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If Humans Designed To Be Vegan Why Do They Have To Take Vit B12 Supplements?

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If humans are really supposed to be vegan why do they have to take a B12 supplement? Surely the fact that they have to take a supplement means humans are not designed to be strictly plant eaters? Do Vitamin B12 supplements debunk veganism then? Do we have to eat animal products to get vitamin B12? Does the vitamin B12 issue prove we are omnivores? Do meat eaters get vitamin B12 deficiencies? Keep listening as Dr Michael Greger answers these questions......... This is for educational purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended. Studies 7 Deficiencies Study https://archive.org/details/CAT11092259002 https://www.ars.usda.gov/ARSUserFiles/80400530/pdf/Region.PDF Framingham B12 Study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10648266 Dr Greger's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/NutritionFactsOrg Dr Greger’s website http://nutritionfacts.org/ DR GREGER'S BOOK - HOW NOT TO DIE http://www.amazon.com/How-Not-Die-Discover-Scientifically/dp/1250066115/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452502535&sr=8-1&keywords=how+not+to+die http://nutritionfacts.org/book/ Follow me on instagram @801010inlondon I believe a low fat raw food vegan diet is optimal for humans however a low fat plant based diet is still a wonderful way to start improving your health, lose weight, cure diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, IBS &Crohns, migraines, etc! Other authors I recommend are; Dr Doug Graham Dr Herbert Shelton Dr T C Fry Arnold Ehret Loren Lockman David Klein Norman Walker Don Bennett Dr. Robert Morse Jay Kordich Max and Charlotte Gerson Paul Bragg Dr Michael Greger Dr John McDougall Dr T. Colin Campbell Dr Neal Barnard Dr Caldwell Esselstyn People Who Have Inspired Me; Dan McDonald Life Regenerator Freelee the Banana Girl Fullyraw Kristina Lou Corona
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Text Comments (344)
Barbara Ann Gould (17 days ago)
To the meat eaters, pls watch 'Cowspiracy' and the 2018 film 'Dominion'
Alexander Farid (18 days ago)
I don't know why people turn everything into a religion or a cult. I think everyone should strive to be healthy and help others but taking sides and passing judgements is definitely not the way to go.
Eddie a (21 days ago)
Gluten causes each and every item listed! Gluten is plant!
furyofbongos (26 days ago)
Epic comeback!
Colin James (1 month ago)
Herbivores get B12 by producing it in their rumens or by eating their faeces. There is pretty much zero B12 in river water and you'd need 150g+ of soil day to get it that way.
Sophie L (1 month ago)
I get my vitamin c, folate, magnesium etc from leafy green vegetables. I get my B12 from small amounts of meat... along with my omegas from oily fish and nuts. Why does there have to be such a divide... if only there was no such thing as large scale animal agriculture and over eating. Humans are greedy, maybe if we had balance and stopped eating when we feel satiated there wouldn’t be such a divide?
Aivar Vahter (1 month ago)
Anti-depressants likely do more harm than good, researchers find https://youtu.be/QqCygE0jwgg What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – it’s just that some things kill you https://youtu.be/Unx4PNPieic Discover Psychology https://youtu.be/jCr_71Xo08o If Antidepressant Commercials Were Honest https://youtu.be/n0v0jUeFGQ0 Psychiatric Survival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JikGdsq2SDI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wszXdPpGVdU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKcfaTijEew https://youtu.be/QH0V59P73sA http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/concerns-grow-over-top-selling-drugs-side-effects/5121068 https://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/articles/the-science-behind-commonly-used-anti-depressants-appears-to-be-backwards/ https://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/lawsuit/seroquel.html https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19595447 http://cchr.org.au/ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-seroquel-a-risky-antipsychotic-became-a-general-purpose-mental-health-drug/ http://www.telegram.ee/toit-ja-tervis/video-ohtlike-korvalmojudega-antipsuhhootikumist-on-saanud-uleilmne-menukaup https://ravimid.wordpress.com Peter https://youtu.be/DiJcSoo3C4Q big pharma as organized crime https://youtu.be/dozpAshvtsA https://youtu.be/paCAc9p_GsQ World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day 2016 https://youtu.be/ZN7Ck4yzl4g https://youtu.be/y1FrgpK7qUI https://youtu.be/XXSx1ggH4W8 World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day 2018 https://youtu.be/KbxoHSEZ8YQ The risks of taking benzodiazepines (Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan) as prescribed https://youtu.be/ZJZE6_z3-Tw Akathisia and Dystonia https://youtu.be/W_iiy8ISvdY Akathisia Dystonia Before and After Cannabis https://youtu.be/HOAAZaYNJ8k https://saulmarcusnd.com/serotonin-depression-and-the-chemical-imbalance/ https://saulmarcusnd.com/psychiatry-treatment-diagnosis/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnqLCOl2P6I Dr. Saul Marcus