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Shroud Reacts To - New World War 3 Game Trailer (May 29, 2018)

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Text Comments (261)
凪斗狛枝 (23 days ago)
It's so *polished.*
Mainstream is Cool (1 month ago)
Game is out right now in early access on steam and Shroud still has not played it.
its not same you can charge armor
arkadiusz Arczi (1 month ago)
This game from Polish studio !
siggiarabi (1 month ago)
"battlefield's been the same old bullshit every single time, every single year" DICE doesn't make a bf game every year tho. more like every 2-3 years.
So cRaZy (1 month ago)
my balls are cook now
Brandon Richmond (2 months ago)
Looks heckin decent gentskis!
dasbier 8910 (3 months ago)
i had this on fullscreen and i tried to go on another video
dasbier 8910 (3 months ago)
while in fullscreen
Kenny McCormick (3 months ago)
Ok. This game is free to play. Only kne thing i should to do buy new gaming PC cause this game is PC exclusive. No PS4 it is sad 😢
Habibah Habibah (3 months ago)
not f2p
Solo Lolo (3 months ago)
I'm down as fuck.
Rzr Skrr (3 months ago)
Battlefield has never released the same “bullshit” every year. They release every two year for starters, COD releases the same “bullshit” EVERY year. Battlefield hasn’t always been the same with the likes of hardline and bf1 and both of those were failures in comparison to how good Bfbc series were and bf3 and 4. And I don’t think this game could top battlefield. They have good respective similarities but nothing that could surpass what battlefield is and has become
kurumi toxickasi ? (4 months ago)
this game has no campaign its a multiplayer game were 64 will fight (and it depend in your role tank,soldier or airplane) Edit: and ye your going to costumize your tank , soldier , airplane
Andygier1 (4 months ago)
Awesome game!!!
giordano cafolla (4 months ago)
I prefer fly with my Boing 747
don tom (4 months ago)
don tom (4 months ago)
Meno Tando (5 months ago)
Not going to take any battlefield game from dice anymore, bf3,4,1 was codfield! They fucked up the battlefield series in everyway. Now i looking really forward for this game. I will not take the bf v because now i at least have seen and understand that its another trashfield from dice!
Oussema Njim (5 months ago)
war is ez just rush USA blyat
Robot Rabbit (5 months ago)
You know you can have an option for female player models since this takes place in modern society. I can see them get away with it.
Trevinatot Gaming (5 months ago)
This is like if Call of Duty and Battlefield came together to make a game and only used the good parts of both games
Oxide (3 months ago)
Trevinatot Gaming it has nothing to do with fuckin cod, except both of them are fps games
jesse selinger (6 months ago)
Hope this comes to xbox
Kyrie Eleison Singson (6 months ago)
"Battlefield is same bullshit" :o p r e a c h
Eligio Mallari (6 months ago)
Shroud I need to see you playing rainbow six siege
Michal Skrodzki (6 months ago)
PrimicalGamingYT (6 months ago)
I actually thought world war 3 was a joke
Ixpqd (6 months ago)
Lambros Botsis (6 months ago)
Why would somebody like to have a word war 3😐
이루다 (6 months ago)
and what's great about it is that it's also coming to steam
Oxide (3 months ago)
The Derpy Venom its only coming to steam, and a slight chanche of console
Jax Patchett (6 months ago)
Is it just me or does it kinda look like a battlefield and call of duty mix?
Forget Number One (3 months ago)
Jax Patchett Thats what i was thinking. That doesn’t mean it looks bad imo, i think if the games succeeds it will be better than the new cod and bf.
Daniel Gomez (6 months ago)
Finally a modern shooter its been a while
andrew christiansen (6 months ago)
i've seen better animation from sfm tf2 videos
Alen Akvic (6 months ago)
game looks like a literal copy paste of BF3 but we shall see in time i hope im wrong. BF3 was ok but i preferred 2 and bc2
Valentine (6 months ago)
I need game where you can have a team in an AC130.
Communist Puppy (6 months ago)
Pac-man is better than cod
TH3.LEGEND HIMS3LF (6 months ago)
100% agree shroud, battlefield 3 was the only, i would say Great battlefield game, the rest were just rushed copies basically, but this game really reminds me of the reveal of BF3, i have high hopes for this to be the next game changer
lightningfrom 93 (6 months ago)
the RPG had 0 backblast lmfao
Celso Romanini (6 months ago)
SHROUD DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY BF4 !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Celso Romanini (6 months ago)
SHROUD DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PALY BF4!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dhoobs (6 months ago)
Celso Romanini but it's not hard to play tho .... There's little skill required sooooooooo...
