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How To Give Yourself a Vitamin B-12 Injection 💉

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Living with celiac, it is common to have low b-12! I have to give myself weekly injections, so I don't get sick! Here is how I do it! (I am not a doctor and you should always ask how they prefer it done. I was listening to MY doctor. Also, I do NOT know where to buy B12 or the supplies, I got all of mine from a prescription. More tips that I have learned from: -Use alcohol wipe in circular motions. -Wipe the vile lid with the wipe to clean it. -Don't recap the needle. ♥ NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY & FRIDAY ♥ UPLIFTING MUSIC (#positivepack PLAYLIST!) http://bit.ly/positivepack ♥ I NEED YOUR OPINION! http://bit.ly/MH1Questionnaire ♥ WE LOVE POSTCARDS! Hailey MommaHailey1 PO Box 363 Iona, Idaho 83427 ♥ LET'S BE FRIENDS Instagram | http://bit.ly/MH1Instagram Twitter | http://bit.ly/MH1Twitter Facebook | http://bit.ly/MH1Facebook Snapchat | mommahailey1 Business, Sponsorships & Collabs: mommahailey17@gmail.com ♥ USEFUL LINKS -Filmed with Canon G7x: http://amzn.to/2f5a2LT -Edited with CyberLink PowerDirector 13: http://amzn.to/2f5aolH ♥ FTC: This video is not sponsored. If I ever work with a brand, I will disclose it here! As always, the opinions are my own. This description box contains affiliate links.
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MF88 (8 days ago)
You didn’t swab the vial before drawing it out.
Amuuz (18 days ago)
Wow, she has her volumes Waaaaaaaaay off. If you use this as a guide, she is possibly using a 1 ml vial to draw from (one time use most likely), and the shots should be 100 MICROGRAMS (0.1 mL) to 1000 MICROGRAMS (1 mL--at the very high end which I believe she is doing on a weekly or monthly basis) and looks like a an insulin syringe which is based on units with a total volume of 1 mL. Wow.
Alejandra Parker (23 days ago)
Peace and blessings. Good information.👍 I get my b-12 vials and syringes from Mexico....for 6 of each I pay $30. And I get injected every 3 days I pay $20 for each injection $120 total. Thanks to this video I am going to attempt to do this myself. At the moment I am taking sublingual B12 until someone goes to Mexico and get me me a 6 months supply. Thanks again for a most helpful information. 10/22/18. 12:15PM🇺🇸
Brian Medium (1 month ago)
How many mg of b12 a week?
Brian Medium (1 month ago)
Excellent video what is b12 doing for you health wise?
John Archangel7 (1 month ago)
I take my b12 shots on my butt.
Mousa Rouholamini (1 month ago)
I think each intramuscular injection can be injected subcutaneos...but it absorbs slowly
heng kimhong (1 month ago)
how long take it?
sandy jones (1 month ago)
Thank you when I inject my thigh, it hurts for awhile. Dr said subcutaneous is another option
Pinellas American (2 months ago)
Happy 2 year anniversary.
James Carlson Jr (2 months ago)
Alberto García 11 (2 months ago)
Where’s do you buy b12 a feel low
ktpuss (3 months ago)
I notice you plunge the needle right in? I was hoping to only need to put it in just past where the opening hole is to ensure fluid enters the skin - that was the way I was shown by my vet when having to inject my animals in the past, but not sure if for people this differs....I'm being a wuss about self injecting so hoping going in shallower is also fine? great video, thanks.
Rachael S (1 month ago)
Just saw your message. My experience is that it hurts no more going in deeper. If I go too shallow it actually hurts more and I can see the b12 sitting under the skin and see and feel the mound where it is which is probably why it hurts
Hailey & a Spoon (2 months ago)
It should be fine. I have a short and small needle so it's not too bad.
Sunny Yadav (3 months ago)
Candace Hart (3 months ago)
I can’t get past the part of sticking in the needle. I don’t know how to get over that. Also, my B12 comes with the needle and it’s way larger than your needle. Can I use a smaller needle or is the product thicker with some manufacturers so a larger needle is required?