http://drsaulmarcus.com/mentalillness/2DSM-IVpsychiatricdx.html http://drsaulmarcus.com/mentalillness/1psychiatricillnessdiagnosis.html http://drsaulmarcus.com/mentalillness/3howdoantidepressantswork.html http://drsaulmarcus.com/mentalillness/C_braintoxins.html http://www.bible.ca/psychiatry/welcome.htm https://www.medindia.net/drug-price/quetiapine.htm How to CURE Schizophrenia Permanently! https://youtu.be/d_eMZP6qR9k Top 3 Most Dangerous Psychiatric Drugs + How to Cure Schizophrenia https://youtu.be/S5tiJJqHQB0 Stop Using Seroquel For Insomnia https://youtu.be/nsjoFnHxG30 Mental Health https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7GwpKMpJdd_AgDWQ5EyFy6Hzgz53phiF Check your vitamin deficiency! If low, take it! b12-deficiency https://www.slideshare.net/rajeetam123/vit-b12-deficiency-causes-and-management Parasites and the Brain: An Investigation of Toxoplasma Gondii and Schizophrenia https://youtu.be/R9hwmKQGPG0
Aivar Vahter (1 month ago)
Check your vitamin deficiency! If low, take it! b12-deficiency https://www.slideshare.net/rajeetam123/vit-b12-deficiency-causes-and-management
Where do I get my vitamins and minerals? From the big salad next to my steak! 😂 I'm kidding but it's very rare that people ONLY consume animal products and don't also eat vegetables as well. Omnivores cover all the bases, but there are some clear benefits to avoiding meat, the more and more I look into it. The arguments against going plant based aren't very strong given that diets like keto or paleo are still relatively new and the research isn't complete.
Ken Rimmer (1 month ago)
B12 is produced by bacteria, not animals, and those bacteria can be found in many fermented foods, such as tempeh, kombucha, and some types of kimchi and sauerkraut, and can also be found in a number of other plant sources such as some types of seaweed and even some fermented teas.
LEX 9 (2 months ago)
Its definetely healthier to take one supplement that used to be consumed by humans in well and soil waters. But since we no longer use wells we get it from supplements. Still better than high colesterol (proven,dont even try to correct me with false biased research,red meat causes cancer(officialy declared by the World Health Organization) and its connected to heart disease. Cow milk was proven to increase the tumor of prostate cancer while vegan(almond) milk supressed it. A vegetarian diet would be the best in my opinion And people like you believe what they want to believe. You see thousands of pieces of research and you completely ignore them for some idiot whose research hasnt been proven. You catch my drift? Also i am a meat eater but i dont claim that its healthier just so I can comfort myself and get more views like you. Btw we evolved so we can get all our nutrients from a vegetarian diet and even comp. Plant based we are not cavemen anymore and that theory has been debunked. This is for all of you trying to act smart in the comment section. Good luck being dumb fucks who think they are smart instead of accepting that theyre wrong and move on with more knowldge and less ignorance conpared to before
fire7side (2 months ago)
Old video, but the reason animals have higher amounts of b12 is because they have a longer digestive tract which house the bacteria producing the b12. Are we designed to be vegans? No more than we are designed to be carnivores. We are omnivores unless someone doesn't understand the meaning anymore. You can eat a healthy diet without eating meat with supplements, getting enough protein, and watching the b3 b6 ratios, but a low meat diet will give everything you need without the trouble. All the blue zones are low meat eaters aside from the Seventh Day Adventists of Loma Linda, who are egg and milk product vegetarians. The oldest people of all time are all people who are either octo, whatever vegetarians or meat eaters. No vegans because sooner or later vegans will mess it up I guess. I think the oldest vegan was 109 or something which is kind of a yawner when it comes to aging. It's all hype. A low meat diet or vegetarian with eggs and milk are healthier because people get everything from their food.
Jaskaran Diu (2 months ago)
Animals only get b12 put into them or from soil water. Therefore we are not meant to be animal eaters. We are meant to drink natural water with b12 in it.
Eugeniusz Potaszkin (2 months ago)
Vegan NWO cult.
Mark Hill (3 months ago)
Wow! B12 is from bacteria. That is amazing. I never knew that. Another argument shot down.
poseidon3032 (3 months ago)
There's a Doctor Robert Morse who say s we are designed as fruitavores, eschewing both meats and vegetables. Meats are acids, vegetables are neutral, and fruits are cleansing. For me, I'm open to whatever the evidence and experience bears out. Ive' reduced my meat consumption, but not totally because of the B12 question. I'm not enthusiastic about supplements. Apparently, chlorophyll is showing to be a good option. One idea that's makes good sense as a start is food combining principles. The typical meat and potato combo or better yet protein and starch combo is a bad idea. Better off with meat and salad. This is a start. The keto diet, in my opinion is a bad option and leads to dehydration and constipation. The ketosis that everyone is chasing does have merit but is probably much better achieved with less eating and fasting.