Hammy Bunghole (6 months ago)
Also i am buying this game no matter what
Hammy Bunghole (6 months ago)
This game could be the Battlefield Killer. As a battlefield player over the last 10 years and i have pre ordered BF V and thinking of canceling my pre order as getting sick of the DICE BS
Dude I was speechless when watching this.
Nemesi (6 months ago)
Did I seriously see someone donate $5 to ask shroud whether or not to build or buy a pc? Tell me that was a joke.... it was 100% for attention guaranteed, no one is going to ask a professional gamer on tips for getting a PC... he isn't a pc specialist lol
Nemesi (5 months ago)
Refer to my original comment for the answer to that question. You literally just asked me a question that can be answered in that comment but you didn't care to read it
LiFE 707 (5 months ago)
Nemesi what’s so surprising??
Hilder (6 months ago)
Polish Game - awesome game 😎
kurumi toxickasi ? (4 months ago)
cuz is #POLISHED
Merci (5 months ago)
Hilder “polished” indeed
RCA G (6 months ago)
Later Battlefield
HaveaKnifeDay (6 months ago)
Oliver Szadaj (6 months ago)
It's a Polish game
Oliver Szadaj (6 months ago)
korkodyl ełroł no może ciebie nie ale mnie tak
wiedźmun gerwant (6 months ago)
Oliver Szadaj dobra ale chuj to kogo obchodzi
Patek (6 months ago)
Polska przejmuje ten film!!!! Ręce do góry! Spodnie w dół! Gacie na stół!
Bayern Maik (6 months ago)
Who the fuck cares what shroud thinks? He sucks!
Ognistyy ツ (6 months ago)
Lol this is Poland
Ammon (6 months ago)
tripwire HAS made a better battlefield with their Rising Storm series. RS2 is fantastic too bad the playerbase isn't very high
B0NES YT (6 months ago)
matt schade We always compared it to Battlefield Vietnam as an FPS because BFV was one of the last best BF games ever. Though it is true, that Rising Storm is more for the hardcore crowd and Battlefield is more for casuals...BF fans wont get into RS and vise versa.
matt schade (6 months ago)
Rising Storm has little vehicles, no destructibility, it's not as large scale, it's only on pc, and not marketed heavily so I don't think its really a competitor to battlefield.
B0NES YT (6 months ago)
SpazzymGoo Rising Storm and Red Orchestra is better than anything DICE releases comparing in game time periods. The only reason they aren't popular is because casuals will find it too difficult to play. Just like how millennials can't play arena shooters anymore, easier games are just a thing now.
Ammon (6 months ago)
why are you angry
SpazzymGoo (6 months ago)
shit game thats why
Top Dog (6 months ago)
jeezzzz... People are already getting hyped for this shit???? Devs are turd!!!
David Jones (6 months ago)
Only a few seconds of game play. They showed us nothing and now have little time to polish it up. We can be hopeful, but realistically it will probably fail.
Sebastian Wesolowski (4 months ago)
''polish'' it up haha :D coincidence?
SCP -049 (6 months ago)
Athul MR (1 month ago)
Zami 989 😂😂😂 Noice!
Dakota George (2 months ago)
Zami 989 honestly I couldn’t stop laughing at this, good observation btw!
ChickenDingus (6 months ago)
Czanary Gaming (6 months ago)
Berlin! WW2 and WW3
Sy Van (6 months ago)
Finally a war game where it isn't just the US vs Russia. The UK and germany and china are in it. Cant fucking wait
Majster bez wąsa (6 months ago)
And Poland - this is Polish game
linke 94 (6 months ago)
looks like bf and cod in one
Spino Gaming (6 months ago)
If on;y EA Would re-master Battlefield 2143 an i like how people are complaining about battlefield v well i don't think a metal arm and a female is gonna ruin another great battlefield game
Mission Accomplished (6 months ago)
only reason ı am excited it can push dice make better battlefield competition is good
Majster bez wąsa (6 months ago)
1-real waepons 2-real locations 3-real armys 4-real soldier equipment 5-yuppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
JAMESMANOFFLINE (6 months ago)
rip cod black ops 4 This Battlefield video game This not cod
IM1 TV (6 months ago)
Shroud says the shooting looks bad when pubg's shooting mechanics is fkn trash.
hueykream (6 months ago)
IM1 TV shroud never said that the pubg shooting mechanics where good either
Rudy Flores (6 months ago)
Looks likes good game. I doubt it will have campaign. But other than that, a good game. Like a BF4 Mod.
