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Great! Women will love exercise forever

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http://www.ramondelafuente.com I love this French Contrex commercial. It is one is the best ads that I've seen so far: the Contrex's exercise bike campaign. It needs the audiences to pedal the exercise bikes and a giant neon light man appears on the wall. This neon light man then strips when they pedal; the more they pedal, the more he strips until he is totally naked but a board written "Bravo, vous avez dépensé 2000 calories" strategically covers his private part...
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Alicia aam (6 days ago)
*This rower is great and exactly what we wanted.>>>**ur2.pl/1147** Our only complaint is that the seat isn't the most comfortable and gets my butt sore after using for a few minutes. They sell a seat cushion for this and we will be buying one, but for the price I'd think they could just make the seat more comfortable.*
Music ?
Cris Aragon (2 months ago)
#HailCbTis194 ;u
terry29ce14 (3 months ago)
The original song, is Francoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu
Lei A (9 months ago)
Anyone has a vid where the cam focuses on the light?
Maria Elena R (1 year ago)
This is great fun! 😍 Love it.
MN Irwin (1 year ago)
I *thought* it was somewhere in Europe. It's great!
Erin Toal (1 year ago)
I love that song! I wish I knew the name of it.
Charlotte Fairchild (2 years ago)
Sex is necessary to have children. Men and women both love looking at the naked body. A naked body from the beginning of the video, like Michelangelo's David, would have been non-sexual, non-playful and no reason to pedal. A man who is obnoxious in sexuality would also have ended the exercise. A playful man who is respectful of boundaries/modesty brought joy to women who were hopeful that the man would be light hearted. Am I wrong?
Zane Dickinson (1 year ago)
Charlotte Fairchild yea u wrong
boomhower (2 years ago)
zippyman818 (2 years ago)
Gentlemen, practice this for your woman. (She really won't care about the music,  so pick a song that you can dance to.)
JStu Player (3 years ago)
Funny. It is fine to objectify men, but God forbid objectifying women and you'll have a bunch of feminist nutcases all over your ass. What a hypocritical society.
rednightsky (2 years ago)
say what you will. whatever helps you sleep at night
JStu Player (2 years ago)
She is buddy because I am not a weak person that comprises my values and sucks up to women. I have pride and tell it like it is. If you can't handle the truth and your feelings are so hurt go cry about it Oprah or Dr. Phil. :) By the way, I could care less if women objectify men. It happens often and that is human nature to objectify. Both men and women do it. My point was that there is a double standard on so many issues and a skew towards women. If you can't understand logic, fact, and reason go get treated for a mental disability.
rednightsky (2 years ago)
+JStu Player you just proved kat j's point. good job there buddy. i'm sure your mom's proud of you. :)
JStu Player (2 years ago)
You're like the bossy middleschool teacher who emasculates little boys and refers them to doctors prescribing them antidepressants for being aggressive, even though it is natural for a boy to be aggressive. I don't put good women (or ladies) down. I just tell it like it is for the 80% that are spoiled, lazy, opinionated, self-centered horseshit that want to dominate men in today's mainstream US. Grow up little child.  
kat j (2 years ago)
+JStu Player If your masculinity is only held up by putting women down then you really shouldn't be leading anyone >_> You're like that middleschool bully that gets their self esteem from making fun of others. How old are you? Grow up :P
Annemarijn Kalfsterman (3 years ago)
Leuk hé Annemarijn.
Comet988™ (3 years ago)
Song name please?
gh8molina (3 years ago)
+Comet988™ Comment Te Dire Adieu - Françoise Hardy
Hussain Yamin (3 years ago)
wow , is this real. who's idea . I would like to meet the person how he have done this....
Michael Dunn (7 months ago)
It was staged. The camera was right in the girls' faces. Also an extremely ethnically eclectic and good-looking group of young women, don't you think?
Lucy X (1 year ago)
Hussain Yamin yees you will meet ... haha
Leszek Ch (3 years ago)
Bardzo oryginalny pomysł w Iława takie rowery również byłyby przydatne męski i żeński!!! Proszę instalować takie w Iława Very original idea in Iława such bicycles would also be useful male and female!!! Please install so in Iława
George Henry (3 years ago)
is has to be fake. no way a light show could have been set up like that. you cant even see where the lights would turn on when theyre not lit. and this isnt a laser light show since you can see the reflection in the window signifying that it has some distance from it and the man dancing.
Kenetf Tan (2 years ago)
blinds + projection would do the trick perfectly
George Henry (2 years ago)
+sefton999 yeah when it does a close up on the man on the wall it shows it as if the light is in the same tubes that are coming out of the bike which would then mean its moving on its own to constantly form the shape of every frame of the dancing man. i dont think was is real
McFly (2 years ago)
+George Henry - you can see the strips of neon (or LED) running from the bikes to the building before they are on, but I can't work out how the dancing man is done. At first I thought it was projected onto the building, then I saw the reflections. Any ideas?
pealow (3 years ago)
Objectifying men. If the pink neon dude as a fat guy with Chris Farley features would women still say yes?