Nerdy Keith (3 months ago)
Humans are not designed. No evidence for a designer
Elin Winblad (1 month ago)
Nerdy Keith except we magically work and have system that self corrects, Golden ratio, predictable local solar system . Some moons or planets spin opposite direction which can’t happen if we had big band and also believe in laws of energy.
Shay Davis (4 months ago)
I'm memorizing this video word for word. Next time. . . I'll be prepared. Thanks!!
LiveOrDie ヅ (4 months ago)
B12 tho?
Gary McKinnon (5 months ago)
The subtitles are hard to read with the grey background they have.
baller skater (5 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks
$5 dollars per year for B-12 supplements? Does Dr. Gregor live in the 1890's?
Gary McKinnon (5 months ago)
There is some evidence that you CAN get too much of it but more data is needed.
Gary McKinnon (5 months ago)
He's right, because you only need a single 2000mcg capsule once per week.
Banama (6 months ago)
rivers dont contain b12 you retards
17Sti (6 months ago)
$5 a year?? Where lol
contingent exe (6 months ago)
if we were suppose to eat like a monkey. does that mean we should eat fruits veggies nuts and bugs? 🤔🐜🐛
MononoM (6 months ago)
We took b12 by drinking from streams? seriously? This is just propaganda not backed up by science. Veganism should be about ethic, spreading misinformation won't help.
Sweet Zongzi (6 months ago)
Mattia Mauro Yeah. I was so shocked when I heard that bullshit appear in the video.
am83330 (7 months ago)
Ancient man got sick & dead from eating dirty produce. Getting B-12 that way was no more helpful to them than it would be for us today. There were no ancient vegans.
N9NE (7 months ago)
B-12 = Spirulina/Chlorella, Morgina, Shilajit, Aloe Vera, Unwashed (organic) root vegetables and mushrooms and some fermented foods/vegetables. Consume these often, problem solved :)
Sweet Zongzi (6 months ago)
Zobrut I don’t disagree with you. I have heard of calcium supplements and iodine supplements and I have never heard of B12 supplements until recently. I also have never experienced a nutrient deficiency or health issue (I’m running a diet of animal, plants, protist, fungi, and bacteria), so I won’t be even have the slightest thought of having supplements. I’m pretty health and actually slender, at about 59kg (130lb) with a height of 5’9. I guess you are right that if everybody in the world have a healthy diet (either vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous), pharmaceutical companies would lose profits.
N9NE (6 months ago)
That's what we are told but i don't believe that, i think its more of a myth created by drug companies to force people to supplement/or consume animal products hopefully to get sick so business stays booming again. With a healthy gut flora and body/system B-12 Circulates efficiently IMHO based on the research and experimentation i have done over the years. Some people may need to supplement but others do not. All depends on how healthy and educated you are on how the human body and nature works.
Sweet Zongzi (6 months ago)
Zobrut Humans can’t absorb most of the B12 produced by the gut flora, so you still need a constant intake of B12
N9NE (6 months ago)
They both do as well as i am aware of B-12 is of little concern to me. Its over-hyped. With a healthy gut it circulates indefinitely.
Zoncolan (6 months ago)
Do you agree that spirulina does not contain B12? Chlorella does have B12.
Colin Atterbury (8 months ago)
Wow, clearly obfuscating the facts here. "we don't get b12 in water anymore because we chlorinate it" Well we don't get as much b12 from animal products anymore because we stuff them full of antibiotics. The general meat eating populous have bad eating habits, but a healthy meat and veg based diet is clearly nutritionally better plus you don't need any supplements.
scooby doo doo (8 months ago)
Eyes in the front of your head = predator.
Rick Adan (8 months ago)
so cholera and b12....yeah that is how we survived
Michael Carlone (8 months ago)
I love doctors with no practices just wares to hawk.
caole88 (8 months ago)
Great information 💕💕
The Wraith (9 months ago)
A non-confrontational question - If humans are natural herbivores then why for 2.5 million years did our ancestors go through the time, effort and danger of hunting and killing wild animals for meat that was harmful to them when they could have much more easily picked the food that is natural for them from the trees and the soil?
Elin Winblad (1 month ago)
The Wraith because very little grows in winter and they didn’t have vitamix blender on sale.
Jaskaran Diu (2 months ago)
Cos they are greedy for taste killers just like the people today?
The Wraith (9 months ago)
Gibillan Magnificul, You're right, neither do I. But I'm talking about humans being omnivores.
Gibillan Magnificul (9 months ago)
i don't think there ever was a time when our ancestors relied only on meat
The Wraith (9 months ago)
Gibillan Magnificul, I agree. But to be clear, are you saying that are ancestors were in fact omnivores?