Dylan Acevedo (6 months ago)
Rudy Flores it won't have campaign
Kamil Bilczynski (6 months ago)
BIG THX Shroud - greetings from Poland & The Farm 51 !
Karol Truskolaski (1 month ago)
Siema siema
Yeet , (1 month ago)
fIx Lag reee
Nightwoolf axk (5 months ago)
Hey Farm 51 im very exited about your game but i only got a laptop now, but im looking forward to buy a pc to play your game. I think it could turn out very great.
Vazel (6 months ago)
Looking forward to your game :)
PsychoticHeaven (6 months ago)
This is your year guys!!! You guys and New World Interactive could take down the monsters!
Tommy Potter (6 months ago)
Anyone notice the stealth bomber next to the fighter jets? How counter-productive is that?
Rudy Flores (6 months ago)
Tommy Potter escort because Russia has technology to take it down. Even Migs can go high enough to bring it down. But I'm no expert, I just read a lot of Tom Clancy Books hahaha.
AimTraining (6 months ago)
Hipnotyczna Egosymulacja (6 months ago)
Hades7 (6 months ago)
Has shroud even played bf4?
Oxide (3 months ago)
kingmark210 he didnt like it cause hes just a bitch who cant understand like tho lowest lvl of realism
kingmark210 (6 months ago)
Yes and he didnt like the how the guns felt and was complaing about how he couldnt kill anything with a sniper in close quarters.
Bondex (6 months ago)
Yes he has. He did it on stream with Doc
Pazuzu Hanbi (6 months ago)
Shroud is an idiot
cheasy bYasy (6 months ago)
why everyone soo hyped for this game we barely sees the game play everyone can make a 2min but did u even know the Studio there game (most of them) are shit
Oxide (3 months ago)
There is gameplay in some of their vids so u can fuck off it is great af, deep character, weapon, vehicle customization, and the tank drivers view kinda looked like bf4's
Cool Dude (4 months ago)
Because COD is shit, Battlefield fucked up, and there is no Modern Warfare style game in the market so.
hueykream (6 months ago)
cheasy bYasy people are hyped because this game seems to fill a place in between games like arma and escape from tarkov and battlefield, more tactical and thoughtfull gameplay, with a more hardcore touch on battlefield's style
HowToLive (6 months ago)
They said much of this trailer is gameplay.
Doomguy (6 months ago)
Tell me that u ever played this "shit" games,u don't know what is good
NoahFenceBro (6 months ago)
Is it only for pc?
Sebastian Wesolowski (4 months ago)
It's gonna be on ps4 and xbox one after the pc release
Patryk Dudek (6 months ago)
ItzDylan333 what do you mean we don't know anything? Check out their website. It says PC only, and if the game is successful enough, it will have console versions. For now I think it's best they put the time and money into a single version of the game to make the best impression, and then it will gather as much support as possible and release the console version.
彡 Phantom (6 months ago)
NoahFence YT : well then just pray the game be successful because if not it will not be on consoles. BF is good but CoD i'm tired of their futuristic BS so this new game is going to be the killer of both imo :3
彡 Phantom (6 months ago)
itzDylan333: i said yes because the game is going to be on PC and will not be released on consoles till it success on PC first so for now i will say yes only for PC
NoahFenceBro (6 months ago)
Epicness i hope its not because im tired of playing cod and battlefield
angel m (6 months ago)
Hope there's killstreaks in the game.
Jan gutkowski (6 months ago)
angel m there are all those tactial bombing and missiles are team capitan rewards for teamplay and doing objectives.
the doctor airsoft (6 months ago)
bro can i point out a few cool things you did not notice? such as at 1.00 the guy that was shot by that Russian solder had a Russian liberation army flag patch? or how there are going to be Polish, germans, cezchs and even west ukrainians...just saying
the doctor airsoft (6 months ago)
cool :)
atLucid (6 months ago)
the doctor airsoft the ‘story line’ so to speak is all about fighting for national pride...so we will hopefully see A LOT more spec ops
Zak The Ghost (6 months ago)
Zachary Ramo (6 months ago)
Every year?
Brometheus 322 (6 months ago)
Battlefield 5 will be shit because it’s going to be Battlefront 2 blueprints with shitty historical accuracy and fucking face paint. I’m excited and will support any deviation from this monotonous horse shit we’ve dealt with. Fortnite changed console gaming and its not even that good of a game!
