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Here is the link to the new channel. Let me know if you like the new format! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDSftl-r4xG94YZQzhc5YMQ
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Worthless Winner (3 years ago)
I just discovered your channel (for the gerentology stuff) and you've left to make a new one. Well, glad you're still making videos and I look forward to what you have to say on pharmacuticals . It's kinda strange to see someone who wants less views XD
Sons of Apollo (3 years ago)
+unassumption Hey thanks! I hope to be able to get back to the gerontology at some point. If you are studying that you will find that learning about that type of damage on very small level will help in understanding the long term effects and consequences of many different pharmaceuticals.
Michael Henry (3 years ago)
Hey I only discovered your channel a few days ago, your not wrong you sure do have a lot of content on this page, you seem a little but genius. I am curious about your job, what is it exactly? Are you a doctor? Where did you learn all this information? I'm really glad I stumbled across your channel because medicine and chemistry are my passions. I only wish I could be as smart as you one day! I's it something in the red hair gene? Btw I took your advice on brave new world. I'm studying pharmaceutical science right now in Australia, and I hope to study medicine as well. Do you know much about the long term effects of Modafinil? I took it for a semester and felt great until after my last exam, I took a second modafinil for the day to get me through a night of drinking. I was finding it hard to get drunk and then next minute I woke up in my bed. I had no memory of anything throughout the night , and for the next month I felt braindead, was having full body twitches, tremors and extreme headaches, sometimes a bleeding cutting feeling in my brain that would make my legs turn to jelly and eyes roll into the back of my head. Anyways i have to take some sort of medication if I want to catch up to your level of knowledge. Any advice on how to get perscribed dexedrine? Sorry about the wall of text! Thanks mate!

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