Unlucky ihavenocash (9 months ago)
"Where are meat eaters getting these things..." UM VEG AND GRAIN AND FRUIT? Just because they eat meat, doesn't instantly make them ONLY MEAT EATERS... I'm sure lots of meat eaters benefit from a very balanced diet. This dumb fuckery about NOT eating a certain thing is squarely placed on the VEGANS who reject a food and the dumb fucks who ONLY eat meat and don't touch veg etc.  My advice. Balanced diet. Eat meat, veg, fruit and grains.
sowhat (10 months ago)
Why are meat eaters B12 deficient if there's B12 in animal products?
Remember The Slap Films (10 months ago)
Straw man fallacy (leaving aside the bullshit "study") - meat eaters also eat plants. Newsflash, we enjoy greens and fruits too. And nuts and seeds. Oh yes...the VAST majority of people are Omnivores, and therefore non deficient. Even pure meat eaters who also eat the brain, marrow and organs are non difficient. It's only vegans who have a vb12 problem.
That Barefoot Vegan (10 months ago)
All carnivores have shearing teeth....I know I don't so i'll leave the meat alone.
BetterYouBetterWorld V (10 months ago)
oh ok so as a naturalist according to science im expected to eat shit and dirt and insects (great menu) when naturally i wouldnt kill an ant... and im supposed to not filter my drinking water so i dont get sick because c3po b12? or i have to eat animals.. just to get c3pb12.. when naturally i cant make fire or be bothered chasing down an animal and ive tried to make a spear before and it sucks.. not to mention id never kill an animal because that would just be fucked up and theres no way id eat it cause thats just fucking crazy and disgusting and unneccesary.. i think theres something wrong with your studies id look into tooth paste as being the issue im pretty sure b12 colonises your mouth im not 2 sure
Kayla Garcia (10 months ago)
Please checkout this video and research natural ways to consume B12 this video has many natural options to get B12. It also talks about how you only need to consume so much B12 therefore taking supplements can be harmful and in my opinion not natural. https://youtu.be/4BLjAi9gXG0 He lists natural altunatives that are high in B12 like: Buckwheat powder, Spelt, Nutritional yeast, Wheat grass, Sunflower seeds, lentils, cane sugar, breast milk is very high in B12 as well so if you are going vegan with your kids you should be breastfeeding them for at least 2 years or formula to reach the requirements for nutritional value for your kids. Bottom line is dirt and soil is good for us I honestly don't even wash my organic produce because of this. Another fact that I have learned is that soil and plants are the only sorce of B12 any yogurt cheese meat from animals that are stated to be high in B12 is from recycled B12 soil and plants they consume. Meaning a vegan diet should be the best sorce to get B12. You don't have to have a deficiency or take supplements. Eat what you need naturally because the soil has been manipulated. Eat natural foods high in B12.
AlexfromNorway (10 months ago)
I can absolutely with proof guarantee that humans are NOT designed to eat only a plant-based diet. Jesus Himself & His disciples fed the hungry 5000 followers FISH & bread. lean meat & fish should definitely be a part of a healthy diet, otherwise our Creator would not have created it for us to enjoy.
Jp Hwood (5 months ago)
Yet you believe in a magical entity that has no logical or provable explanation for its existence?
AlexfromNorway (10 months ago)
yeah, science... like the world and everything in it - humans, animals, plants & trees, evolved from small amoebas that again evolved in small puddles of water, after an explosion out of nothing millions of years ago... science you say?
Jason Kimmerling (10 months ago)
Lol keep your religious "views" to yourself, this is science we are talking about..
The Christophers (11 months ago)
veganism is unnatural. Humans never got their B12 from eating faeces or dirt. That's just a lie. All civilizations eat meat. But not as much as we do today. We are the first to forcefully eliminate meat, the truth is veganism isn't about health. It's a political movement for animal rights. It has always been that way from the first self proclaimed vegan.
Elin Winblad (1 month ago)
The Christophers it’s true if you go full carnivore you require less meat to eat to stay full. So if we all went carnivore it would reduce animal death we have now.
Dark Chocopuff (11 months ago)
Let be honest, these man made pills taste sucks. Just by looking at them could make me lost my appetite. When I was a little kid, I almost thought they were made by Satan.
Justin Case (11 months ago)
at 3:26 "So I guess If a meat eaters asks you , where do you get your vitamin B-12 ? ask them , Where do YOU get your Calcium , Iodine , Vita-C , Vt E , Fiber , Folate , and Magnesium ?" HAHAHAHAHAHAH PERFECT !
Velle (9 days ago)
All can be gotten in a balanced omnivore diet.
cosima kazak (11 months ago)
Strange , I have no shortage. 🤔 Vegan since 10 years. Eat varied
Ritesh Arora (1 month ago)
What do you eat
Charles Knight (10 months ago)
cosima kazak some deficiencies take years to unmask
kvtassel (1 year ago)
Dr. Brian Clement did a teaching on this.  He stated how the appendix a few generations ago was much larger.  It was capable of holding food long enough to germinate in order to create your B12.  As it is now, we have B12 in the Colon; too late for nutrient absorption.