FROSTWOLF (6 months ago)
shut up online beggar
Bishop Toci (6 months ago)
Marlin ouwung jorim (6 months ago)
Parzival Player One (6 months ago)
김조옷 #ThisIsMyBattlefield
Marlin ouwung jorim (6 months ago)
BlackEliteStudio you should know about to trailer is met gamer first. When I saw Battlefield V trailer first it A+ beef meat to nice but 5 sec latter meet dog meat know about what im talking? Bv multi release 6.10.18 perheps multi is better than like does bright farcry V dlc trailer farcry
Strictly Pineapple (6 months ago)
BlackEliteStudio lol u better come back
Hades7 (6 months ago)
I'll make sure to come back to this comment when this game releases. I think we gonna have a good talk.
Ash Kay (6 months ago)
I heard that donald trump and kim jo un characters are going to be in this game!!!!
Thomas Garcia (5 months ago)
I mean if true it'll probably be taking place in North Korea to take out the rest of the military and (or) politicians of course being a alternate history China may join in if Russia is fighting the US.
이루다 (6 months ago)
Dylan Acevedo (6 months ago)
Akshay Kashyap if they are in they should put Putin riding a bear hahahah
3lackjack ! (6 months ago)
Akshay Kashyap only as dlc
matthew rittenhouse (6 months ago)
CheetahVedaPita (6 months ago)
I'm next to react.
Nick AlexuseesuxelA (6 months ago)
Its the same engine ...
Oxide (3 months ago)
FFS Frostbite is EA's engine, how would they be able to use it...
atLucid (6 months ago)
Tilen Stupar yup
Tilen Stupar (6 months ago)
atLucid just like insurgency sandstorm?
Nick AlexuseesuxelA (6 months ago)
atLucid oh i thought it was the Frostbite Engine...
atLucid (6 months ago)
Nick AlexuseesuxelA ww3 is on the UE4 engine
T3AMRR (6 months ago)
So , for you Pubg is better then Any Battlefield ??????? :)))))))))
Salad Pie (6 months ago)
T3AMRR this game will have battle royale mode . kinda different
RHGravity (6 months ago)
Preston Garvey (6 months ago)
T3AMRR Last good bf was bf4 and the game is getting old so yeah
Andrei USApower (6 months ago)
DICE beter engene!! phisics sooo will see!!
D3RP TV (6 months ago)
As soon as I saw the B2 and F16 I'm in
Patryk Dudek (4 months ago)
It's all over the place. The devs said they won't have jets because jets don't circle around battlefields constantly. Jets will instead provide precision strikes but will not be playable. There will be playable drones from day1 of EA, but helis won't come at day1. However, helis are planned.
Alper Unler (5 months ago)
Volay How do you know?
HyperFXF (6 months ago)
D3RP TV im buying it
Proger13 10 (6 months ago)
D3RP TV Well those things might be going against Russian Sukhois and Migs , so they will need to add at least the F22s and F35s .
Volay (6 months ago)
D3RP TV We won't be able to pilot jets and helicopters :(
Mirosław Kozłowski (6 months ago)
Goodbay BF???
Kenny McCormick (3 months ago)
+Random Name 😂😂 nice grammatic i agree 👍👍
Random Name (6 months ago)
MAXS X (6 months ago)
Mirosław Kozłowski no you stupid
Joseph kush (6 months ago)
If it's for console if pre-order it now
Oxide (3 months ago)
I love whe some gay console guys are bitching for some PC games to be on console, but they are crying for devs to not release games on the PC cause we dont deserve it, just build a pc, and be happy
SpazzymGoo (6 months ago)
A another little console noob, havn't you learned? NEVER PRE ORDER - Especially based off one trailer. Cute little console noob.
Random Name (6 months ago)
The devs said If it's going to be successful on the PC version then they would release it also for console
Joseph ivanovich It's exclusive for pc
Twana Hamawandi (6 months ago)
Joseph ivanovich they said if it's going to be successful they will bring it on consoles as well
iZnoGouD (6 months ago)
So they made a BF game with CoD perks?
Oxide (3 months ago)
It has nothing to do with cod, except both of them are fps shooters
Cool Dude (4 months ago)
More like cod and bf baby.
Oguz Caliskan (6 months ago)
the doctor airsoft wait did they realesed nations?
