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Disney World Hollywood Studios Sifi resturant review 2012.

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Very unique restaurant that was a lot of fun to try. It's located just about directly in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. The tables are fashioned as cars in a old time drive in movie theater. The movies are from older movies from about 30 to 40 years back and I seemed to have remember a few. Restaurant was full and the service was friendly and fast. We choose to try the Potato skins with BB chicken. It came to us as pictured but just wasn't to our liking. If we had to rate the chicken potato skins it would at best be 3 stars.The we ordered a double bacon cheddar burger with fries and split it. The burger was nice in size but when I tried to lift my side of the burger the bun on the bottom seemed soggy.Fun place to eat but I wouldn't get all excited about the food. It was still a good burger and we where able to still be cost effective by splitting this large entree. This meal filled us both up with no problem. We do notice that at most signature dinning restaurants that the entree's are too large for 80% of the people to finish.
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