Hailey & a Spoon (3 months ago)
Talk to your doctor just in case. I would think they are all similar.
Autumn Flynn (3 months ago)
I know this is from 2 years ago but THANK YOU sooo much for this! I was kinda nervous and nauseated as I prepared (aaand accidentally squirted it on the bathroom sink, lol) but I followed your directions and it was so easy! It didn’t even hurt! Thank you again for making it easy and giving me the confidence I needed to do it. 💖
Hailey & a Spoon (3 months ago)
Of course!
kaveri kumbhar (3 months ago)
Injection name?
kaveri kumbhar (3 months ago)
It increases haemoglobin??
Laurie Thomas (4 months ago)
Warning! She misspoke! She is not talking about 100 MILLILITERS! She is talking about 100 MICROGRAMS!
gustavo xar (1 month ago)
I was about to say
Asaf Ajaz (5 months ago)
Sara Hayes (5 months ago)
Thank you for making this video. I give myself a different shot but it's a bit different than the B12. This was my first time doing my B12 and following your instructions made it super easy. Thank you again. I go between my thighs and my stomach since I will now be taking two different shots.
Carrie Burns (5 months ago)
Thank you Hailey!! On B12 for 14 years and I have finally managed to do it myself, which will THRILL my husband cause he hates giving them to me thinking he’s hurting me. Recently got over my phobia of needles and thought now’s as good a time as any and I did it thanks to your video 😍🙏🏼👍🏼
Deborah Beynon (3 months ago)
Carrie Burns I have been on b12 injections for yrs. I have done my the same way. No problem. You can get shorter needles but I always use the ultra fine #30 either way.
cnellz7932 (8 months ago)
Never recap a needle, what level was ur vitamin d
Natasha K (8 months ago)
I have been doing blood thinner injections for years like a pro, but now having to start b12 injections long-term as well, but feel clueless for the b12 injections for some reason. Lol!
KimHouse333 (8 months ago)
Anastasiya (8 months ago)
Where did you get your b12? And the other supplies?!
Natasha K (9 months ago)
Just found out that my vitamin b12 is extremely low once again. I have been on iron for anemia, but never b12 for that deficiency. I do daily injections for something different. Please tell me the pros and cons of vitamin b12 supplement and vitamin b12 injections. Going to talk to my Doctor next week about b12, but want to be prepared. I have been having symptoms of b12 deficiency for quite a long time.
Kim Carwell (9 months ago)
Never Re-cap a needle. Of course if your giving yourself the injection it's fine.
polythenepepper (6 days ago)
That's very true in a healthcare provider environment.
Miz Woodard (9 months ago)
Thanks so much for this! I gave my 2nd B12 injection tonight and seriously almost passed out—had to lay down afterwards. Pure nerves from not knowing if I was doing it right. I feel much better about t it. Thank you!!
Big Mama (10 months ago)
Great video wish me luck I'm doing mine tonight ;)
Galliano Marr (10 months ago)
Did not see end of the video. Fainted when I saw the needle
M Sullivan (11 months ago)
Thanks for posting. I need to start this and am super nervous about giving myself a shot...
Elaine Mullin (1 year ago)
Hi Hailey. Were do you get your b12 from do you get them from your Dr or buy online if so what is the cost.x
Emily Rand (3 months ago)
you can go to any pharmacist and get it over the counter without a prescription its about $8 in canada
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Elaine Mullin my Dr prescribed it too me.
Pam Robinson (1 year ago)
i searched this on youtube... gotta give them to my son for a bit and see if that improves as per doctors orders... i wasnt sure if belly was ok. ive given many shots for insulin but my first b12s :) thanks for posting. looks pretty much the same.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
Every doctor is different. I am not a medical professional.
Janna McNamara (1 year ago)
Thank you Very informative.  I have been twisting myself up like a pretzel putting it in my backside
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Janna McNamara glad I could help
Joell Schenkel (1 year ago)
You forget to aspirate (pull back) and make sure you are not in a blood vessel
Nicole3900 (8 months ago)
I'm in nursing school (going to graduate this May) and that practice has changed.....nobody aspirates anymore. It's pretty much almost never recommended. I definitely don't think she should aspirate.