Im vegan 2 years by now. Maybe we arent designed to be omnivors but we are used to that. I think that is just the body isnt used to veganism because our ancestors ate so much animal products (and maybe us) so its telling us a warning or something like that. That would explain why veganism is a little kind of tricky to get adapted to this life style. If veganism should be the way to go, there shouldnt be need to take supplements but ive heard that there are people that dont take those and are vegan I mean Im not saying that people shouldnt take supplements, not even to go vegan but (and ive heard there are vegans that didnt take supplements and got sick or whatever) i want to trust people that they dont take supplements and they are fine. That's what I feel. I don't want to say they are liers even though people tell the opposite because maybe its possible or its just a willpower thing...
Truth Yeller (1 year ago)
There are studies done in many countries who eat meat and don't eat meat. Heart disease and cancer is very prevalent in the countries that consume more meat then others. (Google it) We are being lied to, brainwashed and programmed. Believe nothing and question everything. Think for yourself. Our teeth are that of omnivores not carnivores. Some meat is ok but a lot of people over eat meat which causes health problems. I went vegan for a few weeks and man did I feel light happy and energized....one steak sandwich and all that work went down the drain, I was bloated fatigued and moody. Don't care if you believe me, just trying to get knowledge out thereof my personal experience.
Roy Cosio (1 year ago)
Hi Friends!!! Vegan Tennis here.....thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much for your great videos...you are saving the planet+animals+people......best to you! I subscribed and comment, we need more channels like yours!!!
user 20172017 (1 year ago)
because no one is perfect! stop feeding people bullshit already. too many vegans still get sick. no one can avoid all the crap you say is bad. all you have is people starving themselves. no one knows the key to TRUE health we all die. until you find a cure for that get the fuck out of here with all this non sense!
Soul V (11 months ago)
user 20172017 plz show some papers about vegans are getting heart attacks , diabetes and bp problems . Stop making things and I won't believe you bcz i felt that i am 4 months vegan and before that I usually get cold and fever in each month but now i am feeling so so so much better . First try it then say shit about it , right ?
Claire Gabrielle (1 year ago)
5$ a year? Where??
Yeah, Greger is wrong. The 'B12' in water is actually a B12 analogue and it doesn't raise B12 in the body. People living in poor rural areas of the world drinking untreated water and eating plants right out of the dirt have endemic B12 deficiencies. The last B12 study showed 52% of vegans were B12 deficient and only 1/226 omnivores. So just about everything he said was wrong.
MaximumEfficiency (8 months ago)
Soul V (11 months ago)
The ex Vegetarian Blogger wohhh !! Then you must have done studies on that topic . Plz show me some paper where you find that he is totally wrong and you are totally right .
Happydaze (1 year ago)
Wake up, we are primates. They eat primarily fruits.
Clamdigger 1957 (1 year ago)
Some medication people take make them low in B12 so this isn't true . Plus humans always ate meat plus meat eater do eat fruit and veg so this video isn't true.. Were do meat eaters get there vit C reallly....We ate meat we always have but we don't need it every day.
Dylon Strange (1 year ago)
Maybe the issue is the fact that everything is over processed and covered/filled with chemicals that aren't naturally occurring? Whether we are meant to eat meat or not... the factory farming industry is horrific and has lead to a rise of parasitic infestation, autoimmune disease increase and all round illness, because the animals die scared and in unnatural environments. Everyone talks about how we are meant to eat meat because of when we were hunter gatherers but the conditions were much different. Those animals developed naturally, lived naturally and ate naturally. Do you see what I'm getting at? The way we are living is far from natural so that's why loads of people are going vegan, many other reasons too but It's all fucked up. So until the elite stop fucking with nature, I am vegan!
Elin Winblad (1 month ago)
Dylon Strange factory farming and lack of sun to animals is on purpose to reduce meat quality do ppl think they are turning to vegan lifestyle by choice and feel better. Rich will always eat grass fed/pasture raised meats.
ebaltrace (1 year ago)
Back in the old days humans used to lick their mates behind and got lots of B12
am83330 (1 year ago)
There is a Hillshire Farms commercial that plays at the beginning of this video. That's freaking hilarious.
Dylon Strange (1 year ago)
No! No! No! No!!!! Spirulina creates b12 in your gut and contains many vitamins and minerals along with amino acids! Natural algae. You don't need supplements!!! Avocados are a good source of taurine too! Don't listen to snake oil salesmen.