Michael Dunn (7 months ago)
I think it's a fair point though. It's often interesting to reverse the roles in adverts and ask what the public perception would be. A load of guys start pedaling on some fitness bikes, not sure what will happen. A female stripper depicted in neon is displayed and the guys pedal faster and faster, clearly enjoying the results of their labour... If that advert wasn't banned, I'd be amazed.
Rorc Nedsnarb (1 year ago)
no one invites you to parties do they
Emeric Hitter (3 years ago)
O. LACRIMA (3 years ago)
Wow.. I don't know what would wear out faster my eyes, or my legs! :D .. Ladies.. would this motivate you to work out? ;)
WhiteHawkUK (4 years ago)
So desperate to sell water, they're picking on women wishing to get slim, and hoping they're gullible enough to think that a specific brand of bottled water will help them (or, perhaps, involve encounters with strippers). Contrex would like you to think that the minerals in their water make it better for 'purifying' the body. What a crock of sh*t. If we ignore the studies suggesting that anything stored in plastic is basically poison, and we ignore the fact that bottled 'mineral water' is no better for you than the tap water in most countries (UK tap water is generally higher in minerals and lower in sodium than the bottled stuff, for instance), and ignore the fact that the carbon footprint of an operation to bottle and transport millions of litres of water across continents that already have ample clean water supplies is utterly unconscionable, you're left with the only thing worth knowing about this product: IT'S F*CKING WATER! Why is this advert not considered an insult to women?
Ger Dragtsma (4 years ago)
Als reclame altijd zo was......
Jean Deaux (4 years ago)
might be the coolest thing i've ever seen. 
Lily Montoya Gamez (4 years ago)
the best!
Larry Clines (4 years ago)
now that's what I call exercising
Irene Mulvale (4 years ago)
i would love to exercise like that again,need new hips and spine.
Mia Peterson (4 years ago)
That's actually quite clever and creative! Amusing at the very least :-) 
Kitune Sono (4 years ago)
They surely made working out look fun. Hahaha.
Halima Mouhib (4 years ago)
OUA !!!!OMG je ferais du sport toute ma vie si j'avais ce spectacle devant moi !! ;)
Enric Martinez (4 years ago)
2000 cals counting among all the chicks together, innit? Spinning (fast) make you burn 600 cals / hour, and you need to run 10km to burn that. I suggest to do the latter, it burns calories like hell, and it's way more fun. (heck, I wrote 20Km, I burn 1500 or more calories running that distance)
Mireya Mendez (5 years ago)
What's the name of the song
Emma Woodworth (5 years ago)
comment te dire adieu - françoise hardy
Emily K (5 years ago)
I agree. But how else would you sell something that's already free?
BEH HUAI JUN (5 years ago)
is there any website to see many advertising videos like this?
Muhd Yazid (5 years ago)
tell me the song playing here T_T
Milena Zaycheva (5 years ago)
I WANT THIS IN MY GYM!! that will make me visit more often..;))))
shiyu (5 years ago)
TheSincera7 (5 years ago)
Donna Gabbana (5 years ago)
LOL at the man who was so edger to get on!! I love this ad!!! So creative!
Berry China (5 years ago)
哈哈, is it Itallian?
Stanislav Blagadarenco (5 years ago)
hy, what's the name of the song?
Ladi Smigura (5 years ago)
The name of the building is Rudolfinum.
Ladi Smigura (5 years ago)
It's not French.
Ladi Smigura (5 years ago)
This is filmed in Prague in the Czech Republic people!
Lori Harris (5 years ago)
Wee wee, Love the french!
Joel Keller (5 years ago)
I showed this video as part of my renewable energy course to senior adults today.
Raven Jjasper (5 years ago)
all i can say is COOL..
Zhen .Andrew. Li (6 years ago)
well, its a real creative and damn funny ad....but..i dont think its a good ad....contrex is a mineral water company, but all this ad about is the bicycle, exercising, sexy musclenerd.....who care abt the water??
Rebecca Lafrance (6 years ago)
the damn french and their sexy methods -.-'' but thanks a lot thaugh :D *whatches video again and again and again ...* says: wooooooowwwww :O
Galadriel1961 (6 years ago)
Ok, why haven't I seen this on TV? I always watch the commerical shows and I have never seen this. Amazing!
Lyrics Music (6 years ago)
sexy :x
Diana Massey (6 years ago)
I would so ride that bike every day!
redher (6 years ago)
fabulous! I saw this ages and ages ago and it's taken me ages and ages to find it again!! bravo!
Berfay Hunalp (6 years ago)
Christophe Pozet (6 years ago)
A really great add in my opininon because it manages to address 3 hot issues in France right now : 1/ working all together 2/ being environmentally correct 3/ getting rid of sexist concepts. And it does that in a fun and humoristic way, like "you spent 2000 cal". And by the way, when there is an event or a big party, rather than spend tons of electricity, why not produce it on the spot, just like in the ad ? No pollution, good for the body...

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