Violet (1 year ago)
Joell Schenkel it's not necessary to aspirate if you are administering a subcutaneous injection. Necessary for intramuscular only. So she did everything correct.
goddessified D (1 year ago)
Joell Schenkel you don't really have to aspirate when your injecting in the stomach area. The area where you need to aspirate is when you're doing it on the shoulder. And if it's IM/intramuscular. What she did was a subcut.
Joell Schenkel (1 year ago)
MommaHailey1 if you would inject it into an blood vessel it can cause many problems. That's why it is very important to aspirate. It is not that u really need to do it, but it would be a smart thing to do. :)
yea_sayer (1 year ago)
Do you have to go in so deep with the needle? I just did my first one and only put the tip under the surface. Now there's a small welt and it kind of hurts...
gustavo xar (1 month ago)
You can inject on your leg.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+yea_sayer you're welcome. I don't have an issue when I do it.
yea_sayer (1 year ago)
The needles I bought are about the same length as the one you are using (subcutaneous according to the pharmacist). Guess I have to toughen up and go deeper. Thanks.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+yea_sayer depends on your needle. I did as my Dr directed me.
Chronicle (1 year ago)
Could I inject into my bicep
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Chronicle I am not sure ask your doctor.
Myra Maud (1 year ago)
Thanks for making and posting this video!
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
Harold Moore (1 year ago)
Thanks just did it..
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
CodeRedDewGirl Kimmie (1 year ago)
Thank you for this information! Was very helpful for me!
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
I am glad!
crimznrose681 (1 year ago)
Is it wrong that I have 7 tattoos but I am so nervous about injecting myself? Just got my b12 injections today and I am so nervous!!!
gustavo xar (1 month ago)
You can doit....
Alberto García 11 (2 months ago)
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+crimznrose681 I was the same way! Tattoos were easier for be because someone else did it! You get the hang of it!
Ash 03 (1 year ago)
which is best & trusted vitamin b 12 injection brand ? I m from India..
كارول هاني (4 months ago)
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Ash 03 I am not sure. I get mine from my pharmacy.
Mendy Uhlry (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info on the B12 shots.You are a life saver.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Mendy Uhlry you're welcome
Kimberlee B (1 year ago)
Where can I buy it ?
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Kimberlee B I got a prescription from my doctor. I am not sure where to buy it over the counter.
Ashley C (1 year ago)
My mom was prescribed b12 injections and she's too afraid to do it herself, so I was volunteered to do it for her. I was nervous about doing it but this video made it seem easy. I'm still worried I might stab her in the muscle. How do you know if you're going too deep?
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Ashley C I am glad! If you have any questions, Don't be afraid to call her Dr or pharmacist!
Ashley C (1 year ago)
Thanks. I was planning on giving it to her on her hip. Theres more fat there so it shouldn't be as painful. your video was helpful though.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Ashley C depending on the needle, I just put it all the way in. You could also do it in the arm or thigh.
daisy3690 (1 year ago)
how could you be sure the needle wasn't in a blood vessel? thanks for sharing
Nicole3900 (8 months ago)
+dancingdays69  I'm in nursing school right now (graduating in May) ... we pretty much NEVER aspirate. The practice of aspirating is no longer. It's rare that aspiration for an injection is necessary. I've given subcutaneous and IM shots and have never aspirated before.
dancingdays69 (11 months ago)
You don't aspirate if the administration route is subcutaneous. We used to aspirate with Intramuscular injections but I believe it is not required. At least that is what I learned in nursing school.
tom (1 year ago)
daisy3690 you aspirated. Once the needle is in the fat or muscle, pull back on the plunger. If you pull back and blood enters the syringe, you are in a blood vessel and need to find another spot. If you pull back and you see an air bubble, or you feel it's very difficult, then you are good to inject.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+daisy3690 I am not sure. I was just told to do it in the tummy, bicep or thigh.
Maria Escalona (1 year ago)
Can I use it on differents parts of my body at the same time ?