What about these news? Do they impact at all recommendations? http://ascopubs.org/doi/abs/10.1200/JCO.2017.72.7735
chasing whispers (1 year ago)
That's right, because as a meat eater, I only ever eat meat and nothing else. 🙄
MsSilver41 (1 year ago)
I don't tell others how to live , but please whoever you are , whatever you eat , just watch for symptoms of B12 deficiency, they sneak up ever so gradually and once full blown are quite frightening. listen to your bodies guys, if you start feeling the brain fog(you'll know what it is when it happens, ), pins and needles in your hands and feet, irregular heartbeats , memory loss, anxiety and depression, mood swings, please get all your vitamins, minerals and a full blood count....the results of long term B12 def be crippling, and some people never recover even after massive doses of injections ... keep an eye on yourselves lovelies...B12 is needed for every single cell in your body ...
Maybelle Davis (1 month ago)
tawana wilder You’re right in it wouldn’t make sense if we were here to take supplements, but like it said the video we filter everything so heavily (mostly bad bacteria but b12 too) which is why a lot of people are deficient
tawana wilder (2 months ago)
Dr. Sebi never took B12 and I dont either. I seriously doubt GOD put us here to take supplements. Plus I don't trust people without picture.lol
Enlightened One (9 months ago)
I am 22 and vegan from birth. I have crippling social anxiety, depression from childhood, memory loss, brain fog, panic attacks in public. I also followed NoFap for 100 days and it yielded no results. Now i will give B12 a try. I will follow nuts, seeds and raw diet.!!
penelope pittstop (1 year ago)
MsSilver41 so true. I need injections every week for the rest of my life and I'm only in my 30s. The symptoms you mentioned only scratch the surface. It can actually lead to organ failure if not treated at all. It's a VERY important vitamin.
Curt Christensen (1 year ago)
vegan is a CHOICE. nobody is "designed" to eat one way or another
Happydaze (1 year ago)
Humans are designed to eat fruit or is it fruit was designed to feed humans. Either way, the diet of primates is fruit. That is you and me. Tell a gorilla he needs B-12 or protein and he will rip your head off. I never saw a primate that needs to take isolates to be healthy and neither do Fruitarians.
Happydaze (1 year ago)
frugivores - No I mean fruitarians, both come up with a red line under them. Both have their own meanings. We are primates and they will if needed, deviate from fruits if in short supply or slightly for a little variety but is a minuscule part of their diet. Chimps and Bonobos (just added recently) are our closest relatives, but who do we most look like as far as stature and body type? I believe little what "they" say. Genes aren't the end all.
Spider Salticidae (1 year ago)
anatomically the human digestive system is not that of a herbivore. so we should eat small amounts of meat.
OLLIE EWIN (1 year ago)
Everyone is different and has a different bio-chemistry and will be at optimal health on different diets. No one size fit all.
Pipo Pipo (1 year ago)
We are also not designed to fly but we do it anyway.....
Loren Grant (1 year ago)
Silk Soymilk Vanilla provides 50%per. Serving 😘
daivone arorash (1 year ago)
team vegan!!!!!
A__N__G__R__Y__ (8 months ago)
daivone Arorash 💪
daivone arorash (1 year ago)
we create b12 by ourselves. using the sun in between 8 to 9:30 in the morning by doing sun gazing and breathing exercises. well i absorb sun rays for hours and never gotten any skin damage. maybe cause i'm highly melanated ;)
Quake SRK (1 year ago)
lol he made it seem like meat eaters only eat meat. you can get the rest of the nutrients with fruits, vegetables, beans etc
0 0 (6 months ago)
^That's why we are omnivores and not carnivores or herbivores...
I'm just a nobody (1 year ago)
yes but you get unhealthy sourced vitamins from meat on top of that
100 Spoons on a Table (1 year ago)
Try cutting out meat and you'll see how much you do eat.
i think we should each other
Steve Cliff Miller (1 year ago)
sur a lot of folks ate meat in the 19th century and it wasn't a problem. But today the meat factories are just disgusting - so maybe your getting B12 but look at the quality of the meat - very bad -unbelievably bad
maria m (1 year ago)
as a regular meat eater the assumption that the video makes at tge end to come up with a "come back" for where you find x is undermining our position on our preference. vegetarians and vegans consume no meat and that is fine. on the contrary meat eaters DO eat fruits and vegetables also. we don't say stop eating tomatoes and cherries because our ancestors did not. for God's sake get some perspective on your arguments.
Ricky England (1 year ago)
lol sorry, but he makes it sound like meat eaters are only eating meat. Not the case.
janavi5063 (1 year ago)
To be more graphic, in those days where there was no soap or toilet paper, people washed their bottoms and some fecal material may still be sticking to their hands . That is how they got their B12 more than any meat or vege.
dux mea lux (1 year ago)
You guys generalize that meat eaters dont eat vegetables, in fact i know one vegan and i not only eat more vegetables but also more nutritionally dense vegetables. I eat 10 cups of kale/spinach/arugula per day, with an avocado and lemon.. not just a handful of sugary fruits.