Marksman 5147 (6 months ago)
iZnoGouD this game looks just like Frontlines Fuel of War.... 3p vehicles, class/squad system, drones, kill/pointstreaks etc. A mix between Battlefield gunplay and Frontlines gameplay
the doctor airsoft (6 months ago)
no they made a bf game with grate maps and more nations then i can even count
GentleMoon (6 months ago)
we need more games with destructible environment
DustRaptor (2 months ago)
+PanterA What is CN?
PanterA (5 months ago)
I saw German flag patch on a soldier in some footage. There will be more than US, RU and CN i think.
CanadianGhosy Chery (6 months ago)
I think frame rate is the problem
the doctor airsoft (6 months ago)
and more nations then just the big three
Dillon Bertolino (6 months ago)
is it just for pc?
Kenny McCormick (3 months ago)
Yes only PC😢
Cool Dude (4 months ago)
Twana Hamawandi yep bro.
PNK PNK (6 months ago)
i hope so.
norbidrake (6 months ago)
For now, it's gonna be early access on steam
Twana Hamawandi (6 months ago)
Dillon Bertolino only for now the devs said if it's going to be successful they will bring it on consoles as well
Andelu (6 months ago)
the reason why i respect shroud is that he actually think how a game could be in the future instead of judging it at its current state
Lostintime (5 months ago)
True. Still, I'm aware of the trap I'm in,. It's not happiness, it's unhapiness. Humans, modern humans, don't want to be free because freedom craves responsibility.
Butzschelle (5 months ago)
Yet you watch a pro gamer reacting to a video game trailer.
Lostintime (5 months ago)
pffff ww3 could actually be happening but you gamers are just waiting for another stupid game. Life began so that you would game.
Not important (6 months ago)
The bf5 trailer was good i didn't see any gameplay mechanic that was broken or misleading.
Butzschelle (6 months ago)
As seen in the Battlefield V Trailer react. KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA.
Ivan Emma (6 months ago)
at the end berlin :)
Sebastian Wesolowski (4 months ago)
Dregomz02 it was NATO vs Russia...
Young0Kuleczka / (6 months ago)
Also there is Warsaw and Moscow
_ zXNoShadowXz _ (6 months ago)
Rush b
Dregomz02 (6 months ago)
Iván Emma Rip Poland
dip Patil (6 months ago)
battlefield every single year? dice releases game in 2 years.
kaitsu (6 months ago)
DaGeHa i have to partly disagree because for me the gunplay section of gameplay was not good, ttk is still too long even after the ttk patch and every weapon just feels unaccurate. Bf4 gunplay was great on the other hand. But yeah the lack of progression and content at the beginning of the game were the biggest flaws of bf1, it was a big mistake taking off the attachment and gun customization part and adding different types of each same weapon.
DaGeHa (6 months ago)
kaitsu the core gameplay of BF1 is great. It was just let down by a severely lacking progression system and a lack of actually different weapons, just 2 or 3 versions of each weapon. And depending on which side of the fence you sit, the setting of the game could be considered a negative too.
kaitsu (6 months ago)
Janneau thats just not right.. bfbc2, bf3, bf4 e.g are great
Vi (6 months ago)
Does not change the fact that every release is shit
R.A Studio (6 months ago)
Less chaotic, More tactical and punishing "Battlefield" would be nice.
Shawn Anomaly (6 months ago)
R.A Studio That would be Squad and hopefully this game here!
RestTarRr (6 months ago)
+Big Boss in what world is insurgency the gap between arma and BF. None of the realism, scale, gameplay or anything. It doesn't even have any ballistics simulations. It's a great game and fun to play but it's has nothing in common with either of those games, let alone to say that it's in between them... just ridiculous.
Elite Projects (6 months ago)
I mean you could play squad or post scriptum. Unless you're on console
Spacegoat Gaming (6 months ago)
Insurgency sandstorm coming soon. Insurgency is great so i hope sandstorm is gonna be good. Iv 1500 hours in insurgency and yeah im still shit:)
Nishima (6 months ago)
Insurgency is more infantry combat than full scale warfare, but then, we have Squad for that.
Time Frame (6 months ago)
If the story is like "Spec Ops: The Line" im totally playing it.
use me (6 months ago)
its only going to me on pc as well
Nate Higgers (6 months ago)
Joseph Stalin Mass starvation
yaboi stalin (6 months ago)
Young0Kuleczka / (6 months ago)
Multiplayer only
TheSasGaming (6 months ago)
man is not spec ops no more its look like bf tho
whitekryptonite (6 months ago)
This is what BF2 looks like and BF2 was the best battlefield.