Harry Inkpot (1 year ago)
MommaHailey1 yes you can but subcutaneously would be better in fatty parts of belly big part of shoulder arm thigh take care with thigh but it just skin injection intro muscle not tummy. you lucky to get it,I NHS and vit b12 hot potato the boundary changed as to getting it.I low vit b12 as opposed to PA.I know I need it but doctor just not allowed to give it unless half dead and I feel it. if any Brits reading this and know how get it online I be grateful as I not getting any luck
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Mary Escalona I don't think so. You would need to consult your doctor.
Thomas Stokley (1 year ago)
I didn't see where you purchased your B12 from. $10 is lower than what I've seen.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Thomas Stokley I have a prescription from my doctor so my insurance covers most of it.
Allkindsofgains (1 year ago)
Shouldn't you use a separate needle to draw the b12? I thought plunging in the bottle contaminates and dulls the tip for a more painful injection ....
Alex Allen (8 months ago)
There is a multi-dose access spike - allows you to pull out various doses - without accessing more than once, minimizing the number of time you plunge the needle into the vial. I saw it at my doctor's office on a visit.
Magnificent Halle (9 months ago)
it depends on the doctor and the needle.
Joell Schenkel (1 year ago)
I also use an separate needle it's not necessary tho.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Allkindsofgains I am doing it exactly how I was told. I don't have an issue with it. This is how most doctors offices will do it as well.
josh wible (1 year ago)
Very helpful I was thinking of getting b12 injections too
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+josh wible thanks!
Andy cam43 43 (1 year ago)
I'm petrified of needles, does it hurt?
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Andy 43 it takes some getting used too.
Anna Mueller (1 year ago)
Where did you get your stuff from?? There's so many online but I'm afraid to just order anything
carole wilson (9 days ago)
Anna Mueller blue horizon if in uk
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Anna Mueller I get 10ml a month and pay 10 dollars
Anna Mueller (1 year ago)
MommaHailey1 New subscriber thank you for being so quick if you don't mind me asking do you pay a big amount for it every month or is it a once a week thing because I have insurance do you think they'll cover it
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
+Anna Mueller I got mine from my dr. Prescribed to me
Anthony Duarte (1 year ago)
good thing you talked about getting air bubbles out of the needles/b12.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
Thorn gaming (1 year ago)
I have to start these injection treatments here shortly, but, their going to show me at my iron iv infusion treatment.
Hailey & a Spoon (1 year ago)
That is good that they are going to show you! Good luck!
lindseys lifeNstyle (2 years ago)
Is b12 for depression?
Nicole Donnelly (7 days ago)
Mishka1811 good for you to ask them to check your levels! I would not want to take anti-dep unless absolutely necessary! Hope you are feeling better! :)
Mishka1811 (4 months ago)
lindseys lifeNstyle I'm not depressed, but started having panic attacks everyday for months and anxiety. I couldn't think of anything mentally that was causing it, I felt like I am in a really good place mentally. Turned out that I am verrrrry low in vitamin B12 and have to get weekly shots. Vitamin B12 is extremely important for the nervous system. A lack of B12 can cause depression, anxiety, fatigue, numbness and tingling etc. They wanted to just put me on anti anxiety meds but I asked them to check all my vitamin levels etc. Then it came back with very low vitamin B12. Imagine how many people are on antidepressants or anxiety medication and maybe their vitamin B12 is just low
BJ L (1 year ago)
Yes b12 is a major contributor for depression just do a simple google search and you will see lots of information about it.
Hailey & a Spoon (2 years ago)
+lindseys lifeNstyle yep!
lindseys lifeNstyle (2 years ago)
+MommaHailey1 oh okay thank you!
Shiyndeay (2 years ago)
this video made me nauseous and yet If I ever need b12 I will be prepared but I think my levels are ok IDK my gastro sucks i need a new one
Hailey & a Spoon (2 years ago)
+Mrs Joyful Jones Vlogs haha! At least it informed ya haha
Definitely helpful :) I worked in a group home for elderly women and had to do insulin shots for her and it was the same thing.
Hailey & a Spoon (2 years ago)
+The Life of a Homemaker thanks! It is hard when drs don't help people learn!

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