Cheap Cheap! (4 months ago)
No you don't eat 10 cups of spinach a day because that would block all iron absorption and you'd be dead long ago.
YeshuaJesusisking V (8 months ago)
dux mea lux thats why this person recommends a starch based wfpb diet. Not a SAD or junk food vegan diet.
Lazaros Makridis (1 year ago)
Hi! Do you have page on Facebook? Friendly, Larry. 🙂
D Master (1 year ago)
that's why meat eaters take vitamin supplements
L H (1 year ago)
Didn't we used to get B12 from the dirt still on the food, as it has to do with bacteria?
No. You only get B12 in root soil and you'd need to eat it as a staple food to get enough B12. You also don't get it from untreated water, Greger was wrong about that. It's a misconception from older tests on algae in water that seemed to pick up B12 in the algae, but it wasn't actually B12. Even if you did get it in the water, B12 is not stable in UV light and would degrade in a few hours worth of sunshine. People living in undeveloped rural areas eat soil with their veg and drink untreated water all the time, the ones that don't eat meat have endemic B12 deficiencies.
Rebe ri (1 year ago)
I didn't understand everything that Dr. Greger says (my english is not that good. But as I see it some comments below. Even some native english speakers didn't get the point XD lol!). But did he also mangend, that the animals, "we" uses to eat, get their B12 also from supplements? Thats why the right answer of the question, where I get my B12 from, is: From the same source as you ;) Ps.: I like your pronunciation and I like the video :)
Chuck Beickel (1 year ago)
Pastor Chuck Beickel Excellent - https://youtu.be/zPiOmBtBHdg helpteens.vasayo.com What an incredible opportunity the Lord brought into my life!! Nutrition that actually enters your bloodstream!
1chipchap (1 year ago)
what is 80 10 10 mean please?
0 0 (6 months ago)
So according to those percentages, the average person (Western world: 2000 kcal) should be eating 1600 g of carbs, 200 g of proteins and 200 g of fats daily. Those numbers are WAY off.
afrodite ksek (1 year ago)
80 carbs 10 protein 10 fats (hight carb low fat diet)
Rita Lawson (1 year ago)
Mushrooms and green veggies like spinach and kale are high in b12
Rita Lawson (1 year ago)
Dmushrooms and green veggies like spinach are reasonably high in b12
Fearless_DoGooder (1 year ago)
Is there a B12 supplement that you recommend?
Jaded K (1 year ago)
Such an agenda-driven video. Meat-eaters do not eat only meat. Healthy meat-eaters do eat a lot of veggies and fruits. And they don't have to supplement anything in pills. But vegans only eat plants, no animals. Again, you CAN eat both lots of veggies/fruits and meat, and as little processed food as possible. Why not have the best of both worlds??
Jason Kimmerling (10 months ago)
Jaded K because factory farming is fucking up this planet.. your kids or kid's kids will know all about your meat diet 👌
Blackton Obvious! (1 year ago)
Sorry, but we are designed to be omnivores. We get everything we require from eating both plants & animals. If we eat strictly one we'll lack something essential. The argument that we need more supplements for eating one type of food, doesn't negate the fact that eating solely the other type isn't perfect either.
Public Health Safety Co. (4 months ago)
+Will M Emmel Pls take a basic nutrition course on what SUGAR is and what is considered SUGAR, types of sugar and others. You need understand the chemical makeup of what you eat before you make some weird claims. Let me tell you what milk out of the cow without additive contains : Sugar...Do you know what lactose is? A type of sugar dangerous for more than half of the world A correct term would be "added sugar"
YeshuaJesusisking V (8 months ago)
Chaitra Pollard truth
Chaitra Pollard (10 months ago)
Blackton Obvious! If that's the case, why is it when you get cancer, the oncologist, will place you on a vegan diet? No meat, no cheese, no dairy? Why?
Soul V (11 months ago)
Will M Emmel plz show me the studies then but must be non-industry funded study .
Soul V (11 months ago)
Will M Emmel and its so common in America because people eat so much saturated fat with their animal flesh or with that animal growth fluid with so many hormones you call it milk .
Catherine Zuppero (1 year ago)
As always, you provide such valuable information!  Thanks so much!
You are very welcome Catherine :-)
eren mori (1 year ago)
So many 'studies' use factory farm meats! what about pasture raised meat?! paleo people will know there is a big difference. similar to supplements from whole foods or synthetics.
Jp Hwood (5 months ago)
Why? Perhaps because so many people eat factory farm meat.
eren mori (1 year ago)
Heard through numerous sources the B12 in spirulina is not in a form humans can use. I will just get Kelp for my iodine and chlorella as it is a very popular supplement in Japan.
Sagar Patel (1 year ago)
i can't hear dr's voice
Darling Hysa (1 year ago)
humans are meat eaters for the most. to be veg is like fasting or going to a monastery so admitting the defeat!!