SalvinValkyries (4 months ago)
@whitekryptonite Agreed. BF2 and BF2142 were and still are the best Battlefield games, because they had what the new ones wish they had, systems that promoted substantive teamwork. The new Battlefield games do look amazing but are littered with incredibly shallow systems.
pieads (5 months ago)
yeah bring back the BF2 style game miss the old days, new BF is too arcadey
Cypher (5 months ago)
whitekryptonite not even close, grenade spam and explosive spam in general was really annoying.
PYROCHI (6 months ago)
whitekryptonite bf3
Young0Kuleczka / (6 months ago)
CitizenZ (6 months ago)
where the fuck I am... DUNNNNN
G G (6 months ago)
This is what bfv should have been like
jimi hendrix (5 months ago)
SnakeTheCowboy Offical retarded
G G (5 months ago)
Preston Garvey YEAH LETSGOOO
Preston Garvey (5 months ago)
G G 69th like
G G (6 months ago)
SnakeTheCowboy i played all bf and dont care if you believe me or not, but having world war one and directly after that world war 2... no thank you, they should have put at least one modern title between them
SnakeTheCowboy (6 months ago)
NO. It should not. We already had at least 3 BF titles about modern war. Only those people who are not fans of BF series & did not spent over 1k hrs in BF may think like you do, thinking you know that franchise... True fans of BF are realy up to change setting to WW1 or back to WW2, cos we see nothing new in modern stuff. Making game in setting of WW3 you will bring NOTHING new to gamers today. Also if World War 3 game pretend anyhow to be realistic, then by logic it should be a cross-setting game featuring half modern combat and another half post apocaliptic setting, coz lots of stuff gonna be nuked due WW3, and all fights will be between certain P.A. survivals BR more could be the key here. EVERYONE understand this. Also if this game will not be F2P & wil not show environment distruction of better quality or at least not the worst comparing to BF games there is no chance for it to compete BF. I bet this gonna be something like Heroes & Genarals, which is pretty nice game, but it is too far to pretending on BF's place. P.S. Shroud is not BF fan and NOT BF player and even more > he realy bad at BF games. Also he have no idea talking about BF have same stuff again & again. Bf keeps the main idea of gameplay every new game, but every new game plays & feels different. For the fans of BF jumping from BFBC2 to BF3 was pretty new experience. With all my respect to him I doubt his word about comparing this game to BF is about to have any weigh and deserves much attention. I I am 100% sure this is about to be an unfinished and cut clone of BF4 with only 1 major feature > game maps riped of the real world. In this case devs of this game got to think a lot how to balance those maps. I could agree to Shrowd in only 1 thing here, that BF does not have any good opponent who will pretend to grab BF audience from BF series. But in same time i can see that Dice is not about to think to compete something, they are just free from that, instead of it having some kind of monopoly they up for experiments in their games, working with community. And they surprising all the time more & more, not like Treyarch with their CoD series which I were also playing a lot, and there were realy nothing from game to game every CoD game feels 100% similar to preverse one. Maybe AWF felt a bit different but it was something between normal CoD & Titanfall experience that was not unique.
Neurolicious (6 months ago)
Seems disappointing.. COD + BF They instead should've made it like Escape From Tarkov, dark vibes, immersion, PTSD simulator etc. I really hope Post Scriptum and Escape From Tarkov devs make a collab game some time, that would be amazing.
SpazzymGoo (6 months ago)
escape from tarkov is SHIT. Still a buggy mess
Marksman 5147 (6 months ago)
All these retards saying CoD 😂😂😂 This game is CLEARLY inspired by Frontlines Fuel of War... the drones, 3p vehicle cam, classes, pointstreaks etc. The explosive RC car isnt from CoD its from Frontlines which came out years before, the aerial views and color palate even scream Frontlines. Looks like Frontlines+BF
atLucid (6 months ago)
Uhhh...what about Squad? It’s made by the same devs a post scriptum and it’s everything your looking for
Alex Pelc (6 months ago)
JCglitchmaster I believe there were some issues with how the trailer got put together. Animations look unfinished but I believe they can fix that easily. Looks good, but I'd prefer it a bit slower pace because it just looks really fast.
JCglitchmaster (6 months ago)
Alex Pelc Maybe the RC-XD, or the Predator missile, or the one bit of gunplay that on shooting looked very similar to cod/free to play games with the way it was edited. There are many things he coulda got them from but personally i think this trailer could've been alot better after reading up about this game.

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