee milk when i feell my pee pee real g00d ?
Maverick (1 year ago)
Why are sunsets good?...uh Why are boobs good??
GEEKEDCHRISS (1 year ago)
I get some in school and I put my bookbag over my pants
Siddharth Iyengar (1 year ago)
nerdy version of chris pratt
djtheGr8t (1 year ago)
why does my mom give me head
Sam Andersan (1 year ago)
i get morning wood and I'm 10
Jeffrey Dawkins (1 year ago)
if a woman has a penis she's a he...
Den Yuan (1 year ago)
This happens more often than wet dreams
Lauren (1 year ago)
How does this fuckin happen to women????
Seth B (1 year ago)
Why do I get 20 to 25 woody's every 24 hours and Multi-able cum-ing in a row like 3 to 6 ?
Toodles Mcguee (1 year ago)
Why is your comment section so cancerous?
George Madeley (1 year ago)
Wow! Im really glad I know now why i get a rock hard rod in the morn
Danish Nadir (1 year ago)
Because we are men. LOL Sex is what we think of before we sleep.
Himanshu Balapure (1 year ago)
superb manh, your energy during the whole video was awesome, great job
Anthony Pacheco (1 year ago)
i one day slept with my friend and he had a boner

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