Scott Worthington (1 year ago)
First, humans are not "designed" to be anything. We are not "supposed" to be vegan or carnivorous. That entire line of reasoning makes assumptions not in evidence. What is evident is that humans have evolved as omnivores. A healthy diet has room for both plant and animal components.
Matt Davies (1 month ago)
How To Vegan and your response to that man doesn’t make me want to be a vegan. You give vegans a bad name and are the number 1 reason meat eaters won’t listen. You’re a joke! Now I’m off to eat a bacon and egg roll
Matt Davies (1 month ago)
How To Vegan it’s great to see so many vegans seeing the truth and documenting their return to eating meat. Veganism- the ultimate art of cherry picking science to fit a belief. We thrive on eating meat. We can get by on veganism, feeling like shit. I’d eat bacon over a vegan any day
Dan10 (1 month ago)
+Charmed Ideas yes you're self rightous and since you don't care. Don't expect meat eaters to take you or your message seriously.
Public Health Safety Co. (4 months ago)
False human body didn't adapt in any form to actually hunt. We don't have claws or deadly biting power, our speed sucks, etc ..That is bullshit made by obsessed carnists. It was thanks to tools that we were able to do that. Early in human history we were preys not predators. Gathering was the least human could do. Even when we developed these "blunt" tools, we didn't actually hunted with them, rather it was take a piece of flesh from a corpse and run back home. Meat eating is rare among many tribal people, only few that live in isolated places do. Cow and others are too expensive to simply sacrifice like everyday for yourself. Lol these are the "ancestors" you guys are talking about with "strong bones" Most of these people are landwhales who don't have guts nor strength to kill a cow and they are acting edgy over the internet.
zamgoods (1 year ago)
vitamin b12 is not healthy when it is synthetically manufactured. It is known to cause sterility in animals and humans.
We F (1 year ago)
Anyone wants to try insects? They are available from www.edibleinsects.com The practice is called Entomophagy. Eating big animals is okay to meat eaters but a tiny insect is considered gross. Why? Both are edible with B12 and protein. In Thailand, Korea and some other countries it is served. USA is always behind in health these days. Now Veganism is taking off when countries like India and Jamaica were doing it long ago. So insect eating was done in primitive times and we are the descendants so I do not understand the gross factor when you come from family that ate them. Modern people are too concerned about "eww" than to be healthy and eat a tiny insect which is being wiped out from chlorinated water we currently use. Yes to Veganism and Entomophagy to get the missing B12 and added protein, www.edibleinsects.com
Soul V (11 months ago)
Fuckoff i won't eat insects . Thanks but no thanks.
janavi5063 (1 year ago)
Small insects may be in organically produced verges and grains. Which we vegans eat with out knowing. This is how we get our B12. There may already be some worms in our stomach that create B12.
The Dancing Snail (1 year ago)
Brilliant video. For years (ages ago) I thought I should go back to eating eggs because of the B12 thing, haha. It's so important to know the origin of things to get a clearer picture. :)
MonkeyBlueAss (1 year ago)
I'm not Vegan nor Carnivorous but your information IS NOT CORRECT ! The edible plant named alfalfa - "Medicago sativa" - contain vitamin B12
MonkeyBlueAss (1 year ago)
dont be stupid B12 is present in Alfalfa Leaf and algae : https://books.google.ro/books?id=OBlxCKbYCx8C&pg=PA189&lpg=PA189&dq=Medicago+sativa%22+-+contain+vitamin+B12&source=bl&ots=P-IM6k2gVf&sig=dHvDkSJWkGYz6ryS0cBX_9FXuJc&hl=ro&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjztYXq2P7SAhUGtBQKHQ3EAa8Q6AEIKTAC#v=onepage&q=Medicago%20sativa%22%20-%20contain%20vitamin%20B12&f=false
IQ encodoc (1 year ago)
s.leon (1 year ago)
Thus why being a vegetarian is a much better choice (imo)
easybullet3 (1 year ago)
Meat eaters are just as deficient in B12 as vegans !! its a global problem. everyone has the same issues. GO CHECK IT !! it is NOT a vegan issue. it applies EXACTLY THE SAME to meat eaters too.
An account (1 year ago)
What an unlucky advice to suggest vegans should answer "Where do YOU get your minerals/vitamins from?" when someone asks you "Where do you get your B12 from?" We aren't in a kindergarten fight. What happened to politely explaining things? "We get it from pills, it's a lifestyle choice.". It's not that hard! I have many friends who eat animal products and I know their test results, a lot of them are not deficient in anything. They can simply answer you with "Umm, I'm not deficient in anything, you know. I'm a careful eater." What should a vegan answer then, according to this strategy? "But..but...I don't like your hair!!!"? Lol. I don't approve this.

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